Getting WET In The Bahamas

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My wife and I left the winters cold up north to spend ten days down in the Bahamas. As usual, our flight was a total disaster, between the wait in long lines and being held up at the gate, waiting for a connecting flight. By the time we arrived almost three hours late and a day wasted on the beach, we gathered our bags, hailed a cab and checked into our hotel. My wife, by this point did not want anything to do with the beach, bars or me. So this not being a foreign place to us, as we venture there at least 2 times a year, I changed into bathing trunks, sandals a loose T-shirt. I was looking forward to going down to the swim-up bar and partake in some of the local spirits and relax in the water as my wife stayed up in the room.

I reached the pool, got into the water and swam up to the bar, I was lucky, there was a stool open. As I was getting up onto the stool, my shorts caught on sharp edge and ripped right down the middle. Normally this would not be to much a problem, but these trunks did not have mesh in them nor was I wearing a jock. I sat there pondering my situation with my legs held together when the bartender came to take my order. Here was this beautiful native girl, “TONI” whom I had met times before, address me by name, to say the least, I was impressed with her memory, lest her other attributes. Toni, is not a frail little thing, but what people may call a BBW (what I call sexy), she has medium length black hair, seductive eyes & lips, dark brown skin, boobs overflowing and a killer round butt all of which, sank deep into fantasy from previous stays. There always did seem to be some sort of bond that we shared and this time was no different, as I placed my order, we shared small talk between us, but our eyes never parted.

I, had erzincan escort consumed numerous drinks and was feeling no pain, when, Toni came by to tell me she was leaving for the day. I told her, that I was sad to see her leave, that is when I told her of my problem. By this point, all the stools were empty, except mine and she leaned forward so we could talk, without being overheard. When she had done so, I got a look at her ample cleavage an developed a major hard on. She said to me that the problem couldn’t be that bad and came further across the bar for a look to see for herself. I tried to place my hands over my hardness, but when I had done so, it caused my cock to come right out of the rip. With her, sexy accent, she told me, that I not only had one problem, but also a rising one as my organ bobbed in and out of the water. She also, told me do not worry about that as she carried a pair of sweats when she worked at this location, because it was not uncommon for her to get splashed by the tourists and offered to let me use the bottoms. She also told me, that she would mend my shorts, if I did not mind taking a quick jitney ride as she lived close by. Who was I to argue, especially since my wife was being a bitch, I welcomed the offer to stay out a little longer well as sharing her company.

When we were boarding the bus, me being a gentleman, I let her go first, a package slipped out of her hand and she bent on the step to retrieve it. When she did this, I was not paying attention and my face plowed right into her ass, from her working all day in the heat I could make out a slight hint of perspiration, womanly nectar and perfume. Here I was again with an erection as we sat down, her eyes just fell to my lap and again I was red erzurum escort and flushed. What she did next almost floored me, she placed the package she was carrying on my lap, but and in the process slowly brushed her hand over me. The ride seemed to take an eternity, but in reality, only took a few minutes, not a word was spoken between us, but the conversation was great!

When we got off the bus, she grabbed me and we walked hand-in-hand to her modest little apartment. No sooner had we entered the door than she turned to face me, our eyes met and any inhibitions were gone. Our mouths joined, our tongues met and swirled one another. Our hands were a flurry of motion as we were undressing one another right there in the hall. As I removed her bra, I was blessed to see two of the biggest tits of my life, but for being so large they stood straight out and her nipples stuck out almost 2 inches. I wanted so bad to take these mons in my mouth, but she was not having any of that, she proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes as well as hers. I was like a dog in heat, I needed to feel her, taste her and place my throbbing rod into her, again she had other ideas, because she told me she needed to take a bath and asked me to join her.

Toni started the water and there was only a little water in the tub, as I got in first. This when things started to take a twist, she got in, but did not sit, she placed her feet on either side of my body and moved up so the hairiest pussy I had ever seen stood before me. Taking my tongue, I burrowed through the forest and licked the outsides of her lips, every now and than taking her softness into my mouth and sucking, her taste was sweet and was so moist. As I reached her clit, she told me she had to esat escort pee, but I was not letting her go this easy, I took a finger and reached behind her seeking out her anal bud, when I got there, I slowly entered to my first knuckle at which she protested and said that was wrong and she had never had that done before. I kept my ministrations on her rear as my tongue worked faster on her clit, all at once she started shaking as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

That’s when it happened, she went stiff, and exploded urine all over my face, instead of being repulsed, I found the taste of her woman nectar and piss an overwhelming and could not lap her up quick enough. When she was done, I kissed her entrance and licked the remaining drops off her bush. She was sobbing and hard, telling me how sorry she was, I told her that was the most erotic thing I ever had happen and not to worry about it.

She slowly lowered her butt down, and I took my shaft to her opening, I rubbed it against her wetness and then held it there. In one thrust, she slid down my pole, once in she showed no mercy, she pumped up and down fast and hard. Within minutes, I could feel myself building to orgasm and asked her to slow down, but she only went faster again, she started shaking and her cunt muscles gripped me, there was no holding back now and I pulled her down to me in the process my cock head, hitting her cervix causing me to send copious amounts of semen into her womb. Toni, started to move again and my shrinking cock started to get hard again within her, but I asked her to stop as I now had to pee. This time, she wasn’t letting me up and said go ahead, with that and a little concentration, I sent my stream into her waiting hole. Once again she started shaking and bucked more so than before.

When she was done, she fell forward as our mouths met once again. and I could feel the heat of my juices leak out for her womanhood around me…that was day one with Toni, to be continued if there is enough interest returned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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