First Pet Play

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Before we got together, I set up the rules: I would keep my clothes on and, even though she wanted to play puppy naked, I told her to keep her bra and panties on.

I showed up at her place with my toy bag.

She answered the door in her underwear, as she’d been ordered, but with some difficulty as she had what look like puppy mitts on her hands. She said she was already in “Puppy place” and just about in “Puppy space” and that those were going to be the last words she spoke.

I put my bag down and got out the new collar and leash that I had picked up at the pet store. When I turned around, she was on all fours, panting and wiggling her butt.

I showed her the dog tag; it said “Missy” and I told her that was her new name, before snapping the collar on her and then the leash.

I led her by the leash over to the coffee table and told her to jump onto it, as it was time for me to check to see if she was worth keeping. I got out and put on a pair of latex examination gloves. I told her to sit.

She sat back on her feet with her back straight and her arms down by her side.


I moved her knees out just wider then her shoulders and placed her front paws down on the table just inside her knees. I arched her back so her tits stuck out between her front legs and lifted her chin up. I told her this is how she was to sit.


She leapt up on all fours.

I moved her feet and knees out to shoulder width and told her that is how she was to stand.


She immediately went right back to the right seating position.

Good dog.

I fed her a puppy treat. As I petted her arms and back I told her she was right, and that dogs don’t wear bras. So I unhooked hers and removed it. I rubbed her tits and told her she had nice udders and they they were udders not tits.

I started by checking her eyes and ears then I opened her mouth and checked her teeth. I ran my fingers all over the inside of her mouth. I told her dogs don’t have gag reflex so let’s see how good a dog she was.

I inserted two fingers into her mouth and pushed them as far in as I could. She never gagged.

As I removed my fingers I saw tears in her eyes. I petted her head and told her she was a very good puppy and gave her a treat.

She smiled and wagged her butt and more tears ran from her eyes. I petted her and dried her tears.


She instantly went to all fours.

Good puppy. I removed a anal thermometer from my bag.

As i stepped behind her, I admired her sexy butt and the big wet spot in her panties. I ran my finger over the wet spot then I pulled her panties down.

I çankaya escort have seen my share of clits but I have never seen one as big as hers. I took the thermometer and ran it over her pussy and then flicked her big clit with it.

Lubed with only her pussy juices the thermometer entered her asshole.

As I held it in her ass and stared at her big clit, I could not help but start to play with it. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I could not help myself, and as I pulled the thermometer out, I leaned forward and sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

I felt her orgasm and heard her start to howl. When she stopped howling, I pulled up her panties and told her she was a good puppy and that she was more than worth keeping.

Next I got a new puppy toy that I had bought for her to play with. I told her to get down that it was time to play. I thought she might need a drink so I got out two bowls and put water in one and some (fake) dog food in the other.

She drank all the water and started to eat the food so I gave her some more water. She lapped it up.

We then played fetch with her new toy for about 30 minutes. Watching her run around on all four was so sexy. Between her tits hanging down and swaying all over as she ran to me with the toy in her mouth, and watching her ass as she ran after the toy, it was just one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

She had been drinking a lot of water as we played. When I told her it was time to lay down and rest, I could tell by the way she was dancing around that she had to pee.

I asked her if she had to pee and she headed down the hall to the bathroom on all fours. I told her to stop and come back. As she got back, I said aloud that dogs do not use bathrooms but because it was so cold outside that she would have to use a puppy training pad.

I pulled a three foot by three foot pad out of my bag and laid it down on the floor and told her that was her peeing spot.

I saw the same look in her eyes as when I’d checked her gag reflex and could tell that peeing in front of me was something she didn’t want to do. But she had said that she liked the humiliation and I like to see a girl pee so I was going to take this for all we could get.

I clipped the leash to her collar.


She was very obedient; she jumped up on all fours. Holding the leash tight I moved behind her and removed her panties, then led her by the leash over to the pad. I told her to squat on the pad and pee. She squatted and lowered her head. I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her face and told her to look me in çankırı escort the face as she peed.

The look in her eyes and on her face was something I will never forget.

The humiliation she was feeling was keeping her from peeing and I was loving it. After maybe five minutes I told her I was going to count to five and when I got there she had better start peeing.


I pinched her nipple.


I pinched the other nipple.


I slapped her tit.


I slapped her other tit.

“Five. Now!”

She started to pee and she peed and peed. She did have tears in her eyes, but she never looked away and as I reached between her legs and ran my hand over her pussy and she pissed on my hand, she had the biggest smile on her face. Then the tears really came.

When she finally stopped peeing, I really started to rub her clit and she started to whine till she started to howl and had a orgasm.


And I took some baby wipes and cleaned her up.

The pad did its job – there was no pee on the floor.

I led her over to the couch, where I sat down and told her to come lie down beside me.

She did and laid her head on my lap and right on my very hard cock. She rubbed her face on my pants covered cock and motioned for me to take it out.

“Not yet.”

I told her to just lay there and relax and enjoy the petting.

After about half an hour she fell asleep. I pulled her blanket over her naked body. She slept for 30 minutes.

When she woke up she started to rub my cock till it was hard again. I undid my pants and pushed them down. She started to lick my cock and balls with her whole tongue like I have never had done to me before.

She never sucked my cock, just licked it. It felt so good but I was never going to come this way.

When I could take no more, I pushed her off the couch and told her to sit. I got up and stood in front of her and jacked off till I came all over her face and tits.

I fell back down and she just sat there, never moving, as my cum ran and dripped off her face and tits. Again I cleaned her up.

Now I took her collar off and told her she was no longer a puppy.

She rolled over on her back and started to masturbate, rubbing her big clit with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other.

I pulled my cock back out and started to jack off with her. She told me to cum on her again.

When I did, she yelled and came herself.

After we cleaned up we sat down and started talking.

I asked her about the tears.

She said that she cried when çayyolu escort she was emotional – happy or sad.

I said I had been a little worried when I checked her gag reflex.

She told me that she had really liked that. It was a little degrading but it turned her on. She told me that making her pee was the hardest but the best thing someone had ever made her do.

I said I liked watching her pee.

Then she said that she had to pee again and did I want to watch.

I said yes and we both ran to the bathroom. She stood over the toilet and ask me if I would spread her pussy lips.

I sat down in front of her and used my thumbs to pull her lips back. It took her a little while to start peeing. As she was peeing I told her I loved her big clit and I really did think it was sexy to watch her pee.

When she stopped and I looked up she was crying again. She sat down and I washed her pee off my hands and then wiped her tears dry.

As we walked back to the couch, she asked if I really did like her clit.

I told her yes, why not.

She said that the guys that she had been with made fun of how big it was and the last boyfriend would not play with it or go down on her. That it was too much like sucking a cock.

I told her that they were just dumb ass kids.

We sat and talked for hours, and then she made lunch, all the time naked. It was really cool.

After we ate, she started to rub my cock and ask if I wanted a blow job.

I said I would rather she licked me like she did.

She said that was just when she was a puppy and that she wanted to see if she could get all of my fat cock in her mouth. She has kind of a small mouth.

I told her okay, but then I wanted to fuck her tits.

She giggled and just about ripped my pants open and off. She did get it all in and seeing her lips stretched around the base of my cock was the best.

She laid down on the floor on her back and I straddled her chest and placed my cock between her boobs and she pushed them together. I grabbed for some lube and she told me to use my spit.

God, I had forgotten how good it feels to fuck a nice set of tits.

I reached back to rub her clit and said no. She jut wanted me to us her and then leave and go home.

I started to really fuck her tits and she would spit on my cock as it came near to her face.

I said she was such a slut and her eyes started to tear up.

I really started to talk nasty to her. I finally came all over her tits and neck, stood up and, on seeing her panties, I used them to wipe off my cock, before laying them over her tits.

I got dressed, picked up my toys and walked out the door without saying a word to her.

About half hour after I got home she emailed me thanking me, and she said that as soon as the door closed she started masturbating and rubbing her cum cover panties over her tits, before having two orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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