First Day of Work

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Zenais weaves through oncoming cars and somehow safely arrives at the sidewalk a mere millisecond before a taxi. She, however, is completely unaware of her near brush with death. All of her energy is focused on the building in front of her. It reaches seventy stories high and her future lies on the top floor.

She straightens her back and marches into the building. A secretary points her to the elevator lobby and she joins a small mob of men and women, all dressed in business casual. The elevators arrive routinely and the mob thins out a dozen at a time. As she gets closer to the front, the crowd behind begins to push a bit more. Her unrestrained breasts press against the woman in front of her. From behind, she can feel a hard dick pushing against her short skirt.


Zenais is pushed along with the crowd and ends up at the back of the elevator. The man who was standing behind her is now to her side. He gives her a sheepish grin. The elevator begins its ascent.

“Haven’t seen you around here before.”

Zenais blushes and turns to him as well as she can in the packed space.

“It’s my first day.”

The man’s hand drops down and cups Zenais’s ass.

“So I’m the first in the building to get a feel?”

She nods as he begins to knead and massage her behind.

“Lucky me. What floor you on?”


“Oh wow.”

“Oh wow” Zenais answers the man’s excitement with her own as his fingers slip under her skirt and against her sensitive clit.

“You’re really working with bigwigs.”


The elevator opens on the 35th floor. Her new friend excuses himself, suggesting they catch up later. Without the distraction of a quick grope, Zenais quickly altındağ escort begins to obsess over her new job.

She’s going to be working with bigwigs. She begs herself not to mess this up.

Finally the elevator opens on the top floor. Zenais walks into a sleek lobby. A young man wearing a tight-fitting dress shirt and nothing else, greets her from behind a standing desk.

“Hello. Who are you here to see?”

“Hi. It’s my first day. Zenais Griffith. Executive relief.”

The young man beams a $10,000 smile at her.

“Of course you are. You’re gorgeous. I’ll take you to the locker room.”

The man leads her through a maze of doors and randomly painted hallways. He blathers on as they walk.

“We had Hector Louisa design the interior. He’s famous in Spain.”

He points to an open door where a woman sits in a chair with her A-line skirt bunched up at her hips. An overweight man is going to town between her legs, making sloppy, slurping noises.

“This is the break room. We discourage sex inside work areas so if you ever need relief yourself you just head in here”

He leads her to a locker room. Inside they find a well built, rugged looking man in his late twenties. He’s rubbing a woody scented oil into his body as they enter.

“This is Matthew. He’ll be your partner. Matt this is… Zen-ness?” Zenias nods, and he smiles triumphantly. Matthew offers his hand to her, but pulls it away when he notices it’s covered in oil.

“Sandalwood.” He offers “The guys love it. Makes me seem more masculine.”

The secretary chuckles and turns to leave.

“You two will be needed in the boardroom in 30 minutes.”


Now ankara anal yapan escort freshly showered and lathered in a vanilla scented oil, a naked Zenias follows an equally nude Matthew into Boardroom A. The room is fairly large with a projector screen set up at the front. Seven reclining chairs are set up facing it. Matthew takes his place at the back corner of the room and Zenais stands next to him.

After just a minute the boardroom door opens and four men and two women, all nude as the day they were born, walk in. They smile at the reliefs as they take their seats. Zenais can feel pricks of sweat on her forehead and her stomach begins to knot up. Matt turns to her with his gentle smile.

“Don’t worry about anything. Just do what comes naturally.”

She nods. The lights in the room dim and a nude man enters the boardroom. He’s in his fifties with a salt and pepper beard and an excellent body. He stands at the front and addresses those assembled.

“Good morning everyone. Glad to see that we all made it on time today. We’ll begin our quarterly meeting in twenty minutes. Until then,” Thomas grins at Matthew and Zenais. “Reliefs?”

Matthew strides to the front of the room. Zenais is just a half step behind. They stand before those assembled.

Zenais is shocked to see that everyone is fairly young and decent looking. Far away from her nightmares of octogenarians with cigar breath. She smiles brightly and is quickly summoned by a man in his late 30s with olive skin and dark hair.

As she approaches, he’s already stroking his uncut seven-inch dick. As soon as she’s in range he envelopes her nipple ankara escort between his lips. He works his tongue expertly as his free hand moves to the other breast. Zenais reaches for his dick and replaces his hand with hers. With his free hand he begins to gently stroke her clit.

Zenais is overwhelmed with the sudden stimulations and lets out a loud moan. It’s met with a grunt of approval as a burly, bearded man in his forties, smacks her on the ass.

“Jonas” He offers as he slides a lubed finger against her asshole.

“Zenais” She whimpers out as the man below her slips two slinger fingers inside of her pussy.

“You have a very nice ass, Zenais. Would you mind if I fucked it?” Jonas asks with a coy grin.

“Oh, I’d love it if you did.”

“Hector,” Jonas calls to the man below her “You going to fuck her with your dick or keep playing around.”

Hector releases Zenais’s nipple. “It’s called foreplay.” Hector effortlessly lifts Zenais onto his dick. She bites onto his shoulder to keep from alerting the entire building. He reclines the chair a bit, and spreads her legs with his own. Her ass is perfectly positioned for Jonas.

He slides his abnormally thick cock up Zenais’s ass to her moan of approval.

Jonas groans as Zenais takes him all in one stroke. “Jeez. I don’t think anyone’s taken me like that. How long have you worked as a relief?”

“This is my first time, if you can believe it” Zenais tells him, biting back a prideful grin.

“I can’t,” Jonas whimpers through clenched teeth.

“Me neither” Hector grunts as he fills Zenas’s pussy with his cum.

Hector’s orgasm triggers Zenais. She claws at the older man’s back as she cums hard. Whimpers and groans from over her shoulder alert her that Jonas is in the same situation.

The two men struggle to catch their breath as they withdraw themselves from her tight holes.

A woman on the other side of the room motions to Zenais. She grins to herself as she rushes over.

I think I’m going to like it here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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