Giving in to My Fantasies

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Me and my wife Emily had been together since we were in school. We were childhood sweethearts. We met at the beginning of secondary school and by the time we were halfway through the school year, we were officially together. I proposed when we were 20 and we were married by the time we were 23. Luckily, we both had gotten ourselves into decent jobs. Emily was a marketing officer, and I was a manager of an IT systems company. This meant buying our own place and getting married wasn’t much of an issue, hence the reason we got married young.

Emily is gorgeous. She’s 5’11 which is great because I’m just over 6ft and I’ve always had a thing for tall women. She has an amazing figure from all the gym workouts she does every week. Her ass looked incredible, and she wouldn’t let me anywhere near it when we had sex. She also had tattoos which I loved. She had half a sleeve on the top of her arm, one cheeky one on her ass, a flowered theme tattoo on her thigh and the usual tramp stamp, but I loved it. She also had a dominant side which I think came from her job role. She had to be assertive to make sure she was meeting her targets.

Me on the other hand, I’m Jamie. Me and Emily were both now 26. I’d been in my current job since taking an apprenticeship when I left school and had worked my way up the ladder to the manager. Both our jobs were only Monday to Friday meaning we had a lot of time together on weekends and often spent time away on holiday whenever we had chance. I had gone through a transformation over the last 12 months. Having a desk job meant I’d gained a lot of weight over the years, so I joined the gym with Emily. A lot of my older family members had struggled with heart problems, so I wanted to be healthier for my own future. Working out with Emily was intense, not only was it difficult to not just stand and stare at her but she also worked out like a beast. I’d finally gotten into a position though where I was comfortable with my body and no longer was overweight… basically I’d gotten rid of my beer belly.

With my increased fitness though, our sex life went from strength to strength. We spent a lot of time fucking constantly on a weekend and the attraction to each other was stronger than ever. But for me there always felt like something was missing. I had two major fetishes; Emily only knows about one of them. The one she knows about is lingerie, and I don’t mean me wearing it. As we’ve got older, I think Emily has started to appreciate lingerie more and more. Every pair of panties she owns now is pretty much sexy apart from when she had her usual time of the month and she wanted to be comfy. I’d been obsessed with lingerie for years and whenever I watched porn, if they didn’t have lingerie on when they were undressing, I would lose interest quickly. Emily fully invested in this, and she grew to love wearing sexy lingerie. On our wedding night she looked incredible. She unclipped her wedding dress which fell to the floor, and she was left standing in a white lace bodysuit, stockings and a garter. It’s safe to say we didn’t sleep much that night.

Now though, I feel like I was approaching my most difficult challenge. You see, my other fantasy and fetish was to be pegged by a woman. For those of you who don’t know what pegging is, it’s where a woman wears a strap on and fucks you up the ass. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve watched porn for years with it and I’ve also explored my own ass with my fingers which gave me more pleasure than I ever thought it would. The main problem I had was how could I bring this up to my wife without her thinking I’m weird. I immediately assumed that she would call me gay, say I can’t be completely straight if I wanted it or even chuck a pair of panties at me and say wear those if you want to be fucked. Every time I thought about telling her, my stomach did somersaults.

I started to do my research and ended up on Reddit. I joined a couple of sub Reddits about pegging and I was so surprised at how many couples were now doing this. I put a couple of posts around about how people spoke to their wives and girlfriends about how they brought it up. I received a lot of replies and a lot of them all pushed towards the same thing, a website called ‘Pegging Paradise’. I looked at it, and it seemed to give me all the answers I needed. So now it was time for the conversation.

We were in bed one night after another amazing night of sex, apart from this night we did something different. She came out of the bedroom all dressed up in some orange lace lingerie and I threw her onto the bed. Instead of fucking her, I made tonight all about her hoping it would work in my favour. I fingered her till she came twice, and my hand was covered in her juices. I then went down on her and tasted her wonderful pussy, making her orgasm another twice until it was too sensitive to continue. She pulled me up and we kissed, my hard cock now pressing into her stomach.

She reached down and gave me a gentle tug, ‘Fuck babe, that was incredible. I don’t think I’ve got anything left to give. What brought that on?’

I laid next to her on the bed, and she cuddled into me, bahis siteleri ‘well I was hoping I could ask you about something?’

‘Oh yeah,’ she said. ‘What is it? A weekend away with the guys?’

‘Well, it’s actually to do with ass play…’ I said waiting for some sort of response.

She quickly slapped my chest, ‘We’ve talked about this, you know that’s not happening.’

‘Well,’ I stuttered. ‘What if I wasn’t talking about you?’

She raised her head from my chest and looked at me with wide eyes. ‘What do you mean exactly?’ She looked shocked.

‘Would it freak you out if I told you that I’d been looking into it?’ I asked her.

‘A little bit, but I suppose it depends on what you’ve been looking into.’ I started panicking, I think I’ve freaked her out.

I then went into full detail about the prostate and how it can bring men just as much pleasure as women feel when men hit the g-spot. I went on and on for over 10 minutes ranting off all these different facts about how good it could be for me and how it’s health beneficial. I’m pretty sure that by the end of it, she thought I was crazy.

After I finished, Emily spoke again. ‘So how far are you wanting to take this?’

‘Well, this is where I don’t want to freak you out.’

She looked shocked again, ‘what? What are you going to say next?’

‘Have you ever heard of pegging?’ I asked hesitantly.

‘I have…’ she replied quickly.

‘Well, it’s one thing I’ve always wanted to try.’ I wanted to bury my head in the pillow. My biggest fantasy was now out in the open.

‘Okay,’ she said and turned over.

‘Is that it?’ I didn’t know if this was going to turn into an argument.

‘Can we talk about this tomorrow?’ She didn’t even look at me, ‘I’m absolutely shattered.’

It’s safe to say that I didn’t sleep very well that night and the next day was a long one at work. Emily had a day off so didn’t even wake when I got up to go to work in the morning. All day, I kept thinking I was going to get home and find my suitcase on the front and a letter telling me to fuck off. Eventually, I made my way home after work, I left a bit early because I couldn’t focus, once at home I took a deep breath before opening the front door.

In the living room, Emily was working away on her laptop, but she quickly shut the lid when she seen me come in. ‘Hey sweetie, you, okay?’ She turned to me. ‘How was work?’

‘It’s been a long day,’ I told her. ‘Couldn’t really focus so I just left a little early, I’ll make up the time tomorrow. How was your day off?’

‘It’s been lovely, just spent it relaxing which was very much needed after the last few days.’

‘Listen, about last night babe.’ I walked over to the sofa and put my hands on her shoulders. ‘Forget I said anything, I was horned up and didn’t know what I was thinking.’

I went to head to the kitchen, but she stopped me. ‘Come her Mister. Sit down and shut up.’ She laughed and then continued, ‘Don’t forget about what you said last night. I’m willing to see how things go, but it’s got to be good for both of us. I’m not saying we’ll ever get there. But we’ll start slow and see where we end up.’

A smile appeared across my face. ‘You’re the best love. I love you so much.’

‘Wait,’ she put her hand in my face as I leaned over for a kiss. ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself. So, there’s no expectations, we’re not putting dates on anything, and we’ll start when I’m ready of it.’

‘Of course. That’s completely fine with me.’ I couldn’t stop smiling. ‘One last thing babe, if you’re looking into any advice. There’s a website called Pegging Paradise and this woman does an amazing podcast and there’s one aimed at women.’

Emily just nodded and I left her to it and tried to make a start on tea, which was difficult whilst my mind wandered to what the future could hold. I couldn’t believe I’d finally plucked up the courage to ask her and got a semi positive response. I was straight back onto Reddit and created a post which was followed by congratulations from numerous users who were just as excited as I was.

A couple of weeks went by, and nothing was mentioned. I’d decided not to mention it anymore, I didn’t want to pressure Emily into anything that she wasn’t comfortable in. We obviously continued to have sex pretty much every night or every other night and she never said anything. Emily had been on birth control since we first started having sex which meant I’ve never had to use condoms and blowing your load into your girlfriend every night is an amazing feeling.

Anyway, we’d come to one of our more usual nights in together and it was massage night. I would melt when I got a massage and loved how soft Emily’s hands were when she was roaming all over my body. And my massages usually ended up with an amazing blowjob. We usually took it in turns each week to give the other a full body massage and tonight was my turn. After the stress of work over the last couple of days, I was more than ready. I grabbed the extra-large blanket we kept covering the bed, so the massage oils didn’t ruin the bed sheets. I then got myself stripped down to my underwear, dimmed the lights canlı bahis siteleri and got into position waiting for Emily to get out the shower.

After a little wait, I felt Emily’s weight arrive on to the bed and then the feel of her soft hands on my back as she got into position. She straddled me so that she was sat on my lower back and slowly got to work starting with my shoulders. I was already in heaven and quickly started to drift off under her touch. She worked my shoulders expertly; the tension quickly being relieved from my body as she then worked her way down to my lower back. Her touch was exquisite. She must’ve spent a good 25 minutes massaging my back and legs. When she was massaging my hamstrings, her hands would graze the inside of my groin getting especially close to my balls. I could feel my cock starting to stir and was now uncomfortably sitting underneath me.

Emily then told me to flip over which I did, my cock pointing straight upwards and causing a massive problem in my boxers. It was also the first time I got to see what Emily was wearing. She was now sitting on top of me dressed in a lace orange bodysuit which was very low cut and a pair of holdups. My cock was sat perfectly on her pussy, rubbing across the crotch of her bodysuit as she resumed the massage. She massaged my arms and my chest before spinning herself around to massage my legs. As she reached for the bottom of my legs, she didn’t move from above my crotch, so when I opened my eyes, I had an amazing view of her ass and pussy which was only hidden by a strap of orange lace.

I was now feeling incredibly relaxed and after an epic massage it normally doesn’t take me long to cum when Emily starts to work my cock. Emily shuffled off to the side of the bed and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers. I lifted my ass to help as she removed them after the battle of getting them over my hard cock. My cock sprung to attention and was now standing straight. Emily twirled my boxers on the end of her fingers before chucking them to the floor. She then grabbed some of the oil and rubbed it into her hands before slowly starting to rub my cock from the base to the tip.

My head went back, and I gripped the sheets, I could already feel an orgasm building. She slowly continued to stroke my cock and then ever so gently would let her hands graze my balls. I looked up towards her and she had an evil smile on her face, she seemed to be enjoying this even more than I was. Emily repositioned herself once more so that she was now in between my legs. She leaned forward and slowly took the tip of my cock into her mouth. I moaned. For the next few minutes, she worked my cock slowly using her mouth. It was almost like she had a sixth sense, every time I felt like I was getting close to an orgasm, she would hold back.

Emily let my cock fall from her mouth and started to stroke me again. Only this time, as she was stroking me, she started to let her other hand wander. She used her index finger to trace around the outside of my balls before pressing gently against my taint which caused me to squirm. Her finger then got perilously close to my asshole before she moved in the other direction and repeated the action a few more times. I was all confused and excited at the same time. Had my plea to try anal play worked?

Emily shuffled herself forward a little bit more, this meant I had to spread my legs a little wider. Being relatively tall it wasn’t easy and was slightly uncomfortable. She continued to work my cock with one hand whilst her other hand explored my body. Parts of my body were still slick with oil from the massage, Emily was now using this to spread around my ass. Then I felt her rub gently across my asshole, my body sent shivers through my spine as a small moan escaped my mouth. She pressed her finger gently against my hole until the tip popped through the sphincter.

I moaned uncontrollably and gripped the bed as I writhed around in pleasure. Emily kept slowly withdrawing her finger from my hole and then re-inserting it. I hadn’t noticed but she’d completely left my cock alone, yet it still felt like it was throbbing, and I felt like I could cum at any moment. The fingering intensified and there was a lot more thrusting as she worked my hole. When it felt like it was never going to end, Emily took a hold of my cock again and jerked it a couple of times before I exploded all over myself.

Ropes of cum erupted from my cock, splattering me across the neck, chest and the bed sheets. It was an orgasm that seemed to last forever as Emily withdrew her fingers from my ass but continued to work my cock until she’d milked every drop of cum from my body. She then grabbed the towel and wiped my body down before she headed to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back into the bedroom, I was still laid flat out on the bed recovering from that epic orgasm.

‘You really seemed to fucking enjoy that didn’t you.’ Emily laughed as she approached the bed, and my face went bright red with embarrassment. She came over to the bed and kissed me. Part of me was expecting her to turn and run out of the house to get away from me as quickly canlı bahis as possible.

‘It felt amazing…. thank you…. thank you for doing that.’ I almost felt slightly emotional. Even if we decided not to take this any further it was good to know that on a rare occasion, I may receive a good fingering from my wife.

She cuddled up next to me, ‘Well, I haven’t listened to that podcast you told me about, but I was doing some research and there’s a lot of guys on forums who have been or are in the same position. And when I looked into the pleasure you could receive from the prostate it was something I had to see for myself.’

She continued, ‘I mean some of the things the prostate can do for you is incredible, did you know you could possibly achieve orgasm without even touching this?’ She grabbed a hold of my now flaccid cock.

‘Would it be weird if I said that was the dream?’ I asked her.

‘Not at all. I mean if it’s possible, I know people say it’s rare, but I don’t get why it isn’t something we can look into.’ She rubbed her hand across my chest. ‘I’d love to watch you explode without any cock stimulation.’

We carried on chatting for a while before we both drifted off and fell asleep. I’d never slept so well. Not only feeling the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders but also the fact I’d just had one of the best orgasms of my life. Over the coming weeks, Emily continued to work from home, and I continued to enjoy our sex life even more. The prostate massage had become a more regular thing and I was getting it at least 2 or 3 times a week now. Our sex life was even better than we ever imagined.

One day I arrived home from work, and Emily was in the kitchen checking the dishwasher and filling it with the dirty dishes from this morning and over lunch. As I walked into the kitchen, Emily was dressed in her usual casual working from home clothes of just a pair of leggings and a tee shirt. She grabbed some plates from the top of the kitchen counter and bent over to put them into the dishwasher. Fuck. There it was the sight I always loved to see. Her leggings practically turned see through her ass stretched them that much, underneath she was wearing a pair of lace cheekies. And she didn’t have a bra on either as I could see her tits swinging freely beneath her tiny crop tee shirt.

I couldn’t resist, I quickly moved forward so I was behind her and began kissing her neck making her moan instantly. ‘What’s gotten into you?’ She said in between breaths. I didn’t respond as I moved down her body and bent her over at the waist, so her ass was in my face. On my knees, I whipped her leggings and panties down her legs in one motion until they were round her ankles. I spread her beautiful ass cheeks and buried my head in between them and lapped away at her already damp pussy which quickly became very wet underneath my tongue. Emily’s moans filled the kitchen and with our windows open, if anyone was in their garden they are bound to hear.

I didn’t even come from air, the determination to make Emily cum was my driving force and I wasn’t going to stop till I had her juices all over my face. I moved slowly, taking a risk, I moved my tongue from her pussy and gently licked at her asshole. ‘Oh fuck… what the? Oh, fuck yeah, that feels good’, she moaned. That was the green light I needed, and I continued my new assault on her ass. With one free hand, I reached between her legs and gently started to play with her pussy. Finding her clit and rubbing at it gently as she started to squirm above me.

‘Don’t fucking stop, keep going…. that feels so good. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum if you keep that up, so don’t you fucking dare stop.’ I moved back to her pussy whilst continuing to rub her clit with my hand. ‘That’s it, I’m cumming…. I’m cumming… yes, YES, FUCKING YESSSSS.’

Her juices exploded onto my face, as her legs began to shake. I continued to lick away for a little while longer before it became too sensitive for her, and I had to stop. I got to my feet and hugged her from behind as she recovered from her orgasm. I grabbed at her tits beneath her shirt and played with her nipples which got another little moan. I let her feel my hard cock which was pressing against her ass and pussy beneath my trousers. After she’d recovered from her orgasm, she turned to me and said, ‘Are you going to fuck me then? Or do I need to beg for it?’

Not one to keep my lady waiting, I quickly had my cock out from my trousers and was inside her warm pussy within seconds which caused me to groan. I wasted no time in quickly getting into a rhythm, pounding away at her pussy which quickly brought Emily her second orgasm in a matter of minutes. Her legs almost buckled beneath her, so I changed position and span her round to face me, before sitting her on the kitchen counter. Her leggings and panties were dangling off one ankle and I removed her top so her tits could bounce freely. She placed her arms around the back of my neck as I got back to fucking her. Her pussy felt incredible, and it wasn’t long before I was flooding Emily’s pussy full of my cum. As we both came down from the epic sex we’d just had, I remained inside her as the last of my cum escaped my cock. She grabbed her pussy as my cock fell out and I quickly helped her back into her panties to avoid a mess before she ran off upstairs to have a shower.

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