I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass…

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I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass On Our Wedding Night!

This is about the first time I fucked a woman in her ass. I did it to my ex-wife on our wedding night!! Before we got married, we were screwing on a regular basis. Whether I fuck her doggy style or she is in top of me grinding my cock, I would always grab her ass and spread it wide apart until it would spread no further and finger it real deep. But we never had anal sex!! She never objected to me inserting my finger deep inside her ass while I french kiss her or fuck her. In fact she seemed to love it and encourage it in a very subtle sort of way.

We never really talked about anal sex or planned to do it. But on our wedding night I completely enslaved her by intensely eating and fingering her pussy for about an hour or so. We both were fully naked on bed and soon were making love doggy style. I was splitting her ass and enjoying the sight of her gapping anus while screwing her pussy almanbahis very hard and fast. I then made her lay flat on her stomach with a big pillow underneath her belly and torso to raise her butt. I massaged her anus with my thumb while continuing to penetrate her pussy from behind.

Using a water based lubricant, I was massaging and rubbing her anus and around it vigourously and pushing a finger or thumb deep up her ass. I pushed deeper until she groaned to me. I removed my finger from her anus and quickly grabbed her butt’s cheeks with my hands, splitting them wide apart until they could part no further. Now her asshole was really gapping and I again inserted either a finger or thumb as deep as she could take up her butt without pain. I kept fingering her ass until I parted and loosened her anus and made it to open up a gap wide enough for my penis to penetrate her ass without too much pain. I removed my fully hard up and erect penis from almanbahis yeni giriş her pussy and start to penetrate slowly her widely parted gapping anus. She was mumbling about how it was wrong and maybe we shouldn’t but I shoved in deep and filled up her rectum anyway.

She protested about that. So now I pulled out my penis slightly only to push it back and gradually work my way fully up her rectum again … she murmured something but I kept pushing my cock in as far as I could and I just let it sit there to let her ass stretch out. Again she uttered some half-hearted faint protest. But I pressed hard up against her butt hole … pushing my cock deep inside her ass right to the hilt and I could feel her moist pussy rubbing against my balls. She now resigned to the fact that I was going to do it and to my delight and amazement she stopped objecting, instead, she reached back and took both hands to open her ass even more and she was almanbahis giriş making a lovely noise … like a dog when one steps on its tail!! Now with me all over her ass, I began thrusting in and out gently at first and then settled into a nice pumping rhythm and started rubbing her clit and fingering her vagina while shafting her rectum. I pounded her ass for about 25 minutes. I felt sorry for her but I was determined to fill her rectum with my sperm!

Eventually, I shot my load deep inside her anus filling her rectum with a massive glut of thick cum. I stayed inside her ass for a while laying on top of her back to make sure my sperm stays deep inside her rectum and settles their. I then pulled out my cock from her ass and spread it to expose her still gapping anus … pushing back any sperm tries to escape deep inside her puffed asshole with my thumb and fingers … she loved it.

After our wedding night, me and my ex-wife enjoyed very sensual sustained love making and immensely intense sex for hours on end almost every day for 3 years … and we seldom skipped the anal sex! … We are now divorced for reasons nothing to do with our sex life … and I really miss her body very much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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