Gina Continues

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Gina stood at her friend’s door, tossing her long brown hair impatiently. She hadn’t seen Clara in almost a month now after her trip to Europe! Even though she had written her friend many letters about all the sexually charged adventures she’d had, she was eager to expound more fully upon them in person. Before her trip she’d never really considered what a sexy little number Clara was – with her bob-cut black hair and bright hazel eyes, her smooth curves… Gina still preferred men to women but she couldn’t help but wonder if her letters had been as hot to read as they had been to write!

She found out the answer as soon as the door opened and Clara practically pounced her, throwing her arms around her wildly and planting a wet kiss directly on her lips. Gina was very surprised at first, but then returned it enthusiastically.

“Get in here,” Clara said as they broke apart, grabbing her friend’s hand and practically dragging her along, “You have no idea how awful it’s been to wait for you to get home! Your letters got me so hot, and I know that neither of us is really a lesbian but I’ve been wanting to try some of that stuff out so bad! Sex with a guy just wasn’t doing it for me because I was thinking about you and what you must be doing!!!”

“Wonderful!” Gina grinned as they scampered up to Clara’s bedroom, “I’ve been anxious to get home to you and show you some of the stuff I learned!”

They quickly began stripping each other’s clothing off, running their hands over smooth curves.

“Girls feel so much softer than guys,” Clara commented as she slid Gina’s underwear down her long legs, letting her fingers drag along the smooth skin; she gaped at her friend’s completely bare mound.

“And less hairy,” Gina caught her friend’s mouth in another kiss, cupping her friend’s pert B-cup breasts in her hands and gently thumbing the nipples. She was rewarded with a moan into her mouth from Clara. Quickly she pulled down Clara’s underwear to reveal her neatly trimmed black mound, sliding one finger along Clara’s pink slit she found her friend to be leaking copiously.

“Oh my,” whispered Clara as Gina began slowly working her mouth from her ankle to calf to thigh, “… Did you really sleep with Mr. Lay?”

Gina Ankara bayan escort nibbled delicately on her friend’s inner thigh as Clara spread her legs more to allow better access, “Yes…” she blew cool air upwards towards her friend’s heated pussy.

“God that’s hot,” murmured Clara, her eyes half closed as her fingers wound around Gina’s hair. Suddenly Gina stood and kissed her friend, they fell backwards onto the bed, wriggling around slightly to get into a better position.

Kissing passionately they explored each other’s body, Clara shivered a little when she first touched Gina’s pussy. It felt very odd, but also very exciting. So different from a man’s sexual organs, it was soft and wet; she slid a finger into her friend and found the inside of her body to be roughly textured. Pressing against the heated walls of Gina’s interior, she felt her friend shudder against her in sexual passion. Despite her hesitance, she found it to be almost intoxicating.

Gina deftly massaged her friend’s breasts, rubbing them against her own so that their nipples pressed into each other’s soft flesh. She pinched the little nubbins, feeling her friend’s finger twitch inside of her as they began returning pleasure for pleasure. Clara’s free hand grasped Gina’s slightly larger breast, fingers seeking out the pink nipple and twisting it. Both girls gasped and moved against each other, reveling in the feeling of their smooth soft skin sliding almost without friction.

Lowering her mouth to Clara’s breast, Gina continued to massage the perky globes as she suckled on the girl’s nipples; Clara gasped and added another finger to Gina’s pussy, instinctively pumping them in and out of the heated aperture. Her own legs parted, her pussy lips almost pleading to be invaded and touched. The grasp on Gina’s boob became like a suction cup, pulling and kneading in a desperate plea for sexual attention. Having so much attention to her breasts, and none to her pussy was almost unbearable; in a way she manipulated Gina’s body in order to relieve the sexual frustration of her own.

Gina’s pussy clenched as Clara’s fingers found a particularly sensitive spot. She wondered at the skillful dexterity of her friend; perhaps she had been studying Escort bayan Ankara the letters that Gina had written. The thought made her smile and as a reward she let one hand drift down to her friend’s pussy, and she began stirring her fingers in the sweet juices that were pooling there. Clara moaned and her back arched, her breasts pushing up into Gina’s mouth and hand; she was hot and itching with sexual need.

Carefully, Gina maneuvered her body around so that she looked down at the extremely wet pussy of her friend; at her other end Clara stared up in wonder as she watched her fingers pump in and out of Gina’s slick hole. It was amazing, the pink wet folds that quivered in lustful pleasure and the way that her fingers just stretched that small opening wide. Experimenting, she twisted her wrist back and forth so that her fingers made a twisting motion inside her friend’s body. Gina groaned and shuddered, her pussy clenching hard as Clara’s fingers pressed against her inner walls.

Using both hands, Gina spread Clara’s thighs wide and lowered her mouth to the musky sweetness that was between them. Shocked at the sudden sensation, Clara let out a high cry of pleasure, her body shaking at the skilled way which Gina’s tongue swirled around her pussy, eliciting the most pleasure she’d ever gotten from oral sex. It was absolute heaven, Gina seemed to know exactly where to go and when, how much time to spend at each place before moving on, all eliciting the maximum amount of pleasure and teasing from Clara’s frustrated body. The smaller girl heaved and bucked beneath her friend, her fingers wriggling wildly inside Gina’s pussy.

Gina’s tongue swirled, she sucked both the outer labia lips into her mouth, nibbling gently. Clara shrieked her lust, finally losing total control, she pulled her fingers roughly from Gina’s hole and grabbed a hold her friend’s firm buttocks. With utmost urgency she buried her mouth into Gina’s cunt, sucking and tonguing for all she was worth, her own body frantic with need. For a few minutes the only sounds in the room were slurps and moans.

To Clara’s surprise she found she actually rather liked the taste of her friend’s pussy, it was sweet and heavy on her tongue with just a little salt. Bayan escort Ankara Laving her tongue over the opening, she stiffened it into a little sword to penetrate her friend’s hole, the way her fingers had a few minutes earlier. Gina moaned and moved her hips, humping her friend’s face as she began wetting her fingers even more, practically coating them in Clara’s juices.

Wickedly smiling, she could feel Clara’s fingers reciprocating, sliding roughly into her hole. It was much bigger than before though, in her passion Clara was sliding three of her fingers into Gina’s body, stretching out the elastic opening. When Gina was satisfied that the fingers on her right hand were sufficiently lubricated, she slid three of the fingers on her left hand into Clara’s cunt. Moving her hips firmly, she could feel her orgasm growing as Clara’s tongue circled her clit. It was definitely time.

With her heavily lubricated right fingers, she shoved two straight into Clara’s bottom as her lips closed over her friend’s engorged clit. Clara shrieked at the sudden stimulation; screaming as her orgasm crashed over her with the slightly painful deflowering of her ass and the heavy suction on her clit, while Gina’s fingers thrummed steadily on her g-spot. Shaking and convulsing, her screams were muffled slightly by Gina’s pussy, vibrating every part of her body. Sucking hard on Clara’s clit, she bit down a little as her own orgasm hit her, making her part of her body quiver with delight.

They writhed and shook in mutual orgasm on the bed, pussy juices spilling and muffled moans heightening their pleasures. Eventually they lay quietly, tiredly withdrawing their fingers from each other’s bodies. Clara let out a small cry as Gina’s fingers popped from her deflowered ass.

Cuddling on the bed, they stroked each other’s sweaty bodies.

“We should get a shower,” Gina whispered after a period of time.

“That would be nice,” Clara snuggled her head against Gina’s bosom, “I think we should do this again sometime too.”

“Definitely,” Gina smiled at her friend, “Maybe we can really make some guy’s day.”

Clara giggled, “Now THAT sounds like fun… it’d be kinda hot to have someone watching us.”

With a slight faraway look in her eyes, Gina considered her appointment at Mr. Lay’s house for that Friday… she wouldn’t bring Clara this week, but it was definitely something to consider in the future. Smiling, she took her friend’s hand and they headed for the shower.

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