Fighting for his Wife

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The new wife and the boxing match

John was in his late 30s, former amateur boxer and average slim guy, still in great shape for his age as he exercised regularly. He was a successful sales manager at his company, well respected by his peers with a good salary to provide for himself and his family.

Kate was a smoking hot brunette, five years younger than him and she was everything John had ever looked for in a woman. She was funny, sexy, smart, successful herself as she had her own little import export shop.

John, similarly, was everything Kate had ever looked for in a guy, smart, attractive, confident, funny, in a good place in life and to Kate’s surprise when they first hooked up, with a good sized 7″ cock she he knew how to use to give her the most amazing orgasms.

They met at a party a few years back and it was, as they said, love at first sight, the chemistry between them was unbelievable the more time they spent together the stronger their bond became. The sex was as amazing as anything else in their relatioship, they both found in each other what neither had experience with anyone else before. This soon led them to start sharing their fantasies with each other and they both started experimenting together.

As in almost every couple, John turned out to be the more perverted and, albeit with some reservations for fear of Kate not thinking as highly of him, he started to share his interest for being dominated by her, a long held fantasy John had been unable to fulfil with any of his past girlfriends. He was careful sharing this fantasy, he didn’t want to scare her away and ruin what they had as he remembered too well how poorly all his other girlfriends reacted when he shared his kinks, so he shared only very few of his deep fantasies. He told Kate he likes when a woman acts and dress aggressively, like a mistress, being tied up and punished by her, and he even found the courage to share with her that he sometimes fantasized that his dominant partner would fuck someone else to make him jealous.

Over their 2 years engagement exploring many of these fantasies while having sex made their sex lives even more mindblowing, Kate had a real knack for roleplaying and that drove John even more in love with her over time.

After 2 years of what can only be defined as the perfect relationship, John and Kate got married and that further solidified their bond as two persons perfect for each other.

After getting married, living together meant that they didn’t have as much personal space as before, and when personal space disappears you slowly start finding many little habits and secrets of the other person.

For Kate and John there was nothing out of the ordinary, with one big exception…one day before going to work John forgot his personal laptop unlocked at home and Kate couldn’t help herself to not snoop around on it, curiosity was surely one of her traits for which John loved her.

She didn’t find anything particularly interesting, until she opened a secondary browser and John Tumblr account popped up. It had some of the fantasies they had been roleplaying together, but that was not it, there was so much more to it…Kate ended up calling in sick that day and perusing his entire blog.

She had no idea John was so perverted, he did share some fantasies along the lines of what she saw and read on his blog, but OMG this was a whole different level of perverted.

The most intriguing parts of John blog were the stories, stories about wives surprising their husbands with hard core BDSM sessions, tieing them up in really burdur escort uncomfortable positions and enjoying themselves by torturing them until they were crying and begging…they had done some BDSM in the bedroom, but OMG that was a whole new level of intensity. Stories about wives cheating on their husbands, taking on one or more lovers and explicitly rubbing that into their cuckolds. All stories, videos, pictures and captions in John blog seemed to have a few themes, the husbands were always forced to go through the events, the wives were always mean to their husbands humiliating them, the wives were always acting like sluts and almost always had affairs with other men and they regularly punished their husbands either to keep them in line or just for the fun of it.

Kate went through many different emotions that day, she was surprised, disappointed that John didn’t feel comfortable sharing those fantasies with her, she got excited, she got curious!

Nothing big happened after that day, Kate decided not to confront her hubby on it and just kept reading up on those fantasies, and the more she read up on them, the more she found herself being drawn to those ideas…

She very slowly started to bring some carefully selected and milder fantasies into their bedroom to test the waters, to see how much those fantasies were a turn on for John and to her increasing surprise the most perverse the fantasy the more excited John was…it was time to set a plan in motion.

John’s birthday was coming up in a couple of months and Kate decided to give him a birthday he would never forget. It took a lot of research and planning, but that was no obstacle for Kate and her resourcefulness.

It was Friday morning, John’s birthday and Kate that past few days had been out of town for business. She was scheduled to come back that afternoon and she had told John she had a big surprise for him that night for his birthday.

When John woke up, all alone in their bed he saw an email from Kate on his phone,

“Dear John,

Happy birthday my love

I have organized a present that I’m sure you will never forget but you need to understand that this is no normal present.

First, tonight I’ll push you more than I’ve pushed you in the past, but do not worry I know you will eventually like it.

Second, your present tonight will be physical in nature. I hope you have been keeping up your cardio exercises, and don’t forget that you will be the author of your own destiny.

Third, I’m telling you this will be a lot for you to process, but you might not be ready for it, so you are still in time to quit, but if tonight you show up at the address I gave you, then there will be no turning back, you being there will mean you accept my present and all its consequences.

You have the rest of the day to think about it, and never forget, whatever happens tonight, I love you more than anything in this world!”

That email was so cryptic but extremely exciting as well, it got John hard instantly, but as he re read it for the 10th time he realized he had no idea what Kate had planned. She knew him too well, if there was a person more curious than Kate in this world, that person was John and there was no chance he was not going to show up that evening.

Indeed, when John showed up to the address at 7 pm as indicated, he realized it was a sort of event place. He walked in and saw Kate dressed to kill, he had never seen her dressed so explicitly outside of their house. She had a pair of high heels black sandals, a garter belt and a leather mini skirt that was so short every bursa escort time she walked you could see the end of her stockings and the garter belt, and to finish her outfit she had a deep cleavage halter top with no bra.

John heart started beating fast the moment he saw his stunning wife, already planning a memorable night with her and wondering what she had planned for his birthday.

Kate approached John, gave him a big warm passionate french kiss and then whispered in his ear, “I’m so wet tonight John, I’ve been edging myself for the past 4 days, I’ve never been so horny in my life, I need a cock to drill me until morning.” With that Kate grabbed John’s hand and made him feel she was not wearing any panties and she was indeed drenched in excitement.

Then Kate broke it to John, the grand reveal of his birthday surprise, “John, tonight you are going to fight for me. You were an amateur boxer when you were younger, so I thought it would be really exciting to see you fight another guy and win your wife, to bring me home and fuck the hell our of me. This is a place where amateur boxers fight for fun, there are usually some people watching and cheering to make it more fun and I’ve found a guy who is willing to spar with you for a match.”

As Kate was saying this, she was flirting heavily with John, she wanted to ensure he didn’t change his mind and went along with her plan. She was caressing his cock through his trousers, licking his earlobe as she whispered to him…John was rock hard and looking forward to beat this guy ass and take his wife home to fuck her silly.

It was at that point that John saw Jennifer and Julie coming up to them, they were Kate’s best friends and he knew they had no secrets among them. Kate said, “I’m leaving you with them, they will show you where you have to go to get ready for the match.”

With that Kate walked away and into a door of the building.

Jennifer and Julie, a blonde and another brunette, were quite attractive but not as much as Kate and John had often secretly fantasized about having them part of one of their bedroom games, but that was never even close to happening. This was indeed the first time they were somehow involved in one of their sexual adventures.

Jennifer then spoke up, “Hi John, you are brave, Kate is a very lucky woman to have found a husband like you willing to fight for here, come with us, we will show you where the changing rooms are and we will give you your fighting clothes.”

Once John was left alone in the changing room, there was nothing out of the ordinary, he found all he needed to get changed into his fighting outfit and when ready Jennifer and Julie escorted him to the fighting ring. He was the first there, his opponent was not yet ready. He could see the referee, and about 20 people seated around the ring waiting to watch the amateur match.

As John sat on the stool in his corner, Julie came up to him. Among Kate’s best friends she had always been the most kind to him, “I’m sorry John that Kate is putting you through this, I told her she shouldn’t but she insisted this is what you wanted, anyway good luck.” Julie and Jennifer took seats among the audience and John started to be confused thinking about what Julie just said to him.

As he was immersed in his thoughts, his opponent got onto the ring, a black guy, about his size but his muscles were sculpted…despite John being in pretty good shape, this guy looked like he was in a much better shape than him…John started to worry, he was not so confident he could win that match anymore and he started to be afraid to show Kate çanakkale escort he was not as strong as maybe she thoughts he was.

Kate emerged from a side door next to the ring and she walked up to the corner where John was, he was expecting her final encouragement before the fight, which she gave him but, just before the referee started the fight, she whispered in his ear something else, “I read your entire Tumblr blog…do your best my love, tonight this pussy is going home with the winner, whoever he is, Happy birthday!”

John almost did not hear the referee as Kate’s last words had shocked his world. What did she mean, was she serious, she must be joking, she can’t be serious. “I can’t lose,” he thought…and as he was in his swirl of emotions the first punch woke him up. Blake was coming at him strong.

After a few punches each, Blake gave John a strong punch on his stomach that got him on his knees…Blake, towering over him spoke directly at John, “I can already feel your girlfriend hot pussy around my cock loser, look at those tits I’ll play with them all night long.”

Still on the ground John looked at where Kate and her best friends were sitting, Jennifer had a curious look on her face, Julie was looking at him with pitiful eyes and Kate had an evil smile that didn’t look any good.

It was in that moment that John realized Kate wasn’t joking, that she had already arranged it with Blake, and seeing how much stronger Blake was than him, that she had chosen someone who she knew was going to win over him. She must have found the cuckold section of his blog…those were fantasies, he didn’t know if he was ready to turn them into reality, but it seemed it was not going to be his choice…unless somehow he managed to win.

John somehow got to the end of the first round and as he was trying to catch his breath and think how he could win, Kate came next to him with another whisper in his ear, “You don’t look too good love, what is it, this pussy is craving a good hard cock, don’t you want to fuck her tonight? Remember what I told you, you are the author of your destiny, and I know you get anything you want. So if you lose, I’ll know you really want me to be Blake slut instead of yours.”

Kate was playing with John’s confidence and success, she knew how proud he was of being a successful sales person, of closing any deal he set to close, but she also knew the deck was stacked against him this time…

Round 2 was a repeat of round 1, John was taking more hits than giving and growing increasingly tired, while Blake appeared to still be fresh with tons of energy left to give.

At the break Kate whispered to John again, “Looking at the two of you fighting over me is making me so wet honey you have no idea, I can almost feel Blake strong big black cock pushing his way inside my pussy, would you like that?”

Round 3 John took all the energy he had left and got a couple of good punches in but then he was out of breath and Blake got a clean knock down with a hard punch to the stomach that got John winded out. It was a knock down, the match was over and John had lost.

As the referee counted John out, Kate jumped on the ring and while John was still on the ground trying to breath she went straight to Blake, put her arms around him and gave him a victory sexual french kiss in front of everyone.

John was still on the ground, unable to even stand up and could only watch in disbelief what his lovely wife had just done and was about to do. He had never felt so humiliated in his life and, to add insult to injury, Kate’s two best friends were there watching Kate kissing the guy who just beat him.

Kate walked off the ring with Blake as he was grabbing her ass with his hand and John was watching helplessly. On her way out Kate turned and gave John the most evil smile winking at him.

To be continued…

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