Incestuous Medicine Day 18

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Big Tits

Incestuous Medicine

Day 18-Friday September 17

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

WEATHER: “The rain has finally stopped! Cloudy today and sunny all weekend, summer ain’t over yet folks!”


I woke up, Violet was spooning me. Her hand lightly on one of my tits. I looked at her, naked in my bed. My daughter, a spitting image of me but 18 years younger than me. I could still feel the taste of her pussy on my tongue. My beautiful daughter…I wanted to kiss her awake and fuck her again….

I was also feeling amazingly guilty for using her. I’m probably the worst mother ever! I thought as I moved my daughter’s arm and got out of bed to go shower. I needed to wash my perversions away from me. I felt maybe then I’d feel at least a little better.

It wasn’t long after I got under the water that Violet came into the bathroom, she was naked just like she was in bed, “Sorry,” I said, not looking at her, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s alright Mom,” She crossed the room and got into the shower with me. This didn’t surprise me but I frowned at her. “Mind that I’m joining you?” She smiled at me, her sexy lips parting, showing her perfect teeth. Fluttering her beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to kiss her again…

I looked away from her, “Oh, because our last shower went so well…” I said both sarcastic and bitter.

“Yeah it did,” Violet said joyfully and I turned and looked at her like she just insulted me.

“What? You enjoy it when I take advantage of you?” I said, full of self-pity now, “I’m a horrible mother.” I looked away again, noticing how Violet’s large breasts were heaving as she looked at me hungrily.

“Mom! I love it! Just like I love you!” She said, “Oh, wait, I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that, not very ‘coy’ or whatever, but it’s true! I love what we did!”

I looked at her again, doubtful but filled with even more of an urge to touch her than I did before as my eyes met hers. I held back though as I said, “How can you say that? I’m your mother, not your lover!” I pointed out.

“You can be both Mom!” Violet said enthusiastically, “I mean, I still love you like my mom of course, but I love you as a lover too! You’re so sexy and I mean, isn’t it even hotter than you’re my mother!”

“But-” And then she kissed me and I kissed her back. I just gave in, completely. I pushed her against the shower’s wall, my hands groping her tits. Like I had done to her yesterday, she grabbed one of my hands and moved it to her pussy. I played with her clit as our tongues wrestled.

I wanted more though, I moved down so I could suck one of her perfect tits into my mouth.

“Yes, Mom!” She moaned, “I love how you make me feel!” Violet was definitely not regretful of me sucking her tit as I put one, then two fingers into her incredibly hot pussy. “Fuck me!” She moaned, “Ooooohhh! I love you! I love you Mom!” She was cumming on my hand, my own daughter was cumming because of me!

I still wanted more, “Eat my pussy, please!” I said looking up at her and she got on her knees while I stood up, “Please daughter, eat me!”

She did as I wished, her tongue seeming to explore all my most sensitive spots of my labia and clit as she shoved four fingers into my pussy. I was so horny they just slid right in! “FUUUUCCCKK!” I moaned as she sucked my clit and practically fisted me, though not quite. “I can’t believe how good you are at this! Keep eating me!” I moaned, “I’m CUMMING! JESUS CHRIST VIOLET! FFUUUCCKK!!” I moaned as I came on her hand. I collapsed next to her on the floor of the shower next to her. She kissed me and I tasted my pussy on her. I thought that was hot too! This was too much, “I’m so fucking horny!” I said, breaking the kiss, “I can’t stop anymore. I can’t. I’m so horry and you’re so beautiful and I’ve been hiding from everything for so long! I want to fuck you again Violet! I want to fuck you again and again!”

Violet smiled, “Let’s go back to bed then!” She shut the water off, “No need getting any cleaner when we’re about to get a lot more dirty!”


I woke up not only hornier than I’d ever been but my balls actually hurt. More painful then if someone had kicked me there. “What the fuck!?” I shouted as I grabbed them and rubbed to ease the pain but my cock throbbed and that only made the pain worse!

I grabbed my dick in both hands and started jerking it. But after twenty minutes it became clear that wasn’t helping at all! It was like I just couldn’t cum even though I desperately needed to! What the fuck!?

I went into the hall and heard something that made my cock and balls throb in pain. It was Mom moaning in orgasm, “Kick me right there Violet! Mommy’s cumming!” I rushed into my mom’s room and saw that Violet was in between Mom’s thighs while Mom had her legs spread wide. Violet was completely naked and licking away at our mothers snatch like it was producing the nectar of the gods. It was tempobet yeni giriş probably the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

“Rob! This isn’t what it looks like!” Mom said when she saw me. “Okay… Ugh! This is exactly what it looks like! Oh right there sweetie!” She moaned as Violet started sucking Mom’s clit.

“I’m sorry Mom,” I said as I got on the bed behind Violet, “but I need to cum now!” I entered Violet’s pussy from behind my humongous cock sliding all the way into my sister’s incredibly horny cunt.

“What the fuck!?” Mom shouted both angry and horny, “you’re fucking your sister! That’s wrong!”

“And so fucking hot!” Violet moaned stopped licking Mom’s pussy for a moment, “just let him fuck me while I fuck you!” And she went back to licking Mom’s pussy while I fucked hers.

All three of us were moaning like crazy. Of course we’d attract Alice, “what the fuck? Why wasn’t I invited?” She said as she disrobed and got on the bed, she lowered her swollen cunt onto Mom’s face. I was surprised that Mom just started licking her, not caring at all who she was doing it to.

“This is so fucking hot!”Alice moaned as she played with her tits and watched me fuck our twin sister as she performed cunnilingus on Mom. “We should start every day like this!”

Alice started cumming and I watched her sexy face as she orgasmed her eyes crossing as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. It was hot and I was cumming into Violet’s pussy, filling her to the brim.

“My cock and balls still hurt.” I said as I collapsed next to my sexy family on Mom’s bed, “but that’s a bit better.”

Mom still looked angry but more worried about me, “it’s worse than before?” She asked.

“It never hurt before.” I explained, “now it’s like it won’t stop hurting. And I can’t seem to cum when I just jerk it.” I grabbed my still hard cock and jerked it a couple times as if that proved anything.

Mom licked her lips but said, “well I don’t approve of you fucking your sister, but at least it’s not hurting as badly. I’ll call Beth, and Rob. I’ll call you off school today and I’ll see if I can work from home. Violet and Alice, you two should go to school.” Mom was very calm saying this like we hadn’t just all fucked each other. I’m guessing she was cooled down quite a bit after so many orgasms in a row.

Alice complained but Mom sent them off to get dressed while she called Beth.


I was so concerned for my son that when I called Beth I basically told her everything without even thinking about it. Rob was now in great pain in his penis and testicles. Beth was over there in ten minutes.

“This is very serious,” she explained as she came into my room where Rob was still asleep, he was naked on my bed with nothing covering him. His hard cock on full display. “He’s going to need more treatment until his balls are completely empty.”

“Every day?” I said feeling a bit overwhelmed by it.

She nodded, she started to examine his penis, “I think so. Rob wake up.”

“Huh?” He said waking, “oh hi Beth.” He smiled at her.

“Your penis is starting to hurt, correct?”

He nodded, “and my balls.”

She thought about this, “I think you’re going to need more extreme treatments. I’m going to give you a blowjob now as an experiment.” She sucked half his cock into her mouth. I watched in fascination as she took him all the way into her throat. She could deepthroat like me, I thought. My pussy was getting very wet.

She gagged on my son’s dick obscenely for nearly half an hour before spitting it out and saying, “this doesn’t appear to be working.”

“Sorry,” Rob said, “it feels really good but I just can’t seem to orgasm.”

Beth nodded and stood up, “I think you need more stimulation.” She took off all her clothes revealing her amazing body, “I’m going to try vaginal sex and hopefully that will help.” She got on my son and his cock entered her. She started bouncing and moaning, “Holy shit! This is the biggest dick I’ve ever had and it’s amazing! Oh I’m going to cum soon! I’m cumming!” But as she came the doctor never slowed down in how quickly she was fucking my son.

Rob still wasn’t cumming though, “I’ll help!” I said as I removed my clothes too. I sat on my son’s face and he began eating my pussy as Beth and I started to make out. It was incredibly hot but I rationalized it as something necessary to help my son.

Maybe I was right as moments later Rob filled Beth’s pussy completely full of his sperm. We collapsed on the bed.

“This case is definitely evolving,” Beth said as she took a mess of cum from her pussy and licked it off her fingers, “you’re still hard are you still in pain?” She asked Rob as she grabbed his cock and started jerking it.

“It still hurts, yeah.” Rob said, a bit embarrassed.

Beth looked thoughtful but kept jerking Rob’s cock, “I think something more is going to be needed to be done. I’ll fuck Rob again as I think about it. She got on my son tempobet giriş again and he entered her pussy, making an obscene sloppy sound as his own cum poured out of her cunt and around his cock. “FUCK THIS IS AMAZING!” She squealed with delight as she started to roughly fuck Rob again. I was jealous, my lust was overtaking me.

I started kissing Rob, “I want to fuck you,” I whishpered in his ear.

“Really?” He said back looking dumbfounded, “I would fuck you in a heartbeat Mom, you’re the hottest woman I know.”

That made me feel so good I got up on the bed and sat on my son’s face again, we were now in yet another threesome with his doctor. “Lick your mother’s pussy, Rob, and pretend that’s me your fucking!” I wasn’t sure if I would actually fuck my son or not, but it felt like adding a little fantasy to his fucking was worth it as within moment he was filling Beth’s pussy full of jizz again.

“Hmm,” Beth said as she rolled off of Rob, “It appears that extra naughty things makes him cum faster. Maybe we should try an experiment.” She looked at me, and glanced back at Rob’s still rock hard dick, “Suck him off Nancy.”

“What but I-” I started to say

“He was just eating your pussy, how is that different?” She pointed out, “And this will determine if a taboo blowjob from his Mommy is better than my non-taboo blowjob in front of his Mommy. We need to know.”

I guess I wasn’t really kidding anyone anyway as I started sucking my son’s dick, taking him immediately all the way down my throat. I glanced at Beth to make sure she was looking at me as I sucked Rob’s dick down, and she was watching very closely.

“Wow, Nancy,” she said as she played with her tits, “You’ve obviously done this before…let’s blow him together.”

“What?” I said taking my mouth off my son’s cock after she said that. I’d never thought such a thing was possible, “How?”

Beth cocked an eyebrow, “You really don’t know much about sex? Okay, it’s easy, we each get a side of Rob’s dick and such, um, it’s probably easier just to do it.” She explained.

She got down on the floor and I got next to her as Rob moved to the edge of the bed, she started licking up and down his cock on one side, her lips attaching and I did the lame, latching my lips to the side of Rob’s dick as we started “jerking” him together with our lips. This was so hot I started finger fucking myself while doing it.

“Holy shit!” Rob moaned as he put a hand on each of our heads. “This is the hottest thing ever! I’m going to cum!”

As he did, Beth got back from my son’s dick to say, “How about he covers us in his cream? That would be so hot!” She was obviously as much into sex as her job description demanded.

I watched as Beth lifted her tits and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out like a slut. I did the same, wanting to present a good target for my son. Rob didn’t disappoint as he took hold of his dick and let loose a torrent of semen blasting me in my mouth and face before turning to hit Beth next and then back and forth he went onto the two of us, making messes of his Mommy and her shrink on the floor.

“Jesus Christ,”Beth moaned, “Rob’s dick is still hard even after so many times!” She was dumbfounded by this but also turned on, “let’s all fuck in the shower!” She said excitedly as she took both me and my son’s hands and dragged us all into my bathroom.

I began to have my doubts though, “I can’t fuck him.” I said, “I’m his Mom!”

Beth smiled through cum dripping down her face, “Well, I’d argue that you might have to, but it’s up to you Nancy. Just know that you’ll have to do increasingly hot things to get your son to cum from now on.”

I thought about this as we got in the crowded shower together, “Well, Xania said she might be willing to help on a full-time basis…” I said thinking. I didn’t want Violet and Rob to fuck again, that was for sure.

Beth put her leg up and Rob entered her again as they started fucking right in front of me again. It was super hot watching Rob’s cock enter the doctor’s pussy and its force was steadily increased. It was obvious that Rob would need to cum a lot in the future. His condition was getting worse, and I realized I was horny as hell, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that my son came when he needed to. Whenever he needed to, I had been letting it go. Letting my own feelings get pushed to the sidelines as Rob’s condition got even worse.

“I’m going to call her.” I said suddenly, feeling guilty but knowing if I stayed there for much longer I’d probably be fucking my son as well. I just didn’t know if I could go through with it.

I left the bathroom and walked downstairs so the sounds of Beth’s obscene moans wouldn’t be heard. I saw that Pam and Jenna were both out by the pool so I called her in the living room. Sound didn’t carry from my bathroom very well so I didn’t hear them at all downstairs, but I just didn’t want Pam to see me through the kitchen door and come to tempobet güvenilirmi visit until after I called Xania and Beth and Rob were done upstairs.

Though maybe they’ll never be done… I thought as I realized that Rob’s balls might need constant attention from then on, I’m not even sure if I could deal with that right now… I felt a bit depressed at the whole situation.

I called Xania and told her about the situation and she said she would be over right away.


I fucked Beth in the shower for almost an hour. We had to try various positions until I finally came deep in her pussy.

After that, finally, my balls no longer hurt and my dick got soft.

“Wow!” Beth said, “I guess you can be fully drained of cum! I was legitimately wondering.” She played with my soft penis for a bit but there wasn’t even a twitch. “Well, let’s tell your mother the good news.”

We went downstairs. Xania was there at the kitchen table with Mom. “What’s up?” I said to both of them happily, I felt like I could take on the world after all the sex I had that day.

“Well,” Mom said, “Dr. Xania has volunteered to take care of you while Beth continues to find a cure. How is that going by the way?” She asked Beth.

“Still working at it, so far nothing has reacted in a positive way, I have figured out ways to increase Rob’s sperm production but that’s counter productive.” As she was saying this she was lightly running a hand down my back and I felt my cock twitch in my pants. “Still,” she went on removing her hand so she could motion to my crotch, “After several orgasms, Rob seems to have been able to clear his balls for the moment.”

“I see,” Xania said, “So it’s not impossible.” She said to my Mom with a smile, “I guess I won’t be having sex with your son today.”

At the mention of her fucking me, my cock got very hard all at once, I guess you can’t keep a man down in certain situations, “You’ll be fucking me too?” I said excitedly.

Beth glanced at my crotch and before Xania could answer she said, “Well, that was all it took.” She rolled her eyes at Xania, “I suppose you should start now.” She told her.

“What? Right now?” Mom said, she seemed both horny and confused.

“Yes, right here and right now.” She said just as Aunt Pam walked into the room wearing a sexy swimsuit that showed off her huge boobs, I drooled a little at her as my cock jerked in my pants, “It’s something you’re going to have to get used to,” Beth said to Mom.

“What’s going on?” Aunt Pam asked and Jenna came in behind her. She usually wore a one-piece swimsuit but I guess since she came out as a pervert she was wearing a thong and a string bikini that only covered her nipples. She winked at me as she came in and the glanced at Aunt Pam. Ah, I thought as she did that, she’s trying to seduce her Mom, like we got her to agree to yesterday. That explains the outfit… But I continued to stare at my cousin’s hot body anyway, It was a very sexy outfit.

“We’re going to empty Rob’s balls here in the kitchen.” Beth said to Pam happily.

“Um,” Pam said, “What?”

“It’s gotten worse,” Mom explained to her sister, “We’re going to have to make greater changes than we have already. Xania will be here to help, though, but Rob’s condition means he needs to orgasm whenever he gets an erection.” She sighed, depressed, “It’s my fault for keeping everyone from helping. But now we have Xania.” She explained.

“Um, what should I do?” Xania asked, glancing between Mom and Beth.

“Simple, take his pants off,” Beth explained, “And then suck his cock, or whatever you need to do to get him to cum. It’s been getting harder and harder to get Rob to orgasm too, I think it has something to do with his condition but I’ll have to run more tests.”

Xania nodded and glanced at Mom, “Is this okay, Nancy? I can take him upstairs if that’s better for you.”

Mom bit her lip but then nodded. Xania got to her knees and took my pants down to my feet. My cock jumped out and hit her in the face.

“Jesus Christ,” Pam said, one of her hands going to the top of her breasts and staying there, “I’ll never get used to how big Rob is.” She said with a laugh. She glanced at the others but it was like they didn’t hear her, everyone was so encapsulated by my dick. I felt my cock twitch as I noticed everyone staring at me.

“Okay, I guess I’ll start then,” Xania said and took my cock in her mouth, she had to work up to deep throating me but she got there eventually.

“Holy shit,” Mom said, practically drooling as she watched mine and Xania’s obscene show. “Look at her go.”

“What else can help Rob with his condition?” Jenna asked Beth as if a hot doctor wasn’t giving me a blowjob in Mom’s kitchen right in front of her.

“Um, well,” Beth said as she thought for a moment, “I think many things will help. Having someone like Xania around to take care of his problem when it arises, you might say, that’s the best we can do right now. But, I think things like visually stimulating things can be helpful though physical stimulation will always be better.”

“What sort of visual stimulation?” Mom asked then though her eyes were still on my dick as it entered and exited Xania’s sucking mouth.

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