Grandmother’s Bed Ch. 06

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Grandmother’s Bed: Chapter 6 — The Final Chapter

Well this is the end of the road for the adventures of Sylvia and her grandson John. This final chapter explores how John’s sister, Grace, becomes embroiled in the incestuous activities of the household in Lockdown.

I hope you enjoy it!

* * * * *

In chapter five, John’s older sister Grace comes to stay with the family during Lockdown in Sylvia’s big nineteen-twenties villa. Her presence curtails most of the sexual activities that usually go on in the house between John, his grandmother Sylvia, his mum Valerie and their friend Nina. But as Grace settles in, and tentative and clandestine sexual activities are resumed, Grace (who has just left her husband) confides in John that she is unable to sleep properly at night and is tired, irritable and miserable because she is not capable of giving herself an orgasm. She asks John to help by coming to her room during the night to masturbate her. After a couple of these sessions, Grace suggests that she could perhaps provide a reciprocal arrangement for John… This is where we pick up the story.

It was another long day of avoiding my sister’s eye and trying to behave normally when all I could think about was visiting Grace’s room in the wee small hours. I was unsure about how it would all pan out; she was definitely much more relaxed last night than she had been the first time. And she’d worn a sexy nightie, too. What, I wondered, would happen tonight? I guessed that she would offer to masturbate me, though other possibilities did cross my mind. It also occurred to me that if Grace did masturbate me to an orgasm, there might be no coupling afterwards with Sylvia, or mum or Nina. Life in this house, I suspected, was about to get a whole lot more complicated. Of course, I had had the chance to say no to Grace, and I hadn’t.

I spent a lot of the morning working in the office on the top floor just down the corridor from Grace’s bedroom, though I heard and saw nothing of her. In the afternoon I went for another long walk, without Grace this time. Without anybody in fact. Nobody else seemed to want to venture out in this freezing weather whereas I rather liked it.

The evening was excruciating too. A load of old recycled crap on the TV. I read for a couple of hours then mooched around the kitchen, poking into cupboards and generally trying to kill time. My mother, Valerie, came into the kitchen as I was staring out of the window into the darkness of the garden.

‘What are you doing in here all by yourself? Are you alright?’

‘I’m fine Mum. Just bored.’

She came over and put her arms around me. Not a motherly hug but the embrace of a lover, her breasts tight against my chest.

‘Mum!’ I hissed. What if Grace comes in?’

‘Grace has gone to bed and your Grandmother and Nina are playing chess in the study, so you can give me a proper kiss. It’s been too long.’

Our lips met and I smelled my mother’s scent, felt her full lips against mine and tasted her lipstick. Her hot little tongue darted between my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it in. Acting mostly from instinct I cupped her denim clad buttocks and pulled her into me, our groins grinding together, my cock hardening.

‘Come to my room tonight, John, after everyone’s gone to bed.’

I cast around for an excuse that wouldn’t sound too much like a rejection. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to sleep with my mother, it was just that Grace represented the unknown. The even more forbidden perhaps. In the end I compromised.

‘How about me coming to you in the early morning, maybe five o’clock. I’m really tired.’

Mum gave me a funny look. ‘Ok, I’ll see you in the morning.’

Eleven o’clock was the unofficial bedtime but I was the only one up as the grandfather clock in the hall chimed the hour. I was pretty sure that Sylvia and Nina had both gone to Sylvia’s room, but I felt bad about going to listen outside the door. Besides, if they were, good luck to them. They’d be less likely to find out that I wasn’t in my room.

I went up to my bedroom and read until midnight, flipping the pages meaninglessly, absorbing nothing. As the hour chimed downstairs, I sent a text to Grace.

Ok to come up? J xxx

The reply was immediate.

Yes xxxx

Outside my room the corridor was dark and quiet. No light from under Sylvia’s door. I could imagine the two of them in bed together, maybe in a sixty-nine, licking each other’s cunts. The thought made me smile as I ascended to the top floor and Grace’s rooms.

Her door was ajar and I pushed it open to reveal her lying on the bed, the room warm and in semi-darkness. She was wearing the same dark blue silk negligee that she’d worn the previous evening. I was wearing a bathrobe, with nothing underneath it. She patted the bed beside her and I closed the door and went and lay down beside her. We turned out heads and looked at each other.

‘This is quite awkward,’ said Grace, after a pause. ‘I thought it mariobet güvenilirmi was going to get easier…’

‘But then you made your suggestion,’ I said.

‘How do we play it,’ she asked.

Not a very romantic beginning I thought, feeling disappointed. ‘Look, let’s just do what we did last night — what I did last night — and see what develops.’ Without waiting for a reply I put my arm around her and drew her to me, my other hand lifting the hem of her negligee to expose her glorious black bush. She laid her head against my chest, her black hair stark against my white bathrobe, and opened her legs wide. I reached down and began stroking her pubic hair; it was silky-smooth and luxuriant and I revelled in running my fingers softly through it, aware of her labia beneath. After a couple of minutes of stroking her bush I started to run a fingertip up and down her cunt-lips, seeking the moistness inside. Grace sighed and opened her legs wider. Then she turned her head to up to me.

‘Why don’t you take that bathrobe off? The heating’s on and you must be roasting.’ We disengaged briefly while I disrobed and threw the thing onto the bedroom floor, then we embraced again and I sought the entrance to her vagina with my middle finger. She sighed again and reached over with her left arm, her hand finding my erection and tracing a fingernail up and down the shaft. I was very hard, oozing seminal fluid, my foreskin fully retracted and my glans purple and engorged with blood, the thought racing through my mind that my sister was touching my penis. ‘It’s lovely and hard,’ she whispered, circling my shaft with thumb and fingers and starting to masturbate me, very gently and very slowly, using her fingertips to spread my leaking seminal fluid around the head and shaft of my cock, lubricating me so she could slide her hand up and down, the pressure of her fingers light but exquisite. I responded by slipping two fingers into her sopping pussy and sliding them in and out slowly, fascinated by the rising scent of her juices and the faint sucking and squelching noises as my fingers fucked her. We carried on like this for what seemed like a long time; it was probably ten or fifteen minutes. I felt as though I was in some elevated state — a state of Grace perhaps? Grace’s eyes were shut, her mouth partly open, breathing in short, fast gasps while she slid her hand up and down my shaft. I now added my index finger to the two already inside my sister and felt the walls of her vagina squeeze them.

‘Ahh, is that three fingers you’ve got inside me?’

‘Yes. Does it feel ok?’

‘It feels amazing. How about you?’

‘Your hand feels wonderful but I think you need to slow down a bit or I’m going to come.’ Grace’s hand movements slowed and I sighed. ‘That’s perfect.’ Then I took my fingers out of her cunt hole and started to tease her clitoris with gentle circular motions of my fingertips. Her breathing grew ragged and she gripped my cock harder.

‘Slow down John or I’ll come too soon too.’

I did as she asked and, since she was keen to extend the experience, decided to chance my arm. ‘Why don’t you take your nightie off?’ Grace said nothing but she released my aching penis and sat up, pulling her nightdress over her shoulders and head and tossing it on the floor. In the dim light I could see that my sister’s breasts were small, pert and upturned, with quite large nipples. She lay back down on my chest, the two of us naked, and reached for my shaft again, wanking me gently as my thumb found her clit and started to rub the little bud, my first three fingers sliding into her again. With my other hand I reached around her and was just able to cup her left breast, taking the nipple and rolling it softly between finger and thumb.

‘Mmm, that’s good.’ She looked up at me, lips parted, and I bent my head to kiss her. She stretched up and our lips met and opened against each other and our tongues met and danced and somehow this seemed more erotic, more forbidden, more intimate than what we were doing with our hands. Grace tasted nice. Sweet and warm and wet and soft with a hint of mouthwash. We kissed for a long time and I think I must have unconsciously speeded up the circular motion of my thumb on her clit because she suddenly gave a muffled groan and started bucking her hips and flexing her legs and at the same time she fastened on my lower lip and sucked hard, taking it into her mouth. Then she went limp and broke the kiss, her hand holding my penis but no longer moving.

‘I’m sorry, John, that just crept up on me.’

‘That’s ok. Was it good?’

‘Good? It was way more than good. I’m struggling to remember it ever feeling like that before.’

‘What about the kissing? Is that going too far.’

‘What, when we’re masturbating each other at the same time? Don’t be silly. Now, lie down.’

I did as my sister asked and she got up and knelt over me. Christ, I thought, she’s going to take me in her mouth. I watched unbelieving in the mariobet yeni giriş dim bedroom light as she bent down and I felt her lips and mouth take in my swollen cock head. It felt mind-blowing. A soft, wet, velvet glove enveloping my glans and the first three inches of my shaft. Then she started sucking and licking, her head bobbing up and down over my groin, her saliva mingling with my secretions. I’d had a lot of blow jobs in the past five years but I wasn’t sure that any of them had been this good. Within a minute I felt my orgasm building. ‘I’m coming,’ I hissed, urgently, giving her the chance to withdraw. What she actually did was to suck harder and start pumping my shaft with one of her hands. I exploded into my sister’s mouth, squirting jet after jet of spunk into her, and she stayed fastened onto my cock till the fountain had died to a trickle. She didn’t even run to the bathroom afterwards, so she must have swallowed the lot.

I stayed lying on the bed as she licked me clean then lay beside me and we cuddled and caressed for a time, passion spent but affection still there. ‘I think we probably need to talk again, John,’ she said at length. ‘Do you fancy a walk in the morning?’

I got back to my room just before one am and showered and fell asleep, thinking of Grace and her glorious black bush and her pert little tits with their big nipples and her mouth, warm and wet and mobile against mine. And about what she wanted to talk about in the morning.

My alarm woke me at a quarter to five and I went and doused my head in the bathroom sink to wake myself up. I’d worried that I wouldn’t want to go to my mother’s room at that unholy hour of the morning but now the prospect was imminent I was excited, as always, by the thought of committing incest with my mother and the glorious, abandoned behaviour that we would share in her bed. So when I tried the handle of her bedroom a few minutes later, and it opened, I walked in with a penis that was already pointing at the ceiling and leaking my clear and sticky fluid onto the long-suffering bathrobe.

Valerie was on the bed, waiting for me, and she was wearing black stockings and a satin garter belt and she had made her face up for me and painted her nails and she looked ravishing lying there in the light of a bedside lamp. I shed the robe and went and lay down on top of her, kissing her bare breasts and lips.

My mother had shed half a stone since that time more than five years ago when she’d caught me with my cock buried in her mother’s anus while her mother’s friend ate her cunt out. She was fifty-five now, broad hipped and with pendulous breasts that were showing the first signs of stretch marks. She was a natural redhead, which included her pubic hair, and although I was a sucker for black hair down below I adored burying my face in her red snatch and gorging on her labia. I did this now, bending her legs right over to expose her cunt and her perineum, kneeling down and licking from bottom to top, feeling her wet, slippery lips envelop my face, tasting the strong scent of her cunt juices. Then I straightened up and entered her, hard, ramming my cock fully in and delighting in her gasps and moans. I fucked her for about five minutes, then it was back down to eating her out, this time using one of my fingers to wipe some of her juices around her little brown, puckered anus, making her grunt and hold a pillow to her face to stifle her screams. Then ramming my cock home again and kissing her deeply as I drove in and out of her, my mouth stifling all but a faint mewing noise.

Then it was back down to her cunt again, the whole area flooded with her juices, clear liquid running down and collecting in the folds of her labia and overflowing to run down to her anus. I had just started licking her again when she pushed my head away.

‘Now turn Mummy over and fuck me in my bottom and make me come.’ She was often “Mummy” in bed. It dated back to the first time we’d had sex together. For me it added to the overall eroticism of the whole mother-son incest thing and Valerie had admitted to me that she too felt aroused when using that language.

If I’d heard my mother talking like this five years ago I would just have thought I was hallucinating. Now it was very different. After some initial reluctance, Valerie had allowed me to have anal intercourse with her and had enjoyed it so much that it was now a regular feature of our coupling. It’s probably fair to say that we ended a love-making session more often than not with me penetrating her anus; she could orgasm quite easily in that position, particularly if she frigged herself at the same time, which she mostly did, unless I’d tied her to the bed so that she couldn’t…

‘You won’t need any extra lubrication, darling, Mummy’s sopping wet down there.’

I took this at face value. Just having natural lubrication for this particular activity added a certain extra spice, although I would enter her gently. Now I rolled her over so she mariobet giriş was face down and parted her legs, exposing the tip of her pussy and her anus. We’d done this so many times that it was second nature for me to kneel over her, grip my shaft firmly in one hand while supporting my bodyweight on the other forearm, and guide my swollen cock head to her tight little pucker, gleaming with juices in the dim light. As always there was resistance as I pushed, then her sphincter began to relax and open and my rigid meat slid in, stretching the ring of muscle impossibly wide, tentatively at first, in case I was hurting her, then with more confidence. Then the whole seven inches was in and I was lying over my mother’s back and kissing her neck and cheek and asking her how it felt.

‘Big, and dirty and very, very naughty. But I know how much you like putting your penis in Mummy’s bottom and you know how much Mummy likes it too.’

‘What would you like me to do now, Mummy?’

‘I want you to slide your big cock in and out of my bum hole until you squirt all that dirty spunk inside me.’

I started fucking her then, slowly at first, coming almost all the way out and then back in. Once or twice I did slip out but her anus was wide open by then and I pushed myself easily back in, feeling the soft, warm walls of her rectum envelop my shaft, her sphincter gripping the base. I could see from her arm muscles that she was masturbating. And I knew that she’d got two or three fingers inside her vagina. I could feel the fingers through the thin wall of her rectum. My pace increased and Valerie started grunting.

‘Yes, harder darling. Faster and harder! Make Mummy come!’

I started ramming my cock in and out, my balls slapping on her buttocks. She groaned and bit the pillow to stifle her cries. I felt the pressure rise and the familiar tingling starting somewhere near my anus and worked its way up past my balls and my spine to my brain where it exploded in a firework display of exquisite pleasure as I squirted my semen for the second time that day, this time into my mother’s anus. As I came, so did she, thrashing her head around on the pillow, teeth gritted.

Then we subsided. I stayed inside her until my cock was limp, then withdrew and went to the bathroom to wash; it’s not a very romantic end to lovemaking but it does save messing up the duvet cover. Mum followed me in, my spunk oozing from her arsehole and down her inner thighs on to her stocking tops. Afterwards we lay down under the duvet and there we stayed, in each other’s arms, talking and dozing until it started to get light outside and I had to retreat to my room before anybody else was up. Back in my room I looked at my phone, expecting a text from Grace about the evening’s activities, but there was nothing.

That day was Saturday, so I didn’t have to sequester myself in my top-floor office for hours on end. After breakfast I nodded to Grace and we went into the back utility room and put on walking boots, coats, gloves, scarves and hats against the January cold. Outside it was still frozen and our breath made plumes in the clear, dry air.

We crunched off across the back garden to the stile that led into a back lane where the holes in the unmetalled road had filled with rainwater and frozen over. We walked for twenty minutes or so before Grace broke the silence, looking back over her shoulder as though to check that we weren’t being followed.

‘How do you feel about last night?’ she began.

Grace couldn’t possibly know that I was fucking both her mother and her grandmother so it wasn’t such a big deal to me, but I pretended to take her question seriously. ‘I think if we carry on as we are we’ll end up having full sex.’

‘And how would you feel about that, John?’

‘Well, it’s illegal,’ I said, ‘but that aside I’d love to make love with you, properly. I think you’re gorgeous and sexy. Your husband must have been out of his mind.’

‘You’d be happy to do it properly? To penetrate me?’

‘Yes, I would.’

‘And what if Mum or Gran found out?’

‘Well of course we’d have to be very, very careful. Anyway, what do you think?’

‘Like I said before, Tony was my first and only male lover and I thought he was great at it. But what you’ve done to me over the last few nights just completely eclipses anything I’ve ever felt before. And I think that if we made love properly it would be even better, so I’m not that bothered about the legality of it. I’m more bothered that somebody in the house would find out. And I think if you keep coming to my room somebody will find out. If it weren’t for this wretched Lockdown we could get a hotel room.’

‘Lockdown won’t last forever.’

‘I don’t want to wait, John. I want us to make love!’ Her voice had risen and now I looked around too but there was nothing except the lane and the empty fields. ‘Aren’t you getting frustrated too?’

The problem was I thought she was right; if I kept slipping up to her bedroom after lights-out someone, sooner or later, would find out. That wasn’t necessarily a disaster but I felt there were better ways of managing it. So I temporized. ‘Look Grace I would dearly love us to sleep together. Let me think about it for a day or two and see what comes up. Ok?’

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