From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 Daddy’s Home

It was almost time, and Lori went in to finish dinner prep, which apparently was just for the two of them, and I was to serve it. In His infinite wisdom, he had ordered my wife to make a very light dinner. He didn’t want us weighed down by food for the later activities. I would be “having my dinner later (teehee).” I knew what that meant and the thought made my dicklet swell in its cage, which was pretty painful, as the cage was really too small even more me. It had dawned on me that he and my wife had orchestrated this whole evening without my knowledge. I wondered exactly how much contact and conversation they had had.

We were on pins and needles… and finally the intercom buzzer went off. Lori sat at the set table as if she were a guest. Candles lit, romantic lighting in the room, soft romantic music playing in the background, I ran to get the door as “Madame’s maid, Michelle.”

When I opened the door, there he stood. He was wearing exactly what he had on earlier but with a leather jacket instead of a lab coat. While we had done all this prep for him, he hadn’t even bothered to change. He wore a plain black tee, which was a bit snug on him, so that his powerful physique was apparent, and the same black chinos, through which I could see the profile of his deliciously large package. There he stood, almost mythical in his proportions; large, muscular and fit. I fell into a reverie undressing him with my eyes, seeing the outline in his pants and imagining the beautiful beast curled up in there.

“Hey! Faggot! You gonna ask me in, or just stare dumbly at me all night?!”

“Yes, Sir, sorry, Sir. Please come in.”

“Is your, erm, ‘mistress’ home?” Yeah, yeah, I get it, I thought. I’m the maid.

“Yes, Sir, everything is ready. Right this way, please.” I took his jacket and led him to the table where my wife sat looking every bit the cheap street whore who had wondered into the Waldorf.

He sat across from her, barely acknowledging her face and staring at her big beautiful barely covered tits and projectile nipples.

“Here,” he said, handing me a very nice bottle of white wine, “chill this and get me a gin and tonic, and a plain seltzer for the… erm… ‘lady’ (hehe).” He chortled.

“Yes, Sir, right away, Sir.” As I turned to tend to the drinks, he gave my ass, a forceful but playful swat, then he grabbed my right buttock and with it pull me toward him. He felt for the plug, giving it a few taps. Sending waves of pressure toward my prostate and making me squeal like a little girl and drove my dick to push against its confines painfully.

I am embarrassed to say, that my only thought, as I was being roughly handled this way, was “maybe there is a chance I can convince him to fuck my ass.” I wiggled my ass for him, hoping for more attention. With his large hand, he slapped my whole ass including the plug, forcefully; the feeling drove me crazy, and, once again, caused discomfort to my pulsing pecker up in the front.

“Go get our drinks, Michelle!”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.” I fixed the drinks from our small bar and set the wine to chill, and checked on dinner, which was about ready to go in the oven. It was roasted salmon in a butter sauce. Lori was a great cook and had set it up so that even a kitchen klutz like me could put it together. I just had to put the fish in and toss the salad.

When I came back with the drinks, he and my wife were intimately speaking just like all those times at the clinic. It still stung to watch their intimacy; my heart would break a little bit every time. However, as with the physical pain, I figured the emotional pain was a part of it. Had it been easy to give him my wife, it would not have been as meaningful a submission.

The emotional pain I felt now, was to serve him. It would please him to know how much this would wound me, and it was my duty to allow him that pleasure, and indeed any other pleasure he wished. But that meant that I had to continue to feel the pain. Getting used to it, as if it were nothing, would dimmish the gift of my submission to him and his superior Cock, I reasoned.

Another time, I passed by to see him leaning forward with Lori’s nipples between his thick fingers. He had opened up the slit further and now both of her titties were framed by thin material of the tank-top. As he squeezed and twisted them mercilessly, my wife would shriek and squeal, her face showing anguish. But she kept her body leaning forward offering herself to the torture. I gasped when I saw this; the picture of Mrs. Smith’s breasts and the effects of his treatment of them came into my head.

When I could hear their conversation, she was detailing our old sex life. And, He was making astonishingly vulgar jokes, while she laughed uproariously. As I was going about my serving duties, I heard a sentence that ended,

“…with that tiny little dick?”

“No, Sir, not ever, only with his tongue. I never had the heart to tell him, but I bought a dildo the first year we were married, and used it when he wasn’t around.” I bursa escort bayan heard Lori respond, and he broke into a guffaw, and she followed suit. Then she loudly proclaimed, “it’s smaller than your pinkie, Sir.”

This was yet another dose of that emotional pain. As she said this, he reached under the table and her miniskirt and roughly buried his fat pinkie (indeed bigger than my dickie) into her twat. She moaned and cooed despite how roughly he had done it.

“Like that?” He prompted.

“No, Sir…way smaller, Sir.” He scanned the room looking for a comparative. From a catchall bowl on the sideboard, he took a tube of Chapstick and just as unceremoniously pushed it in and out of my wife’s perceptibly drenched cunt, with no effect. “Yes, Sir…just about like that, maybe a little smaller.” He took out the lip balm and replaced with the index and middle fingers of his right hand, in a rapid violent manner. Her response was palpably different. She gasped, closed her eyes, and made moaning noises. He did it a few more times and stopped. “Thank you, Sir, for putting your fingers my pussy.”

When I brought dinner out, he looked over at my wife’s plate, and said, “take half of that off her plate. I don’t want her bloated.” He also rationed her wine consumption. He didn’t want her tipsy either. He said we had sober decisions to make tonight that would affect the rest of our lives and we should fully be present.

With dinner done, we moved to the living room. Mr. Jenkins asked for a scotch and said I should have a half a one to ease my nerves. Once we settled in the living room, we finally “got down to business.” My role as Maid Michelle seemingly over. He sat on the edge of our sofa and motioned both of us to our knees at his feet.

He suddenly returned to the professional manner I had experience throughout my treatment and said: “I want to make sure to explain to you both how this going to work, though you have an idea of the arrangement. As I told you both before, I have no intention to form a romantic relationship with your wife, sissy. I will never fall in love with her or go off on a romantic getaway.

If you both agree, she will be totally mine sexually. You will no longer have access to her body–that deal is not really serving either of you very well, anyway. By accepting the terms, you agree that I will use her for my pleasure whenever I desire it. Neither of you will be allowed to have an orgasm without my permission, and you will beg before I allow it.

Cucky, you will no longer be allowed to come from touching your clitty. All of your orgasm will come from prostate stimulation. Slut, I know there were sexual positions that you would not perform for cucky here. I can understand why. But that is all nonsense, I will use all of your holes, in fact your whole body as my sexual playground. There will be no limits on my access. There are no safe words. I will be the one to determine what you can handle; if I fail and it leads to something tragic for you, you can at least be happy that you were able provide me with pleasure.

Cucky, you will witness all our sessions. You will generally have no physical contact with me or the cock with which you are so obsessed. This is not a promise, but from time to time I might let you prepare me to use your wife, with your mouth. Your dicklet will be caged during our sessions, perhaps even permanently. I will have the whore replace the one you have on. That was a bit of a joke, I couldn’t resist. I know you will be extra uncomfortable tonight, but I don’t mind that. Do you?”

“No Sir, thank you for preventing me from touching my dicklet. I enjoy the humiliation of your joke, Sir. It makes me feel more submissive to you and your cock, Sir. The discomfort will remind me of my obedience to you and difference between us. I would wear it permanently, if it would please you.”

“That’s good, Cucky, but be careful when you make propositions like that, I might take it you up on it.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Sir.”

“Okay, moving on. Make no mistakes, I will hurt you, often and cruelly. You must be ready to accept that as part of the deal. I will strike you for punishment, for training, or just to suit my fancy. Finally, because your wife will be my whoreslut, I may and will share her with other dominant men who share my proclivities. You will be present for those as well. I don’t swing that way, but some of my friends may be into using you sissy, and I may give them permission to use you.”

This last part sent a thrill through my heart. The part about my wife being whored out was really unexpected and troubling, but I had to put a pin in that, as I imagined having a man’s cock, even if it wasn’t His Cock, in my ass, for his pleasure, it drove me wild. I actually felt my asshole spasm around the plug, and my ordeal with the dicklet cage continued as the laying out of the terms made my little dick pulsate against the hard plastic and I was seeping precum almost nonstop. Rather than paying much attention to the parameters of the arrangement, I was most focused with how görükle escort quickly I could get that cock into my mouth and the hope of getting it in my ass someday.

“I know you are eager,” he said, reading my mind. “So, here’s the last bit, I will start your training tonight, if we are all agreed. It will seem harsh at first, but eventually it will get easier. Okay, cucky, I am going to let you suck my Cock tonight after a few, shall we say… ‘preliminaries.’ This is a symbolic exchange, it’s a sign of good faith on my part that you will fulfill the obligations of our arrangement.

The premise is that you want to suck my cock so much, you are willing to give me your wife, for just one go, but we both know you’d give her to me anyway, if I asked you. Again, don’t expect to touch my cock after tonight. If either of you refused to perform a direct command at any time, the arrangement may be void and you won’t see me or my cock again. You are free to stop at any time. Are you in agreement, sissy faggot?”

“Yes, Sir, you are right that I would still do it, but I humbly thank you for letting me suck your cock even if just once. But, if I should have the honor of doing it again, I would feel so lucky. I am happy to offer my wife to you as your whore slut to use for your pleasure as you desire. I only hope that she is able to bring you pleasure. I know I would never have been able to satisfy her the way you will, and I thank you in advance for that. I know she is just as eager to submit to you. I thank you for allowing us both to submit to you and your glorious cock.”

“Okay, Slut, just so you know, I will debase you, hurt you, humiliate you, I will not “make love” to you, I will fuck you however I want, whenever I want, completely for my pleasure, with no thought of your comfort or pleasure. And you will beg for all of it; I will never do anything until you beg me to do it. Do you agree, like your sissy cucky hubby?”

“Oh god! Yes Sir, please, I am hungry for you to use me; I don’t care what else happens to me. I want to submit to the pain, the humiliation. I want to suffer for your COCK!”

“That seems about right.” He had been recording the whole thing with his cell. He hit stop and put his phone away. He opened a brief case he’d brought, and proceeded to take items out and place them on the coffee table. The first objects were two digital cameras and small tripods about a foot tall. He scanned the room for good locations and spotted a perfect spot on the top of the TV cabinet for own and on the end table close to where we knelt by him. He checked the angle and the focus to assure both cameras would capture the scene and turned them both on.

He then brought out a riding crop and placed it gently on the table as if it were a precious watch. Next to it, he placed thin wooden “cane,” and brought out some restraints and a pair of ball-gags.

He turned toward us; where we were still kneeling. “Oh boy! it’s showtime. I gave you each a list of instructions. I am going to go through those lists, and rate you on how well you performed. This will be for training purposes.

I will rate you separately on each task on a descending scale from 5 (failed to perform) to 1 (performed adequately). I will add up all the points and strike you once for each point. Since the lowest score is a 1, I will strike at least once for each task even if you performed it flawlessly. Also, my scoring will be arbitrary; I may add points just because. Finally, your scores will be cumulative I will add both your scores together and each of will get that many blows. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir” we both raced to say in unison.

“Okay, I’ll start with you, cucky. Did you get home with my spunk on your face and let the slut lick it off?”

“Yes, Sir, I did, thank you for letting me humiliate myself publicly and share your precious seed with my wife.”

“Did you take the subway, or a cab?”

“A cab, Sir.”

“That’s a 3. Now, Slut, did you lick my cum of his face as instructed, whore?”

“Oh god yes, Sir. I loved it, and knowing my husband wore your sperm proudly to bring it home to me made me so wet. Thank you, sir.”

“Did you wipe some up and rub it on your worthless cunt?”

“No, Sir, I am sorry, I didn’t think of it.”

“Okay, 2. Faggot, did you have the hair removed from your body as instructed? Take that ridiculous costume off, and show me!”

“Yes, Sir, I did.” I pulled the “dress” over my head revealing my panties. Still on my knees I sidled toward him. He had me stand up inches away from him. He ripped my panties off roughly, by pulling them up (giving me a wedgie) and simultaneously ripping at the seams. This action drove the buttplug further in my ass causing the usual response from my disloyal clitty. I moaned deeply, like bitch in heat in response, as the plug once again sent a shock wave to my prostate.

He ended up holding up the two halves of my panties “Sissy Bitch” and “Faggot.” He raised my arms over my head, and starting from my wrists, he ran his hands all over the bursa escort bayan front of my body pausing a bit on my armpits. Then had me turn around and repeat the process from the backside. I cannot describe the feeling of massive hands exploring my body. Every nerve ending seemed electrified. I could feel the heat coming of them and their strength. They were so meaty, like sausages that went to the gym. He did not handle me gently, more like an object than a person. I was in heaven from his rough treatment. I loved it!

Then, He made me lean over with my hands on the coffee table, my legs spread wide apart, and by head down. From this angle I could see my little peenie in its cage dripping precum continually. I could see it bulging within its prison. The pain had been intense, so incessant, but now I felt it only occasionally.

He pulled out a small flashlight from his bag of tricks. And pointed it at my poopchute. “Slut, pulls his ass cheeks apart for me.” She came over to me and facing toward me while he stood behind me. She reached back and peeled my butt cheeks back for his inspection. He grabbed the butt plug and removed it in one sudden motion. It made an audible pop when he got it out, and I was left with a feeling of emptiness. I was already missing the amazing full feeling I had gotten used to in the last two hours.

“Did you do the enema properly, Slut?” He inspected the plug, giving it a sniff then handed it to my wife to sniff. She made a funny face, and I knew we were in trouble. He took the plug from her and brought to my nose. There was just a hint of a smell. After holding it to my nose, he said. “Open your mouth, fag” and he shove it in. He pulled it out and said, “now, lick it clean, cucky.” I lapped and lapped at it until he was satisfied it was clean then she shoved it back in my ass all the way to the hilt in move.

Despite the fact that I had gotten used to it, and my asshole was gaping wide (I could feel a breeze back there), because I had licked off most the lubrication off, putting it back in like that reintroduced to the burning pain from before. It was milder this time. I greeted that pleasantly full feeling back, and having slightly subdued version of the burning pain at the same time made it that much better.

It made think about how I could make that pain last, when I finally had his cock in my ass. As I pondered this, he once again yanked the plug out and shoved it back under my nose. There was a trace of the scent, but no sign of shit. Again, he shoved it in my mouth and made me lick it clean before driving it back up my ass, and again there was that lovely pain, and the full feeling.

He seemed about to move on, when meekly and barely audibly, I begged him, “Please, Sir, can I make sure it is completely clean, Sir. Would you do that again, please, Sir?” He looked closely at my face scanning for meaning.

“Sissy Faggot! Is that true do you want to make sure it’s clean, or do you just like the way it feels in your sissy cunt?”

“Please, please Sir, it hurts so good, please may have it again?”

“Don’t lie, ask for what you want. I may or may not give it to you, but you must ask. I am adding another five to you score for lying. Now, do you want me do it again because you like the way it makes your sissy cunt feels?”

“Yes, yes please, Sir. I want the pain again.” He seemed to detect what was happening because, suddenly he brought Lori over. Pulled the plug out, and made her lick my asshole, while he popped the plug back in mouth. Just the feeling of my wife’s tongue on my asshole was worth as many strikes as he wanted give me.

My hole was gaping open from the plug and she was able to reach deeply in my ass and suck out the majority of the lube. He pushed her back, wadded up my torn sissy panties and rubbed my open asshole with it, then he wiped the plug with it. When he shoved it back, the searing pain, closer to the first time, almost made me faint, but I was happy. Now I had both pain and the pleasant full feeling at the same time.

“Oh my god! Thank you, Sir. That feels so amazing, Sir.” He popped it in and out a couple of times more, and I don’t know how I didn’t just come right then.

“Alright, that’s 2 each for hair removal, nice job, cunt. There was some stubble on left testicle and the armpits, not bad.” On the Cuck’s enema, not so much; 4 each for that. Now, Slut, get completely undressed come replace your cuckold in position, but keep the high heels on.” She did as instructed, and I went back to my previous kneeling position.

He repeated the hair sensing operation, as he had me. Declared her perfect, but she had a score of 3 because she had had professional help. When it was time to inspect her internals, he made me kneel-walk over to my wife and hold her as cheeks spread for him. He pulled out something that looked like a very long plastic Q-tip. He put his index finger inside of Lori’s constantly wet pussy, scooped out some of her wetness and used it to lube up her asshole. He poked his finger in her beautiful pink rosebud and she squirmed, whimpered and then cooed and moaned as his fat finger entered her. He twisted it around at an angle so as to open up her asshole for the probe. He then pushed the probe in her wet cunt to lube it; took it back out and shoved the probe deep in her ass, making her shriek.

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