Found Again

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Clayton was on his way home for the second time this year but it was special this time not only because he was going home to his family and a birthday but also it was important because he was going to go see Kami.

They hadn’t seen each other in over two years but the love was still there and even though they had only talked online and over the phone for the last six weeks he knew that the love was there and she was the woman that he was born to love she was the woman that fit him so perfectly in so many ways that it was almost impossible.

He kept thinking of the memories from long ago how her body felt against his how if fit so perfectly he couldn’t believe that he was only a few minutes from holding that body against his once more. As he pulled into his driveway there was only the normal cars there was no other vehicles at all in the driveway only his parents jeep and truck and his sisters car.

He was really disappointed but knew that the next day and night he would spend with her all alone so he didn’t worry was just a little let down. He called her and she said that she wasn’t going to be able to come up but she was all ready for tomorrow they talked a little longer and they said there goodbyes for the night until the next day. Sometime around eight the next morning he left his house for the hour drive to hers he was meeting her in a town a little ways from her house and then they were going to spend the day together all night and a most of the next day together to catch up on old times and to make a new few new memories.

Clay met Kami in town she jumped in his truck they kissed deeply isveçbahis for a few minutes and they ran their hands all over each other bodies. As he took off down the road towards the hotel suite that he had reserved for them she slide over next to him and slid her hand along his leg gently rubbing his cock through his jeans she could feel it getting harder beneath her hand as she stroked it. Kami couldn’t help her self she reached over and un did his jeans and slide her hand inside she stroked him for a few min and slid his dick out of his pants and into her mouth she ran her tongue around his cock and up and down licking around the rim and to the base she massaged his balls. Then all of the sudden she surprised him as she took his whole cock into her mouth and down into her throat he could feel her throat muscles massaging his cock in her throat. This was more then he could take it being the first time he had ever been deep throated before he blew his load down her throat as he tried to keep his eyes on the road.

She finally released his cock from her mouth and started kissing up his body kissing his stomach chest neck and finally his lips he couldn’t take this so he pulled of as soon as he could and found a secluded spot where nobody would disturb them.

He got out of the truck and opened up the back and pulled a blanket from the bed he spread it on the ground and motioned the girl out of the truck she climbed out and slowly strolled over to him shaking her shapely hips as she walk towards him he couldn’t wait to taste her in his mouth again. So he walked up to her and pushed his lips against hers pushing isveçbahis giriş his tongue into her mouth feeling out every little spot he pulled away and started to kiss and nibble on her neck she started to get really horny and he could feel it flowing through her as he slowly untied her shirt and slipped it of her and stood there looking at her magnificent body.

He attacked her with the force of a lion as he started biting her nipples and sucking her beautiful tits his hands still roamed her body one hand running up and down her back tracing little trails in it as the other hand undid her pants and dropped them down around her ankles. At this he lowered her to the blanket and kissed the rest of the way down her body nibbling all the way down as he started to nibble and massage her clit with his tongue she started to wiggle and moan as he started to speed up the process his hands are playing with her ass he massaged it with his whole hand pulling her pussy closer to his mouthy she started to shoot her juices all over his face as she hit her climax. He kept going just to bring her down from the high she had just reached.

Then he slowly slid up her body and slid his dick into her tight sopping wet pussy he slid into her slowly letting her get used to the feel of him in her again then he started to slide in and out of her pussy has he started to fuck her with such force that it pushed the blanket beneath them she started to scream in a great ecstasy like one that she had never felt he just kept going shoving his dick further and further into her tight pussy making her scream with pleasure then all of the isveçbahis yeni giriş sudden he slowed down to barley moving in her pussy then he stopped all together and pulled out of her she begged him to keep going but he refused.

She wasn’t going to except this so she tackled him and sat down on his engorged cock slamming herself down on his cock so hard that it almost knocked the breath out of him she started screaming as she rode his cock as her clit got a little jolt every time she reached the base of his member this was bringing her closer to a enormous orgasm that she was building up to She was riding him like she had never rode anybody and he had never felt anything like this not even when they had made love before. He whispered to her that he was about to cum and she slowed down a little and started to squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles he couldn’t stand this it was only bringing him closer to Cumming again but she knew what she was doing as Kami lowered her hands to her pussy and started to play with herself.

Clayton couldn’t let her do this so he pulled him self out of her and laid her back down and rammed his cook into her pussy like he had been doing before and in no time was back on the verge of Cumming but held himself back so that they could cum together for the first time in two years he slowed down a little and changed the stroke so that his dick rubbed against her clit she started to moan louder and those moans turn into screams he felt her muscles contract around his hard cock as he slid is dick out and then rammed his rock hard cock back into her as he exploded inside her shooting his load deep into her body empting a release that had been waiting to be released for the last eight months. He collapsed on the blanket next her with his dick still inside of her as he whispered this is going to be a good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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