Fay’s Dirty Discoveries Ch. 11

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(Fay is 22 years-old with tumbles of ginger curls and huge, 32FF boobs. Her flatmate, Nadia is 23 and has 32DDs and glossy, black hair. This story continues directly from the last one, so read that for context.)


As Nadia came down from her orgasm, she gathered her wits and pushed Fay away from her pussy as she stood up. She looked down and her excitement grew again as she saw that she was right, and her busty flatmate had indeed shit in her knickers. Grabbing Fay’s arm, she hauled the sexy mess to her feet, before slapping her hard across the face.

“You filthy, dirty fucking slut!” shouted Nadia, slapping Fay again. “How dare you shit yourself whilst we’re fucking? How fucking dare you?!” She slapped her again, then walked out. Fay was in a daze. Her nipples were so hard they hurt and her pussy was wetter than it ever had been. Her face stung where Nadia had slapped her. She was covered in pee, both her own and Nadia’s, her chubby bottom cheeks had recently been spanked and were smeared with the warm poo that was filling her panties and her mouth was full of the taste of Nadia’s cunt. She felt like she was close to paradise!

Moments after walking out, Nadia was back, her lovely breasts bouncing as she marched into the room. Fay started to smile as she understood why the dark-haired girl had left, but Nadia was on her before she could react, forcibly spinning her around and pushing her in the back so she bent over Nadia’s bed, steadying herself with her hands on the piss-soaked sheets. Fay opened her mouth to speak, but it turned into a cry of pain as Nadia whipped the cane across the redhead’s thighs, just below the crease of her bottom.

“Dirty girl!” scolded Nadia, laying a second burning stripe across Fay’s legs. The pain was intense, her soft thighs showing a hot, white line with angry, red borders. Fay’s tears quickly came, but she made no effort to escape the punishment. “Using your knickers as a toilet, like a dirty baby!” Nadia aimed the next stroke on the crease below her buttocks, eliciting a short scream from Fay, who did a little dance of agony, but still remained in place, fingers squeezing the pissy sheets, tears dripping down her lovely face. Nadia aimed the fifth cane stripe across the middle of Fay’s bottom cheeks, above the obscene, sagging mound of poo that was plainly visible in the pouch of her stained panties. The thin, satin material offered little protection as the cane bit into her buttocks. The sixth followed quickly, also aimed at her bottom, but thwacking wetly against the poo-filled panties. Nadia dropped the cane and grabbed a handful bornova escort of Fay’s red curls, pulling her upright and to face her. Their faces came together into a passionate kiss, busty bodies pressed together. Nadia was kissing her aggressively, biting at Fay’s tongue, licking her tears from her cheeks, hands stroking and squeezing the younger girl’s heavy breasts.

Fay responded hungrily to Nadia’s kisses, and the girls seemed to want to devour each other, revelling in the passion of their embrace, soft bodies twined, neither caring that Fay was covered in pee and that her knickers contained a pile of soft shit — in fact both were delighted by this. Nadia trailed kisses down Fay’s neck, then scooped the redhead’s massive boobs in her hands and began to lick and kiss all over them, tasting Fay’s skin and the overlaying taste of her own piss. She sucked at her erect nipples, filling her mouth with Fay’s soft breasts.

While her dark-haired friend kissed all over her body, Fay’s hands were busy in her own knickers. She clutched and stroked her sopping pussy, and thrilled to the way her panties were weighed down, tight around the top where the mass of poo in the back made the elastic bite into her. She closed her eyes, lost in pleasure, and started to whisper encouragement to Nadia. “That’s it, that’s lovely. Lick your piss off my boobs. I’m such a filthy girl. I’m touching myself…touching myself and remembering that taste of your pussy and the feel of you peeing on me and caning me…”

Fay’s words were driving Nadia on and making her feel even dirtier. She bit, gently and then harder, at Fay’s nipples, and loved the sharp intake of breath she got for her efforts — although she noticed that Fay also started to rub at her clit more furiously. She began to roughly squeeze Fay’s big, heavy breasts, responding to the younger girl’s dirty talk.

“Yeah, you liked it when I pissed on you? You liked eating my pussy?” “I did,” Fay breathed. “You taste lovely..” “And you taste of piss…and smell of shit! You shit yourself like a baby.” “I did, I did it on purpose.” “You shit in your filthy knickers and deserved punishing, didn’t you?” Fay’s hand was a blur between her thighs as she answered. “Ye…yes, but you didn’t punish me enough! I want you to cane me harder, and longer!” Nadia was momentarily taken aback, but while one hand continued to nip and pull at Fay’s nipples, her other slid around behind, stroking the ridges left by the cane on Fay’s thighs. “You want more punishment, dirty girl?” “Yes!” Fay gulped. “I…I want you to spank me bostancı escort every morning and every night, and cane me whenever I am bad. Cane me until I cry. And I want to be bad all the time. I want to go to the toilet in my knickers and in my bed. I want to be filthy with you…” She trailed off, her body clenching as her orgasm approached. Sensing this, Nadia gave Fay’s nipples an extra hard squeeze and then, as Fay moaned and her orgasm washed over her, she moved her hand to Fay’s bottom and squashed the load of poo against Fay’s round bottom. The soft mess smeared against her cheeks, oozed between her thighs towards her pussy, and squeezed out of the leg-bands to leave a brown, sticky smear at the back of her caned legs.

Fay was gasping for air but was still stroking herself as her orgasm seemed to continue. Losing herself in their nastiness, Nadia wiped her hand around the outer edge of Fay’s disgusting panties, collecting the poo that had escaped onto her fingers, and before she had chance to reconsider she wiped the foul substance across Fay’s sore tits, leaving dirty, brown finger smears on the creamy, white flesh. This lewd act furthered Fay’s climax and a second, shattering orgasm hit her, her fingers scrabbling at her cunt, her lips suddenly crushed again against Nadia, her shit-smeared tits now pressing against Nadia’s own 32DDs, transferring some of the dirt.

* * * * *

The clean-up was brief — Nadia agreed that she also wanted to sleep in pissy, smelly sheets, and told Fay to keep her panties on, and keep the shit in them, whilst they tidied the flat. Once that was done, Fay was permitted to empty out the load and wipe out the panties with toilet roll before putting them on and wearing them in the shower — which she shared with Nadia, soaping each other’s boobs and washing each other like a teenage fantasy. The worst of the poo was washed out of her knickers and some of the smell was reduced, but they were now a mess of stains.

After towelling off and putting on robes, the two girls sat together and cuddled on the sofa, relaxing and chatting about nothing as they polished off a bottle of pink wine. Around midnight Nadia said she was tired and suggested they each go to bed, and Fay agreed. They brushed their teeth and headed for their own rooms. Nadia waited for Fay to close her door, and counted to fifty to give the curvy redhead chance to remove her robe. When she opened Fay’s door, the ginger girl was just about to climb into her damp, urine-scented sheets.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” buca escort Nadia asked. Fay looked blank. “You said ‘every night’, I believe?” As Fay thought, Nadia acted, sitting down on the bed and dragging Fay across her knee, face down, bottom up. The dirty knickers were still on, but rather than pulling them down, Nadia hauled them up, the material tight across Fay’s pussy and disappearing between her buttocks, leaving the white globes with the faint cane lines free. “Yes, that’s definitely what you asked for — a spanking every night!” Without further ado she started to spank Fay, sharp, quick smacks, concentrating on covering her whole bottom and the tops of her thighs. Fay squeaked as the blows started, and then started to wriggle and yell as the endless spanks fell. It was a hard punishment with no time to recover between the slaps, Nadia’s hand rising and falling sternly, the plump cheeks soon flushed hot pink and then an angry red as smack after smack rained down on Fay’s unprotected bottom.

“Please, Nadia, that’s enough,” she begged as the 23-year old kept spanking. Fay’s bottom flattened and bounced with each crack of Nadia’s hand, spank after spank after spank after spank after spank after spank after spank. Fay squirmed, Fay cried, Fay kicked her legs, but Nadia was remorseless, spanking Fay for a full ten minutes. Once she’d finished, she rested her palm on Fay’s hot, sore cheeks, letting the younger girl finish crying and compose herself. After a few minutes, Fay tried to stand but Nadia held her in place. “Just a moment, Fay, love,” she said quietly. “Let’s agree the rules. You asked me to spank you. Every morning and every night — that’s what you said, and that’s what I intend to do. You’ll also get other spankings and the cane if you’re bad — again, just like you asked me to. I expect your bottom will be sore quite a lot of the time.”

Nadia paused for a moment to let Fay absorb this new status quo in the apartment. Then she continued: “You also said that you’d be using your knickers and your bed instead of the toilet. Now that I know what a filthy, dirty slut you are, that doesn’t surprise me. And I don’t mind — you can be as dirty as you want. But dirty is naughty and naughty girls get punished on their fat little bottoms, don’t they?” Fay nodded. “That’s right, just so we’re clear.”

Nadia helped Fay stand, smiling to herself as she looked her tear-streaked face and the way Fay clutched her smarting, red bottom cheeks. Nadia stood too, and gave Fay a hug and a gentle kiss, before gently touching the front of the piss and poo-stained panties — as she had expected, they were soaked with Fay’s pussy juices. “Get some sleep, lover. Tomorrow starts with a spanking!” She grinned and left Fay to climb into bed — a bed she’d wet twice — moving to her own room and her own pissy sheets. She’d discovered how dirty Fay was — maybe next Fay should find out about her?

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