For Marion’s Pleasure

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“You’re stressed aren’t you baby?”

“Yes Mistress Marion”.

“I know you are little one. You are on the verge of annoying me, and it’s been building for some time now hasn’t it? Poor babykins. Would you like me to help? Would you like Mummy to make it better?”

“Yes please Mistress Marion.”

“Very well sweety. I am so good to you aren’t I? You need me to help you don’t you baby? To soothe you and make things so much easier for you. Yes baby?”

“Yes Mistress Marion, I don’t know what I would do without you Mistress Marion”

“We have talked about this before haven’t we little one? So many times. Talked about the reasons you get so upset?”

“Yes Mistress Marion, we have.”

“I know we have my sweet little baby boy, and we both know nothing is going to change don’t we? We know that you will not be really, really happy until you can have your crème-fresh don’t we? Or to have your man cream fresh from the fountain so to speak? Is that what’s troubling you again baby? Are you having cravings for cock again? Do you want Daryl’s pole blasting into in your sissy faggot mouth?”

“Why do you know my every thought Mistress Marion?”

“I know everything about you baby boy. And that’s why you need me so much isn’t it? It’s why you adore me and worship me? It’s why I no longer need you or treat you as my husband, but as my faggot tongue boy? Yes? It’s why you beg to be allowed to serve me isn’t it? And it’s why you are prepared to debase yourself utterly. All because I know you, and your mind and thoughts totally.

I no longer consider myself married to you babykins. You are my house boy, nothing more. I am no longer married to you. I own you. I own your thoughts and desires. You have become my little puppy dog, and you have become so willingly. You are a pencil dicked cunt who’s only use is to provide for me and clean me up after I’ve been fucked. Admit it sweetie.

A mere wriggle of my hips and I know you are thinking of being allowed to rim me. To see if you can please me by getting your tongue deep inside my asshole. What man would do that with such enthusiasm? If I lick my lips I know you are thinking of being allowed to watch me with him.

Watch your wife’s mouth and his beautiful penis. If I sit on the loo whilst you are cleaning I know you are hoping that I will tell you to form a seal around my cunt so I can piss into your mouth. But most of all, when you watch his gorgeous phallus enter me, I know you wish you were me don’t you honey?

And now, as usual, just because he has left for work, I know you want to clean me, so you can taste him. I don’t have to ask you because I already know the answer. Your dicklet is turgid and leaking into your panties isn’t it? You were listening in your bedroom whilst he fucked me just now weren’t you?

Yes? You were so, so stiff and excited when you heard him cumming inside me weren’t you little one?

And now? You are restless and getting impatient because I have not yet told you to lick his cum out of me. Yes? You want his cum so badly don’t you? You can sense his lovely jism leaking out of me and running down the inside of my thighs can’t you baby? From experience you know just how much cum he produces don’t you? You have seen just how fucking enormous his balls are and you know he has just emptied them inside your wife’s fabulous cunt.

I know all this babykins. I know how frantic you are to get your eager tongue between my thighs and swallow his sperm. And I also know that by doing so you will in some small way think you are serving him as well. Won’t you baby? Serving your man, am I right baby boy?

You want to tell Mummy all about it don’t you little one. Don’t you? Is there anything I’ve missed out my sweet little puppy dog? Come and kneel in front of me and whisper your most secret thoughts to Mummy. Come and tell me why you are so stressed out darling, and I’ll make it all better for you, Yes?”

“Oh Mistress Marion”

“I know little one. Mummy knows, but Mummy needs you to tell her anyway. If you are totally honest with Mummy now I may çorum escort have a little surprise for you. Would my little doggie like that?”

“Yes please Mistress Marion.”

“Very well, are you ready to be a good little boy? Are you ready to open your mind to Mummy?”

“Yes Mistress Marion, I am ready”

“Then tell Mummy your little secret sweetie, and don’t be shy, Mummy will understand, whatever it is. No matter how difficult it might be to say the words, I will understand.

I won’t laugh at you. I won’t scorn you or ridicule you. I won’t tell you how pathetic you are, and if I sense you are struggling, I’ll put my hand inside your panties and hold your little dicklet, yes baby? Now tell me!”

“Mistress Marion, I really want Darryl to let me suck his beautiful penis. I want him to cum on my face, in my eyes, in my mouth and on my little weenie. I want to gag on him. I want to choke on him as he forces his gorgeous ebony pole into my throat. I want to service him like a slut”

“Oh good boy babykins. I’m so pleased with you. I’ve always known you are a sissy faggot cock sucker, and to hear you admit it by telling Mummy you want to give head to black cock is very comforting. It means there will be no problems. Darryl and I have discussed this of course and we have agreed that a cum gobbling rimmer like you should be taught how to blow a real man, and it’s only a matter of time baby.

If it’s any consolation, I do want to watch you gobble a real man. I do want to see you servicing black men. Yes honey, not a black man, but black men. I also want you to have a real man just for you sweetie, a manboy of your own. A very well hung, horny black guy who wants his own little piece of white boy ass.

Would you like a black boyfriend babykins? Perhaps a well hung black homo with a penchant for little white boys? Someone to cuddle up to when your wife goes to bed with her lover? Perhaps he will like wearing silky stuff, just like you honey. You could go shopping together couldn’t you, just like the girls do. But a real man underneath his silk stockings and panties, yes baby, just for you.

A real man with a real cock. Wouldn’t that be fucking wonderful baby? Just think. The amount of times you blew him would be totally down to how often you turned him on, yes baby? Several times a day maybe? Could you get him hard that often baby? I’m sure of it.

Tell me honey, do you think you could be able to be unfaithful to him, to please me? You would have to gobble other cocks I provided for you wouldn’t you?

Now, I mentioned a surprise so if I sit on the edge of the chair and open my thighs, what can you see?”

“Oh God, oh fucking hell, oh Mistress Marion.”

“Yes baby. No cum dripping out of my cunt and running down the crack of my ass, and why’s that?”

“Because Darryl used a condom Mistress Marion.”

“That’s right babykins. He wanted me to serve you his jism another way this morning. He told me to feed you his cum from the condom. Isn’t he a wonderful lover? To us both?

And you can just see the open end of it coming out of my cunt lips can’t you? I don’t know how he managed it, but somehow he withdrew his huge, fucking wonderful manhood from me and left the rubber inside. I told him I didn’t want to do it because I wouldn’t be able to feel his sperm shooting off inside me, and as you know babykins that always makes me cum so hard.

The thickness of his wonderful penis combined with the force of his ejaculation is so fucking mind blowing I always cum with him. But not today, because he was thinking of you darling, and not me. Aren’t you proud? I know you are darling, you simply must be right?

He has ensured you won’t miss a drop, but don’t worry about how you will thank him tonight, just nip the end with your teeth and pull gently, very gently, because if you tear it I will beat you severely, do you understand baby?”

“Yes Mistress Marion”

With that, Tony nibbled the end of the used rubber with his front teeth and started to pull away from his Marion’s lips. They were çukurambar escort glistening beautifully and the odour of her juices, the condom and its’ contents was overpowering. Tony stretched his neck back and slowly withdrew about 6 inches of rubber.

His wife was whispering constant encouragement. He realised that he would have to move backwards to enable all of its’ length to be released from its warm tomb, and as he did so he recalled the first time he saw Darryl’s cock, when his wife had instructed him to “gently and lovingly” hold her lover’s “beautiful penis”.

Holding it’s magnificent girth in one hand, his fingers not being long enough to encircle it and holding the tape measure in his other hand, he was enthralled to discover that his wife’s lover had an erect penis that measured 11 ½ inches.

He shuddered in recollection how hard his own 4 inch dicklett had been and how lovingly his wife was looking at him when without asking, without encouragement, and without permission, he had started to slowly move his hand up and down on the monster he was holding.

A full minute had passed as he slowly masturbated Marion’s lover, and he realised that without thinking his mouth was unconsciously moving towards the massive shining helmet. He recalled how lovingly his wife moved between him and his first gobbling experience when she kissed him in a way she had not kissed him for years, and whispered “not yet little one, not yet, and maybe not for a long time yet, but for now, ask your Master for permission to gently hold his balls”.

It was a subconscious development, a switch from cuckolding tolerance into bisexual obedience.

“Please Master, may I hold your balls?”

“Yes puppy, you may”. The feeling of subservience, not just to his wife, but now, seamlessly to her lover, was sublime. Daryl’s ball sack was he recalled now, just too big for a man.

His balls belonged to a horse and he stroked and massaged them very gently, with his wife as ever, telling him what a good little boy he was. On that occasion, his wife had joined him, kneeling on the floor and struggled to blow her lover.

He was simply too large for her mouth. Tony knew that someday he would be told to take over, he just knew it. He knew he could take him down his throat and give him the best blow job he had ever had, even though he had never sucked a cock in his life. This time, with Tony’s hand massaging his enormous testicles, and his wife licking, sucking and wanking,

Daryl exploded all over Marion’s face, hair, shoulders and breasts. The amount of cum was impossible. It spewed from the helmet, not in spurts but in torrents, each torrent inches long and repeated time and again. His cumming lasted over 15 seconds and the noise he made was animal.

He was a magnificent bull. When the flow subsided, Tony realised Daryll was holding his head, and was guiding his mouth to his weapon.

“Clean me puppy, and then clean your wife!”

“Nooooo”, was all I heard as my wife pulled me towards her, and again prevented me from taking the “beautiful penis” into my mouth.

“He has to earn that privilege darling, and he has not done so yet, not by a long way! Come here puppy boy, and lick all this cum off me. Swallow it all, every drop. Start with my hair, I only washed it today, then my tits and finally my face.”

It took a long time, but I didn’t rush. I remembered I was in puppy heaven.

And now, the last of the condom was starting to appear from my wife’s swollen cunt lips. I imagine it must have covered most of my Master’s penis and was 8-9 inches in length, with the last couple of inches swollen like a huge Christmas Satsuma, swollen with cum. It plopped out from my wife and swung like a huge piece of soppy jewellery from my mouth.

“Good boy, such a good little boy baby.” My wife took it from my mouth and started to swing it around slapping my face with the bell end of cum. She finally told me to open my mouth and let it slide in.

“Suck but don’t bite baby”, she said, “suck and imagine the ankara escort power that released all that fabulous cum.”

“You will be shortly be swallowing the lot but for now, just massage the ball with your tongue and imagine it’s’ his helmet you are sucking. I know that’s what you want honey. I’ve known for months. So has he.”

“And this is the best part babykins. He wants you sweetie, and he’s going to have you. He told me he wants to come in your throat baby. Not in your mouth. In your throat. Won’t that be wonderful? ”

“Oh Mistress Marion, yes it will be so wonderful. Thank you Mistress Marion. Thank you”

“Am I good to my little puppy?”

“Yes Mistress Marion.”

“Are you ready to drink all this yummy cum now?”

“Yes please Mistress Marion”

“Then ask for permission, respectively.”

“Mistress Marion. Please Mistress Marion. May I please drink Daryl’s cum?”

“Very well baby. I’m going to get on all fours, and you will put the open end of the rubber inside my ass. You will then squeeze it all inside. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress Marion”.

A minute late my wife squatted over my upturned face, and told me to make a seal around her puckered little hole. She bore down and relaxed, and I had a huge Satsuma sized mouth of cum.

“Don’t you dare swallow babykins, not ’till I tell you! Open your mouth and show Mummy what a good little faggot you are. Now gargle baby. Good boy. Make gagging sounds babykins. Does it taste good honey?

“Now close your mouth and, starting at the heel of my boot, dribble little gobules of cum all the way up to my thighs. Good boy. You are soooo good. Now lick it all off baby, and swallow as you go. That’s right, suck it up, just like a baby Dyson, and swallow. Suck and swallow. Suck and swallow. Suck and swallow.”

” Is it all gone baby? Good, now lick my boot clean. You are such a good little cum cleaner aren’t you baby? My cum guzzling little faggot dog, yes? Am I good to you babykins? Do you think I’m a cruel Mistress baby? No?”

“Good boy. Now come here. I didn’t cum with him this morning. All because he wanted to cum in a fucking rubber – for you! You can make amends now sweetie. Get working on my clit with your tongue.”

“After I’ve cum, rim me until I tell you to stop. If I fall to sleep when you are tongue-fucking my little shit hole, and you can sense I’ve relaxed, remain motionless with your tongue inserted in my ass until I wake up. When I awake, remove your tongue and beg my permission to be my toilet.”

“Make a seal and drink. Suck and swallow. Suck and swallow. Suck and swallow. Yes baby? Are you an obedient little puppy? Yes? Are you still feeling tense babykins. We both know why don’t we baby?”

“Your time is coming soon little one. Your time in every conceivable position with Master’s “beautiful penis” in your hungry mouth. Soon baby, soon. Now lick!”

“Ohhhh such a good little boy! Do you realise baby that this is the only reason I keep you now, because your tongue is so fucking well trained.”

“Does it make you feel good to know that you can give your wife some small modicum of pleasure after all. I want to fall asleep after a nice oral orgasm my little faggot boy, with your tongue deep inside my shit hole, in the knowledge that your pathetic little pee pee is so very, very turgid.”

“Desperate for relief, but untouched. As it should be baby, just as it should be. As it was meant to be, yes? Are you thinking about his beautiful member hubby? I know you are you fucking useless cock hungry slut. Ohhhh yes lick it faggot boy. Lick my clit you cunt.”

“Lick my fucking wet twat you fucking pathetic gay fuck. You dickless cunting cock sucking cum eating ohhhhhhhh yes don’t stop you cunt, don’t you dare fucking stop you dickless shit, if you stop I’ll never feed you cock, ohhhhhh fuck, oh fuck yes Mummy is cumming, Mummy is cumming yessssssss.”

“Oh fuck yes. Can you imagine his cock? Suck on it faggot boy. Suck it all in. Suck on his fucking cock ’till it explodes in your mouth you fucking asshole.”

“That’s what you want isn’t it hubby, oh yes that’s what you want, and if you are good little faggot boy, that’s what you’ll get, eventually. Good boy. Such a good boy. Now work your tongue into my ass baby. Good boy, and under no circumstances are you to wank. Good dog.”

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