Filipinas: Peaches

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Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later). I apologize for the long delay between stories. I live on Cebu, and we had a cat 5 typhoon go right over the top of us, knocking out power, water, phone, cable TV and internet. I still have no internet at home, so I am writing this elsewhere.

Nobody in this story was underage.

Hi. I’m Pete. I have often wondered how Filipinas (and Filipinos for that matter) got their names or nicknames. There seemed to be a bottomless barrel where Filipinos picked out the names for their children. Peaches was an example of that. I doubt that her parents had ever even seen a peach.

Anyway, I had just returned from another mission along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and I was thankful to be alive and even more thankful to be resting up a little bit at Clark Air Force Base (Angeles City) in the Philippines.

This had been an exceptionally hard trip, and in addition to the horrors I had seen, I had been behind enemy lines for longer than usual. I had actually run out of food. Therefore, I had lost a lot of weight, and I had to get it back to my original body mass. Thus, the stopover at Clark was crucial to my full recovery.

Every trip behind enemy lines had its physical and psychological hazards, and this trip was worse than most. My job was twofold. I was to identify targets of value for the US Air Force and I was to take out any targets of opportunity (NVA colonels or higher) that presented themselves.

As part of this, I would travel mostly at night after being dropped into an area (because the place was crawling with NVA) and reconnoiter during the day. Trips would usually last anyplace from five to twelve days, depending on what I found and how far from my AO (area of operation) I was dropped.

Trips always included a lot of night travel, which is scary as hell when there are so many enemies around. Days would be spent in a “hide” (hopefully in a place where I had a good view for a long distance). It was not safe to travel in the daytime.

On this particular trip, I had set up on the military crest of a ridge overlooking a deep valley with several primitive roads and trails running through it. There was quite a bit of activity in the valley which I noted, but what really caught my attention wasn’t moving.

It was a man who had been strapped to a large wooden T-bar (with his arms stretched out on the cross piece). He was obviously a large man (probably an American), and he had been basically skinned alive (flayed) while hanging there, and they had cut most of his fingers off. There was no way to identify him. This was exactly why I would never allow myself to be captured alive.

In addition, the mission lasted for over fourteen days because I had to be dropped further than normal from the AO. I was totally exhausted by the time I got back to NKP in Thailand and debriefed. I wanted the entire area to be obliterated by B-52’s, so I identified three villages near the crucifixion site as large concentrations of enemy forces. The place was an Arc Light target three days after I got back to Thailand. I have no idea how many hundreds I had killed in that airstrike, but I considered it retribution.

When I got to Angeles City, I was in bad need of some rest and relaxation. I was also in need of some spiritual healing. That was how I ended up in an old Catholic church in Angeles City. I was sitting in a pew sobbing when an older woman and her twenty-year-old daughter came up to me asking if I needed help.

I told them yes, I needed some help. I told them I had nobody that I could confide in and I basically just needed some companionship while I worked this out in my head. I needed someone who could help get me through the bad dreams I was having.

That was when the daughter, Peaches, said she could see how bad I was hurting and that she would stay and comfort me. She and her mother had a short conversation (I think her mother was disagreeing with her decision), and Peaches stayed with me when her mother left the church. I sat there for another hour. I couldn’t get the images I had seen out of my head, and I kept sobbing every time they came to mind. Day or night, I couldn’t escape them. My sleep was really messed up because of the dreams.

Peaches asked me what was bothering me. I wasn’t sure how much I could tell her. I decided to tell her about the experience, but not where it had happened or how I came to see it. I detailed to her how I had been looking out over a valley when I spotted a man who had been crucified and skinned alive. I described how the man had turned black from the blood oozing out of his muscles, and how the flies covered him. I think she almost threw up from my description of the scene.

I told her every time I closed my eyes, the images of that horrible day would come rushing at me, and how I couldn’t ankara escort fall asleep now for fear of the dreams. I told her that the whole thing had terrified me, as I could see the same thing happening to me if I was captured.

By the time I was done describing my horrors to Peaches, she was crying alongside me. That bothered me even more. I hadn’t meant to transfer this pain to somebody else, especially not a beautiful girl like Peaches. When I apologized to her, she hugged me. “I can understand why you have bad dreams,” she said. “That was horrible.”

She said that I seemed to be a good man, and that she would like to take care of me for as long as she could. I asked how she meant to do that, and she said that she would stay with me until I could get past this.

“Stay with me?” I asked.

“Yes, I will stay with you and give you comfort,” she replied. “You deserve that.”

I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but I did need some comfort. I asked her how she proposed to do that, and she said that she would come with me and stay until I was OK. She said that she had a strange feeling that I would be a special man in her life, and that she needed to help me get through this difficult time. I was surprised that a church girl would offer this.

I said, “OK,” and we started off back to my hotel. What I needed most was sleep, so on our way to my hotel, she suggested that I lay down on my bed and she give me a massage that would hopefully put me to sleep. She said that she was going to school for physical therapy, and that she had been trained in massage. We stopped at a small store about a block from my room and bought some lotion.

I had never had a massage before, so I had no idea what to do. To make it easier, she had me strip down to my underwear for the massage. Then, she put a towel on my bed and had me lay chest down with my head turned to the side. After she had me situated, she crawled onto the bed (fully clothed), and kneeling to my side, she started to massage my back.

After a few minutes, she applied some lotion to my back and started to rub it into my skin. I have to admit that her hands felt very good on me, and it was relaxing. She thoroughly kneaded the muscles in my back and had moved to massaging my legs when I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept before I woke screaming. I dreamed that I was surrounded by NVA soldiers trying to hold me down. I came up swinging. Luckily, Peaches was fast and dodged out of the way before I did any damage. As I became aware of my surroundings, she was standing next to the bed with her eyes opened wide looking at me.

I was so embarrassed, “God, I’m sorry. That must have looked horrible.”

It’s OK, she replied. “Now I have a better idea of what you are going through. Can you tell me what your dream was about?”

“I was being held down by a bunch of NVA guys, and they were trying to tie me up,” I said. “Being captured is my biggest fear, and I guess my experience with the crucified man heightened that fear.”

I think I can understand that. Would you like me to continue the massage, or would you like it if I just lay down with you? Maybe having somebody’s warm body next to you will keep the dreams away,” she asked.

“Whichever you prefer,” I replied.

“In that case, I will continue the massage for a bit, but if you fall asleep again, I will lay next to you,” she said. “Turn onto your side, so I can lay down in front of you if you fall asleep.”

I did as I was instructed, and she started massaging my legs again. This time, she was not only massaging the back of my legs but the front as well. Nevertheless, she wasn’t getting anywhere near my privates with her hands. I know that I must have been very tired because I was soon asleep again. Just as she said she would, she lay down in front of me and wrapped my arm around her waist. That was very trusting on her part, considering how violently I had woke up before.

I have no idea how long I slept, but when I woke, my arm was still around her, and she was still snuggled back against me and very much asleep herself. I leaned over and softly kissed her neck and told her, “Thank you. You have no idea how good it feels to be laying here with you.”

She opened her eyes and turned to me. “I’m glad that you got some sleep,” she said. “I was hoping that you would sleep without having bad dreams.”

“Thank you for that. Holding you must have given me a sense of security,” I replied. “How long will you stay with me?”

“I will stay as long as you need me,” she said and leaned forward to give me a little kiss on the lips. “Please don’t think that I would just get into bed with any man. That was my first kiss ever.”

I thought for a minute and then looked at my watch. It was time for me to go to the base for my daily routines (running, shooting and exercise), and I knew that I couldn’t skip out on my duties. “I have to go to the base for several hours. Would you come back this afternoon? Please?”

She pondered çankaya escort my question for a minute and replied, “Yes, I will come back to be with you. I think you are very special. I will go home and talk with my mother, and then I will come back.”

I hugged her tight, and then I leaned in for another kiss. The first kiss was just a short peck, but this time I let my lips linger on hers for a more romantic kiss. “A girl’s first kiss should be memorable,” I thought to myself.

When she opened her eyes, Peaches was smiling. Her eyes were sparkling. “Wow.” She said. “Thank you. I will definitely be back to stay with you.”

I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to get a shower before heading to the base. So far, nothing had happened between us except the kisses, so I was unsure what I should or shouldn’t do. I opted for a safe course and showered, dried off and wrapped a towel around me before going back into the bedroom.

She was sitting up on the bed waiting for me. I asked her if she would like to use the toilet before we left, and she almost ran into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I put on my jogging clothes and put some clothes in a small bag for later.

She came out of the bathroom, and I sat her down on the bed. I told her, “I have never been treated so kindly before by anybody. I was a complete stranger to you yesterday, and yet you showed me so much kindness and understanding. I don’t think I can ever repay you for this.”

She leaned in for another kiss and said, Consider this as your payment to me. I never believed in love at first sight, but now maybe I do. I want to get to know you better.”

I smiled. This girl was something special. She had seen me at what may have been my worst, and she hadn’t been scared away. Who knew where this might lead?

I told her, “Meet me back here at 2 PM. I will take you to dinner this evening, and then maybe, you can put me to sleep again.”

“OK,” she replied as we left the room.

After my morning run and shower, I went to talk with my contact (a captain) at headquarters. I told him that I had an exceptionally stressful trip and asked if it would be OK if I shortened my daily activities. I guess I was looking pretty rough because he told me to take it easy for a few days. “Rest, relax and eat are your only duties while you are here this trip. Check in daily, though, and I will let you know when your flight is.”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

From there, I went to the mess hall to get a big breakfast. I hadn’t eaten dinner the night before, so I was hungry. It took two plates to contain my breakfast. A big pile of scrambled eggs, lots of bacon, another pile of hash browns and two biscuits with sausage gravy drowning everything, and I was ready to meet the rest of the day.

I walked over to Security Police to tell the armorer that I wouldn’t be using the range this trip. It meant that he didn’t have to get me a ride to and from the range every day, so that made him happy. Then, I went to the BX to get some stuff (mostly snacks and juices, but I also bought Peaches a modest, mid-thigh length nightgown and a toothbrush. If she was going to be sleeping with me, I wanted her to at least be comfortable.

I went to lunch at the mess hall, and then I went back to my room in Angeles City. I tried to nap, but sleep wouldn’t come. Maybe there really was something to having a warm woman laying next to me to make me sleep. I just hung out the rest of the afternoon eating snacks, drinking juice and listening to the radio until I heard a knock on the door.

“I know that I’m early, but I heard the radio in the room, so I was hoping that you were back,” she said as I opened the door to let her in. As she passed me, she leaned up to kiss my cheek. She immediately went to sit on the bed. “What would you like me to do? I can give you another massage or we can just snuggle. I think that either one will put you to sleep.”

I replied, “I think I would like to spoon with you like we did last night.”

“OK,” she said. “Take off your shirt and pants and we can lay down.”

“I stopped at the BX today and bought you something so you would be comfortable too,” I said and gave her the nightgown. “You can change in the bathroom, if you would like.”

“You shouldn’t have, but thank you,” she said and then walked into the bathroom. I pulled off my clothes, so I was just in my boxers.

All I could say when she returned was, “Wow.” She was really beautiful in the nightgown. It was mostly modest (not showing anything) but sexy at the same time. “Are you OK with wearing this?”

“I have to admit that I hesitated when I saw how short it was, but yes, I am OK with wearing it. From your reaction, I take it that you like it.”

“Yes, I like it very much,” I replied.

Peaches came over to the bed and leaned over for another kiss. The top of the nighty hung down a bit, and I was treated to a fleeting glimpse of her breasts while she kissed me. She had small eraser-sized kızılay escort brown nipples surrounded by quarter-sized areolas. Perfect.

“I trust you Pete. I have never been with a man like this before, so I have no idea how this will end up, but I trust that you won’t hurt me or break my heart. I talked with my mother today, and she finally agreed to let me spend more time with you. She said that I needed to be totally honest with you, and that you would in-turn be honest with me. She also said that I would soon be a woman.”

“Thank you for your trust, Peaches. I don’t know what I did to earn that trust, but I will try not to hurt you or break your heart. You need to know that I am not stationed at Clark, so there will come a time when I will have to fly out. From what I can see, you are already a beautiful woman.”

I lay down on the bed, and Peaches snuggled back against me. I put my arm around her waist, and leaned over to kiss her neck. She said, “That feels good. Please don’t stop.”

Somehow, my hand moved up from her waist until it was over her breast as I kissed her neck. “Oh my God. You make me feel very good.” She twisted so she could kiss me, and we engaged in a soft, romantic kiss. “I told my mother that I had my first kiss, and she said there would probably be a lot more in the future.” Then she sealed her lips to mine again.

At first, it startled her when my tongue touched her teeth. It didn’t take her long, though, before her mouth opened enough to let my tongue enter her mouth and dance with her tongue. “Mmmm…” was all she could say as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The result was her nipples boring through her light cotton nightgown and into my chest. Of course, my hands quickly caught up with her breasts and softly massaged them.

“Nobody has ever touched me like this before,” she said. “I always thought it was wrong to let a boy touch my breasts, but it feels so good that it has to be right with you.”

“I don’t know how far you want to go, but wherever that is, I will take you there,” I replied.

“OK. I trust you,” Peaches whispered and then returned for another kiss. My hands continued to massage her nipples through her nightgown. They were getting harder by the minute, and she was pushing them into my hands.

The next time we broke our kiss, she said, “I think that this is going to go further than I at first suspected, but you are making me feel wonderful, so I will continue to trust you not to hurt me or break my heart.”

“I will certainly try not to break your heart, but nobody knows the future. We all go into life with no guarantees. Each of us has to decide what risks we will take, and then we have to live with the results,” I replied.

“I know,” she said, and then she kissed me again.

I let my hands wander down to the hem of her nightgown and then up under it until they were on the bare skin of her breasts. Of course, that pulled her nightgown up to her waist. I massaged her breasts for a while as we continued to kiss. From the little sounds coming from her, I could tell that she was heating up. I decided to take this further, if she would let me.

With her nightgown up at her waist, I kissed her earlobes and then her neck. Next, I pulled the nightgown up a little until I could kiss her nipples without any obstruction. That drew a huge sigh from her, but then she asked, “Should we go any further? I am a little bit scared.”

I replied, “That is up to you. Do you trust me?”

Before she could answer, I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

“OK,” she said. “You can do that.”

I continued suckling her nipples, and she was squirming under me. Her nightgown was all bunched up under her neck, and as I suckled, I helped her get her arms out of the sleeves. Then, it was easy to pull it over her head and off. Now I had free access to her beautiful breasts with no obstructions.

“My God, you are beautiful,” I muttered as I was changing between nipples. “I think I am falling in love with you.”

That drew another moan from her, and then she replied, “I am already in love with you.”

My right hand found its way down between her legs, and I was rubbing her vulva through her panties as I continued to suckle from her nipples. She was already wet, and her crotch was soaked through on her panties. I went slowly, as I didn’t want to scare her, but after rubbing her through her panties for several minutes, I slid my finger under the leg hole of her panties and directly onto her vulva.

She pushed me away from her breast and said, “I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. Can you be satisfied with just touching?”

“I’m not sure,” I replied honestly.

“Try please,” she said.

I went back to suckling her breasts and rubbing her vulva under her panties, taking care to avoid her clit and her vaginal opening. Even then, she was soon bucking up from the bed, her hips thrusting at my fingers. I pulled her panties down enough to have clear access to her and continued tweaking her sensitive spots.

When she climaxed, it surprised me because I hadn’t even touched her clit yet. She quickly became oversensitive and begged me to stop. She promised that we could do this again later if I wanted.

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