Home Alone Ch. 03

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It was early when I woke up, the sun was shining through the window, I was amazed at how turned on I still felt after watching the DVD last evening, I had spent most of the night with my fingers pumping in and out of my hot pussy. I had lost count the number of times I had licked my fingers clean of cum after each orgasm.

The shower felt good, reviving me after a full night of exertions. It was difficult to refrain myself from pleasuring my aching pussy again, but I thought I would leave that pleasure for later. I had arranged to meet up with Danielle, my next door neighbour. She was a similar age to me, 25, and kept herself in shape at the Gym, she always attracted attention whenever we were out. She said it was her tits that received all the attention but I was sure that it was her figure in general that caught everyone’s eye, even some of the women. Danielle had even remarked that some women in the changing room of the gym seemed to take a long time showering when she was in there, she had even said that there were a couple of women that she wouldn`t mind getting it on with, I didn`t think she was serious, but it did contribute to some of my masturbation fantasies.

Anyway I finished showering, dried myself off and got dressed, I chose a matching pair of white lace bra and panty set, the panties were very sheer and very skimpy and they always turned me on a little when I wore them. I then put on a little summer dress before leaving the house.

I went next door and knocked on the front door, and after waiting for a few minutes without getting a reply I went through the gate to the secluded back garden thinking that Dani may be in the garden having breakfast but there was no sign of her, perhaps she tuzla escort wasn`t up yet I thought as the blinds to the sitting room were still closed. I`ll try again later and was about to leave when I noticed that through a gap in the blinds I could see Dani sat at her computer. I was about to knock on the window when I noticed that she was looking at a porn website.

I should have left immediately but I couldn`t tear myself away from the sight before me. Dani was flicking through the pages of the website with one hand while the other was buried between her thighs; she was furiously rubbing her pussy over the top of her silk night dress.

As she flicked through the images on the screen she eventually navigated to a site that was streaming a movie. I could just about make out what was happening on the screen; there were two women locked in a 69 each frantically licking the others wet pussies, they were holding open each other’s wet pussy lips and both were licking and sucking on each other’s clits.

Dani left this movie on and stretched out in her chair, she lifted up the material of her night dress and bunched it up around her waist; I stood there transfixed as I watched my best friend bury a finger into her well trimmed pussy. My own hand was now pressed between my thighs lightly rubbing my rapidly dampening pussy through the material of my dress.

Through the window I watched my sexy neighbour remove her nightdress, her legs were spread and the fingers of one hand were running up and down the length of her wet slit. Her other had was massaging her breasts alternating between them, she was pinching and pulling at her erect nipples, she lifted one breast up and she managed to run her tongue over pendik escort her nipple.

My own actions had started to become more purposeful, I had slid my hand up my dress and my fingers were rubbing my moist pussy through my damp panties, my other hand had undone a couple of buttons of the dress and were toying with my hard nipples through my bra.

Dani was now using both hands on her pussy, one was holding herself open whilst the other pulled at her large clit. After a few minutes of this she plunged her fingers deep inside, at the same time throwing her head back and arching her spine. I wanted to be in there with her, I wanted to use my fingers on her, I wanted to feel how wet she was, I wanted to lick her and suck her nipples, I wanted to taste her hot wet cunt. But I would have to make do with my own fingers and pussy.

I slipped my very wet panties down my legs and kicked them off, allowing better access for my fingers I was following her every move now as she plunged her fingers deep inside I did the same; when she was rubbing her clit I followed. I was imagining that she was with me, it was her that was finger fucking me.

As I continued to watch she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a large pink vibrator, bringing up to her mouth she ran her tongue up and down its full length, turning the base the vibrator buzzed into life and she ran the tip between her moist lips and up to her clit, she was running the tip around and around her wet clit and then back down to her wet cunt. She slowly inserted it pumping it in and out each thrust allowing the toy to penetrate her deeper and deeper until only the base could be seen, the fingers on her other hand were a blur as she frantically rubbed aydınlı escort at her clit.

I had three fingers jammed up my cunt, the fingers on my other hand were spreading the sweet nectar of my pussy juice over my mound, I wanted to cum, I needed to cum.

My friend then removed the plastic toy from her cunt and brought it up to her mouth, could see her juices coating the toy and she then ran her tongue up the full length cleaning her juices off before she returned the vibrator to her wet pussy.

I brought my fingers up to my mouth and eagerly licked my own juices from my fingers, savouring the sweet taste, imagining, wishing they were the juices of Danielle. I returned them to my throbbing pussy, and continued to bring myself off. Through the window I could see Danielle start to cum, the vibrator buried deep inside her, her fingers rubbing her clit, her head thrown back and then she gave a cry of ecstasy. And then I started to cum, my pussy seemed to explode; I could feel my juices running out between my fingers coating my pussy making my silky thighs damp. God I wanted Dani between my thighs, tasting me, I wished I could force my mound onto her mouth. As my orgasm subsided I opened my eyes to see Dani staring at me through the window, her vibrator still buried deep in her pussy.

I wished that the ground could swallow me up, my neighbour had caught me with my fingers jammed in my pussy watching her masturbate, I couldn`t get out of there quick enough, how could I ever look her in the eye again. Suppose she told other neighbours that I was a voyeur. I returned to my house not knowing what to do. As I sat in my kitchen trying to decide what I could say to Dani, I heard my gate open and Dani was walking towards me wearing the nightdress that I had watched her remove. In her hand were my damp panties that I didn`t have time to pick up and in the other was the vibrator still wet with her juices.

The day was to get better…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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