Happy Christmas

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Just a short seasonal piece. No graphic sex descriptions in this one, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t find any. It was difficult to find a Literotica heading that was really right for this story, but in the end we decided to submit it under the Incest/Taboo heading. The Taboo part being most appropriate.


Gillian, Gill to her few friends, is the forty five year old mum of daughter Lyndsey. Divorced for five years, she kept herself in trim with a good diet and home Yoga exercises. She was pretty introverted and hadn’t had a close man friend since her divorce from Lyndsey’s father, after he’d cheated on her. She always dressed in a very reserved and almost dowdy fashion since the divorce, buying most of her clothes from mail order catalogues online.

It was a few days before Christmas. Lyndsey and her boyfriend, Tony, were due to stay with Gill over the Christmas holidays at her home in the south of England. Lyndsey had been in Scotland for a couple of days visiting her father and his girlfriend. She was due to come home to mum today, and then spend Christmas there with mum andTony.

The weather in Scotland had been very bad for the last two days, with blizzards stretching right down into Northern England. Train services were suspended, aircraft were grounded, and Lyndsey has no way of getting home before Christmas.

Tony had booked for him and Lyndsey to go out to dinner at an upmarket nightclub/restaurant this evening as a special treat, but Lyndsey had called to tell him she can’t get home until after the Christmas holiday.

Tony arrived at Gill’s house and Gill asked him if Lyndsey had told him about her travel problems. “Yes,” he’d said, “she won’t be home until after Christmas day. Is it alright if I still stay here, as my folks have gone to Spain for the holidays?”

Gill says, “Yes of course it’s ok, I’ve got everything ready for meals, the drinks cabinet is well stocked, and if you weren’t here, I’d be spending Christmas on my own. I’ll be glad to have you with me.”

“That’s good,” Tony said, “I was looking forward to a nice family Christmas, at least we’ll be able to keep each other company.” Then he remembered the booking for the dinner date with Lyndsey. “I’d better cancel the dinner booking for tonight,” he said, “as it’s short notice I’ll lose my 50% deposit, but that’s better than having to pay the whole cost without having the fun.”

Then a thought struck him. “Gill, why don’t you and I go out to the dinner together? You haven’t been out much lately, it would asyabahis yeni giriş be good for you and we always get on very well together. There’ll be dancing as well, if you want to. It’ll be fun, will you be my date tonight?” he asked.

“Oh Tony, I can’t,” she replied, “I’ve nothing to wear, I haven’t been to the hairdresser recently and I’ve probably forgotten how to dance. Anyway, you don’t want to be out with a frumpy old woman like me.”

“Nonsense,” said Tony, “you’re not frumpy at all, you’re a very attractive lady. You could just wash your hair and put it up, I’m sure it would be lovely, and you must have something in your wardrobe that would be suitable for the evening. You don’t have to dance if you don’t want to, we can just enjoy dinner and a few drinks to celebrate Christmas.”

“But wouldn’t you feel awkward having a middle aged woman as your partner for the evening,” she asked?

“Not at all,” he replied. “I’m 23, I’m not a kid and you don’t realise how attractive you are. I’d be proud to take you anywhere.”

“You must be wearing rose tinted glasses or fantasizing,” she replied, “I see myself in the mirror every day and I know how I look.”

“Well, I can tell you that you often appear in my fantasies, and you are always beautiful.” He said, then clearly embarrassed he continued, “oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“You fantasise about me?” she asked, blushing, “what sort of fantasies? No, don’t tell me, you’ll embarrass us both.”

“It’s too late to stop,” he said, “I fantasize about you because I find you very attractive, you are a beautiful woman who tries to, but can’t hide her beauty. I fantasize about kissing your soft lips and holding you in my arms. About making you laugh, and just being with you. And before you say anything else, yes, you can guess, I do fantasize about going to bed with you and making love.”

“There, I’ve said too much now, and you’ll hate me for it, I’d better get my things and go stay at my parents place. I’m sorry.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” she said, “I had no idea that you felt the way you do, it’s very flattering, believe me. Flattering and dangerous so we’ll say no more about it. If I can find something suitable to wear, I will be your dinner date tonight. It might be fun, but don’t be surprised if I stand on your toes if we dance. Thank you for asking me. Now, I’d better go and see if there’s any moth-eaten rag in my wardrobe that’s suitable for being wined and dined in.”

She left the room and went to asyabahis giriş her bedroom, she felt lightheaded and a bit shaky inside. Tony was her daughter’s steady boyfriend but his confession about his fantasies had excited her, and she had to admit to herself, it had aroused her, she couldn’t deny it.

The contents of her wardrobe were disappointing. There was absolutely nothing suitable, but she didn’t want to let him down now. Then she wondered if there might be anything in Lyndsey’s wardrobe that she could get into. It was unlikely but it was the only chance.

Lyndsey had some lovely clothes, and lots of them, but as Gill looked through them she didn’t think she’d find anything she could get into. She’d kept herself in trim, but she was sure she was bigger than her daughter.

At the end of the row of dresses she found a very nice black cocktail dress, it was fairly plain but nicely cut, perhaps a little short for her, the girls wore their skirts so much shorter these days. Taking the dress off its hanger she decided to try it on, the fabric was a little stretchy so she might manage to get into it.

Stripping off her dress Gill unzipped the black dress and stepped into it. As she pulled it over her hips she was pleased to find that it wasn’t too tight. She pulled the top up and slipped her arms through the thin shoulder straps. Oh dear, she thought, the bodice was going to be too tight when zipped up, what a disappointment. Then another thought came to her, she slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps and removed her bra, when she pulled the top up again, and zipped it using the method her mother had taught her (a length of cord through the zip fastener pulled up over her shoulder), she found that it was very snug around her thirty five inch bust, but not too tight, and she wasn’t too exposed. She would go to the ball after all!

Gill found a decent pair of strappy black heels in her wardrobe; she hadn’t worn these for a long time but they looked good. She also found a black satin choker with a diamond drop to wear round her neck and a black shawl to put round her shoulders until they reached the warmth of the nightclub.

Then she went to give Tony the good news.

Gill spent the afternoon in the bathroom and in her bedroom preparing for her dinner date. When she appeared again wearing the black cocktails dress, she was a different woman, her hair looked beautiful and glossy, put up in a French pleat. She’d made up very carefully, using more than the light dusting that she’d usually asyabahis güvenilirmi used since her marriage had broken down.

She hoped that the short skirt of her dress would not expose the tops of her dark coloured hold up stockings, but she liked the way the dress clung to her curves and showed off her bust. She looked beautiful, and she felt better about herself and more confident than at any time since she’d discovered her ex-husband’s infidelity.

On the way to the nightclub Gill noticed the taxi driver checking her out a few times in his rear-view mirror. The first time she saw him she wondered what was wrong, was her hair coming undone, was she showing too much cleavage, or what? When he gave her a broad wink the third time they made eye contact, she knew there was nothing wrong and she felt more confident about her evening out.

At the nightclub they enjoyed a first-class dinner and drank champagne. Gill had forgotten how much she loved champagne. They danced, and once Gill had found her rhythm, Tony had been surprised at how good a dancer she was. They had fun. She was admired by many during dinner and on the dance floor and was hit upon a couple of times.

When she went to the ladies’ room, she passed one guy who stopped her and gave her his card, asking her to ring him. She smiled, took the card, pecked the man on the cheek and thanked him for the compliment, but she told him she was already spoken for as she placed the card back in the breast pocket of his jacket.

When they got home at the end of the evening, she thanked Tony for taking her out and told him how much she’d enjoyed the dinner, the dancing, and most of all his company. She offered him a nightcap, he asked for a whisky. She joined him and they drank a toast to each other.

Tony asked for one last dance before the evening was over, she agreed. He looked quickly through a rack of CDs by the player. He selected one by the Eagles and queued up the track “The Hollywood Waltz”. They danced and he held her tight as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He danced her under the sprig of mistletoe hanging from a light fitting, then he stopped, she looked up at him and he asked for a kiss under the mistletoe, she looked above her and smiled, then she gave him a swift peck on the lips. “No, that won’t do at all,” he said, “that’s the sort of kiss I’d give to my sister.” With that he pulled her closer and kissed her gently. but firmly, full on her succulent mouth.

They made out sensually for some time before she pulled back and slightly breathlessly said,” I think we’re about to make your fantasies come true, Tony. Take me to bed and make love to me, but if Lyndsey ever finds out, I promise you, I’ll kill you!”

Life for Gill as a beautiful single woman was going to be so much more fun from here on.

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