Helping the Karlssons Ch. 03

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“Father is looking for someone permanent,” Summer was telling Tim. “He likes you. But he says he prefers someone from the church.”

She was standing inside Tim’s apartment door, with tight shorts and a baggy shirt that could not hide the fact she was bra-less. Tim hardly listened to what Summer was telling him. The job had never been a long-term thing. Nor was his relationship with the two blonde sisters. After all, it was they who’d come-on to him. Both were highly sexually charged and Tim would have hated himself for knocking back the opportunities. And all he wanted to think about right then was fucking the pretty Summer.

This time it was Summer who led the way to bed. Tim happily followed, getting an eyeful of her amazing legs and her pert bottom. His cock was ready for action and he tried to remember to take his time with the raunchy church-going girl.

“Tell me you want to fuck me,” he said while watching her arse.

“I need you to fuck me,” she corrected him, at the same time lifting her shirt to expose her perky, bouncy tits.

Tim quickly followed her onto the bed where he slid one hand between Summer’s silky, pale thighs while clamping his mouth over her delectable breasts. It was impossible to decide which of the sisters had better tits. Summer’s were lush and her nipples hardened so nicely as he sucked and licked. She moaned in his ear as his hand reached her hot crotch.

“Bite them,” she murmured and Tim had to wait till she repeated herself. “Bite my boobs.”

Gently he pressed his teeth against her hard nipples. She moaned softly in response and then urged him on. Summer had imagined a man biting her boobs when she played with her sweet, church-going snatch. Her shame had not overcome her lust.

“Harder,” she whispered to Tim before moaning louder in thanks.

Tim was young enough that he’d never met a woman like Summer. Or her sister, April. He was feeling the same sense of abandon as they did. Not wanting to hurt Summer he increased the pressure of his teeth on her nipples. She moaned louder and pressed her tit harder into his mouth. Tim took the hint and bit down hard this time, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the young woman. Horny himself, he swapped to the other tit, taking a mouthful before clamping down hard.

“Yes Tim, bite me. It turns me on.”

His fingers were stroking her cleft, feeling the oozing of her wetness as her body reacted powerfully. The bare smoothness of her skin was making his cock harden as he lay on top of the eager Summer.

“Please finger me, Tim. Please go inside me.”

With her cunt soaking wet, Tim had no trouble gently pressing two fingers into her hot hole. Summer groaned and clawed at him, relieved at the relief given to her aching cunt and desperate for this young man to make her cum so incredibly hard. Tim’s response, after jamming two fingers deep into her cunt, was to resume his biting of Summer’s C-cup tits. He didn’t care about leaving marks since Summer, a good Christian girl, would never show her flesh to another person. Her nipples were like tiny pebbles on his tongue as he took a mouthful of her flesh. He’d never heard a woman make nose like Summer as her body exploded in a paroxysm of sexual pleasure.

Summer had really felt the drag of time since her previous session with Tim. She had missed his older cock as well. Barely recovered from the intense fingering of her snatch, she rolled over and took hold of his hard shaft. She wanted Tim to plough her cunt and was wasting no time in preparing him.

Tim didn’t need much prep. But he was more than happy to let Summer wrap her soft lips around his cock. The sight of her head in his crotch, her soft blonde hair obscuring her cocksucking, was almost too much. No girlfriend of his had ever been so eager to swallow his dick. And eager she was, responding to Tim’s soft moans by moving her mouth quicker and trying to accommodate more of his meat. Not really understanding how the male organ worked, Summer had no idea that she was risking Tim ejaculating before he’d finished satisfying her needs. Luckily her needs were stong.

“Fuck me, Tim,” she gasped between mouthfuls. “Put your big dick inside me.”

“Get on top this time,” he told her. “Ride me.”

Why not? Tim felt a new sort of freedom with Summer. She seemed so uninhibited and so ready to try new things. He now had the confidence to suggest the things that none of his girlfriends would ever have permitted. After all, he was the older and experienced man. And Summer was a hot and horny young woman who was desperate to break the constraints of her upbringing.

“Yes, Tim,” she cred with glee as she scrambled on top of him. “Show me how.”

First Tim rolled a condom over his hardened shaft. There was no point in taking risks now. Then he showed Summer how to squat over him, her unfurled cunt lips looking hungry.

“Hold it,” he murmured. “Yes. Aim it in the right spot.”

Summer was unsure and a little unsteady. Not wishing to fall, she grabbed his cock and quickly lowered herself. She felt silly perching on top of escort eryaman Tim but she quickly forgot that the incredible feeling of his penetration as she let her body drop. It may have been a little too quick but being impaled gave her a powerful rush as her cunt was filled in a flash.

“So good,” she moaned. “I love your dick in me.”

Tim loved it, too. He was buried to the hilt in her young, steamy snatch, as Summer began to move her hips. Tim thought her tits looked magnificent from below, full and hanging in his face. He reached up and took them in both hands, feeling their weight and marveling at the hard nipples. It made his cock throb just a little more.

“Hurt them,” moaned Summer as she closed her hands over his.

He did what she asked, squeezing harder and mashing the lovely flesh against her heaving chest. Summer even threw her head back, amazed at just how good it felt to be so abandoned. She was sure that Tim was an expert lover.

“Can I move on you?” she asked, not wanting to cause any damage.

“Fuck me,” he replied with new-found confidence. “Ride up and down on me.”

Humping on his fabulous dick felt incredible. Each time she allowed her body to drop she received the most amazing thrust of his cock so deep inside her. It was pure ecstasy to engulf Tim’s manhood with her young cunt. And the sight of his hard, manly body underneath her only added to her intense pleasure. Feeling even more turned-on, Summer started using her shapely, pale thighs to bounce up and down on that wonderful, hard cock.

Summer was cumming as hard as she’d ever done. With blonde hair in her face and her tits flying wildly she felt so different to the church-going girl she tried to be. Tim, too, thought it was an incredible fuck. Watching the nubile Summer bouncing on his cock was a sight to be burned into his memory.

“I’m fucking cumming,” – almost a scream from Summer.

“Fuck you are hot,” grunted Tim.

She was the perfect woman, at least in his mind. Becoming bolder, he started thrusting up into her soaking cunt, still squeezing her luscious C-cups as hard as he dared.

“Oh, I can’t ride you anymore,” she gasped as she rolled off Tim. “Keep fucking me,” she pleaded.

Tim went quickly to his knees between those firm young thighs. The look in the eyes of the young blonde told Tim she was still horny and needing a good pounding. She moaned as he reinserted his cock and rammed all the way in. With her luscious, firm body underneath his, Tim was eager to show his experience and his manliness, reveling in the sight of her juicy tits bouncing in time to his thrusting.

He didn’t stop till all sign of resistance was gone from the sexy Summer. It wasn’t that he didn’t want desperately to shoot his cum into the young blonde. But he was determined to make their fuck session last as long as possible. He would show her what a real man could do. And she’d stay in his bed longer as he enjoyed her fabulous body.

For Summer, still regaining her breath, it was a special experience to lie naked next to a man. The boys she’d been with had been quick and furtive experiences in cars and a loungeroom floor. For the first time she felt like an adult woman having sex for pleasure.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she sighed. “And I’ll end up marrying one of the boys from the church.”

“Well, you really enjoy sex. I am sure other guys want you.”

“Its expected that we marry one of the boys from the church. That’s what’s expected of us. That’s what Father wants.”

“You don’t think you can find someone who’s good in bed?”

“I’ve already tried a couple,” she reminded Tim, without shame. “Having pre-marital sex could get me in real trouble. But some of my girlfriends have done it with guys outside the church. We all agree guys like you are much better lovers.”

“So get married and have affairs,” he suggested naively.

“No, that can’t happen,” she explained. “One woman did that and she was ostracised.”

But Summer didn’t want to think about that any longer. Her hand moved down to Tim’s cock, still quite swollen and firm to her touch. He did not mind at all. If Summer wanted to “do” sex rather than talk about it he wouldn’t argue. And he knew the pressure was off – he would never be her boyfriend.

“Do you like girls touching you?” asked Summer as she ran her fingertips over the shaft.

Tim simply smiled in reply and she traced her fingers over his ridges and veins.

“I’ve never really looked at a man’s dick before,” she murmured. “Yours looks gorgeous.”

That compliment caused Tim’s dick to pulse and harden. Summer did not miss the effect her words and touch had on him. But her eyes were on a new prize.

“Can I touch your balls? I don’t want to hurt them…”

Excited by the idea, knowing it was Summer’s first time, Tim gently moved her hand lower. His girlfriend had rarely shown interest in touching his balls. Every male knew the pleasure of a soft touch on his scrotum. Summer followed his lead, gently running the tips of her fingers over the soft, hairy skin of elvankent escort his sack. It was her first time to touch a boy there and she was excited and, yet, still concerned.

“Is this OK?” she asked tentatively.

Tim responded by curling her fingers, cupping her hand around the precious pouch. Summer carefully applied a little pressure, nervous that she not cause any pain.

“Oh, wow! I can feel them,” she gasped. “So hard…”

Summer loved the way his balls felt – hard inside the soft skin, warm to the touch and, she knew, full of wonderful manly semen that attested to the power of the male. She was intoxicated by being permitted to touch Tim in such an intimate place. She wanted to do something more to please him.

“Don’t you want to cum now?”

“What if I cum on your face?” feeling wicked and lucky at the same time.

This was something of a test for them both. Tim had never dared ask this of a woman. Summer was a wild and sexy young woman who seemed open to trying anything. But perhaps he was going too far. Her look of shock made Tim far she was ready to flee.

“That’s so dirty,” she giggled. “But if you want to do it…”

“Lets get you ready first,” he said, trying to sound gallant. “Let me lick your cunt again.”

Summer had no reason to argue. She thought of Tim was a real man and his willingness to give pleasure with his mouth seemed to prove it. The chance to have more of his tongue on her sex was too great to pass up.

“Oh, sweet Lord,” she moaned as his tongue pierced her swollen lips to find the tip of her hardened clit.

Tim was learning how much he enjoyed the taste of a woman’s cunt. The fact she was his daughter’s boss, a good church-going girl, only made it hotter to be thrusting his tongue into her soaking hole and sucking on her straining clit.

“I can’t take any more, Tim. You have to stop. I need you to cum.”

He relented then, leaving her gasping down breaths as she recovered from the exertions. It made her beautiful chest heave up and down and Tim wanted to suck on his nipples again.

“I have to get home,” she breathed. “Father will be upset. But first I want you to cum.”

Summer Karlsson had watched enough porn, secretly and even hidden from her sister, to know how men liked to cum on a girl’s face. She had marveled at other women seemingly enjoying the experience of taking a load of semen on their faces. She’d never imagined it to be degrading – somehow it felt more like deference to a man who was special enough. Tim was a wonderful lover. Or so she thought. And, besides, he’d asked her to give this act to him.

Still panting, Summer went to her knees beside his bed. She hoped that her sweet face and her sexy, curvy body would be enough for Tim. Surely he was more than horny enough?

Tim could not believe his luck. No woman he’d fucked till now would ever have agreed to this. And Summer looked so sweet and ready – her cute smile and her blonde hair. Her juicy C-cups hung so nicely as she waited for him, kneeling and passive. He stood before Summer, like her imagining that his cock looked powerful as it hovered over her.

“You have an impressive dick,” she told him.

Tim didn’t ask permission again before he started stroking himself as the church girl watched closely.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, as if the young woman needed encouragement.

Summer was right and he was super horny. And he was beside himself with the opportunity. Tim had watched a lot more porn that her. She was right that a facial was dirty. But in the best of ways. He loved the idea that a woman could be so hungry that she’d take his cum on her pretty face. And Summer really wanted it. She was kneeling in front of him, waiting with a smile and a wicked look in her eye.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. “So much.”

At that instant, his cock spasmed and the first blast of his hot cum spewed out. Fortunately, Summer had just enough time to blink as that first missile was launched at her. A long rope of white cum flew through the air and over her, landing on her face and draping a lovely, thick line of cock juice over her blonde hair and down over one eye and one cheek.

For some reason, she opened her mouth at the same time. Not that it mattered either way because in another instant a fresh blast of semen sprayed on her forehead and the side of her head. It was primal and Summer felt so wonderfully dirty. She was impressed by the power of Tim’s orgasm. It shocked her a little to realise how much he was cumming, being covered by the healthy contents of his balls. She was thrilled when one blast half-landed in her mouth but it didn’t stop there.

Tim was almost oblivious to everything but the incredible sensation of his orgasm and the unbelievable sight of his own semen blasts splashing onto the face of a willing, sexy young woman. He had no real control of the direction of his blasts. But his pleasure was more intense than ever watching Summer’s face being splattered with his own cock juice.

As more and more semen landed etimesgut escort on her, Summer knew it was a dirty and disgusting act. But the feeling of semen blasting onto her face was pure delight. She told herself it was the perfect facial. It was a thrill to submit to such an intimate experience. And all the better knowing that she’d made him cum so hard. She felt every blast and every drop, exulting in her first facial. It was so much better with a man like Tim and not one of those sheepish church boys.

Tim thought that she looked even more pretty with a thick covering of semen. His heart was beating hard as he surveyed his work, sticky white cum splattered in thick lumps on Summer’s face, her hair and even splashes on her body. The young man had just lived out one of his greatest sexual fantasies. The wait had been worth it.

He also was impressed at how well Summer had taken his cum. Then again, the sweet and sexy Summer had been the perfect woman for it. She had not objected or even flinched as he’d emptied his balls all over her face. Now she was grinning at him, joyed by his performance.

“Oh, my God. Tim, that is so much,” she giggled. “Where did it all come from?”

He had to admit it’d been a few days since he’d relieved himself. And the repeated visits from the two blonde sisters was probably making his balls work harder.

“I’m such a mess. I’ll have to sneak in to the shower before Father sees me.”

There was no regret from Summer – none at all. She felt pride at submitting to Tim like that, at giving him ultimate pleasure. Every man wanted a woman who could be a slut when needed. Even church girls could do it. Sex before marriage was a serious taboo in her family but she already knew her likely future husband would be too boring to give her a really enjoyable fuck.

And it was a triumph to know that she had made Tim empty his balls completely. She caught a glance at her face – thickly coated with a load of sticky fluid slowly dripping down. More drops had landed on her shoulders, her breasts and her thighs. Summer thought she looked just like those porn stars. It required a handful of wipes to make her face respectable enough to drive home. At least she got her eye open before putting her clothes on.

She gave Tim a little kiss before leaving. It was fun to know she’d taken a facial at least once when April probably would never go so far. Tim was a sweet guy who didn’t judge. And now she had a one-up on her girlfriends from church.


It was the next Sunday when April took her turn. Tim still wondered if the sisters were working together, planning who fucked their father’s assistant and when. He was shocked to answer a knock on the door that Sunday and see April, standing there in her finest but with a look that had lust written all over it.

“I was sitting in church and couldn’t stop thinking about you,” she said boldly. “It will be a sin to fuck you. But I told Father I’m visiting a sick friend.”

It took him a few moments to overcome his surprise at seeing April like that. Even in the furniture store she didn’t dress so formally. Tim wondered if she’d really been thinking about fucking while sitting in church. But then he realised how many layers of clothing he’d have to remove if he was to have a Sunday fuck with the juicy April Karlsson.

April had the same thought. She barely finished pressing her face to Tim’s, for a long and wet kiss, before she was unbuttoning her dress as she led him to the bedroom.

“I am so horny,” she said with a naughty grin. “I brought the condoms. And some lube,” she giggled.

Tim tried to hide his shock. Was this going to be the day? Focusing his mind, he helped the young blonde undress. April was a sexy and juicy young woman. She carried a little more weight than her sister – more plump but a wonderful sight all the same. Her naked body was wonderfully curvy. And her skin was flawless. The exception was the stretch marks on her fabulous DD-sized tits. Tim knew he could never have enough of those big tits and they drew his eyes immediately she exposed them.

“Fuck, April. It must be a sin. I thought your church would be against pre-marital sex.”

“That’s what they teach us,” she admitted. “But some girls don’t want to be virgins when we marry. If we leave it to the boys then sex will never be good.”

“Then I am gonna fuck you good,” he told her seriously.

That was exactly what April wanted to hear. She cupped her big, blue-veined tits and jiggled them a little. She didn’t notice as his cock throbbed at the sight but she heard his moan of delight. April had often thought her breasts were too big. Tim’s approval had changed her mind entirely. It felt good to know that a man like Tim could not resist them. Fresh from the ceremony of the church, she was feeling more naughty than usual.

“Do you want to put your dick in here?”

With that invitation, Tim bent forward to suck on the small, hard nipples. April moaned at the touch of his lips. Her tits were sensitive to touch but it was so incredibly better when a lovely man like Tim sucked on them. Hers were the biggest tits Tim had ever gotten his hands on. Or his cock between. He knew he was clumsy but he was excited to fuck them. Skinny women didn’t have tits like April and why not take advantage?

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