Goliath Ch. 2

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“GOLIATH!” Her lilting call drifted up the stairs and broke his concentration like the shock of cold water thrown in his face. He sprung form his chair and quietly slipped behind the half open door, dropping his clothes on the floor like autumn leaves falling from the trees.

“GOLIIIIIIATH!” He heard her footsteps on the stairs as she taunted him with the rattling of his leash and collar. The tags clapping against the chain-metal leash always made him shudder with delight. As she approached the door and he saw the first lock of curly hair peak through the doorway, he leapt out at her, knocking her onto the hall carpet, licking and nuzzling her face and neck. Laughing merrily, she did her best to hold him at bay.

“Off! Off! Goliath, DOWN!” He slithered off her body, and rolled onto his back, arms and legs pulled to his chest in a perfect posture of canine submission. She sat up, adjusting herself as she pulled the leash and collar from behind her back, waving it playfully in front of his face.

“Look what I have for you, boy!” He rolled back onto his belly and slithered over to lie beside her, his head and face nuzzling into her lap. Pushing and probing with his nose, he nibbled at her in a vain an attempt to undo her shorts, but she wouldn’t have it. Lacing her fingers through his hair, she pulled his head up to look into his eyes.

“What are you doing, you bad pup? Let me put this collar on you and we’ll have some fun. Would you like that?” He did his best to look adoringly at her in this awkward position. She stroked the underside of his chin and scratched into his whiskers with her nails. He moaned deep in his throat and edged a little closer, trying into nuzzle her breasts.

“GOLIATH! You bad dog! Now lay your head in mommy’s lap while I fasten this collar to your neck.” Whimpering, he put his head in her lovely lap, her bare thighs soft and smooth against his lips, the scent of her lotion and perfume intoxicating. Nuzzling his nose down between her legs, he licked the insides of her thighs with devotion as she wound the collar round his neck and buckled it closed, a bit too tightly. She moaned and purred letting him savor her sweetly, leaning back and spreading her legs before jerking his head back with the leash.

“Oh Goliath,” she moaned, “you know how I love that. But, it’s time for your bath, you lucky pup. UP! UP! Come on boy, into the tub with you.” He shook his head, rattling the tags against the leash for her and bounced into the bathroom behind her. The bath was already drawn, no too much water; just enough to keep him warm as she bathed him.

“In with you, Goliath. Into the tub, boy.” He leapt in enthusiastically, barking and moaning deep in his throat. Her merrily laughter bounced around the tiled walls as she held up her hands against the splashing etiler escort water. The sound was like music to his ears, quickening within him, causing him to swell and stiffen.

“Why Goliath,” she exclaimed, “look what you have for me.”

He stood in the tub on all fours, as she ran a hand down the length of his back, which he held straight and strong like the good dog he was. The trailing water as she went, made him shiver and whimper in anticipation. She ran her hands over the curve of his ass, a feather-light touch, raising goose bumps over the surface of his quivering skin. He shook involuntarily, causing her to jerk the leash hard, chiding him for moving without permission. As he felt the collar, already too tight, bite into his neck and pinch his skin, a stinging SLAP landed squarely on his ass, the feeling intensified by the water thereon. Gritting his teeth, doing his best not to move a muscle, he whimpered his compliance.

“That’s my sweet boy. Now you stand tall for mommy while I bathe you, baby.”

Continuing her feathery exploration of his high round cheeks, she pulled his mouth open by his chin with her other hand and laid the metal leash across his tongue and teeth.

“Bite down, Goliath, hold the leash for me.” He knew this routine well and he shook with delight, a big, wide grin spreading across his mouth. She quickly moved her other hand to his dangling sack, grabbing hold of the tender balls within, squeezing a little too hard for comfort, to let him know she could still discipline him without the leash.

Leaning her face close up to his ear, she continued to roll and squeeze his balls, as she purred seductively in his ear, “Goliath, I have you baby. I have you by your tender sack. Be a good boy for mommy Goliath.” A deep purring moan drifted through his ears as her hot breath lit his nerves on fire. He winced and bit down on the metal leash as she sucked his earlobe between her teeth, teasing and licking his ear and neck gently with the tip of her tongue. He whimpered and whined as he chewed the chain, but not one muscle did he move.

She laughed softly as her free hand roamed his ass, his back, under this belly and between his thighs. Her nails pulled and tugged at the wet hair on his skin as she trailed along, all the while keeping a firm grip on his tender balls. He grunted and groaned, shaking with the effort of keeping still in the tub, growing cold in the shallow water and aching for her to sweep her hand across his throbbing cock. She nuzzled into his neck as she teased him, her hair hanging partly over his face, long soft curls brushing and ticking his nose. He loved the smell of her, all of her; he longed to bury his face in her sweet puss and watch her dance with delight under his loving mouth. etimesgut escort

Her roving hand was teasing his belly, close to the tip of his head, but he dared not try to move closer, lest she stop. Her fingers brushed passed the tip, grazing it lightly with her nails, as she bit deeply into his neck, growling playfully. He tightened his stomach, a knot forming in his belly, and arched his back as he gasped, letting the leash fall from his mouth.

Looking up at her sheepishly, he grinned, hoping she wouldn’t be too angry. Her brow was raised and her lips pursed, feigning distaste as her hand clamped down on his balls, causing him to yelp in canine distress.

“Shhhhhh,” she cooed as she relaxed her grip, petting and caressing him where a moment ago she had chastised him. “It’s ok, Goliath, it’s over now. You bore it well, pet.”

Her hand slipped down between his legs as she began stroking his softening muscle. She picked up the leash from the tub and coaxed it back into his mouth, this time holding the leather hand wrap as she rubbed his shoulders and arms. Her movements tugged at the chain in his mouth and he struggled to keep still, determined not to be a bad boy. One hand milked his shaft, and the other massaged his stiff muscles. She licked the water off his back, trailing down his spine, trailing down the crack of his ass, to the thick muscle just in front of his balls. She pulled on the leash as she moved up over and behind him, sucking and lapping at that sweet spot. His head pulled back, collar biting into his neck, teeth biting into the chain; the mixture of intense pleasure and great discomfort was maddening. He groaned as her knowing hands continued to milk him; his legs began to shake in earnest.

Suddenly, she got up, pulling on the leash, bidding him to roll over on his back. He complied instantly, quite relieved to be off his knees and giving his wrists a break. He eyed her adoringly as she stood over him, her hair falling over her face, her tank top wet where she had rubbed up against his ass, her breasts showing through the thin, ribbed fabric, hard nipples standing out, waiting to be bitten and twisted by his hungry mouth.

She noticed him eyeing her and took off the wet tank, throwing it to his mouth and running her hands over her high, round breasts, squeezing and pulling her nipples to make them harder. “You want these, baby? You want to suck mommy’s breasts?” He moaned and growled, chewing on the tank, tasting her sweat, breathing in her scent. She stepped into the tub, straddling him, kneeling down to hang her full round breasts over his mouth. She pulled the tank from his teeth, pushing her breasts into his face. He sucked and bit and lapped, hungrily as she rocked back and forth on all fours, purring moans drifting etlik escort over the bathroom walls.

Her shorts were still on as she began to grind in the cradle of his hips. He bent his knees giving her a place to sit and do her thing. She rolled and danced over his head, the hard knot of the crotch of her shorts flicking him and rubbing hard against his tender skin. He suckled at her furiously, moaning and whimpering, drawing more and more of her into his mouth. She responded by throwing her head back and groaning as she twisted around in his lap.

“Oh Goliath,” she purred, “let me see you cum all over my ass. Grab yourself boy, show me how you hot you are for my sweet ass.” She sat up quickly, unbuttoning her shorts, wiggling them seductively over her ass, making sure that her soft skin stayed in contact with his soft, hard head. His eyes widened as he watched her play, grabbing and squeezing her breasts with one hand as the other found its way between her legs, pulling up the skin over her clit and rubbing in gentle circles as she sighed and moaned. Grabbing himself as instructed, he began to pull and stroke, his head constantly being brushed by her ass, running up through the crack and poking gently at the tight, little, puckered hole.

“Goliath,” she moaned, “cum for me baby, cum all over my sweet ass.”

He jerked and pulled at himself furiously, fueled by her pleadings, one hand on his thick shaft, the other cupping his balls. She continued to rub her clit and twist her nipples, straddling him, lost in her own reverie, looking back occasionally to catch the moment of his release.

“Goliath,” she breathed, “please baby, do it for me, pet. Show me how much you want to be inside my sweet ass, tight and hot, clamping down on your hard cock. Do it now Goliath, cum for me baby.”

Her seductive prodding, coupled with his head actually rubbing up against her sweet hole drove him over the edge and he howled wildly as he let loose all over her ass and the backs of her thighs. Her head was turned as she watched the show and he saw her slip a few fingers into her pussy as she moaned her own song of delight. Pulling her hand from between her legs, she swiped her fingers across his upper lip, just under his nose; he groaned and tried to suck them into his mouth as he continued to milk himself dry.

She got up out of the tub quite abruptly, splashing him with water and calling him out to be dried. He could barely move but knew he had to obey if he wanted this to continue. Leaping from the tub, he stood on all fours as she lovingly dried him. Then she got down on her knees in front of him, pushing her ass into his face.

“Goliath, lick me clean boy. Bathe me with that sweet, soft tongue I love so.”

He moaned with delight as he settled into his task, lovingly cleaning her cheeks and thighs, lapping and licking his cum off her beautiful skin.

“Good boy, baby” she cooed as she leaned down on her elbows, offering her puss for his dining pleasure. He took the cue and lavished her with the devotion she deserved, as her moans and sighs echoed through the tiled walls.

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