Forbidden Night

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Big Tits

As we mingle in the house with a few drinks you pick me out from the crowd, do you know me recognize me maybe, yes we have spoken before but never met, we have shared secrets as strangers and intimate thoughts, are you sure its me you see? or your mind just playing tricks, you are not sure, you put it out of your mind.

Chance has it that we are both here in this house tonight, unknown by both what may unfold latter.

Most of the people have gone to bed, you are there with your guy, I am there alone, as you move to your bedroom your thoughts are only of him, the room is dark and it shares a bathroom with the other bedroom I am in, as you both lay in the bed together the night of party, drinking and general hornyness get to you, you are unaware that I am in the bath room, I can see you both as you softly kiss and play I see the sheets move down off your naked body as I peek through the bathroom door, I can see the outline of your breasts as your guy sucks your nipples playfully each little moan and noise from you like a teasing stroke over my cock.

I see him slowly kiss down your body from your breasts down lower over your stomach and down between your legs, I can only dream of the wonderful feeling of his tongue slowly sliding up and down between your wet lips as he teases you, I can see your hips buck up and down as his tongue flicks over your clit and licks between your lips, then I see him move over you, his big hard cock teasing back and forth over your pussy.

I watch I imagining the feel of my cock slipping teasingly over your wet pussy lips, I feel some of my precum dribble out over the head as I slowly play my fingers in the wetness sanding there watching you, I try to be quiet so you cant hear me.

I watch as you both fuck, the sexy noises you are making are making me throb harder each time making me wetter then I see your guy tense as he is deep inside you I know he is cumming in that warm anadolu yakası escort sweet pussy of yours, I see you lay down in the bed and you look towards the bathroom door, do you see me, I am not sure, I quickly close the door and go to my bed.

The images that I have just seen going through my head as I lay in the bed, the sight of your naked body in my mind driving me crazy as I slowly play with my cock teasing myself, the precum running from my cock with each throb, I slowly rub it all over the head and knowing you are in the room so close to me, wishing you were moving on my hard cock now, I cant help it, I cum, it feels so strong as the cum splashes over me, trying to be quiet a few grunts escape my lips, I slowly doze feeling relaxed and settle in to a sleep.

I wake a little latter feeling the need to pee I go to the toilet dressed only in my underwear, as I am washing my hands I feel the door open and I freeze as I see you enter the room its almost 2 AM and its dark in the rooms except for the dim light in the bathroom I see you are dressed only in your underwear, our eyes lock together not saying anything, you do know who I am as you saw me earlier in the night, as soon as I see you I feel my cock twitch with excitement and I feel it starting to get slippery with precum, you go to talk but I silence you by putting my fingers to your lips so you don’t say anything.

I place my hand behind your head moving my hand through you long dark hair and looking you in the eyes I pull your hair, not too hard, just so your head moves backwards, I place my hands on your body and can tell you are unsure but you don’t pull away, you stand there looking at me, as you look down you can see a big wet spot in the front of my underwear where the precum has dribbled from the head, the wet material clinging to the outline and you can see I am hard already, there will ataşehir escort be no teasing now.

I pull your hair back more firmly while looking you in the eye, you know I am going to fuck you and you have to be quiet, I slide my hands into your underwear and spread your inner lips with my fingers feeling your wetness and feel you still sticky from the

cum from your guy, I move my fingers slowly over your pussy lips and tease your clit,as I feel your legs spread for me as you get more excited.

I take your hand and walk you from the bathroom, as I take you to my bed I throw you on the bed roughly, I feel you struggle playfully as I try to pull your pants down, you give in as you know I can overpower you, when your underwear is off I move you to lay on your back as I lay beside you.

My hand moves down between your legs and slips back and forth between your exposed inner lips I tease your lips and clit as you lay there, my face close to you looking into each other eyes not saying anything, the tension slowly building, you move your hand down between my legs and slowly slide my underwear down and put your hand around my hard cock, the size surprising you as it feels big in your hand.

I know we don’t have much time I kick my pants off my legs and lean towards you as you know I am going to take you anyway I want.

You feel the head of my cock touch between your legs feeling the head slowly part your pussy lips, it feel hot and slippery as the head of my cock slowly parts your lips, you feel my cock slip into you wet pussy more deeply than you have experienced before, slowly I go further in until it is all the way inside you, all the time I look directly in your eyes.

When my cock is deep inside you I hold there making it throb inside your wet, warm tight pussy, you feel it expand with each throb inside you, I start sliding in and out of you slowly, both of ümraniye escort us trying not to make any sound.

As I lay on you I put my hand behind you back and roll over so I am laying on my back with you on top of me, as I lay on my back I feel you sit back so you straddle me, my hard cock deep in side you as you slowly rotate your hips and move back and forth, you feel the head of my cock rubbing back and forth so deep inside you pussy I know you are going fast to try to make me cum but I take your hair in my hand again and pull it down firm to pull your head back and you know I have full control over you.

I move you so you are on your hands and knees as I move behind, you feel my cock enter you from behind as I start slowly then go faster, you can hear the wet sticky noises from between your legs as I fuck you, I feel you push your hips back against me as I fuck you, I can feel that you want to cum with my cock deep inside you, I grab your hair again and pull it back fucking you, my cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy so deeply then I move my hand around so my fingers slip over your clit, as I rub your clit I feel you start to clench around my cock as you start to cum.

You are cumming, I feel you try to pull away but you are not getting away that easily, your tight pussy clenching around my cock sends me over the edge and I feel the familiar firm throbs from my cock, you feel it too as my cock gets bigger and firmer in your pussy, you feel the familiar big throb then followed by the first big hot sticky spurt of cum deep in inside you, I pull back harder on your hair as I start to cum, each throb of my cock spurting another big stream of cum deep in your pussy, as the last 2 throbs go inside you, I grab your hips and hold you tight against me as the last few waves of orgasm jolt through us.

We both calm down and you slowly let my cock slip from your soaking pussy and roll off the bed, I stand in front of you and give you a long kiss before you go back to your bed, as you walk back you feel the warm cum dribble down your leg then you lay in bed next to your guy slowly going to sleep. you play your fingers over your pussy thinking about what happened as you drift off to sleep only to see me again the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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