Forbidden Love Ch. 06

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She had talked about it, dreamt about it for almost a year.. going on an actual vacation with him. Him and her alone, no phones, no spouses with questioning conversations. They had been seeing each other for 1 ½ years and had only been able to steal away a few days at a time. Then it finally happened, he asked her to go away with him, just the 2 of them for 10 days… alone in paradise.

They had gone for a walk on the beach to town to eat lunch. As their passion for each other was at a peak from the days of lovemaking they could not keep from touching each other as they walked along, a couple that saw only each other and not those around them, oblivious to those that stared. Because the people along the way stared, not only because his hand lingered on her breast longer than need be; or that her hand was constantly touching his cock but because this was a handsome couple. Women stared in disbelief at their openness while men stared in envy.

They picked a restaurant where the tables were on the beach and as they ate their lunch… he absently pinched her nipple while she stroked his cock. It was all they could do to get back to their bungalow before they fell into each other’s arms tugging at each other’s clothes.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I wanted to paint you a picture of the paradise that was theirs. After going back and forth about where they would actually go they finally decided on a Central America country. As was his way with her, he spared no expense to make this vacation perfect. They chose, what they thought was a well-secluded resort. The room had a sitting area and a large platform where the bed took center stage. The room, arranged in an angle, boasted floor to ceiling windows. Since the resort was on the ocean the top of the windows were screens only with no glass. And, outside in the back of the bungalow was a shower. For months, they fantasized…

On their return to the bungalow, they isveçbahis were barely able to open the door and as they fell on the bed, she gave a muffled cry, from both pleasure and shock. She felt the instant heat and the instant need for him. Desperate for more she tugged at his clothing. The weight of him pushing her into the bed, the feel of his body filled her. She felt as though she would die if she could not feel his strength inside her. She could feel her nipples throb as if his mouth had already claimed them.

“Hurry” she said, “I need to touch you..”

The hot steam of lust flooded through him, clawed at his throat and loins. In one rough move, he was on top of her, caging her wrists in his hand then yanked her arms over her head. Even as she struggled for freedom he crushed his mouths on hers, devouring, taking greedy swallows of her ragged breaths until they turned into moans.

“Let go of my hands,” she said breathlessly.

“No, you’ll take what I give you now and won’t think of anything but what I’m doing to you.” With his free hand, he opened the buttons of her shirt, one at a time, letting his fingertip graze flesh as he moved from one button to the next exposing her.

“If you’re afraid, tell me to stop,” he said as his hand cupped her breast, covered, molded, possessed.

“I’m not afraid of you.” But she trembled nonetheless, her breath catching as he circled his thumb whisper light over her nipple. She arched her back wanting him to pinch her nipple, to pull it.

“I want more.. I need you inside me,” she said breathlessly.

“I want you naked, I want to touch you,” he said. He dipped his head and licked delicately at her nipple.

As she squirmed under his touch he flipped the button of her jeans open and slid his hand down, scraping his nails lightly over her. As he reached her pussy he paused, she arched her back and raised her hips trying to meet his fingers with her aching isveçbahis giriş pussy. But, he didn’t allow it. He let his fingers linger barely touching her wet throbbing clit.

“Please touch me, run your fingers over my clit,” she begged him.

“I want you withering” he said with lust in his voice.

He lowered his head again and this time took the sensitized point of her breast gently in his teeth, bit down with an exquisite control that sent her heart hammering against his greedy mouth. While his mouth moved from her breast to capture her mouth, his other hand ruthlessly plunged into her wet, throbbing pussy, his thumb rubbing over her swollen clit. The sensation of his skin sliding and slipping over hers made her breath catch, her heart stutter, and he sent her over the edge, her body wracked with the violent spasms of her first orgasm.

There was nothing this man couldn’t take from her. Nothing she wouldn’t give to him. He dazed her, delighted and destroyed her. The man tempted her in all manner of ways. To him, there was nothing more arousing than the surrender of a strong woman, that yielding of a tough body. He smiled down at her, dragged her clothes aside, spread her wide, and feasted.

With one hard thrust, he was deep inside her, with each violent plunge, he seemed to go deeper, stroking into her fast and furious. His fingers dug into her hips pulling her deeper onto him. Her head was thrown back in full abandon as she absorbed each violent stroke begging him to go deeper into her. He watched it build one last time, felt the power of it swarming into her, onto him, that surge of outrageous energy. And, when he felt her muscles clamp down on his cock, her moan his name he emptied himself into her.


He had bruised her; he could already see the marks of his own fingers on her skin as she lay facedown on the rumpled bed. There was such a toughness about her that he forgot at times that isveçbahis yeni giriş her skin had a surprising delicacy.

He gently turned her over onto her back. He didn’t have to be told to be gentle, didn’t need her long quiet sigh to know it was love that would feed her now. He began to stroke. Gently to soothe, to comfort, she relaxed in his arms and let him led the way. His lips were soft and warm when they found hers. He took his kiss deep, but slowly, so she could drift into it and into him. He felt her surrender to it. That slow liquid surrender of the female that made every man feel like a king. His mouth cruised over her breast, stirred up her heartbeat as his tongue circled her, tasted her. She ran her hands over his back, tracing the shape of him, the muscle and bond.

When his mouth and his hands became more demanding she was ready, ready for the first shimmer of heat. He took his time, arousing, fascinating and being fascinated. Her body was a joy to him and nothing was more beautiful than the moment when she lost herself to him. He loved to watch the pleasure bloom and to see her eyes cloud over.

He rolled over bringing her on top of him, her incredibly lithe body, and her small but firm breasts, her ass that fit so perfectly in his hands – all there for him to take pleasure in. He came up to meet her, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips to the hollow of her throat, he whispered her name as he filled her. She enjoyed, absorbed the edgy little thrill that whipped down her spine.

It was there, holding each other in the aftermath that they let go and sank into each other’s heart, becoming one. Many the relationship that has its seeds in lust, but lust and love aren’t so far apart.

The afternoon light had turned to dusk before they had the strength to get out of the bed. As he went to look outside he noticed the door was closed.. he looked at her and asked, “Did you close the door?”

“No, I didn’t,” she replied as she picked up an envelope with a message in it. “But whoever did left this message for us.”

They looked at each other with a smile on their face and said… “So much for privacy.”

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