Home for Summer Break Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

Home from college and learns there is a cougar living next door

– – – – –

Bob came home from his second year of college to spend the summer at home. He spent the previous summer staying in Tucson after his first year of college.

Both of his parents worked and were never home during the weekdays. He was fine with this and spent a few hours each day writing code for a friend’s website. When he wanted a break, he would go out to the pool and swim a few laps to cool off and clear his head.

One day, he heard someone in the pool next door. He figured it must be Mrs. Baker. She has lived next door to them for as long as he can remember. He used to mow her lawn growing up. He always thought Mrs Baker was a very beautiful woman. She was about the same age as his parents and has lived alone for probably ten years.

Out of curiosity, Bob went upstairs to the balcony where he would be able to see inside yer yard. He saw Mrs. Baker getting out of the pool and laying face down on a lounge chair. It didn’t look like she had changed much, still a little on the heavy side, but hers are the curves that dreams are made of. A true hour glass.

Bob sat in a chair on the balcony where he could sit and watch. He also took a magazine, so if she sees him, it would appear that he is just enjoying the day reading.

Bob was thinking, maybe with guests, Mrs. Baker would normally wear a one piece swim suit, but being by herself today, it was a bikini. He remembered his folks inviting her over for a BBQ and swim a few times when they were having a small party and Bob couldn’t recall a single time seeing her in a bikini but she still got his attention in her one piece.

After several minutes he noticed movement out the corner of his eye. He looked up and saw her turn over. Bob was pretty sure she was still was unaware he was up there. He almost dropped his magazine when he saw her huge tits hung off either side of her chest, barely kept in place by her top. The string between the pieces of triangle fabric covering her nipples was stretched tight, probably six to eight inches of bare chest exposed.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Baker got up and went inside the house. The show was over. Bob went into his room and jerked off thinking about her.

What he didn’t know was that she saw him when she rolled over. When she went inside, she looked back out the window and saw him going inside, too. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was only on the balcony to look at her, or was he really up there just to read a magazine.

That evening his parents let him know they were having a BBQ with a few friends coming over tomorrow. Bob silently hoped they invited Mrs. Baker.

# # # # #

A little after noon, the guests started arriving. They all arrived with a dish for the BBQ buffet potluck. Every time the door bell rang, Bob hoped Mrs. Baker would on the other side when he opened it.

It seemed that there were no other guests arriving so Bob went into his room for several minutes to check email, disappointed Mrs Baker hadn’t come over.

When he joined everyone on the patio, he saw Mrs. Baker among the guests. His day just got a whole lot better. As he expected, kadıköy escort she was rocking her one piece swim suit with a sun skirt tied around her waist.

Bob wandered around the people catching a glimpse of her whenever he faced that way. He really wasn’t engaging with anyone besides the casual “hello” and “college is fine” chit-chat.

When he turned and looked, she saw him looking, and Bob saw that she noticed him looking. Mrs Baker had noticed Bob wandering around by himself and got his attention “Hi Bob! How have you been? Home for the summer?”

“Oh. Hi Mrs. Baker. Yeah I’m off ’til fall semester,” he said making an effort NOT to look at her cleavage.

“Please. Call me Jan. You’re not a kid,” she insisted.

“Okay, but my parents always told me it’s more respectful if I use Mr. or Mrs. when I am talking to adults,” he said.

Jan giggled and said “But between adults, it’s okay to use first names when you’re friends. And you are an adult now, and a friend. But if you want, you can use Mrs. Baker around them, at least for now.”

“Thank you, Jan. I think my folks will always see me as their nerdy kid,” he said still making a conscious effort to control where is eyes looked “It seems they still think I’m nine instead of 19,” still struggling to look anywhere else. He either looked directly in her eyes or glanced past her at the tree next door.

Jan thought it was obvious that he was avoiding looking at her cleavage. She giggled again “Oh come on. Look at you! You’re not a kid. You’ve become a young man.”

“Thank you for that. I think I’m going to hit the pool for a few minutes before the burgers are ready,” he said.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Of course not. That’ll be great. It would have been a tad awkward being the only one to go into the pool,” he said.

Jan dropped her skirt by the edge of the pool when they got in. They swam side by side across the pool and back again a couple times. While they were swimming, Jan asked what he would be doing over the summer. Bob told her he was spending most of his time writing code for a friend’s website.

“Computer Science major?”


As they were getting out of the pool, Bob let Jan get out first. Her ass was just a couple feet in front of him. He couldn’t help but look. A glorious sight seeing her hips and ass cheeks sway walking up the steps.

Bob became painfully aware if he continued to admire her ass, he wouldn’t be able to hide a hard-on, so he looked elsewhere until she had her skirt back on.

Jan knew he was directly behind her and couldn’t help but look at her ass when she got out. She smiled to herself wondering if he saw something he liked.

For the rest of the weekend, Bob couldn’t get the image of her ass out of his mind. It was useful Saturday night, and twice Sunday jerking off to the image that was burned into his retina.

Monday started like any other weekday. His folks went to work and he spent a few hours working on a new database schema. When he came up for air, he noticed it was almost noon.

He got his trunks on and took a dip in the pool to cool off. After drying off he went up to kartal escort the balcony with a magazine, hoping to see Jan again.

Jan kept an eye out back to see if Bob would be sitting on the balcony again. When she saw him, she got her bikini on and went out for a swim.

After getting wet, she laid face down on the lounge chair, then reached behind her back and pulled the string, untying her bikini top.

A few minutes later, she rolled over and took her top off over her head and laid face up. She picked up a large straw hat beside her chair that she placed over her face, but could still see Bob through the loose weave.

Bob was completely blown away with what was happening right in front of him. His eyes drank the curves of her body glistening in the sun. His focus was drawn to her huge tits hanging off either side of her chest and the beautiful nipples on display. He wanted to pull his cock out right there and jerk off, but the balcony was visible from other houses.

He got up and stepped inside and took a step back from the sliding door thinking nobody could see him when he dropped his trunks around his ankles and started jerking off. He wanted it to last longer, but her body was so hot it sent him over the edge in just a minute, blasting his cum all over the glass door.

But what he didn’t know was that Jan could see him through the glass. She laid still watching him masturbate. She wished he was closer, but she could see enough to tell he wasn’t a little boy. Jan was getting turned on having a young stud like Bob admire what he saw. She also wished she could rub herself, too. She felt her cunt was yelling at her for some attention.

A minute later he disappeared, returning a few seconds later with a paper towel and started wiping the glass.

She smiled under her straw hat knowing he just shot all over the sliding door. She decided she needed to go inside to take care of her noisy cunt.

Or maybe she could do it here for Bob to see. She was trying to decide if she should just do it and pretend Bob wasn’t there, or wave at him when she unties the bikini bottom and exposes her cunt as her way of letting him know she saw him. Then masturbate for him.

Option two sounded so delicious. But thought maybe the first show will be option number one. She placed her feet on the ground and pulled the ties on both hips. Then pushing her ass of the chair a little, pulled the bikini bottom off and dropped it next to her bikini top.

Jan peered through the cracks in the hat up at the window where Bob was hiding, she spread her legs for him. She slipped her right hand over her mound making small circles. Her left hand cupped her tit, rolling and tugging on her nipple.

A few seconds later, she could see Bob stroking his hard cock again. She was surprised he could go another round so soon after ejaculating just a couple minutes earlier.

Bob couldn’t believe his luck. Getting to see her completely naked made this the perfect day. Seeing her masturbate was hands down the most erotic thing he has ever seen. He has seen porn online, but never anything like this… in person. He slowed down a little, not wanting to end kurtköy escort this moment too quickly.

Seeing him jerking off looking at her body was so erotic. She couldn’t recall doing anything this hot. Her hips met the motion of her hand bringing herself closer a climax. She rolled and tugged on the opposite nipple as her hips gyrated under her hand.

A few seconds later, she lifted her ass off the chair as her whole body tensed up and began to shudder. Her orgasm rushed through her entire body with an intensity she hasn’t experienced in years. She never lost sight of Bob jerking off as she finished.

Bob saw her body in the throws of an orgasm. He furiously jerked his cock. His knees shook and almost buckled beneath him. An orgasm ran from the pit of his stomach, through his balls and exploded several more pulses of cum on the glass for a second time. He slowed to a stop when her body collapsed on the chair.

After coming to his senses, he knelt down and wiped his cum off the door again.

When Jan’s breathing returned to normal, she put the hat back, picked up her bikini and she stood up. She looked up facing Bob, held her hands slightly above her head, and shook her tits. Smiling, she blew him a kiss then went back into her house.

Bob was totally freaked out when Jan made it known that she saw him jerking off. He was scared to death that it could get back to his parents.

# # # # #

For the next couple days Bob kept his head down in his keyboard. He would peek out the window from time to time, but didn’t see Jan.

At dinner, Bob’s mom said “Mrs Baker called a little while ago.”

Panic rushed through Bob’s body. In an instant, he considered a dozen scenarios where he would be in trouble for peeping on the neighbor.

Bob’s Mom continued “She was wondering if you could help her tomorrow morning to change the A/C filters.”

“I’m sorry. What?” Bob asked still feeling the effects of panic as his heart thumped hard in his chest.

Bob’s mom replied “I told her that I would ask you. You used to help out with her yard work, so would you be able to go over tomorrow and see what you can do to help?”

“Uhh. Yeah, sure. What time?”

“Call and ask her,” she said.

After dinner, Bob was reluctant to call Jan but knew he had to. When Jan answered, Bob said “Uhhh, hi, Mrs. Baker. This is Bob. Mom said you need a hand tomorrow?”

“Oh hi, Bob. So it’s Mrs, Baker, huh? Your folks must be close by?” she asked.


“No problem. We should probably talk,” after a short pause “I couldn’t help but notice you have been avoiding the balcony,” she said.

“Busy on projects I guess.”

“I was hoping we could do that again,” she said. Bob detected she might be smiling by the tone of her words “It was fun and I thought you liked it, too. After all, I noticed you had to clean the window… twice!”

“I did. So, uhhh, what time should I come over?”

“How about 10? Oh, and bring your swimming trunks,” she replied.

“Sure. Sounds good. See you then,” Bob said hanging up.

Bob didn’t get a lot of sleep that night. It was a confusing mix of being worried, excited, scared, nervous. Sometimes when he couldn’t turn his brain off, he would start to play a round of golf in his head, every shot, every hole until he fell asleep.

Jan couldn’t sleep either. She was going through her drawers and closet trying to decide what would blow Bob’s mind.

End of Part 1

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