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You insert the key into the lock on the door of the flat and open it quietly. Nothing. The place is in darkness, save for the sound of the tv coming from my flatmate’s room and a little bit of light coming from the end of the hallway. You move quickly through the flat towards the light, which is coming from the bathroom at the end of the hall. When you open the door, you can see me in the reflection in the mirror, my hair piled up on top of my head as I reach down to take off my bra and thong.

You stand still, watching as I step into the steam filled shower cubicle in the corner of the bathroom. You can hear the water running and in your mind’s eye you can see it as it washes over my skin, leaving wet trails.

You watch as I reach for the shower gel and lather it over my skin into a creamy foam. I reach up for the shower head and remove it from the fixture to trail it over my body, the suds rinsing off under the spray of the water. You catch your breath as I move the shower head between my legs to hold it close to my pussy, watching as I change position to lean against the tiles with my free hand, my head back and my eyes closed as the tension builds inside me.

You move slowly towards the shower, stripping off your clothes as you do. You step into the shower behind me, slipping your arm in front of me to drag me back against you, so I can feel your hard cock pressing against my arse.

You turn us round so that your back is against the tiles and place my hands on the tiles beside you. You kneel down in front of me and part my legs to reveal my pussy, which you tease delicately with your fingers. You pull one of my legs over your shoulder and cup your hands on my cheeks to hold me against isveçbahis your face as you push your tongue deep inside me, listening to my moans of excitement through the sound of the shower.

You let one of your hands slid from my cheek, down to my anus, where you trace the crease before pushing one of your fingers in deep. I can feel the uncomfortable pressure, but the fact that you have your head buried between my legs licking and nibbling at me with your teeth and tongue, is too distracting to be bothered with the fact that you are pushing as many of your fingers in me as you can fit.

Much as your cock is getting rock hard and you would like to stand up and push it in my waiting pussy, the size of the cubicle limits the possibilities and there are a few of those that you have been entertaining since you got to the flat. The fact that my flat mate is in her room watching tv, increases the options.

You roughly withdraw your fingers and I move my leg away from the side of your head to stand on two feet. I grab a towel from outside the cubicle and start to dry my hair as I step out into the bathroom. I walk down the hall, gently knocking on my flatmates door, before entering her room.

She is lying on the bed with her hand between her legs, watching a “home” video and she sits up and pulls me down onto the bed as you enter the room, nibbling on my nipple and playing with my other breast. I push her down onto the bed and part her legs, bending over the bed to put my head there also. You watch for a moment, enjoying the sight of me with my head between my flatmate’s legs, doing to her what you did to me in the shower. You stand behind me and part my legs, ramming your cock hard into my pussy without isveçbahis giriş warning. You grab a hand of my hair and pull my head back away from my flatmate, backing away from the bed slightly. My flatmate crawls along the bed to kneel in front of me, parting my lips to lick at my clit and your cock buried deep.

You pull on my hair until my back arches and the angle of my arse changes until I am nearly sitting on your cock, slamming it into me harder and harder. You reach round me to grab hold of my breast, playing with the nipple before pinching it. My flatmate stands up, leaning against the wall, her legs apart, holding her vibrator between her legs as she watches you pumping me again and again until you cum. When you have finished, she pulls me away from you, your cock easing out of my pussy. She pushes me face first onto the bed and pulls me back until my feet are resting on the floor and my arse is in the air, leaving my pussy available for her inspection.

You watch with interest as my flatmate selects a large vibrator from the items laying on her dressing table, along with some ben wah balls. Your cock starts to harden again as you try to suss out in which orifice my flatmate is going to insert her toys.

Your curiosity is satisfied when my flatmate inserts one of the ben wah balls into my pussy, pushing it in deep with her fingers until it rests against the neck of my womb. She removes her fingers, licking them thoroughly before inserting the other ball into my wet pussy, enjoying the sound of my moans as I feel the heavy weight of the balls rolling inside me.

My flatmate sits on the bed and turns me over to sit on her lap, rocking me back and forth until the balls start to rub isveçbahis yeni giriş against each other and the walls of my pussy. She rubs my clit with her thumb, increasing the pace at which she is rubbing me, as I rock back and forth on her lap, my orgasm getting ever closer. Your cock stands to full erection as my moans reverberate round the room. With her other hand she pinches my nipple aggressively as my pussy leaks juice onto her lap.

Your eyes light up as she pushes me roughly off of her lap onto the floor and turns to lie on her back on the bed, head towards the foot of the bed. She indicates for me to straddle her on the bed, my clit within licking distance of her tongue. She pulls the ben wah balls out of my pussy, offering them to you to suck on, an offer that you accept. She then pulls my thighs down closer to the bed, forcing my clit against her tongue and teeth, replacing them from time to time with the large vibrator which she didn’t use earlier.

You push at my back until I am on all fours over my flatmate. You part my cheeks and pull me away from my flatmates mouth briefly to insert your cock into my soaking wet pussy, before removing it and pushing it between my cheeks into my arse, ignoring my hastily exhaled breath as I feel you stretching me, and none too gently either.

My flatmate seizes the opportunity to insert the vibrator into my pussy, stretching it as far as it will permit. I tip my head back and drag in deep breaths as I try to come to terms with the fact that you are buried to your hilt in my arse and my flatmate has her hand buried in my pussy with a large vibrator. The full feeling is building as you pump harder and harder, my flatmate matching you, thrust for thrust. You pull out as you come and the cum trails down my back between my cheeks. My flatmate licks me clean as she continues to impale me on the vibrator, until I cum, my body shaking from the effort of being entered in two places.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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