First Anal

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You are lying there, peaceful and content after an incredible wave of passion. Your skin is flushed and glistening with perspiration. Your nipples are still hard and your breasts swollen. Creamy wetness is still flowing from your open sex as you lay there with your legs comfortably parted. The scent of your arousal and release lingers in the room. Candles soften your contented smile.

I watch you as your tongue slowly licks your lips, remembering our mingled taste when you took me deep in your mouth afterwards. Our passion was an erotic mixture you savored and shared with me in your gentle kisses. The quivering of your perfect body and the after waves causing sweet, low moans to escape as you mold yourself to me again.

Rolling over onto your tummy, you sigh in contentment as my hands begin to caress your shoulders and back. I feel you relaxing as you quietly enjoy the closeness and intimacy of my massage. Warm oils give silkiness to your skin and make you feel so very special.

My large hands find your rounded bottom and you feel me stroking you as I gently part your precious cheeks. Cupping them softly, I run my fingers between them and play in the moistness still there. Teasing you and hearing your soft moans again as I spread your creaminess over your little puckered hole. Slowly circling around the tight opening I tease you with just the tip of my very large finger. You tense as you feel me probing your most intimate spot for the first time.

Pushing your little bottom up as you try to relax, almanbahis şikayet knowing what I want to do with you, opens you to my gentle insertion. Your arousal obvious as you push back, wanting me to give you this pleasure, but a little afraid of something so different. I hear you gasp as you give in to the penetration and gradually accept the rhythmic in and out pleasure you have wondered about for so long. The pain you worried about soon gives in to the growing warmth as you allow me to play.

My own arousal obvious now, I roll you over on your back and pull you to the edge of the bed. Spreading your legs and folding them against your shoulders opens your wetness to my gaze. Completely exposed and very vulnerable, you blush furiously and hide your face in the pillow. Smiling at your obvious embarrassment as you realize that you are still dripping and unable to stop the little noises from your tight openings.

Kneeling between your parted thighs, I taste your creaminess as my tongue travels up and down your open sex. Twirling it around your hard pink clit and parting your swollen red lips to the sound of your sweet moans as you start to respond. You gasp as you feel me probing your bottom now and your hips start to move enticingly as your imagination soars. Pushing yourself open, you sigh at the thought of your newfound naughtiness.

Through partially closed eyes, you watch as I stand between your legs now and tense as you feel the hard head of my cock at your virginal bottom. Rubbing it up and down almanbahis canlı casino in your wetness, I spread the creaminess over your tight puckered opening and gently push inside. The resistance makes you squirm around as my cock slowly slides past the opening to pause while you try to relax. Caressing your face, I dry the tiny tears while you bravely smile at me to continue.

Knowing it is stretching you and tearing you a bit, I try to be careful as you feel the tightness giving way gradually. You groan at the painful burning sensation while I continue my penetration of your upturned bottom. I can feel your muscles there flexing and sucking me as you try to adjust to this fullness .You cry out now as you feel me fully inside you, my balls slapping against you finally as I patiently wait for you to accept this new invasion.

Completely aroused by your submission, I tremble, as I look down at your violated bottom so completely stretched open by my cock. Hearing your low moans spurs me as I slowly withdraw fully and hear your sigh of relief. Just as gently as the first time, I push back inside you as I feel you once again trying to accommodate my cock in your tiny bottom. The contractions of your inner muscles suck harder now as you begin to accept this penetration and I feel your girlish hips start to move with me now.

Ever so slowly, you begin to draw me in and out as you feel a new type of pleasure building deep inside you. The pain soon turns to unexpected warmth and a naughtiness that has you almanbahis casino blushing as you begin to enjoy being taken anally. Thrusting your bottom up and opening it fully to me, your moans signal the huskiness I’ve come to know as your signal that you are near the ultimate pleasure again. Pushing harder and deeper, my cock stretches you more as I feel my own passion coming to a peak.

You feel my weight on top of you as I take you with passion now. Dominating you and no longer considerate of you feelings, my cock in control and my hips spreading you open even more. Animalistic, primitive and powerful as I ravage your stretched bottom while you try desperately to feel less vulnerable. My cock grows even harder as I feel you responding to my need to have you.

I feel your own arousal building as your wetness overflows. Your nipples harden as you thrust back on my cock and impale yourself firmly as we both reach our orgasms at the same time. Your bottom clenches around my cock as I feel your spasms milking me deep inside. Almost splitting you, I take you furiously until my scalding hot juices flood your virginal ass while you crush me in your arms, holding me close and screaming my name. We melt into that special oneness for such a brief moment before we collapse on the bed.

Completely spent and drained, my slowly softening cock slides regretfully from your ravaged bottom. The last spasms still sucking me like a tiny mouth and not wanting to let it go. With a last moan and a sigh, it is over. Lowering you tired legs and letting you stretch, I join you in bed and wrap my strong arms around you and hold you close. Kissing you softly I feel your pulse and breathing slow as you quietly fall asleep. The scent of our passion lingers and waits to ignite our passion again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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