Hannah’s Helping Hands

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Everyone has a story about how they lost their virginity, but I really think that mine is a bit special. I was eighteen, not exceptionally young compared to today’s generation.

The situation took a while to develop, but boy was it worth it. My brother Mike was three years older than me and a bit of a hit with the ladies, whereas I was still a virgin which was something he teased me about every day. Quite ironic really, considering what happened.

He had just passed his driving test and our dad had bought him his first car, so as you can imagine he was out almost every night in it, hanging around with his buddies and taking his ever-changing girlfriends out for ‘quiet drives.’ Of course, I knew what these quiet drives entailed and I was as jealous as hell, but I figured that in a few years my time would come. I wasn’t a bad looking lad, if I did say so myself. Five foot nine and of average build, with dark hair and eyes, I did get the eye from girls but I just didn’t know to approach them.

Then Mike started to see one girl steadily, even bringing her home to meet our parents. Her name was Hannah, and I had to admit she was a stunner. A little over five feet tall, with a beautiful petite frame, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass the first time I saw her. She was wearing a pair of light blue jeans that were so skin-tight that they looked like they were painted on. She had straight dark brown hair than ran down to the middle of her back and an exceptionally pretty face with a rosebud mouth and the brightest green eyes you ever saw. If it was possible to get any more envious of my big brother than I already was then I did from that day onwards. Hannah was just over a year older than me, and younger than Mike by roughly the same period, so being not that far apart in ages, we had quite a lot in common and once I found that I could speak in her presence I found her easy to talk to and we got on quite well.

Then one day, after they had been going out for a couple of months, our parents went on holiday, leaving the house in our care for two whole weeks. It was only the second time this had ever happened, and the first time around our mother had her brother; my Uncle Terry, check on us a few times through the fortnight. This time however, she trusted Mike and I enough to behave ourselves and look after the place until they came back. I knew that Mike would probably bring Hannah to stay the night, but I really wasn’t prepared for what actually happened during those two weeks.

It was only the second night that our parents had been away, when Mike and Hannah rolled back in from one of their ‘drives’ just before midnight. I had been asleep for a while, but I heard his keys rattle in the lock and at first I thought he was on his own, but when I heard whispers and giggles as they climbed the stairs I knew that Hannah was with him as well.

“I’ll check,” I heard her say and then the bedroom door opened. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping. “He’s asleep,” I heard Hannah whisper and then my bedroom door clicked shut again and the giggles tailed off as they headed into Mike’s room.

After that, I simply couldn’t sleep. Hannah was so hot, nothing short of gorgeous with her beautiful long hair, slim young figure and tight ass, and she was probably having sex with my brother right now, not twenty yards from where I was laying. At that moment I heard a moan. It was quiet and muffled by the wall between the two rooms but it was definitely a moan, and a distinctly female one. Then there was a bump, and another, and another. It was probably the headboard banging as my brother screwed her.

Another deeper but still female moan made my dick begin to stiffen. As I listened to them, I couldn’t help but reach below the bed covers to play with myself. I felt dirty, wanking to the sound of my brother having sex, but I wasn’t thinking about him, I was imagining the beautiful Hannah, naked with her legs open, hands fondling her small breasts and stroking her nipples.

Just as I was nearing orgasm, I realised that I didn’t have any tissues nearby. Not fancying walking over the landing with a handful of spunk, I tucked my hard dick back into my boxer shorts and climbing out of bed, I tiptoed out of the room and towards the toilet for something to catch my cum in. Pulling off several sheets of toilet paper, I turned to head back when I noticed a glimmer of light coming from Mike’s bedroom. Walking closer, I realised that door was open. Just an inch or so, but wide enough to see through.

I crept to the door as quietly as I could and risked a peek. I could quite clearly hear Hannah moaning so I felt safe that they weren’t going to walk out and catch me. Putting an eye to the door, I saw that they had the television on, but with the volume turned down quite low. Presumably this was to cover up the noises they were making, but it would have been more successful if they had turned the volume up rather than down. Still, the television had its kocaeli escort purpose, casting a bluish light around the bedroom which was enough for me to see the lovemaking couple.

I took a deep intake of breath when I saw them. Mike was laid on his back on the bed with the back of his head towards me, totally naked and Hannah was straddling him, facing me and almost naked except for a pretty white thong. Her body was as fabulous as I had imagined it to be. Smooth, pale skin and a smallish but perfect pair of breasts. They weren’t as small as I thought though. She must wear tight bras or perhaps they were just disguised by the t-shirt tops she usually wore. They were just about a handful, which has always been enough for me in my opinion. I wasn’t an expert on breasts back then, but looking back now I would put them at around a 34B. Her puffy nipples were pink and erect in the cool night air, and pointed upwards slightly because her breasts were so perky. They looked firm too, in fact they hardly moved at all as she rocked back and forth on Mike’s dick.

Right at that moment I would have given an arm or leg to swap places with my lucky bastard of a brother. He had his hands on Hannah’s hips, holding them as she rode him and although I could only see the top of his head from where I was, I imagined he was staring in awe at the goddess fucking him, just as I was.

Unable to resist, I pulled my cock out of the fly of my boxer shorts and started to stroke myself as I watched them have sex. I couldn’t see Hannah’s pussy because her white thong was partially in the way. It was pulled to one side enough for Mike to get his dick inside her, but along with the shadows and the dim illumination from the television; I couldn’t see a great deal of what she had between her legs.

Then suddenly, I froze. Hannah’s eyes were looking straight at me! I panicked and bolted straight for my room, closing the door as quietly as I could behind me and then I dived into bed, threw the covers over my head and pretended to be asleep.

I lay there for a little while, waiting for the inevitable – Mike coming in and giving me a rollicking for spying on him and his girl, but after about fifteen minutes of waiting, I started to doubt Hannah had seen me at all. Perhaps she had just been looking in my general direction, and hadn’t actually seen me. After all, the door had only been open by an inch at most and the landing where I had been standing was pitch-dark.

Another five minutes went by with still no angry brother storming in to kick the crap out of me, so I lay there wondering whether or not I dared to risk going for another look. In all probability there were asleep now; I hadn’t heard any noises from the room next door for some time, so I guessed that they had finished and fallen asleep.

Curiosity got the better of me. Hannah could have fallen asleep on top of the covers, totally bare naked and I could finish the wank that I desperately needed to get rid of the huge erection I was still sporting. Toilet paper still in hand, I climbed out of bed, cock in hand once again but just as I was halfway to the door, it opened. I almost jumped out of my skin and dropping the tissue on the floor, I dived into bed again, pulling the covers right over my head. I laid there cringing for a moment, waiting for a punch or a kick, or just Mike yelling at me but all I heard was footsteps as he walked around the room. Then I remembered the tissue on the floor – how embarrassing! I could just imagine him taking it back into the bedroom and showing Hannah, while telling her what a dirty pervert his little brother was.

“Paul?” It was Hannah’s whisper that broke the silence. Hannah! I didn’t respond, but then she whispered again, louder this time and a hand prodded me gently through the bed covers. “Paul?”

Cringing in embarrassment, I tentatively poked my head out from beneath the covers to see Hannah standing next to the bed, alone. No angry brother, which was a good sign.

“It’s okay. I didn’t tell him you were watching us,” Hannah gave me a reassuring smile, “In fact, I waited until he was asleep before coming to see you. I thought maybe I should have a word.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to look as contrite as I could, “I went to the toilet and heard you. Then I noticed the door was open and I wondered what was going on. I wasn’t watching or anything…”

“Yeah right,” Hannah was wearing a long white t-shirt that looked like one of Mike’s, because it came halfway down her bare thighs. I couldn’t help wondering if she had anything on underneath.

“I had only just looked through when you saw me,” I lied.

“Yeah right,” she repeated, “I saw you the whole time. You were there for what? Maybe five minutes?”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled again, grimacing in shame, “Please don’t tell Mike.”

“Like I said before, it’s okay,” Hannah sat on the bed next to me, giving me another reassuring smile. “It’s perfectly natural for a virgin to be curious kocaeli escort bayan about sex.”

I was going to deny it, but before I could say anything she put a finger to my lips.

“Don’t try to tell me you’re not,” she explained. “Mike’s told me and there’s nothing wrong with that, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. But spying on your brother and his girlfriend is a little bit naughty.”

“So, can we keep this… talk… a secret?” I asked. Being so close to Hannah while she talked about sex like this wasn’t helping the painful erection which I had to adjust it with my hand. She looked down at the covers as I moved my arm and gave me a considering look.

“Of course, it’s our little secret, but if you ever want to talk about sex or ask any questions, you know can come to me, okay?” Hannah was only just over a year and a bit older than I was, so I felt a bit patronised but I didn’t say anything. After all, she was obviously more sexually experienced than me because it certainly didn’t look like her first time from what I had seen, not the way she had riding him with such abandon.

“That would be great,” I said, hoping she would go and leave me so I could do something about the massive hard-on in my hand.

“Is there anything you want to ask now, before I go?” she said, and when I shook my head vigorously she stood up and turned to leave, but then stopped and turned to face me again. I knew she didn’t have a bra on then, because she was now standing at an angle to me which showed the outline of her breasts through the t-shirt. I could clearly see her nipples standing erect through the thin material.

“Good night,” I said, trying to get her to go as my cock twitched in my hand at the sight.

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but…” Hannah took a step towards me again, then held out her hand and I cringed again in embarrassment at the ball of screwed-up tissue which she was showing me, “I suppose I should have a word with you about this. If you’re going to play with yourself while you watch your brother and his girlfriend have sex, you should really be more careful. You could get in a lot of trouble if you get caught.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” That was the third time I had apologised but there wasn’t any point in denying it. I had been caught pretty much red-handed. My cock was aching for a wank, and I squeezed it to try and make it go down a little bit because the way Hannah was walking towards me, she wasn’t going away just yet.

“Just be more careful if you’re going to do things like that again,” she said with a chuckle, then stopped and looked at the bed covers again. I lifted my knees up a little to try and disguise the tented shape of my arm and cock, but she had definitely noticed something. “Wait. Are you still… While I’m talking to you about..?”

“No!” I said, but it was too late. Before I could stop her, Hannah grabbed the edge of the quilt and pulled it back, to reveal me laid there in just my boxer shorts with my dick sticking through the buttons at the front, and my hand wrapped around it.

“You are!” she gasped, “You dirty little…”

“I’m sorry,” I said for the fourth time, quickly tucking my erection back into my shorts. “I wasn’t playing with it – I was just trying to make it go down, honestly!”

Hannah gave me an appraising sort of look, and then sat down next to me again with a sigh. “Wanking is perfectly normal; all guys do it, even Mike. But really Paul, you can’t go around doing these sorts of things, you know? Wanking while watching us is bad enough, but doing it while I’m in the room trying to talk to you about it? You’re very naughty.”

“I wasn’t. Really, I wasn’t.” I was telling the truth now, but I had to admit that if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t believe me, so I gave up and just went quiet, inwardly cursing my bad luck.

“Okay, if you say so,” Hannah gave me that smile again, as though she felt sorry for me. “I guess you got pretty worked up back there though, watching us do it. If you’re anything like your brother, once you get a hard-on, you’ve got to do something to get off, or else you’ll have it like that all day.”

What could I say to that? I just nodded dumbly and Hannah giggled at my discomfort.

“So I guess I should leave you to do it,” she tossed the crumpled tissue towards me, and it landed on the swollen front of my boxer shorts. “Well, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about when you get a girlfriend,” she said, pointing at the lump.

“Um, what?” I said, wondering what she meant.

“Your dick? From what I saw, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not small,” she chuckled and then when I didn’t say anything, she explained herself. “All guys worry about the size of their dicks, don’t they?”

I had often wondered about my dick, and if it was okay or not, like most guys I suppose. But I had measured it quite a few times, and at nearly seven inches I had assumed that I was okay. So it kocaeli escort wasn’t up to the standards of some of the porn stars I had seen in dirty movies, but from what I had read on the Internet, the average was from five and a half to seven inches, so I was reasonably happy with my length. The thought of a girl seeing my cock for the first time still made me nervous though, so Hannah’s words did bring a smile to my face.

“You’ve got a nice body too,” I said, wanting to somehow repay the compliment.

“Nah,” Hannah said, “I guess I’m all right, but I wish my boobs were bigger.”

“No way!” I spluttered, “They’re really… lovely…” I finished lamely, wincing at my poor choice of words. Luckily Hannah didn’t seem to notice. She cupped her modest breasts in her hands, lifting and squeezing them together until her t-shirt was creased between them.

“They should be up there, like that,” she said, looking down at her forced cleavage, “Mike says I should get them done, you know? Made bigger?”

“No need. I think they’re fine as they are,” I insisted and Hannah smiled at me.

“Really?” she asked, “All of the boys I’ve been with say they like women with big boobs.” She let go, and then rubbed them gently. “My nipples stick out too much as well.”

“I’ve noticed,” I said honestly, which brought a giggle from Hannah. That boosted my confidence somewhat, enough to ask a more personal question. “Have you been with many boys then?”

Hannah looked at me for a moment, probably wondering if she should answer and for a moment I thought perhaps I had been a bit cheeky asking and offended her, but then she gave me that beautiful grin again. “It depends how you define the word many.” When I shrugged, she continued. “Six, including Mike. I don’t know if that’s a lot for a girl my age, but hey – I like sex!”

“I could tell,” I said. My confidence was running really high now.

“Cheeky,” she chuckled, “So, you liked what you saw? Enough to play with yourself, eh?”

“Um, yeah,” I admitted, all too aware that my cock was still raging hard, and only concealed by the cotton of my boxer shorts.

“Do you want to… you know…? Play with yourself now?” she must have noticed me glance down at myself.

“Well, yes, but don’t go,” I said, then realised how that sounded.

“What?” she appeared shocked at first, but then a naughty smile came on her face as she misinterpreted my words, as I knew she would.

“No, I mean…” I struggled to explain, “I’m enjoying your company, and talking to you. I can do that afterwards, not while you’re here, I mean…”

Hannah saved me from the agony of having to explain myself. “I know what you meant… Relax!” That naughty smile was still there though, and then she dropped a bombshell. “You can do it now though, if you like. I don’t mind.” I didn’t say anything for a moment, I was that stunned.


“You weren’t so shy earlier,” she teased, “Doing it outside the bedroom door, and watching me and Mike the whole time. Besides, wouldn’t it be a turn on for you, doing it in front of me?”

Still I couldn’t say anything, so Hannah took matters into her own hands. Literally.

“Come on Paulie,” she said and suddenly reached across and tugged down my shorts. Before I could stop her, they were around my knees and I quickly covered my erection with my hands. “I’ve already seen it, remember?” Hannah whispered. She was kneeling on the bed now, and her legs were apart so that I could almost see up under the t-shirt. Almost.

“Naughty!” She saw me looking and lifted the t-shirt up, so I could see the front of her lacy white thong. “Sorry, I’ve got my panties on. Good try though.” Hannah took one of my hands then, prising it away from my groin although my other hand still covered my private parts. “Don’t you want to?” she asked, looking all hurt.

“You know I do, but you’re Mike’s girlfriend and…” I really did want to, but I was too nervous.

“Here,” she said, prising away my other hand so that my dick was in full view, then she took my fingers and wrapped them around it. “Up and down,” she purred, holding my wrist and beginning to pump my hand along my length. After a moment, she let go and I reluctantly continued to slowly stroke myself.

“That’s it,” she giggled, “You can make yourself cum, if you want.”

I wasn’t far off already. This was the single most erotic thing that had ever happened to me and I was loving every single moment of it. Wanting to milk the moment, I slowed my hand down even further, trying to make it last as long as possible.

“So, you’re really a virgin?” Hannah asked, watching my cock the whole time. “What’s the most you’ve ever done with a girl?”

“I’ve kissed a few girls, but that’s all.” Why was I being so honest? I sounded like such an idiot every time I opened my mouth, so I promised to myself to keep it shut from now on. Why couldn’t I be more like my brother? He always knew the right thing to say to girls.

“So a girl’s never done that to you?” Hannah looked up at me, with a look of disbelief on her face. “You’ve never had a hand job?” I shook my head, feeling my cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Would you like me to? As a treat, before I go back to bed?”

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