How Jetta Gets Her Kicks!

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Double Penetration

Jim never saw Jetta coming. That was because he had never known anyone like her before. She was a free spirit who preferred to wear spring dresses and clogs most everywhere. She wore just enough make-up to accent her black eyes and she usually accessorized with big hoop earrings. So he laughed when she challenged him to a fight that day, this lanky Mexican girl with the goofy laugh and bubbly personality. But the challenge was made in front of all their friends and the trash talk soon reached a level where Jim was saying he could beat her blindfolded and she was saying she could kick his ass naked. This got everyone howling in delight. But in spite of him agreeing to her terms on the spot, the fight didn’t materialize until weeks later. On that day, as it happened, Brenda, one of Jetta’s best girlfriends, had the house all to herself and decided it was the perfect venue for their contest.

But when Jim got the call to go there, he went over thinking it was all a joke. Brenda answered the door and immediately led him through the house to the back porch where, to his surprise, Jetta was sitting at the tiki bar wearing only a short robe. She was laughing and casually eating olives with a toothpick. Her hair was the usual mass of tangled, black curls, but strangely, she was wearing black lipstick this day.

“Hi Jimmy.” She chimed in a friendly tone.

She didn’t look like someone who wanted to fight in his opinion so he assumed she had just been swimming in Brenda’s pool.

“Hey Jetta.” He replied, “How’s the water?”

“Water?” she said, “No, I’m just chillin’.”

He walked over and sat on the stool next to her and nervously tapped his finger on the bar.

“So…” he started and then stopped.

Jetta laughed.

“Look how weirded out he is!” she commented to Brenda as she tucked a loose strand of hair back behind her ear.

“Are you ready, Jim?” Brenda asked.

“Ready? Ready for what?” he replied.

Jetta laughed again.

“Oh my god! He’s punking out!” Jetta giggled.

“No I’m not!” Jim shot back defensively.

“Okay then, let’s go out back.” Brenda insisted.

“Sure.” Was all Jim said.

Jim still believed they were playing a game of brinksmanship with him as they all made their way out to a large open section of lawn. Then Brenda produced a bandana.

“Ready for your blindfold?” she asked.

“Yup!” Jim answered with a lame sounding forced confidence.

Jetta only stood there smiling and shaking her head.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked him.

After the blindfold was secured Brenda stepped back.

“Any last requests?” she asked him, “A cigarette perhaps?”

“Ha Ha!” Jim replied.

But Jim’s body language was saying he was very uncomfortable with the loss of his sight. He immediately started turning his head side to side.

“Okay ma’am, you may disrobe.” Brenda announced to Jetta.

Jetta pulled her robe off and flexed her arms out in an upward stretch. Her naked body was pale and hardly athletic. Its only potent element was a large crop of black pubic hair surging out from between her legs.

As he listened Jim tried to imagine Jetta’s nakedness. He wondered about how her tits looked. He imagined them as being brown-nippled and pointy.

“Okay principals! Are you ready?” came Brenda’s official voice again.

“Yes.” Was all he heard Jetta say.

“All right! So let the fight begin!” she shouted.

With these words, Jim crouched instinctively into a wrestling posture with his arms out in front of him. He had guessed that Jetta would try to bull rush him so he remained stationary as he tried to listen for footsteps. Jetta smiled and approached him nimbly. Then she slapped him in the face playfully before quickly tip-toeing backwards. The slap completely startled him and he flinched more from surprise than from the force of the blow. She was toying with him.

“Is Jimmy sure he wants to play this game?” Jetta teased.

Jim started to circle now and raised his hands higher. But this did little good because the second blow was a kick to Jim’s hind quarters. Jim spun around sharply after the blow landed, but Jetta wasn’t there. He was easy prey now. This was why her next blow landed so well. It was a flat-footed kick right between his arms into his solar plexus. The force of Jetta’s foot hitting him flush in the torso drove him backwards violently, dumping him hard onto his ass. He lay there stunned for a moment with light breaking in only a little bit around the corners of his blindfold.

“Never saw that one!” came Brenda’s jubilant voice from one side of him.

Jim strained to get air back into his lungs as he threw his arms up over his face reflexively. But no attack came and he was able to quickly regain his feet. He assumed his wrestling pose again, but this time he moved this arms around to scan for her. He knew she was still in front of him. He could feel her. But he had to wait for her to come to him. Then, without warning, a blow thudded karşıyaka escort against the right side of his head as Jetta hit him with a backward spin kick. This agilely delivered shot propelled him sideways to the ground with such force his blindfold was knocked up over one of his eyes. The beautiful and graceful kick was dutifully recorded by Brenda as she had positioned herself to capture it in profile. Jetta’s slim leg extended up to him easily as she pivoted around with the power and grace of a gymnast to plant the ball of her foot against his noggin.

“Ohhh! God!” came Brenda’s awe-filled voice again.

From the ground, as the vision in his partially uncovered eye clarified, Jim got his first glimpse of the naked tempest that was now descending upon him. He looked up in his hazy mental state and saw light beams outlining Jetta’s looming form. She seemed to be glowing as she stood over him, her thin legs set apart, her pubic mound projecting out black and dense.

He was cowering and covering his face like a boxer now. Jetta took this opportunity to move over him and begin raining slaps down onto his head and face. Jim rolled onto his back and tried to defend himself with his forearms, but Jetta had straddled him and had all the leverage behind her blows. Her slaps landed on his temples and arms, stinging more than going any real damage.

Then in desperation Jim kicked up at her and one kick forced her back long enough to allow him to stand up again. He could see her now at least and he knew that that would level the contest. But then Brenda noticed his exposed eye.

“Hey, I think we need to retie his blindfold!” she warned.

“That’s okay.” Jetta insisted, “Let him take it off.”

When she said this Jim ripped the blindfold from my head and tossed it. He was mad now and determined to catch her coming in. They circled each other and jabbed with their arms and legs, each one trying to time a shot. The fight was very different now. Jim could anticipate her and defend himself. Finally, she went for a kick that he managed to block, but he was also able to grab her ankle in the same action. He clutched the foot with two hands and pushed her back on one leg. This forced her to lose her balance and tumble to the ground and he managed to push through to a position on top of her.

Knowing that a wrestling match was not her game, she grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and rolled him to one side. Her thought was to get back to a position of leverage, but as she tried to complete the turn he shifted and got her in a side top hold that allowed him to get one arm under her neck and his other hand around the back of her thigh. His plan was to turn her over on her back and maybe get her in a choke submission, but as he was grabbing her leg, his hand traveled up into her crotch and one of his fingers incidentally went into the wrong place. The dampness there was apparent to him as he continued to hold her from this location, and it led him to the realization that she was quite excited by this physical showdown.

But the invasion of his finger seemed to make her furious and her fighting tactics immediately escalated. When he did manage to get her on her back lying across his chest, she threw an elbow that caught him in the eye. As he recoiled from the blow, he released his hold long enough for her to escape.

As he was struggling to his feet, she kicked him in the flank of his torso which made him groan audibly. Then she rushed in as he was on all fours and kicked him between his legs. The kick made him collapse flat to the turf. Finally, she got on his back and drove another elbow into his trapezius muscle that brought such pain that he essentially stopped resisting. She then mounted him and cranked his right arm up behind his back as she yanked his head violently back and forth by his hair. The giggling Jetta had turned in a crazed hellcat, grunting and squealing in the heat of combat.

Brenda swooped in to capture it all, making sure to get a sweeping shot from behind that showed Jetta’s naked body in kinetic mastery atop her opponent.

“Kicked his ass!” Brenda shouted as part of her continuing narrative.

But Jetta still seemed to be in a furious mood as she kept right on applying torque to Jim’s arm. Brenda moved in for a close-up of Jim’s face that now had the look of a beaten prizefighter with one eye that was quickly swelling shut from Jetta’s wild elbow. But his face also betrayed the agony of the arm lock she was applying.

“You’re going to break my fucking arm!” he yelled out weakly.

Brenda zoomed back to show Jetta’s face as well now. The rage had distorted her good looks, but she kept pulling up on his arm. Jim then began to cry.

“Owww!” came his wail in a rising pitch.

“Tell us Jetta is the queen of beat downs!” Brenda commanded as she held the camera in his face.

“Yes! She’s the queen! For fuck sake!” he cried out in teary emotional exhaustion.

Then Jim vomited involuntarily from kartal escort the dull, aching pain radiating up from his concussed testicles. The sound of his dry heaving seemed to snap Jetta out of her fury. She released his arm and got off of him. She then stepped back and looked down at his body with a somewhat dazed expression. Jim got up obviously hurt and left the yard without saying another word.

“Wow!” yelled Brenda, “I got it all! You beat his ass, girlfriend!”

But Jetta’s expression didn’t change.

“What the hell did I do?” she asked, her eyes looking after him.

“What did you do? You fucked him up!” Brenda cheered, “You beat that white boy’s ass proper!”

Jetta’s expression became troubled.

“But it was only supposed to be a joke.” She seemed to suddenly realize.

“Yeah, and the joke was on him!” Brenda shot back cruelly.

But the more she thought about it the more she realized that Jim hadn’t really wanted to fight at all. He had only tried to defend himself and neutralize her aggression. Why had she allowed this all to happen?

“Let me see your cell phone.” Jetta requested.

Brenda was already playing back part of the fight. She walked over and showed it to her.

“This is where you hit him in the nuts!” she pointed out happily.

Jetta took Brenda’s phone and quickly transferred a copy of the fight to her own cell number. Then she deleted the recording entirely from Brenda’s ap.

“What are you doing!” Brenda shouted as she grabbed at the phone.

“I don’t want this on the internet.” Was all Jetta said before handing the phone back.

“But you’ll be famous!”

“No, this is where it ends.” Jetta replied with real contrition in her voice.

Then she put her robe back on and walked solemnly into the house.

The following week Jetta thought about no one but Jim. She looked for him and asked about him. The rumor going around was that he had left the state to live with his uncle in Montana. This created a feeling of concern and worry in Jetta that she hadn’t felt before. She had a compulsion to find him and apologize because in the time since their physical confrontation she had come to understand that she had liked him all along. So she continued to leave messages on his phone. But for Jim, each message that bore her name brought fear and loathing into his heart, and each time he heard his ringtone now he had a surge of adrenaline. But he did think about the part of the fight when his finger had pushed into her pussy. The sensation of it was still fresh in his memory and brought about conflicting emotions in him.

When Jetta heard about a party Jim was supposed to be at in West Hills, she put on her best dress and showed up at the upscale home wearing sunglasses. She walked in like a movie star flashing her million megawatt smile and people started talking immediately. She had to be someone important they all thought. She told them her name was Fabiola and that she worked for Warner Brothers and she was promptly greeted by the host and welcomed. But after this grand entrance she went into spy mode, asking about Jim discreetly to anyone who looked familiar. She went room to room scanning carefully until she finally spotted him in a dark corner nursing a beer and looking somewhat out of his element. She decided then to just observe him for a while from a safe distance.

As she spied on him she got the impression he was depressed, and this stirred up deep feelings of compassion in her. She wanted to cradle his head in her arms and kiss his face, pull him into her bosom and ease his mind. Then he suddenly rose out of his corner and began to walk towards her. A bolt of electricity shot up her back. She was sitting on the couch by the entry way and when he was about to go by, she sprang up and stepped in front of him impulsively.

“Hi Jim!” she gushed as she removed her sunglasses.

Jim’s face fell like a rock. He just stood there with a mortified expression. It was a horribly long moment. Then he quickly stepped around her and started walking briskly towards the front door. Jetta trotted after him.

“Jim, wait!” she pleaded.

She followed him out of the house and then grabbed his arm when they reached the driveway. He spun around then to face her.

“What the hell do you want!” he shouted

“I’m sorry it all got out of hand last week. I didn’t want to hurt you…I just have a bad temper sometimes.” She tried to explain.

“Don’t worry. You didn’t hurt me.” He retorted, even though his eye still showed signs of bruising.

“I just thought it would be a funny stunt to pull.” She continued to explain, “It’s just that…when you touched me between my legs…I got defensive.”

“Oh really! So why did you want to fight me in the nude then?” he asked with a quizzical expression.

“That was just trash talk and then Brenda thought it would be fun to record. You know how she is.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised it’s not all over kastamonu escort the internet already!”

“No, I deleted it from her phone, Jim.” Jetta assured him, “I wouldn’t let her do that.”

“Oh yeah, so it was all just a big mistake. I see.”

“Come on, you came over of your own free will.” She reminded him.

“Yeah, it was my fault.”

“No, it wasn’t your fault, but you came over that day for a reason and it wasn’t to fight me. Come on, be honest.”

“Of course, I wanted to escape my boring life, have some fun. Shame on me.” He shot back sarcastically.

“Have some fun? Or have some sex?” she corrected.

“Come on, don’t flatter yourself. Look. I’m sorry I accidently touched your twat, but it was your damn friend who pushed the whole thing.”

Jetta wanted to slap him for using the word “twat” to describe her pussy. She also wanted to hurl a few choice insults, but she held her temper.

“Okay Jim, if that’s the way you feel, but I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself. So I’ll tell you what, I’ll be honest with you. I like you. And I think you came over that day because you like me. So I just want to say I’m sorry for the way it all turned out. But I would like to continue to have a friendship with you, if you think that could be possible. So take care and hopefully I’ll see you around.”

With this, Jetta walked away.

As she got back into her car she wondered if she should have told him the whole story about yourself. About the things her uncle had done to her all those years ago. But then she thought again. No, she was right not to say anything. This was something she had to keep to herself even though she knew all the anger was still there.

After she left, Jim went back inside, but he couldn’t enjoy himself. The thought that the recording of the fight no longer existed was a relief, but the moments of that encounter were all still burned in his mind. Yes, he had gone over there to be alone in a house with two women and perhaps get into a sexy wrestling scenario. And yes, he had been attracted to Jetta. But how could he ever live it all down now? He kept thinking of the pussy hold he had on her, but then the pain of his balls being driven into his throat overrode that memory.

A week later he was at the beach with his buddies when Jetta and Brenda arrived. They came up and the other guys invited them to stay and chat. Jetta was wearing an orange string bikini with just two small triangles of fabric to cover her tits. They put down their towels and Jetta sat Indian style facing them. Jim tried to ignore them, but Jetta’s body was bringing back traumatic memories for him. Then the conversation turned to the topic he had dreaded.

“So whatever happened with that fight you guys were supposed to have?” one of his friends asked.

Jim looked at Jetta and then Brenda and then his friend. Then Brenda spoke.

“I think Jim chickened out.” She announced.

The sound of chicken clucks came up from all Jim’s friends.

“Ha! Thought so.” One friend cracked, “Jim never could fight. Good decision, Jimbo!”

All the guys laughed.

“Actually, I think Jim is too much of a gentleman to waste his time fighting a woman.” Jetta cut in.

“Uh oh, sounds like gentleman Jim has an admirer now!”

The group hooted again.

“Sure he does.” Jetta answered with a smile.

“Okay, you guys need to get a room.” Someone cracked.

Then Jetta stood up and stretched.

“Anyone feel like going in the water?” she asked.

Everyone looked at Jim, and when he didn’t reply or move, a group of guys got up and pulled him to his feet. They all pushed him toward the water together.

“Come on Jimmy boy, she needs a protector!” they told him.

After this Jim walked to the shallows with Jetta without saying a word. Then reluctantly he spoke.

“Thanks for saying that stuff back there.” He told her as he kicked at the surf.

“Well, you are a gentleman.” Jetta replied.

“Yeah well, thanks anyway.”

Jetta took Jim’s hand after this and tried to lead him into the deeper water. He walked out a bit and then stopped. There still seemed to be something bothering him, a deep discomfort in his demeanor. Jetta ran ahead and dove into the next wave. This had the effect of making Jim feel inferior to her all the more. She waved for him to join her, but he felt as if he were stuck in the sand. Then two of his friends ran past him at high speed and dove into the breakers. They both swam over to where Jetta was and started playing water games. Jim watched them and felt sick. Then he turned and walked back to the blanket.

“Jimbo! What happened? Did your woman desert you?” his friend teased.

Soon afterwards, Jetta and his friends returned from their swim. Jetta stared at him intensely as she toweled herself off. She set her mind to another plan now, a plan that would allow Jim to walk in the light of day again.

Since Jim had been driven to the beach by his friend Steve, the two girls arranged for him to bring Jim to Brenda’s house, but to leave him in the dark until the last minute. It all worked like a charm. As they got close to Brenda’s house, Steve gave Jim the pitch.

“Where are you going?” Jim asked casually.

“To Brenda’s. She and Jetta are cooking us a fantastic dinner!”

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