First Time Seeing My Wife Get Fucked

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I’m Bob, my wife is Rosey, We had talked about it & imagined, but until you actually see your wife actually get fucked & suck a strangers cock you really don’t know how you will accept it, or how you feel later. Also, how will Rosey feel after she has got fucked? Questions that are hard to answer until it actually happens. We had often talked openly about my wife having sex with other guys. It had always been a fantasy in the making, until it really did happen!

We were down spending a week at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica in 2018 during early Dec 2018. I was 63. I’m in very good physical shape for my age. I’ve made a habit of looking after myself as Rosey is 25yrs younger than myself. Rosey was 38, at the time. She has long jet black hair, olive complexion, slim, attractive figure, beautiful face, a true looker. Both Guys & Gals at the resort could not keep there eyes off her.

One evening we had just got out of a Bubble Hot Tub. We had been having a good time with some friends that we met. This had been after a late afternoon & evening of quite heavy Drinking. We were drying off getting ready to leave the area, when Rosey tapped me on the shoulder & said, Bob, I really want to fuck that guy over there.

The fellows bursa escort name was Ace. Ace was one of the Jamaican Entertainers who worked most days at the resort. I would say Ace was in his mid 20s, very fit, & tall, Rosey”s exact style. Ace was also very talented when on stage performing in dances during nightly shows.

I know Rosey had had her eyes on him for some time. Rosey stated he has such a nice firm ass, she had been grabbing it that evening, could not keep her hands off. His ass makes me feel so horny. Rosey had continued playing with his ass in public which eventually got his dick hard, so Ace said to Rosey, Are you going to help me out!

Rosey really had been drinking quite a bit so I wanted to be sure this is really what she wanted. So I asked her, Rosey, are you sure you want to get fucked by him. This had never happened before, it would be a 1st, so I wanted to be sure. Her immediate answer back was YES. I asked Rosey again just to double check if she was sure, YES, she reconfirmed. I said ok.

Rosey told Ace she wanted him to fuck her, and he quietly ushered both of us to the Men’s Washroom, that was just a 1 minute walk from this Bubble Tub. We walked in the washroom, he said, ok, just wait inside bursa escort bayan this stall & I’ll be back in a few minutes. I said to Rosey if your going to do this, I really want to see you give him a Good Blow Job, she nodded & agreed. I had always had the fantasy to watch my my wife suck another man’s cock…It was going to come true.

After a few minutes Ace came back came into the washroom, into the stall & closed the door. I think he got a buddy to watch the outside of the washroom, to make sure no one came in. I was positioned to the side of the toilet so I could watch.

Rosey, immediately got down on her knees, quickly without any hesitation, yanked off Ace”s shorts & underwear, grabbed his now limp cock & starting sucking on the tip. He was not circumcised. She kept sucking on the tip of his black cock, gradually taking more & then a little bit more into her mouth. She was sucking just like a little slut, doing a real good job, no hesitation, & slowly his cock was getting more & more erect.

This fellow had a long cock, medium girth size, I emphasize long. I knelt down & whispered to her that she was doing a great job. I commented out loud so my wife could hear it. I told Rosey she is a good cock escort bursa sucker, Ace shook his head in agreement. I asked her if she enjoyed sucking his cock, she just nodded her head and mumbled with his cock in her mouth. She got him real hard after maybe 5 minutes of good sucking. She then stood up, bent over, he put on a condom & started fucking her from behind. Rosey loved it.

Ace, said to me hey Bob, put your cock in her mouth, great idea, I did. So Rosey was getting Fucked & Sucking me at the same time, what a rush! FUN! Ace was fucking her really hard, pounding on her ass. Ace was not letting up, giving Rosey a real solid fuck. Rosey was moaning in jubilation, truly enjoying being fucked & sucking like a true slut. Rosey just looked like such a naughty girl getting fucked. It was so Hot, I loved it! It did not take long for Ace cum, as he was pounding so hard. I think Rosey did such a good job of sucking him in advance that he was more than halfway there when he started to fuck her.

When we left the washroom, Rosey was ecstatic, thoroughly enjoyed every minute. No second guessing her decision. That was the 1st time, my wife got fucked & sucked a stranger & I got to watch. We both really enjoyed the experience. To be honest it was better than I expected, Very Hot. Rosey definitely enjoys the idea of being a little slut out of town, no issue. We have not looked back, Rosey has had it numerous times since, but only when we go away!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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