Hotwife Roleplay

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This is not a quickie, honestly that’s just not my style. It’s pretty different from most of my other stories, but something I wanted to try (Read what you want into that). Hope someone out there finds it enjoyable.


I’m not really sure how to start this story; as it’s been a while since I wrote anything. This is a story about my wife, about how much I love her, and about a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s a story I’m writing FOR my wife.

First off, let me tell you a bit about my wife.

For the purposes of this story, I’ll call her Amy. It’s also important (At least, to me) that you understand I love my wife dearly. We’ve been together about 12 years, and have two kids we love to death (and like many parents, sometimes wish to strangle to death).

Amy isn’t what most would describe as the centrefold wife you typically read about in most online erotic fiction, she has flaws and I love that about her too.

At 36, Amy is about 5ft 2in tall, wears a 40C or 38D bra depending on the brand and carries a few more pounds than she’d like to. She’s wanted to lose some weight since giving birth to our youngest, though I love her exactly as she is. She, like so many women in our society is unhappy with her body, no matter how often I remind her she’s sexy exactly as she is.

I try to tell her that the little bit of sag to her tits isn’t something to be ashamed of – I love them. They are the perfect size to fill my hands, and they hang so perfectly that even after 12 years, I can’t get enough of staring at them. You’ve no idea how amazingly sexy it is to see them hang down as she crawls on all fours towards me in bed; without a doubt it’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen, and I wish she did it more often.

Amy is both a great wife and an amazing mother. She’s always working hard to take care of everyone, and still finds time every so often to do wonderful things for me, like bringing me home treats, sending me naughty pictures when I’m on the road, or getting her pussy waxed perfectly smooth like she knows I love it. All this on top of working full time shiftwork at a local big box store.

Anyway, I don’t want to rant on too much about how I love my wife, how great she is, or her body – suffice it to say I do, she is, and Yummy!

I’m 100% sure she has never been unfaithful in our marriage; she has made it perfectly clear she’s happy with me, and I can honestly say I have never had any interest in sex with another woman.

You’d think with everything I’ve said about her, I’d be perfectly happy, and for the most part I am. As cliche as it sounds, It’s not you, it’s me…

I am nothing special to look at. Honestly, I could pass you in the street and you’d write me off as a typical middle-aged dad (Dad-bod and all). In the bedroom, I think I keep my wife happy, though my 6 or so inches wouldn’t get me a starting role in any porno films. I work in IT and you’d probably be able to guess that just by looking at me.

No, the real problem is this fantasy I can’t shake, I get off imagining my wife showing off to and fucking other men. I think about it a lot! I’ve alluded to it before when I was feeling particularly horny, but until recently I’ve never really come right out a said it.

Sure, we have our playful sexual banter like I expect most couples do, and she knows when I’m getting horny because I start to make much more inuendo-laced comments.

More to the point through, I travel a fair bit and the odd time she would make a comment about me going away, she’d playfully suggest she should take on a boyfriend and I’d reply with something like “Make sure you send me pictures” or “Okay, but I want a video”. She always thought these comments were just a joke, and laughed them off.

A few weeks ago, while I was on a business trip (Only 2-3 hours drive from home), I was feeling pretty lonely and I kind of sprung it all on her in a text message:

Amy: You heading to bed?

Me: Yeah, in a few minutes. Just watching a movie.

Amy: Well, think about the other night when you do… did you like it?

Me: You know I did. I love your smooth pussy.

Amy: Hehehe

Me: You do it for me? Or there a boyfriend you do it for while I’m away?

Amy: Hehe. You’ll never know.

Me: Well, the least you could do is send me a pic or two with his cock in your mouth, or his cum leaking out of your pussy.

Amy: Hehe

Me: Or, I’d love a video of him pounding into you.

Amy: OMG I just got so wet.

Me: Now I’m hard thinking about sliding into your pussy with his cum in it.

There was a couple minutes of pause with no response here. I got a bit worried I was going too far, and thought I should explain a bit.

Me: It’s a bit of a turn-on for me to think about you fucking someone else.

Me: I’d really like to hear you talk about a time when you were with someone else and how you liked it, maybe sometime when we’re having sex you can tell me about a few guys.

Amy: Hmmm. Who are you… where is this coming escort bursa from?

Me: Haha. Been thinking about it for a while, just never got up the courage to ask. 😉

Amy: Hmm

Me: If you find it too weird it’s okay xo

Amy: I’d have to think about it.

We said our goodnights a little later, and I went to bed thinking I’d definitely sprung too much on her all at once.

My wife didn’t mention it after that, so I mostly left it alone. At one point she told me about her friend whose husband was on an anti-depressant (I think) that was causing his libido to go wild to the point she couldn’t handle it. I nearly suggested to her that she should offer herself to take on some of the load (Pun intended).. but I chickened out.

Fast forward a few weeks.

I’d bought my wife a massage table for her previous birthday, and as she absolutely loves getting massages, I thought I might be able to push things a little further with some roleplay. We’d never done much roleplay before, but I figured it was a safe way to see if she might be into it.

I set the massage table up in our bedroom, put on a few spa candles and some soothing music. Our youngest, whose bedroom was 2 floors down in the basement, had already gone to bed and our oldest was out with friends.

As my wife entered the room, having just put on the last load of laundry, she saw the room and laughed.

“Hello miss, I’ll be your massage therapist today. If you’d like to disrobe to whatever point you’re comfortable, lie down on the table here under the blanket, I’ll wait out in the hall.” I said in my most business-like manner.

“What’s all this?” My wife asked with a knowing grin.

“Your massage appointment?” I asked, trying my best to sound confused.

“Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to rearrange all massage appointments as home visits. Did our receptionist not call to confirm?” I was getting right into the character, surprising even myself.

“Oh, yes.” My wife said after a moment’s hesitation, catching on and playing along. She set the empty laundry basket down and closed the door.

“You don’t have to leave the room though.” She said, reaching for the waistband of her pants.

“I’m sorry Miss. That would be very inappropriate.” I replied, stepping past her. She had a bit of a disappointed look on her face, but seemed interested to see where I lead things.

“Just call when you’re ready.” I said, stepping into the hall and closing the door.

A couple of minutes later, I heard my wife call out.

“I’m ready” I peeked inside to make sure she was playing along and she was lying under the blanket as expected. Judging by the lack of bra straps or underwear lines I assumed she was completely naked underneath.

I wondered briefly if she was always completely naked for her massages, the thought gave me a little thrill in itself. Many times, I’d thought about my wife completely naked in front of strangers.

I headed over, grabbing the belt that held our massage oil and put it around my waist.

“Any concerns I should know about before I get started miss?” I asked, remembering that was a question I’d been asked the one and only time I’d been to a professional massage therapist.

“No, I’d just like a very thorough and deep massage today.” She replied simply. I was thrilled she was playing along fully.

I know my wife very well, she LOVES getting massages. If truth be told, her extra weight does terrible things to her back, neck and feet. I knew she was at least as much into this experience for the massage as any “happy endings” that might come later.

“Very good miss. I’m going to start on your upper back, then I’ll move down to your legs and feet.” I assured her, taking a generous pump of massage oil and kneading it into my hands to warm it.

“Amy.” My wife said simply. “Call me Amy.”

“Sure thing Amy.” I said, as I started working on her shoulders with a slow, deep kneading motion.

“Unghhhhh.” She moaned into the face hole of the massage table. I worked my way slowly from her shoulders, down first one arm, then the other taking particular care to never leave her without one of my hands on her. She moaned and sighed enjoying every second of the massage, but I kept it completely professional.

I rolled the blanket down to work on her lower back, but never to the point of exposing anything that wouldn’t be in a real massage. When I was ready to move to her legs, I rolled the blanket back up over her back to keep her warm.

Moving down to her left leg, I slid the blanket off her lower leg and underneath it, exposing her leg and thigh, as I’d seen in a massage video on YouTube. I wanted to make sure I did it like she would expect a real massage therapist would, ensuring that she was never exposed. She laughed quietly when I did it.

Amy, like every woman I’ve ever met loves getting her feet rubbed. I spent a good bit of time on each leg and foot, again never going farther up her leg than a professional would have.

My wife was nearly asleep when I asked her to görükle escort roll over for me. I lifted the far side of the blanket so she would be able to roll without me being able to see anything, and when she’d rolled over, I was greeted by a quizzical look on her face.

“Is something wrong Amy?” I asked with all the concern I could muster.

“No.” She said simply, a mischievous grin spreading across her face. “It’s just that, the last time I had a massage, the therapist took a good long look at my tits when I rolled over.” I was hard instantly, and she laughed at my sudden silence.

“Well miss…” I began, stumbling. “Sorry, Amy. If you tell me that therapist’s name, I can report him.”

“Oh no. Don’t do that.” She said with a sexy smile. “I wanted him to look.” She added with a hint of lust in her voice. “Actually, I wanted him to do a lot more than that; but unfortunately, he didn’t.” She finished, staring me directly in the eyes.

Had my wife just admitted that she liked to show off for her massage therapists or that she wanted to fool around with them? Or was she just playing the role? I wondered. Did she know how horny it made me to hope it was the first option?

“Well, I’ll just continue with your shoulders on this side, before doing the fronts of your legs” I said, pulling myself back together.

“That’s too bad.” She whined playfully. Normally, I can read my wife with ease, but she was either acting like a Hollywood veteran or she was telling the truth. Laying her arms atop the blanket, I noticed she had somehow slid down to within a millimetre of her large areolas coming into view. Her nipples were clearly hard and tenting up the fabric, screaming to be exposed.

I cast around for something to say while I worked, to keep my mind off my wife’s amazing breasts.

“What does your husband do?” I asked, while working on my wife’s shoulders.

“He works in IT.” She said with her eyes closed. Then she smiled. “Actually, he should be home in about an hour or so.” She added. “I hope he’s horny, I know I am.” She finished, rubbing her hand along my erection as I moved past her hand. Despite my careful attempts at professionalism to that point, I slowed to allow her to wrap her hand around my rock-hard erection. After a moment, I realized what I’d allowed her to do and gently pulled her hand away so I could move to her legs.

As I began working on her legs, I again pushed the blanket under her. Despite the blanket, as I lifted her left leg I was greeted with a quick peek of my wife’s smooth, hairless pussy. She was watching me intently now.

“I have a bit of pain in my thighs.” She said simply, indicating the inner thigh.

I began innocently enough by rubbing her foot, then slowly moving up to her thigh. I massaged the thigh as I thought a professional would, keeping my hands away from her “sensitive” areas.

After the left leg I did the right, and as I began to move my hand back down again, she suddenly said “Actually, it hurts a bit higher”.

After a brief, intentional pause, I returned my hands to her leg and slid my hands a bit higher. I knew I was right on the edge of what would have been inappropriate in a real massage. Looking up, I saw her eyes were closed, and she moaned deeply.

“A little higher” she said invitingly.

“I’m sorry miss” I began.

“Please!” she pleaded, cutting me off. “I need this.”

“But your husband?” I asked.

She climbed off the massage table, letting the blanket fall to the floor. Without breaking eye contact, she lay down on the bed completely naked, legs raised in perhaps the most inviting pose I had ever imagined and smiled at me.

“My husband” she began, pausing for obvious effect. “Will want to see your cum leaking out of me when he gets home.” As she said it, the same words I had texted her so many weeks before, I knew I couldn’t control myself anymore.

I shoved my pants down, grasping both her legs, I lined my cock up with her waiting pussy and I thrust forward.

Smack! I bottomed out inside my wife so hard my nuts hurt.

“Yes!” She hissed.

I withdrew until only the tip remained inside, then thrust back in again.


“Fuck me!” She yelled.

I did.

I started thrusting into her with wild abandon, bending down I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth “Yes, harder!” She cried.

I thrust into her again and again, feeling her clench down on my cock with each thrust. I knew it wasn’t going to last long, but I fucked her with everything I had in me.

“I’m cumming!” we both called out at almost the same time.

I exploded inside her, feeling Amy’s orgasm tear through her, her pussy muscles clenching down on my spurting cock. I could feel her spasming again and again and when I was finally spent, I collapsed on top of her.

“Fuck!” I sighed into her.

“Fuck!” She agreed.

Then, something happened that proved to me how much more alert women are, even in a sex crazed state than men. The front door slammed shut, and my wife said bursa escort bayan with a surprisingly believable note of panic in her voice “My husband’s home.”

Without thinking, I jumped up, grabbed my pants and had closed our bedroom door behind me before I remembered it was just roleplay.

“Dad?” I heard my daughter call from the front entrance.

“Yes honey?” I called back, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

“Can you help me with my phone?”

“Sure babe, just a sec” I called down the stairs. I opened the bedroom door to tell my wife where I was going, she just laughed “Better go save the world down there” and rolled her eyes.

I found my daughter standing at the front door, shoes still on, smacking the back of her phone.

“It won’t work!” She whined, sounding more like when she was five than seventeen.

After a few basic tests, I figured the phone was just frozen like phones get sometimes – so I pulled the battery out, reseated it and as the logo finished flashing by, I handed the phone back to her.

“Thanks dad!” My daughter said without looking up from the screen.

“No problem babe.” I said, turning back toward the stairs.

“Oh, Chrissy’s coming to get me. I’m staying at her place tonight.” She added with glee, as her text messages started coming in rapid fire.

“Weren’t you just out with her?” I asked, confused.

“No, I was out with Kaelyn.” She laughed.

“Okay babe. I’ll let mom know, she’s asleep upstairs”

“K, night dad” She replied, turning back toward the front door.

“Good night, be good.”

As the front door closed behind my daughter, I turned back towards the bedroom with a wicked grin on my face. “Time for the husband to come home.” I said to myself.

Back upstairs, I eased the door open and peered inside. My wife had put away the massage table, the candles were gone and she was propped up in bed with the news on.

Amy’s tits were hanging out above the top of the blanket, like she knows I love them to be.

“How was your day at work?” she asked as I closed the door behind me.

“Day at work? Aren’t we going to talk about the amazing sex we just had?” I thought to myself. Then it dawned on me, she was still playing along.

“Oh, it was fine, just the usual PEBKAC” I said, unsure whether I could rise to the occasion again already if she pushed this further.

“PEBKAC?” My wife snorted, a look of genuine confusion on her face.

“Yeah, you know. Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. PEBKAC”

She laughed hard, nearly snorting at the term.

I quickly removed my clothes and slid into our King-sized bed beside her.

“How about yours?” I asked.

“Oh it was amazing.” She said with a heavy sigh. “I had fun.”


“Well, I got a massage today.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” I said, attempting to play it cool.

“Here in our bedroom” She said timidly.

“Here?” I asked, trying to sound the concerned husband.

“Yeah, the place I usually go was closed because of COVID. So the guy came here to do me.” She said it with a mischievous grin, she was watching my face closely.

“And did you enjoy it?” I asked, my cock quickly beginning to harden again at her words.

“Yes” She purred. “He went soooo deep.” She added in her sexiest voice.

“Did he?” I asked, getting very excited despite knowing it was all just roleplay. I was rock hard again, she was playing her role so perfectly, I loved every second of it.

“Yep” She said, sliding her hand over to grasp my cock. “And he released so much tension inside me.” She added in a sexy whisper, slowly beginning to stroke me. “I could show you how much he released inside me if you like?” She asked suggestively.

“I’d like that.”

“I bet you would.” She said sliding the covers off her body. My wife spread her legs wide as I climbed between them to get a look. “Do you see it?” She asked, pulling the lips apart with her hand. In the low light of the room, I honestly didn’t see it. I moved closer, my face only inches from her pussy.

Then I saw it, a small pool of cum lay on the sheets below her pussy, with a faint, but steady trail coming out of her.

I’m not sure what made me do it, I admit I’ve thought about it before, but any time I’d already cum inside my wife I’d lost the urge to do it.

With her spreading the lips of her pussy already, I moved slowly forward and licked her clit hard.

“Holy fuck” She moaned deeply, releasing her lips and gripping the headboard with both hands. I licked her clit again, tasting her exquisite juices. I was beyond horny; I sucked her clit into my mouth and began lapping at her slit.

“Woah honey.” My wife said between gasps, reaching down to push me away. “Are you sure you want to do that?”

In answer I licked her from the base of her slit to her clit and began to devour her pussy. To be honest, I don’t really recall tasting anything other than my wife, but I kept up my attentions on her pussy until she came hard, mashing my face against her.

I love it when she pulls my head in, forcing my mouth harder against her pussy.

Rising up I slid easily inside her. The feeling was heaven. In my mind it wasn’t my cum inside my wife, but his; another man’s seed was inside my wife.

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