Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 15

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Freshman Year Roommate, Part 15

Everyone is over 18 years of age

The end of the semester came, and we were ready. We’d signed the lease for our new place, and we were excited to get going. But first, we needed to go visit John’s family. To say I was nervous would be an understatement!

Before we left, we moved our stuff to the new apartment. The dorm furniture belonged to the school, so we really didn’t have a whole lot to move. We got it done in one trip. When we got back from seeing John’s family, we’d have to figure out furniture, but we had a plan. Being in a college town, the local Goodwill store did a huge business in students’ used furniture. We could get most of what we needed there, except for a bed (or, at least, a mattress, since that needed to be new!).

I touched base with my parents and told them our plans. I think they were disappointed that we weren’t heading their way, but they understood.

It seemed like John’s family was a little confused by my presence. Who goes on summer break with his roommate? Aren’t college roommates supposed to finish the year anxious to get away from each other? At least for a while? Well, we got there, and his family was nice enough. They had a welcome home cookout planned in their back yard. We all sat around and chatted. They seemed like nice folks.

His dad asked if I was ROTC, too. I said, “No, sir, I leave that to John!” They smiled and asked what I was studying. I told them I was taking a wide array of courses, with a focus on history. I was asked what I planned to do with that when I was done. I said I wasn’t sure, but maybe law school. John added, “Jess is into fighting the good fight and tilting at windmills.” Everyone chuckled. “Sounds pretty noble,” his mom said. “Thank you, I hope so,” I responded.

Then his dad said, “So what are you doing here, Jess? Don’t you want to see your own family?”

Okay then.

John said, “Nice. Very welcoming, dad!”

“No. Sorry. I don’t mean it that way. It’s just… unusual, isn’t it?”

I said, “We wanted to travel together.”

His dad added, “Okay, not really clearing things up for me. I’m sure your parents miss you.”

I said, “Yes, sir, they do.”

And then it happened, as I knew it would. John said, “We’re a couple, and we love each other.”

I’d say I learned right then what the phrase “landed with a thud” means. No one blew up, but his dad looked… less than thrilled. His mom… oh, jeez, his mom started crying.

John looked as rattled as I think I’d ever seen him. “Mom, dad, it’s okay. Jess makes me happy.”

His dad seemed to get his thoughts together and said, “How do you know this isn’t just a college thing? A phase?”

John said, “Uh, dad, I know what the alternatives are. It’s not some experiment or something. It just took me time to realize what I wanted and how special Jess is. And mom, please, it’s a good thing. I’m in love. Could you please stop crying?”

She said, “I’m sorry, hon. I love you, but you’re not going to know the joy of children. That’s the best thing in my life, and I want it for you.”

Well, that was an interesting take.

John asked, “How can you say that? One thing has nothing to do with the other. We might want children when the time is right.”

Okay, we’d never really explored that topic. This was going in all kinds of interesting directions.

I was tempted to tell her we were trying every day, but thankfully I found the good sense to keep my smartass mouth shut for once.

His mom gathered herself, and they said that they’d need some time to process everything. That seemed fair enough. We’d been spoiled by my family rolling with it, but in fairness, his family had witnessed their straight teen stud over the years without any hint of his liking guys, whereas my family was just waiting for their gay boy to come out.

After a while, general conversation seemed to come back online. And then John’s mom turned to his dad and quietly said, “Just like your brother.” His dad nodded.

John looked floored. “Uncle Alex?”

His dad said, “You never knew?”

John shook his head.

His dad added, “Why do you think he got divorced?”

“I just thought he got divorced just like anyone else does.”

“And got a studio apartment in West Hollywood and never brought a girlfriend to any family function?”

John just shrugged.

His dad smiled. “You’ll have to give me some time to process this news, but no, you’re not the first in the family.”

Interesting. And we kept eating, but things were quieter.

Finally, his dad said, “Jess, I can’t say you’re what we expected, especially since we spent his high school years hoping John didn’t make us accidental grandparents before he ever got to college…”

“Dad!” and I think I saw John blushing.

“But,” his dad continued, “if you matter this much to John, you’re welcome in this home.”

I felt such relief. I realized it wasn’t the kind of welcome my parents gave John, but it wasn’t bad, bahis siteleri either. I said, “Thank you, sir. And I know this is a lot to take in, but John really does mean the world to me.”

He and John’s mom both nodded a little, and that was it for then.

Okay, that certainly could have been worse.

The rest of the meal passed in relative quiet, which wasn’t perfect, but again, it could have been worse.

We all went and settled into the living room and watched some TV together. As we talked, we discussed our plan to study year-round. His mom and dad still were absorbing the situation, but they weren’t dumb by any means. It seemed clear they realized we wanted to be together more than we wanted to get a leg up on our studies. Even so, they weren’t standing in our way.

When bedtime came, things felt more subdued than at my parents’ house. We headed up, and John showed me to his room. We hadn’t even discussed sleeping arrangements this time. John and I just went with it. I don’t know if John’s parents thought one of us would sleep on the floor, but we just didn’t discuss it.

Thankfully, his bed actually was a little bigger than mine back home. I’ve never been good at judging one of these against another, but I think maybe my old bed was twin size and his was full? Not huge, but noticeably larger. We stripped off our clothes and got into bed. I had my usually reaction to being naked with him… I immediately got hard. He kissed me and said, “I know we weren’t exactly tame when we visited your folks, but would you mind if we take it easy here? I think mom and dad are having some trouble with this, and the last thing they need is to hear us having sex.”

I smiled. “Of course, hon, but didn’t your mom want us to make babies?”

He smiled back. “Stop it, you troublemaker!” And he kissed me. “We’ll make up for it when we christen our new apartment.”

I gave a little growl and kissed him again. Then I turned around and backed up against him, as he wrapped his arms around me. Even though we’d agreed to behave there, he was hard and it wasn’t easy to ignore that big dick against me. For that matter, behaving when wrapped in the arms of a man who turned me on just by being there, and feeling his muscular chest against my back, didn’t make it easy, but we behaved.

The next day, his parents were very nice. His siblings weren’t around, so it was just the four of us. We all had breakfast, and then John said he had set something up so I could meet his two best friends from high school. He wasn’t out to them, so it was a little awkward at first, with some possibility of it getting even more awkward later once he explained why his “roommate” was traveling with him.

These guys apparently lifeguarded with him and were friends beyond that. We all chatted for a bit, and then John said, “So I have something to share.” They were riveted. John began, “Jess isn’t just my roommate.” Oh, they really were listening now. “He’s my boyfriend.”

With that, his friend Scott jumped up. “What the fuck, man? Seriously? Damn!” This wasn’t what I was hoping for.

John said calmly, “Scott, would you please calm down?”

“No, this just isn’t right.”

John said, “Hey, Scott, take it easy! This doesn’t change anything.”

“The hell it doesn’t. All the years I’ve known you, and this is the first time you mention this? You ever think maybe I want a shot at that fine ass of yours?”

There was about a split second of silence, and we all burst out laughing, the way that happens only with the release of tension.

Then Scott said, “Okay, I admit, I never saw this coming, considering what a pussy hound you always were, but hey, as long as you’re happy! And more pussy for me!” Then he stuck his tongue out at John.

We all laughed some more. His friend Phil also said that it didn’t change anything. Our good luck was holding up. Or maybe it wasn’t entirely luck. Maybe it also counted that John surrounded himself with good people.

Then Scott went up to John and grabbed him in a big hug. “You’re still my friend and always will be. What do I care who you like that way?”

And then he ran his hands down and grabbed John’s butt. “You know, that is a hot ass. Damn, what did I miss?”

John pushed him away, laughing, and said, “And who said you’d get to top?”

“Whoa! Okay, stud, I guess we’d need to talk.”

Then Scott looked over at me and said, “You know you bagged a catch, right? I might like girls, but my buddy is a hell of a good man!”

I smiled, “Oh yeah, I know!”

“He’s pretty hot, too!”

And everyone laughed again.

John said, “Welcome to my crazy friends!”

For life in general, I wasn’t letting my guard down. Maybe I wouldn’t try to kiss John on a public street, since I knew the homophobes still were out there, but I also knew that I was fortunate on a number of levels.

We went to grab a bite together, and the guys shared stories of their high school days. Then we went to hang out at Scott’s house. That canlı bahis siteleri gave us the opportunity to have a few drinks, since no one was going to serve us alcohol at the restaurant we hit. As we talked, hours passed. We had a great time, and I really got to appreciate what John saw in these guys. I felt sure we’d see more of them in the future.

But this was a relatively short visit, so we couldn’t hang out too long. As we got ready to go, Scott and Phil gave both of us hugs. They both were nice, but Scott definitely was the more outgoing of the two. As he gave me a big hug, he said, “It’s been awesome meeting you, Jess! You’re always welcome around here. Any boyfriend of John’s is a… Wait. Okay, that wasn’t coming out right.” And he had this big shit-eating grin. I loved his sense of humor!

I couldn’t leave it be. I turned to John and said, “You know, they are pretty hot.”

He pretended to be offended. “Hey, now wait a minute!” and we all laughed again.

With that, we went back to his folks’ house.

We had a few more days to spend there, but he wanted that to be mostly family time and that seemed right. We actually had more time before our classes started for the summer session, but we wanted to buy furniture, move everything in, and get our apartment fully set up before we had to worry about schoolwork. And yeah, not that it necessarily was part of the plan before we flew here, but it now was clear that we needed to get back there, so we could get the time together that we really needed.

The rest of our time in Texas crawled by. John helped his dad with a lot of tasks around the house. Some repairs, setting up a new speaker set for their TV and other things like that. I helped, too, where I could, but I also got a chance to talk to his mom while they were working on things without me. She was a nice lady, and it was clear we surprised her with our news. I figured it would take time for her to really adjust, but she’d get there. And I made sure to be the good boyfriend, helping her with stuff she was working on, including preparing dinner, flipping things from how I saw John make a good impression at my parents’ place.

Finally, the time came, and we had to catch our flight back. Both John’s parents drove us to the airport. As they dropped us at the curb, I got a handshake from his dad and a hug from his mom. They told us to be good–doubtful!–and do well in school. They added that we should let them know if we needed anything.

As our plane got ready to take off, I noticed an older straight couple across the aisle from us. When we were at the end of the runway, he took her hand in his, and I thought that was a wonderful thing to do. Neither of us was afraid of flying, but every takeoff has its risks–and promise of good, new things to come–so that gesture really seemed right to me. And with that, I took John’s hand in mine. He looked over at me, surprised by that, but he gripped my hand tightly. That was the start of something that has become what we’ve done on every flight ever since.

When we landed, we headed to the apartment and realized we might have a small flaw in our plans. It was late in the day. Most places were closed. We’d moved into our new place, but we were going to sleep on… what? Well, damn.

You may be thinking, hey, they’re college kids, they can sleep on the floor. Well, better back then than in later years, but it still wasn’t going to be comfortable. The floors looked nice. They were polished wood, but that didn’t make them comfortable. Also, when the apartments turned over, the management had the floors stripped and refinished. That was good care, but it left a residual smell I wasn’t anxious to deal with at close range. Still, what choice did we have?

I said, “Okay, first thing tomorrow, we go get a mattress! Even if they don’t have a frame to put it on and we have to put it on the floor, let’s just get one.”

John said, “That makes sense. So where?”

“I already have that much scoped out. There’s a mattress store less than half a mile from here.”

“Cool! And how do we haul it home?”

I smiled. “On our heads!”

He shrugged. “Okay!”

I figured my studly soldier-in-training wouldn’t care about that, even if we’d look a little odd doing it. They’d already sent him on plenty of hikes carrying heavy stuff. So what’s a mattress?

But for that first night, it wasn’t going to be cozy!

I had an idea. I unpacked a bunch of our clothes and grabbed some that didn’t seem like they’d be too bad off if they were bedding for a night. T-shirts and stuff like that. Between us, we had a lot, but they still made for a thin mattress!

When bedtime came, we shut the lights and did our best to curl up and get comfy. After a bit of cuddling and turning around to try to get comfy, John groaned, “This is never going to work.” I said, “Hon, let’s just make the best of it for one night.” He replied, “Yeah, but there’s just no way. I mean, how am I supposed to get comfortable when canlı bahis there’s no give.” I felt for him, but still, “Yeah, I know, it’s a floor.”

“Exactly!” he said, “And this is painful on it!” and he rolled over to display that magnificent dick, now pointing at the ceiling. “I mean, if someone could help so it wasn’t so hard anymore, then I might be able to relax here.” Oh my, that dick and the lascivious look on his face. If I weren’t already in a constant state of lust when I was with him, that would do it!

I kissed him and didn’t even do my usual tour down his long, muscular frame. I just went right down to that big dick and start sucking as he moaned. Then I stopped and said, “but really, if we’re going to rest properly, that won’t do. Be right back!” and headed towards the bathroom.

He said, “Having a not-so-fresh feeling?”

“Are you saying I shouldn’t go clean up?”

He held his hands out, palms facing me, in a gesture of surrender. “No, no, hon. You go ahead!”

“Good thing you’re so fucking sexy, or I might have to spank you.”

“Oooh, kinky! Would you?”

I chuckled. “One sexual adventure at a time, big guy!”


“Be right back!” and I continued to the bathroom, with a stop at one of the bags on the way to get what I needed.

John just stayed where he was. And a little while later–because it takes a little time to make sure you’re ready–I went back to our makeshift bedroom. With the bit of evening light coming in from the windows (remember, we had no blinds yet), I could see all I needed to. He was semi-hard even after the time that had passed, and then he did all that I could want from the man I loved. He looked at me as I walked back in, and I saw his dick instantly stand back up, completely hard. I looked right at it, smiled, and said, “I love you, too!”

After all our time together, I also had a sense of how ready I was. So I walked over to him and without so much as a kiss, I grabbed the lube, put a generous amount on him, squatted right over that big dick and lowered myself onto it, with an, “Oh, fuck, that’s so good!” Followed by “Best dick ever!”

He groaned and pushed up a little to make sure he was as deep in me as he could be. As he did, John said, “In its favorite place ever!” Then added, “Can you lift up a little?” I lifted a few inches off him, and he thrust up into me, hard and fast, my athletic man lifting his body up with each thrust into me.

I practically saw stars, as his dick slammed my boy-spot. Holy fuck, this was amazing! “Oh, John! Oh, fuck! Baby, this is amazing!”

He smiled up at me. “Bed or no bed, if we’re going to christen our new home, we need to do it right.”

I was riding the best I could, but it was very much a joint effort. He was holding my thighs and thrusting up into me as I rode as hard as my legs would let me. This was no gentle lovemaking this time. None of our long, slow strokes. This was hard fucking. I was glad for the thick walls, because the slap-slap-slap of our bodies coming together was an unmistakable sound, as was our moaning and saying “I love you” as we fucked hard.

Then John said, “Wait! Stop!” I thought something was wrong. “What?”

He said nothing, gave me this huge grin, and suddenly he’d flipped me to my back. Before I knew it, my legs were in the air, and I was looking up at him as he leaned in right above me and kept pounding my hole hard. We weren’t in the most comfortable spot, but I really had nothing to complain about! Oh, fuck, this was amazing! His big dick was hitting every sensitive spot in me, and it was driving me wild.

I panted, “Oh, fuck, John, yes! Give it to me!”

And then he stopped. And he smiled at me. “I don’t know. I think you’ve had enough for one night. Maybe we should just stop and rest.”

“Don’t you dare, you bastard!”

He said, “Well, I suppose I do like you, so maybe…” And then he switched to long, sloooow strokes. A few seconds to drive his length into me, then a few seconds as he pulled back and pulled his length out until just the head was in me. I could feel every ridge and ripple of that shaft as it massaged my insides oh-so-slowly. He knew these long strokes drove me out of my mind! But I also knew he was giving himself intense pleasure, too, and I was squeezing extra hard each time he pulled back (not an easy feat when my hole had been getting seriously railed for over 20 minutes by then).

His eyes closed as he was moving in me. I loved when he looked like that, knowing that our lovemaking was reducing this big, studly man to wordlessness, drunk on our mutual pleasure. In all my life, I’ve known nothing better than this kind of intense lovemaking.

We both got quieter, except maybe for some whimpers and moans of pleasure, as he kept that slow pace and I kept trying to time my squeezes. After a while enjoying this unbelievable pleasure, he laid on top of me as he kept thrusting in me. This is where a big dick really comes in handy! Even though the angle wasn’t quite as good, he still could get plenty of dick in me as he laid his body on mine, and he was panting in my ear, licking and biting my neck, and then he said, “Jess, I’m gonna cum, baby!” I said, “Yes, baby, give me your load! Fill me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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