Flow of Passion Ch. 04

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WARNING: This is a fetish story and it’s a bit graphic. This is a story written in collaboration with another writer and friend. Thank you Savvin for helping write this story and also editing it. If you are not a fan of fetish, then PLEASE STOP HERE.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts, but please be respectful.



Flora sat on the plane. Her heart pounding, she was terrified. She had never flown any place and now she was flying to see her lover. This trip was a long time coming. She recalled Savvin’s last visit. He loved her long and hard. He worshipped all of her holes. Taking extra time to kiss and caress her bum, Savvin made sure she was satiated. Her clean shaven cunt was constantly wet, ready, and waiting for him. Thinking about Savvin and his magical tongue distracted her, and she calmed down. Soon, her body hummed as she imagined all of the haughty things her love would do to her once they saw each other again.

Her plane was to take her to Mumbai known earlier as Bombay. The flight was too long and soon she was weary-constantly adjusting her position in the cramped seat. Her ample bum was becoming sore and constant shifting was not helpful. The elderly man sitting next to her was getting the feel of her soft buttocks now and then. He was not bothering her but obviously enjoying the feel of Flora’s soft flesh. One particular flight hostess was taking special interest in Flora or so she felt. The hostess whose name Claire was on on the badge of her top smilingly asked time and again if Flora wanted anything. She also inquired about if she was comfortable.

As the craft neared Mumbai Flora’s mind was flooded with her trysts with her lover Savvin. She remembered how he loved her soft generous buns. He even loved to finger her tight asshole and did not mind licking it. Flora too loved his actions.

Remembering her sexperiments with Savvin, she was aroused. Her cunt was throbbing inside her dress. Savvin had asked her to wear light thin clothes as it was quite hot in India and she would be uncomfortable in tight clothes after landing. Flora had worn a thin panty and a thin pair of smoke grey slacks which were up to her knees. Though she wanted to wear something loose she could not because she simply did not have such a piece and did not get enough time to buy one. They fitted tightly over her abdomen and neatly showed her bottom contours.

Flora became so overwhelmingly excited as she dreamed of Savvin licking her bottom, asshole and ultimately her cunt that her cunt started overflowing. Juices from her pussy came out of her thin panty and also thin slacks. She noticed a dark patch of her juice on the crotch. She was embarrassed and tried to cover her thighs with the newspaper but not before Claire had noticed it.

“Is there a problem, Ma’am?” she asked smilingly and pointedly.

“No, no. It’s okay,” Flo replied.

Claire smiled and went away. The elderly man on her side also must have become conscious of Flora’s juices if not by seeing it but possibly by getting the scent of her cunt juices.

As luck would have it Flora needed to pee. She managed to avoid visiting the loo immediately hoping that the dark patch of her pussy juice would dry out. Soon her urge to pee and perhaps relieve her bowels also became uncontrollable and she became restless. She picked her handbag and got up. She went into the tiny corridor across where four toilets were situated. All were occupied and she had to wait standing in the corridor which was not visible to the passengers.

Claire came and noticed Flora’s difficulty. She stood in front of her in the narrow corridor. Suddenly the plane shook and Flora found herself in Claire’s arms who took full advantage of the situations and embraced and kissed Flora passionately. Clair whispered, “Come to my steward’s special closet where you can relieve and even change.”

Flora nodded and obediently walked behind Claire to her closet.

Curious and excited, Flora followed Clair. Flora was on her in an instant. Her hands eagerly groped for the hot wet spot hidden between Clair’s thighs. Both women groaned when her fingers gripped Clair’s hairy mound. Her hair was drenched, soaking Flora’s fingers. Not to be undone, Clair too sought out Flora’s hotbox. Stroking her hairless cunt, Clair moaned in ecstasy.

Both women were so wrapped in one another; neither realized that their amorous ventures was pretty loud. Soon, another stewardess knocked to want them. Pulling apart, Flora and Clair stared at each other.

The two waited a beat. Then they walked back out. All eyes watched them as Flora returned to her seat. The older gentleman smiled and winked at her.

“If I was a bit younger, I would give her a run for her money.” He teased.

Flora blushed. She couldn’t believe all of the people on the plane heard them. She closed her eyes and thought of her lover, the lover waiting for her in Mumbai. Would he be as eager as she to get someplace alone. Or would cebeci escort he want to spend time catching up.

She prayed for the first. If he tried to do anything but fuck her, she was resorting to rape.

Savvin had the most amazing cock. It fit inside of her fat cunt perfectly. With each short stroke, he brought her closer and closer to a mind-numbing orgasm. For almost a year she masturbated to memories of his cock, fingers, and tongue. Soon, Savvin she thought.

Soon she was going to straddle him and fuck him hard, so hard that he might be paralyzed for a little while. Her cunt burned, needing a hard cock, Clair had helped, but nothing was as good as a hard cock.

Soon the plane reached its destination and the passengers unloaded. Everyone was happy because the hours long flight took its toll on them. Arriving in India, Flora was nervous. She has red do much shot this country and was excited to be exposed to the culture of eh the region. Then she saw him, her dream, Savvin standing, waiting for her. He was so handsome that she took a moment and just watched him.

He did not see her at first. So he looked around frantically searching for her. Soon she approached hugging him from behind.

Savvin gasped and hugged her in return. Then they separated. Flo was self conscious. She was not a model-sized beauty and worried about embarrassing him. In America, her body image mattered, as plus sized women were often eyed with distaste. But here in his home, she did not want to cause him shame. Savvin sighed because he hated the way she saw herself. If she could see what he saw, she’d see nothing but beauty.

His beautiful flower worried so much about what other’s thought, when it did not matter to him in any way.

“My beautiful flower, I am so happy to have you visit with me. Come let us go to my home and then dinner.” Savvin whispered.

Flora smiled. Savvin was not ashamed of her. He never was. They walked through the crowded airport and picked up her bag. She saw the stewardess from earlier. The two shared a smile and Savvin was curious.


Savvin had arranged a cab to drive them to a hotel. They were to stay in the hotel for couple of days. After that they were to travel to Savvin’s town which was about three hours drive from Mumbai. Flora was quiet, taking in the view. This place was so amazing. Savvin watched her and smiled. For the next few weeks, she would be with him, at his mercy. He planned to be so loving and thorough that she would not want to leave.

While they sat on the rear seat of the cab Flora’s mind went back to her adventure with Claire. She started describing it to him in detail. Savvin became excited. Flora could see the bulge in his crotch and her hand started caressing his bulge. Savvin’s cock started rising and he too touched Flora’s pussy from outside her grey short knee length trousers.

Once again Flora’s cunt filled with juices. Her pussy throbbed and ached. She wanted to fuck in the cab itself. She unzipped Savvin’s fly and took out his mid-size red cock. She started stroking it. Savvin’s cock started swaying with excitement and pre-cum oozed from its tip. Flora touched the tip and a transparent thin filament of Savvin’s pre-cum stretched from its source to Flora’s mouth where she took her finger. She tasted Savvin’s pre-cum and almost shouted, “Oh Sav, this is so yummy. I want more. Please fill my mouth with your cum. Let it overflow. I want to eat it till the last drop.”

Cab driver jerked because of Flora’s sudden outburst. By tapping his hand on her thigh Savvin asked her to be quiet. Flora withdrew her hand from Savvin’s penis and zipped his fly back. But she could not control her desire and guided his hand inside her trousers and padded panty given by Claire to her clean shaven pussy.

When Savvin touched Flora’s wet and sticky clitoris she nearly jumped. She was looking out of the window at the creek where a river met the sea. His hands felt so deliciously wicked. She willed him to continue. Not wanting to distract the driver anymore, Flo pretended that she was watching fishermen’s boats swaying on the sea waves when this happened and in her own body she experienced a wave of excitement. Her cunt started throbbing and she automatically started pushing and pulling her pelvis to assist Savvin’s fingering. She came within a few minutes and lay on her seat with her eyes closed devouring the pleasure that was engulfing her entire body. She groped with her hand and touched Savvin’s crotch and ensured that his cock was still rigid.

“Come, honey we have reached the hotel,” Savvin whispered and within minutes they were in their room.

Immediately Flora went into the bathroom and in a minute called out, “Sav, what’s wrong with this faucet?”

When Savvin opened the door of the bathroom a wonderful scene greeted him. Flora was bending over the wash-basin trying to run the faucet. She had removed her clothes and was wrapped in a narrow towel. Since çeşme escort she was bending the towel could not cover her behind and Savvin could see Flora’s two lovely ample buns. He could see her butt crack too which was slightly opened and her compressed black-brown anus was visible. Ahead of her anus he could also faintly see the black slit of her pussy. Her two pussy lips were pressing against each other so that her slit had become a thin line and lips were protruding.

Savvin could no longer control himself. He stood close to her and looked at the problem she was facing while his one hand went to her behind and probed her anus with his finger. He gently moved his finger around her anus. Flora squirmed with pleasure and opened her legs further giving him the access.

“Silly, you don’t need to work the faucet. When your hand is under the tap the faucet would work automatically. Put your hand here just under the tap and look-water has started flowing automatically!” Savvin explained to her. Flora had not expected this kind of sophistication in India. “It seems I have found a second water spot as well.” he whispered, teasing her weeping slit even more.

“Oh how so nice!” she exclaimed. Savvin’s finger now went into her pussy and moved round and round. Flora moaned with excitement. Within seconds her towel dropped to the floor and she stood fully naked close to her lover Savvin.

They kissed. Their tongues probed each other’s mouths. Flora’s huge boobs pressed against Savvin’s strong chest. His tight member pushed inside his trouser. Grinding against his turgid member, his plus size lover was on fire, ready for him.

“Sav, I need to pee,” Flo told him.

“Please go ahead,” Savvin pushed her to the toilet seat where she sat down. Savvin stood in front of her. He loved watching her plump pussy, as she flexed her clitty. He awaited his prized, the pungent scent of her urine.

With a sigh Flora pushed her cunt a little and a lovely golden spiral stream rushed out of her pee-hole. Savvin was tempted and he put his fingers in the warm yellow flow. Slowly his hand went to the source of the stream. The small piss-hole at the top of Flora’s cunt opening had stretched itself to allow her urine to come out. Savvin enjoyed rubbing his finger over the opening. The stream eventually reduced and presently became a trickle. Suddenly it restarted but it lacked the earlier force and a small streak coursed its way over Flora’s thigh and then dropped into the bowl. Again there was force and her pee shot straight on Savvin’s hand. He sipped her essence. She smiled, because she knew he loved drinking from her body.

Both enjoyed pee-play for some time. Flora was still sitting on the toilet seat. She removed Savvin’s trousers and briefs. Savvin stood naked in front of sitting Flora with his hardened cock swaying vertically.

Flora caressed his balls and said softly with a smile on her curled lips, “Why this faucet is not working when my hand it underneath it?”

“You wanna see?” said Savvin and a moment later a very forceful stream of light yellow urine flew from his penis straight into Flora’s face. Flora gasped as the hot stream hit her face, loving his fragrance.

“Oh my, my. You are giving me a shower. But I am enjoying it.” She groaned, washing her face in his pee.

When he was finished Flora took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked hard surrounding his cock with a lot of her saliva. Her saliva mixed with his pre-cum and the mixture became sticky and tasted salty to her. Soon, she took his cock deep into her throat, as he proceeded to fuck her mouth determined to feed her his seed.

Knowing what he heeded, Flora massaged his asshole and then inserted two fingers. Savvin moaned. He loved assplay. Flora fucked his tight puckered hole as she simultaneously drained his cock. Pumping even harder, wanting to hear her gag. Savvin was close. His ass was full and his nutsack was tight. His balls literally screamed for release. Just as he was about to cum, she stopped.

“No. let me cum. Suck my cock.” He demanded.

Flo smiled, “I want you to cum in my pussy.” She whispered.

Savvin lifted her and took her to the bed where she spread her thighs and he slammed his dick inside of her. Small dicks are so much better than large ones, they hit the right spot every time, Flora moaned in his ear. He plowed her overheated pussy, listening to their juices slosh around inside of her.

Before he came, he flipped and placed his mouth oh her gaping hole. Sucking, he drained all of her juices as she proceeded to sucked his thick cock. Flora’s cunt filled with her cum like a bowl with cream and Savvin filled her mouth fully with his semen.


“Sav, can we tour the city?” Flo asked as they both lay spent, drenched in sweat.

Savvin smiled and said, “We will go later. But first I must inspect all of your holes.” He explained, as he then proceeded to sniff her ass crack, licking her puckered brown anus. Flora cim cif yapan escort rubbed her thick round globes all over his face and Savvin was in heaven.

They did not leave their hotel room for at least the first three hours when Flora had to go. She stood and headed to the bathroom as Savvin followed her. Squeezing her thighs together, she quickly lifted her skit and sat on the toilet to relieve herself when he reminded her, “No my love, relieve yourself on me. He lay in the tub as she squatted over him Her golden hot stream coated his chest and he opened his mouth to left hot golden droplets touch his tongue. Soon he had to go. So she lay in the tub as he now showered her once again. He knew she needed to evacuate her bowels and he wanted to watch.

“No my love,” he begged, “Right here, Let me watch.” He pleaded, having her to swat the toilet as he watched, enraptured by the sight of her releasing.. Flora grunted and pushed the first big brown knotted turd out. The rancid smell filled the room and Savvin loved it. The large feces dropped on his chest as he admired how her dark brown hole stretched as she released its prisoner. He moved to clean her when she refused to let him. He insisted, and cleaned her with a warm cloth as he teased her protruding clit with his fingers. He really wanted to sniff her essence, lick and taste her, but she was not very comfortable. He knew if he insisted, she would agree, but he did not want to make her feel strange in anyway.

Savvin carefully cleaned her dark brown hole. No longer able to resist, he replaced the towel with his tongue. Flora moaned and responded, by raising her ass giving him full access. He smile and ate her asshole out with wild abandon. Flora moaned as copious amount of fluid leaked from her wide wet snatch. Savvin inserted all five fingers into her gaping pussy hole. His entire hand was swallowed by her big pussy. She fucked his hand wildly as he savored the taste of the light gas bubbles that escaped her bum.

Savvin was rock hard. His cock stood in full attention. He pleasured her as he rubbed his turgid member again the silken sheets. He knew he would cum soon, as the friction of the cloth massaged his thick red cock. Flora began to beg, pushing him closer to the edge. Then she screamed as her wild pussy began to clinch and throb on his hand.

Flora showered. Savvin joined her. It mused him to no end how she was still uncomfortable with her natural bodily functions. She was wild and wanton at times but really reserved in certain aspects of her sexuality. She was growing to accept herself, and with time she would learn to love every aspect and function of her body.

Savvin had a surprise and like clockwork, a light knock occurred. Flora looked puzzled. Savvin stepped aside and let the young man from earlier.

Flora gasped as the handsome young man entered. Savvin introduced them. The young man’s name was Devi. He had worked for the hotel for years and would often engage in discreet liaisons with its patrons.

Flora smiled, gleeful that she would have the opportunity to be pleasured by two fine male specimens.


Devi had a large towel and a bottle in his hands. He told Flora that he was an expert masseur and as requested by Mr. Savvin. He was there to massage the lady to remove the body stress occurring because of sultry weather of Mumbai and wandering in the hot sun.

Flora was wearing shorts and a blouse loosely tied at the centre. The shorts showed her gleaming thick soft thighs and the bottom end was very close to her crotch. Her blouse hardly covered her huge boobs. Her dress was so sexy and revealing that Devi’s lust was clearly showing on his face. Flora deliberately moved around shaking her boobs and oscillating her butt. She was clearly provoking Devi. She shook hand with Devi and teased him a bit by prodding in his stomach.

“Let us see your powers-I mean massaging powers,” Flora said winking her eye.

“Certainly, Ma’am,” replied Devi.

“Call me Flora or Flo,” Flo told him with her honey-laced voice.

“Oh yes, Flo, Ma’am. If you lie down, we can begin.” He whispered. Devi immediately obliged. He laid the big towel on the bed and asked Flo to lie down on it with stomach up. Flora did as was asked.

Devi moved her legs wide apart and poured a few drops of oil on Flora’s legs. His hands moved smoothly on her flesh while applying some pressure. Flora was getting excited with his each movement. Devi reached her thighs and kneaded them softly and brushed his palms on the entire surface. Flora was literally jumping because of the tickle.

“Flora, your shorts will become oily. Can you remove them?” Devi asked.

“Devi, it will be difficult for me to do that lying down. Will you do that for me? Savvin can help you,” Flora answered.

Devi proceeded. The buckle of Flora’s belt was not unlocking and Savvin helped him. With a single jerk Devi pulled her shorts and removed them through her ankles. Flora was not wearing anything underneath.

“Oh, you are not wearing panties-but that suits me,” Devi said and put oil on her crotch. He started gently rubbing with his fingers. His fingers circled Flora’s puffy pussy lips and touched her clitoris. Flora’s clit jumped like an angry animal and started throbbing.

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