He Checks In While She Gets Off

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Mark stepped onto the pavement outside his office and looked up at the blue sky. He could not help but smile. He did not like arrogance, in himself or others, but he could not help feeling confident about how well the interview had gone. He had been polite, organised and humble, character traits he was proud to have. Mark knew that there was one more interview to be held that afternoon. He thought about the candidate, his co-worker Shane. He had a certain swagger around the office, definitely a mans man and Mark had no doubt that he would be loud and confident in the interview. But he had also heard that Shane had taken the morning off, no doubt that would reflect badly on him. He cleared his head of his doubts and set off down the street to his favourite sandwich shop. It truly was a beautiful day. He took out his phone and called Alyssa, his fiancée. She would be eager to know how his interview had gone, and he wanted to hear her sweet voice.

The phone rang for so long he almost hung up, but eventually Alyssa answered with a grunt. She sounded out of breath, like she was at the gym.

Hello? Said Mark, putting a finger in his ear as he walked down the street.

Hmm? Alyssa mumbled as she was pushed and pulled across the bedspread.

Can you hear me? Mark asked.

Hi baby.

I was just calling to say I had the interview. He said, annoyed at the passing traffic.

Oh that’s good. She said as she was pushed forwards by a long thrust.

Really good, she added as she looked back at the muscular man behind her.

If only Mark knew, when he saw Shane rushing out of the office after his interview, that he was on his way to a hotel across the city, mid range mostly used by travelling types, and waiting for him in that room was Mark’s twenty one year old fiancée. He thrust into her as she spoke, steady and deep.

Dinner, she said, I hadn’t thought. I guess that…. He pushed his full length into her and she gasped and dropped the phone, burying her head in the sheets to muffle her groans. Hello, hello, came Marks weak voice from the other end of the line. She had a picture of Mark as his caller i.d and Shane looked down at it, over the tight naked body of the girl he loved. He pushed her head further down as she started to struggle and he kept thrusting into her, finally releasing her. She could not withhold her pleasured cry. She grabbed the phone and sighed.

Is everything okay? Mark asked.

Everything’s fine baby, just rushing about at work. I dropped my phone.

Behind her Shane picked up the pace and she was panting as she tried to keep track of the conversation.

Mark was talking about a story he told in his interview and she managed to moan ‘yes’ at the right intervals. Shane’s thick hands gripped her hips and pulled her onto his cock, sliding it in and out as she threw her head back to stifle another moan. Finally he took out his entire length and slapped his huge cock against her ass cheek. She looked back and giggled, as the loud slapping seemed to fill the room.

What’s that noise? Mark asked.

I don’t know, Alyssa said, wriggling her ass towards Shane’s cock. He lifted it away and she pushed her ass up at him. He slapped his cock down between her cheeks and she squealed.

I think someone is clapping, she said. It’s Jolene’s birthday, we’re having cake later.

So will you be back late.

I don’t know, maybe. Depends how long we go on for. She said, looking back at Shane and wriggling her ass again. She pouted at him as he jerked his cock. He drove it back between her legs and started to thrust, his swollen balls slapping against her.

Unmph, ooooo, there’s that clapping again. Said Alyssa. Shane’s thrusts became rhythmic, he was starting to get out of breath.

I’ll be done soon, she said as Shane sped up and started to grip her hips.

Alyssa grabbed a handful of sheets.

Yeah….sure….umm…The words starting to catch in her throat as Shane’s cock ploughed into her. Finally he stopped and pushed her onto the bed and got on after her, the springs groaning under his bulk. He knelt up and pulled her face toward his cock. With one hand Alyssa started to jerk the full length of his shaft. She could barely fit her hand around it, as she jerked him faster. She kissed the head, which was the size and angry colour of a plum.

What about that guy, the other interviewee?

She asked with a malicious grin. Shane gave her a hard stare.

Really? He left straight away after the interview? She kissed Shane’s ankara grup escort cock with more passion and love than she had ever kissed Mark, slurping and sucking at it. He forced his cock down her throat and she held the phone away and started bobbing her head up and down on his huge shaft. Pre cum oozed out and dribbled mixed with her spit down her chin until her mouth was nearly covered.

He doesn’t sound very professional, she said winking at Shane.

He responded by slapping his cock against her mouth and cheek. She opened her mouth in response.

God, she said at eye level with Shane’s throbbing cock.

I wonder where he went? Must have been important. Shane stroked her cheek and she sucked on the head and slid it into her mouth again, bobbing up and down.

Huh, that noise? I’m having a quick lunch, you know? On the go. It’s that kind of day. I have to go baby. Slurp…. Oh, what am I eating? Actually I am being really naughty. Yes… A hot dog, a really big one… She winked at Shane. See you later. She whispered and Mark smiled on the other end of the phone as she signed off the call by seemingly blowing him a kiss. On Alyssa’s end the phone slipped out of her hand. She had already forgotten about Mark and with her eyes closed was planting deep kisses on the end of Shane’s cock as he jerked off. He grunted like an animal as his cock erupted and Alyssa shrieked in delight as he plastered her face with his cum. She sucked the head clean, enjoying the popping sound it made as it went in and out of her mouth.

Mark smiled and took in a deep breath of fresh air. He felt lucky, a good job with great opportunities and a truly beautiful and kind fiancée. He smiled at a passer-by and bent down to give a beggar a pound coin.

Alyssa went over to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Her mascara was running down her face and her hair was wild. Thick white cum hung from her chin and the end of her nose and had sprayed across her cheek and into her hair., but she had caught most of it on her tongue which she stuck out in the mirror. What a load, she thought as she snapped a selfie on her phone. Shane walked up behind her and put his big hands on her hips.

Mark certainly is a lucky boy. He said as he pulled her against him. She swallowed his cum and grinned.

A boy. She whispered and touched the cum on her cheek and Shane felt is cock stirring back to life. He grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his fist and bent her over the sink as her delicate little feet struggled to stay on the floor. She squealed in delight as she felt his cock head pressing against her pussy. She was raw down there from the last time and now it hurt and ached and she wriggled to get comfortable. As he thrust into her she finally lost her footing and tried to steady herself. Shane grunted and pushed her head into the sink, and with his spare hand roughly grabbed at her nipples. She looked at herself in the mirror above the sink. The tap pressed into her forehead, her hands blindly searching for purchase, her hair pulled tight in Shane’s thick fist. She grinned at her reflection and a thick drop of cum fell from her chin. She could already feel it starting to dry and crack against her skin. She looked at Shane’s reflection, his broad chest rising and falling as he worked at her, his biceps flexing as he held her in place. Alyssa fumbled for her phone, knocking tiny shampoos off the bathroom shelf. She took some more selfies in the mirror, then threw her phone down into a pile of towels and shut her eyes as his thrusting quickened and his grip became like a vice. He pulled out of her and she staggered forward, his animal groan echoing off the tiles as he came over her pert bottom. She bit her lip and felt it run down to her leg and listened to his breathing. She turned and looked at her bottom in the mirror. She was impressed, considering the load he had unleashed over her face less than half an hour ago, her backside was well and truly plastered with his cum. He threw a towel into the sink. She wet it and cleaned her bottom.

You don’t have to do that. She said.

Do what? He asked.

Pull out. My friend told me that men don’t like it.

You’re friend sounds like she knows her stuff. What is she like?

I don’t know, Alyssa said and felt defensive. She probably just read it in a magazine.

Shane smiled at her in the mirror and ran his hands over her belly.

Shit, he said and laughed, did I do that?

And pointed to the red welt the tap had pressed gümüşhane escort into her forehead. He took a little of his cum from her chin and put it on her lips. Alyssa licked her lips and sucked his finger clean. He pressed the finger into the welt on her forehead and she flinched.

Does it hurt? He asked.

Yes. She said.


It’s a good hurt. She said. I didn’t mean what I said, don’t think I am crazy will you? I know what this is.

Alyssa raised the towel to her face. Shane held her arm..

No. He said firmly. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head up.

Do something for me.

Yes. She said straight away and he laughed and kissed her clean cheek.

Do you want to know what it is before you agree?

She grinned at him in the mirror and shrugged.

Don’t wash your face, not completely. Then give that boyfriend of yours a nice big kiss.

Alyssa giggled. That’s so cruel Shane.

I imagine he will need it, he is due some bad news about the interview. Sounds like the little fellow has his hopes up.

He picked up her phone, threw it on the bed and gently pushed her out of the door. Her legs were still shaking from their fuck and she tottered slightly.

I need a shower before I go home. See yourself out. He said and gave her an almighty slap on her right buttock. She yelped and almost fell onto the bed with the force of it and he promptly shut the bathroom door and locked it. Alyssa picked up her dress and fumbled around for her underwear. She found her bra amongst the bed sheets and put it on, then got down on all fours and reached under the bed and came up with the delicate and expensive thong she had bought that morning, especially for the afternoon meeting. When she had chosen it, somehow she had imagined Shane admiring the material, and how it made her look like a sophisticated lover. She imagined him eagerly running his fingers over the transparent lace and satin bows the adorned the hem. Instead he had pulled her dress over her hips and shoved his hand down the front of the underwear and roughly into her until he had lost patience with the material constricting his movement and unceremoniously torn the straps with one downward pull, leaving the remains of the hand stitched garment hanging from her butt cheeks.

She used a tissue to wipe her face clean, but mostly it had dried now against her skin. She scratched at the little flakes and felt it should be more noticeable than it actually was, felt that she would stand out on the street and there was no way people would not know. She pulled on her heels. In the next room the shower started and she thought about Shane washing his body. She knew he was washing her off before returning home to his wife. Her phone beeped, a text message.

Hi babe, stopped at the supermarket and picked up some bits to make a stir fry, got spring rolls to! See you soon xx

She picked up her tattered thong and walked out of the door, down the corridor to the lift. The lift was walled with mirrors and stainless steel and she leaned on the railing and looked herself over. Her hair was almost glued to her cheek and she pulled it free and picked out as many of the rubbery white flakes as she could. And elderly couple entered the lift and smiled at her. The old man looked down and frowned and Alyssa realised she still had her thong in her hand. She sheepishly opened her bag and dropped them inside, although she noticed that she was not as embarrassed as she should of been. The old man stared ahead with a strange look on his face for the short journey until the chime when they reached the ground floor. Alyssa shrugged, maybe he disapproved and maybe he wished he was young again. She really didn’t care, she called it a cock coma, a phrase she had coined the first time Shane had taken her to a hotel.

She walked through the lobby, ignoring the receptionists glare, and out onto the street. It was still warm and clear and the rush hour traffic was building all around. She walked over to an idling taxi, the driver eyed her bare legs as she approached.

She gave him Mark’s address and sat back, feeling the drivers eyes in the mirror.

Just visiting love? He asked with a smile on his face.

Hmm, what, Alyssa asked, looking up from her phone.

Are you visiting.


The town?

No. Why would I be?

You just came out of the hotel.

I live in the town. She said and shook her head, she was exhausted and annoyed at the small talk. Usually halkalı escort she would smile politely and be friendly, but she honestly did not care.

Oh, said the driver. Bit of a rendezvous then?

Do you think you could just drive? I don’t mean to be rude.

Not a problem, love. He said and they crawled through the city centre traffic and out toward the suburbs where Mark lived.

Mark answered the door in an apron, the smell of cooking drifting through the hall way. She didn’t let him take her coat, which he always offered to do.

Did you get the bus? He asked.

Actually I got a taxi, I went out with some work friends for a while.

You shouldn’t have to pay for a taxi, how much was it?

It’s okay. I paid on my phone.

She followed him into the kitchen, everything was neat and clean apart from a chopping board full of vegetables and a sizzling wok. He poured her a glass of white wine. She noticed that his phone was set square against the worktop and knew he was expecting news from the interview.

So how did it go? She asked.

Oh, I don’t know. He said with familiar modesty. I was honest, which is the best you can be I think. He tapped on the wooden worktop and smiled.

Alyssa smiled back and thought about Shane’s blunt worldview. Does he even have one? She thought, or does he just barrel through and take what he pleases. Compared to Marks considered manner and how it restrained him from achievement. His phone was not going to ring, and tomorrow or the next day the news of Shane’s promotion would be casually broken to him. And no matter how many times he asked she would not marry him, and would leave him at the drop of a hat, or one curt text from Shane, or any of the other lovers she planned to take. She smiled and wondered what it would take to break this gentle mans spirit, or indeed release it. She raised the glass to her mouth but stopped, remembering what Shane had asked of her. Cruel, but simple enough, she could not let him down. She put the glass down.

How much longer until it is ready? She asked.

Fifteen minutes? He said, like it was a question.

Well then I think I will have a shower.

She said and stepped up to him. He looked surprised as she pulled him down toward her and kissed him. She explored every inch of his mouth with her tongue, and as he almost stumbled back she gripped his arms and pushed her mouth tighter against his, pushing her tongue further into his mouth. She felt him go hard against her leg, a small point of pressure near the top of her thigh. Taste him, she thought as she pushed her tongue against his. When he pulled back he licked his lips with a thoughtful expression.

Is something the matter? Alyssa asked with a smile.

I’m just very glad you came. He whispered, almost panting. He kissed her on her cheek, she let her hand hang near his crotch and he brushed his hardness against her as he kissed her again and again on the cheek. She moved her hand away and he humped at nothing as she stepped back. His face was very red and he was almost out of breath. He looked at the vegetables and then down at his arousal, slightly visible beneath the apron.

She kissed him again. You taste funny, he said.

Charming. She said and laughed.

It’s nice, but salty, like something you ate.

Oh, I had ice cream with the girls. Salted caramel. I suppose more ended up on my face than I managed to swallow. She smiled when Mark licked his lips again and smiled. Delicious he said and she couldn’t help but laugh at him, nibbling at the taste of her lover.

I should clean up before we eat, she said. And left him to prepare her meal. She took a long hot shower that almost sent her to sleep, then went into Mark’s bedroom to change. Most of the clothes she kept there were comfortable, pyjamas and sportswear for lounging around, with only a couple of nice dresses in case they went out. But she unashamedly used this place to eat and watch TV, feeling safe enough around Mark to relax.

When she went downstairs the food was ready and laid out on the coffee table in front of the tv.

Can I chose what we watch. Alyssa asked and Mark eagerly agreed as he made her a plate of food. She put her feet up on the sofa and selected an action film.

Is it violent? Mark asked.

Life is violent, she said without looking at him, almost dreamlike as she relaxed into the sofa. She started to eat.

Do you want a spring roll? Mark asked.

She shook her head, not looking away from the t.v.

Don’t you like them? He asked, and at this Alyssa turned her head and looked him in the eye.

They are just….small, and unsatisfying. So what is the point? She asked and held Mark’s gaze until he shrugged and smiled at her.

You’re sweet, she said. I’m a very lucky girl.

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