Honeymoon Suite for Four

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Honeymoon Suite for Four (KOI 17)

December, 1974

Our Winter Solstice wedding went off without any embarrassing hitch. Becca’s cousin goosed me in the church lobby when nobody was looking, but it would still be some weeks before LuAnn would learn where to go from there.

The honeymoon was delayed for some days, until Danny and Candi could get back to Missouri from his internship. Then they would be stuck over for a few days until their basement apartment south of Columbia would come open, and Danny was eager to avoid staying with Candi’s family during the interim. Becca and I helped them out and in so doing, upgraded any honeymoon we might otherwise have been able to afford. We shared a suite with Dannycandi at Crown Center in KC.

After lunch the first afternoon, we piled into Danny’s ancient car to do the post-holiday sales in some of the couple’s old shopping haunts. Once inside the privacy of the auto, though, conversation turned intimate. We drove right out of Kansas City and halfway to Lawrence on frosty two-lane blacktop, and then we turned around and drove back downtown.

“California seems to have kind of opened you guys up,” I ventured, partway through the ride. We’d occasionally alluded to our separate adventures in our very occasional letters, but no one had been big on detail.

“Oh, yeah,” said now short-haired Candi, snuggling me in the back seat.

“But you know what started the change?” she stage-whispered, wide-eyed, at frontseat Becca and me. “BECCA’S WEASLE-RING!”


The bed in Dannycandi’s room, bigger than king-sized, seemed designed for more than two people. And yes, Danny had opened up in the past couple of months. Candi, too. In fact, it was time for them to teach us something.

Teach Becca, anyway.

“Remember this?” said naked Candi, stretching her all California-brown body over me to rummage in the bag beside the bed. “Remember this?”

“Ohmigod,” exclaimed Becca from the other side of Dan. “Is that the vibrator I gave you in College Town?”

“You bet,” said Candi, her brown eyes focusing fondly on the simple device as she turned the switch “low.”

Danny switched off the teevee we’d been watching and settled back. Becca began scratching Dan’s balls, abstractedly.

“That guy and I had some good times together, before I gave him to you.”

“We’ve treated him okay.” Candi lay the hummer next to my own twitching twig, a bedsheet between the two phalli. There, the electric device seemed to automatically call up a response in me. Candi pulled the sheet down carefully, keeping the vibrator pressed to my groin, and curled down to slurp my dick into her juicy monkeymouth almanbahis şikayet and begin to chug. I was barely able to notice Danny and my bride reaching over to embrace.


“You ass-fuck all the time, now?” I whispered to Candi a half-night later. The city light was dim through the window. Danny was snoring. I didn’t want to wake Becca, who’d wound up pressed sweaty beside me. “I thought you’d said something, in the car.” (And I thought I had felt something, more looseness in the velvet around my ring finger, earlier that evening.)

“Yeah,” whispered Candi. “Danny, though, he has this thing about it.”

“But you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Candi, her voice rising above the whisper. “Who wouldn’t?”

Becky stirred in her sleep.

“I mean,” pouted the monkey girl in lower voice, “it’s not the same as real screwing, but I like it… like, really deep.” She shivered.

“You want to…?” Candi gave me that subnormal-eyed, sly smile of hers.

In deference to the sleepers, we’d moved to the farthest reaches of the bed. We’d spent some nice time applying the jelly deep into Candi, and then we’d rubbed me fully erect with some of the remaining lubricant. “Which way, huh?”

There were plenty of pillows. We went for heels-over-head.

“Oh, the ‘brator, the ‘brator,” whined Candi, before anything really began.

“Wha’?… Oh. Ohkay.”

I had the vibrator on but Candi snatched it as I kneeled between her spread legs. Almost greedily, she stuffed it into her sticky twat. After awhile it seemed to help further limber the greybrown sphincter puckering just below her girlslit.

“There, there,” puffed Candi as she jigged herself. I glanced to the other side of the big bed at newly awakened Becca. Still three-quarters asleep, Becca looked at me, like, “kids will be kids.”

A little giggle of the night’s earlier orgasms escaped Candi’s throat, and with a goofy smile she dropped the dildo over towards Becca. With luxurious clumsiness Candi slapped palms to round brown buttocks and spread her cheeks for me. I went over her slank body like a slow-mo matador, pressing with some effort into Candi’s narrow chute.

“Keewww!” cried Candi, signalling a little pain. Her channel seemed to curve, oddly. The girl was not too adept, and I was too fast. Without removing myself, I shifted, fitting myself to her body’s angle, since she didn’t seem to know quite how to work me.

Danny had started awake, but lay facing the other way. Becca had caught on to what we were up to, and was watching us without much expression.

“There,” I informed Candi. We’d worked to a smooth fit, but I wasn’t certain of almanbahis canlı casino the girl’s ability to realize where she was.

“Okay, now,” and I began to pull back, Candi’s slank calves stroking my upper arms.

“Heyh,” puffed Candi through a tight smile, “heyeh, I’ve got it.”

“You got it, babe,” I assured her. Then I almost popped out by accident.


“Hold on, Rich.”

“Now. Now. Now! SQUEEEZE!”

Hoppity skip my heartbeat.

Eventually, the nice rectal mucus scent would brown the air. It was something I’d always liked to smell from sticky Candi, but I’d formerly just dipped my digit to raise the musk.

There was a sound of a mosquito buzzing.

Sleepy Becca was still watching us, sleepily moving her old vibrator, wet with Candi, in and out of herself.


Next afternoon.

“Okay, Becca, it’s easier this way, to start. When you’re on top, there’s nothing can hurt you.”

Candi was clearly enjoying the role of teacher/attendant. I lay greased, shoulders leaning on the headboard, with a smooth kitchen-white sheath of Danny’s girdling my tired schlong. My cute, compact, athletic wife was on her knees on the hard bed, a serious look on her face.

“Lollypop did this sometimes and said she liked it,” Becca informed us. Lollypop was Becca’s old pet name for cousin Sherrie.

“Okay, now,” said Candi, sounding like a grammar school teacher. “Do you feel loose’n’greasy enough? Okay.”

Becca shimmied up my legs to position herself above my K-Y’d plastic shaft. She kicked her legs stiff to either side of my body, and she was leaning back on straightened arms. Her breasts jiggled on her brown torso.

“Mioux,” Becca smiled as Candi’s hand gingerly manipulated my dong, rubbing it just briefly into Becca’s lean slit majorum.

Then I could feel Becca’s slick warm cheeks around my knob. Candi’s monkey fingers pressed dully through the plastic of my sheath.

“Okay,” said Becky seriously. “I’m coming… down… now.”

Candi giggled.

Becca’s ass was not wholly unprepared for this event. Two-fingered butt-jigging in combination with regular fucking had been an almost nightly variation since the night of Dusky Rose. She enjoyed that hugely, and had let herself be more roughly used on a couple of drunken occasions. But now Becca was putting her whole, uh, heart to the technique, and she was feeling a little, uh, tight.

Becca’s virtually-virgin ass descended over my tube-reinforced erection, and Candi removed her hands from the assemblage, pressing her nudity against Becca’s body for support and encouragement.

Becca’s anus enveloped me, slowly almanbahis casino and almost naturally.

“Hey!” said Becca in surprise. “Not bad this way… WOAH!”

There was a tight spot that must have missed the greasing. The bare tip of my erection was pressed a little over the rolled edge of the plastic support, and the friction of this new passage amplified the discomfort. Both Becca and I sucked air.


Hot heaven! Dick pushed entirely into Becca’s bootie, and my skinned root squeezed up from the supporting sheath, trying to fill Becca’s bowels.

Flushed and breathing hard, Becca asked for Candi’s support, and got it. Candi was hot, rubbing Becca and lightly kissing flushed neck, back, belly; lightly manipulating Becca’s breasts; lightly, for Candi hadn’t yet admitted to herself she could go over to girlsex…

It had grown too much for Danny, who’d been half-dressed and disinterested at the start of this experiment. Dan was naked, now, his nine pale inches ringless but fully distended.

Not without care, he peeled his excited wife from mine and, dogstyle, stuck it into Candi. Candi just took it on all fours and shook.

Becca’d moved to settle back on her haunches, arms poised to provide support as needed. I’d returned from heaven and was somehow daydreaming of being Danny inside of Candi, right next to us.

“Now, just rock,” I told Becca as the two others grunted. “Just get loose.”

“Weird. Like sexual shitting,” observed Becca coolly. She lifted herself a little up, then down my shaft, real tentatively. Candi was watching us and making with her soft orangutan bark at each of Danny’s humps. Becca shivered.

“There!” eventually growled Danny, coming violently into his tan, ginchy wife. He removed himself immediately, but Candi just jumped him onto the far side of the bed, wrestling wetly.

“Come over on top, I can take it.” Becca’s voice.

Becca removed me and rolled into a brown ball, open asshole gaping high above the bed. I got rid of the damn sheath, hawked and spat onto the sweaty length of my rod below my greasy bulb, pushed some of the pillows under Becca’s gleaming backside and popped into the tight, earthy chute once more.

“Haw!” gasplaughed Becca.

“It’s better this way! Oh, wow, it’s better! Don’t worry! Pump me!”

I pressed slowly through Becca’s loosening tube, then began to withdraw.

“Oh – ah!” Becca complained. Her chute suddenly contracted.

“Just squeeze,” I grunted. “On fucking, fucking, fucking purpose!” And Becca did, delivering a tight even pressure in a ring around my sex. I began to assume a s-l-o-w steady roll, back and forth through her ring, and Becca took up the wave with regular constrictions.

“Good butt,” I whispered at her.

“Please come, I love it,” whispered Becca.

So I did.

I’m not sure what Danny and Candi were trying to do over on the other side of the continent of bed.

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