Fan Clubs Pt. 01

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Vanessa’s senior year was going well; her prom date had made the right girls jealous; she was headed to the university of her choice; and she was feeling fantastic about things in general. Her summer was going to include hanging out with friends and working at the local ice cream parlor, whose form-fitting, orange uniform did two things for her: It accentuated her 36 D boobs and it made her red hair stand out even more.

Knowing that the school year was coming to an end, Vanessa did one of her favorite things: she walked down the halls of the entire school, as it was letting out for the day. She liked the looks she got from the boys in all the grades, and she relished the dirty stares from some unfriendly girls.

The senior had only one rival, one that divided the boys into two fan groups. Emerson was blonde and had breasts almost as nice as Vanessa’s. Emerson’s butt was a little smaller and not framed by her hips the way Vanessa’s was. Both girls had hypnotic blue eyes that could flirt from across a room, the cafeteria, or the gymnasium. They had not spoken to each other since freshman year. That was the year the competition took hold. The girls had to undress in gym class, both discovering that their bodies were going to an elite level. They had not been friendly to begin with, suddenly they were left with no choice but to stand apart, trying to outdo the other. Even boys that had a girlfriend still fantasized about them regularly; those without one usually picked one over the other to follow around, joining their fan club of guys who discussed all matters related to either Vanessa or Emerson. Each girl had a social media account just for her admirers. Things usually did not get hectic, but at one basketball game the two camps started chanting their names during halftime and charged the court. A brawl nearly broke out.

The fact they were so popular at school for their appearance precluded them from dating their classmates. There was just too much at risk for any guys lucky enough to interest them; the possibility of a beat-down went with dating Vanessa or Emerson. The two usually dated college guys instead or guys from rival schools.

After her walk through, Vanessa exited by the main entrance; she noticed Emerson standing close by, posing for any passersby. Both girls wore leggings and ankle boots; Vanessa had on a hoodie and Emerson wore a light jacket. Vanessa was going to just walk by to get to her car, but Emerson spoke to her, definitely surprising her. There were a few of their fans looking on with their eyes wide open and their mouths caught in a disbelieving gape.

“This competition is almost over,” Emerson said.

“What competition?” Vanessa said, trying to dismiss nearly four years of innuendo, rumors, and enmity.

“Fine. Have it your way. I just wanted to acknowledge it’s over. I know we are not going to the same college, so it ends, I guess” Emerson said, ready to walk away.

“Yes, it’s over,” Vanessa said. “Maybe it was not the best thing. We were as apart from our classmates as we were from each other.”

Emerson was pensive; her ride had arrived, and she started to walk towards it but stopped and said, “it did seem like we missed out. I am debating whether to go to Amy Archer’s pool party this weekend. I know I probably won’t be welcomed, but I feel I missed out on class parties.”

“I’m not bothering with Amy. Regardless of everything, she is a bitter person, turned into an old lady this last year. It’s really her sister’s party”

“Yeah, Amy has some serious fails on her resume. I know what you mean about the bitterness. She is consistent, though. Her sister will be one of the ones replacing us when school starts up again.”

“I guess that is what the party is really about,” Vanessa said.

Emerson turned and walked to her ride, a fast looking car with an equally fast looking guy inside. Vanessa saw that Emerson’s butt had grown a little and not in a good way.

There was a small group of guys, the same group every day really, waiting by her car. Vanessa always smiled to them and waved, but today she heard a voice calling her out. She turned slowly; her red hair waving, her boobs shifting, and her ass reminding the guys that she was impressive from the rear as well.

The voice belonged to Matt, who lived on the same street as she did. Matt, also a senior, belonged to team Emerson. Even though they had lived on the same street, they had gone to different schools before high school and only casually interacted in the neighborhood. Matt was studious and was headed to an elite school.

“Hey, Vanessa,” Matt said, waving at her.

“Matt?” Vanessa said.

“My brother is back from college and borrowed my car today, so he can get his tags. I need a ride home.”


Matt looked over to the group of four guys by Vanessa’s car and smiled at them before getting into the car. He knew his getting a ride with her was not taken lightly by them. They half-stared at Vanessa in awe and glared at Matt disapprovingly, almost menacingly.

“They kocaeli escort don’t look to happy,” Matt said, as Vanessa started the car and drove away.

“I was going to take this hoodie off for them, but I didn’t want to make them angrier since you’re in the car,” Vanessa said.

“That was probably a good idea. You can take it off for me.”

“Haha. What are you doing with me anyway?”

“I really do need a ride home.”

Matt watched as Vanessa held the steering wheel with one hand; her right foot using the pedals with a light touch; her left foot, off to the side, tapping to the beat of the low playing music. He stared lustily at her lower half in her black leggings and at her boobs that were held in place by the lap belt. Her hair contrasted well with the color of both the exterior and interior.

The intersection before their street was a very busy one during the day; Vanessa made easy work of navigating through it, making Matt a little jealous. That turn usually made him nervous, and he sometimes took an alternate route.

Their street was empty, save for a jogger and a bicyclist. Matt lived in a house near the middle of the street, and Vanessa lived closer to the corner on the opposite side.

She pulled up to his house, a Colonial with a wide lawn, and waited for him to get out of the car, but he just sat there and stared at nothing in particular.

“Just curious, what is under the hoodie?” Matt said.

“A t-shirt from the ice cream parlor,” she said, lifting the bottom of the hoodie, to show her pale, flat belly. She pulled down on the orange shirt, modestly covering the skin Matt was staring at.


“What about your girl Emerson?”

“I actually saw the two of you talking. That was a first.”

“Yeah, it must have looked strange.”

“You two looked amazing.”

“Well, you do belong to her side.”

Matt laughed and shook his head, saying, “I was crushing on you way before high school. It felt like getting back at you by siding with her for you not reciprocating.”

“I used to crush on your brother, so I guess it evened out.”

“Maybe we can talk about that later,” Matt said, finally getting out of the car.

“Maybe,” Vanessa said, driving off.

The modern looking home with the circular driveway belonged to Vanessa’s mother; her father had moved out west for a job. When Vanessa’s mother refused to leave, her parents divorced. Her plan of going to college in California to be near her father was set. He was excited that she was going to college near him, understanding she needed a break from her mother and wanted to spend time with him.


It was not senior skip day, but a lot of Vanessa’s classmates had left school after two first hour teachers were very late in getting to class; she was not in one of those classes and now sat in the lunchroom at a corner table by herself. Her right ankle boot was on the bench across from her. Vanessa was scrolling through her phone, looking at Emerson’s latest posts on social media. She always considered herself a step ahead of Emerson in the body department and two steps ahead in facial features. She still believed the face comparison went in her favor, but had to admit that Emerson may have caught up in the battle of the best boobs — a title Vanessa had owned since freshman year.

Vanessa was comfortable sitting alone at her table, snacking on some fruit and drinking water. Matt surprised her when he said, “may I sit at the cool table?”

“You think that is a good idea?” She said.

“Let’s find out,” he said, sitting down next to her foot.

“I wanted to ask you for a ride. My brother, your crush, has my car again.”

“Former crush, and sure, I’ll give you a ride.”


Vanessa took a bite out of an apple and took a drink of water.

“Where is your current crush?” Vanessa said, while looking at a picture of Emerson dancing in a black bikini. Vanessa thought the color went well with her hair.

“I didn’t say you ever stopped being my crush,” Matt said, taking a drink from a bottle of juice.

“Regardless, you have been disloyal to me this whole time.”

“Will you give me a chance to make it up to you?”

She stopped looking at Emerson’s posts and started looking at the comments from one of her own pics, where she wore a red bikini at the beach. The comments were all positive and some were borderline inappropriate. She felt a tinge of animosity for Matt because he made his allegiance to Emerson seem so natural, and now she knew it was somewhat vengeful on his part, leaving her a little uncertain about him.

Vanessa needed to know Matt’s truth, needing to hear where his unfiltered opinion/evaluation lay. She said, “tell me, Matt, who you think is hotter between us.”

Matt liked that Vanessa was talking so candidly and wanted to offer his take on whom he thought was hotter, but he also was afraid he might say the wrong thing or say something to anger Vanessa; he’d waited so long for just conversation between them and did not kocaeli escort bayan want to ruin what little there was of that now. Part of him wanted to refuse to answer, but he sensed Vanessa would enjoy his response because although it was very close, he favored her over Emerson.

“I don’t want to say something wrong or something that might piss you off,” Matt said.

“Just be honest. Don’t hold back. I’ll know if you are lying,” Vanessa said, moving her foot off the bench.

Matt was quiet, formulating his response. This was no longer about revenge and getting back at the girl down the street. This was about having a chance with his longtime crush. He thought that a little friendship with Vanessa — even if it were secondary in her life — would help get him through the difficulty of transitioning to college and being away from home. She could be his muse, he thought.

“It’s very close,” he said.

“I know it is,” Vanessa said.

“Do you want me to describe your significant body parts with who wins those comparisons before giving a final decision?”

The idea that she might lose to Emerson in an exact physical comparison intrigued her. She didn’t want to lose anything to her rival but was very curious nonetheless. She looked at Matt suspiciously and wondered if he would get back at her after all this time.

“Fine. Do it that way,” Vanessa said.

Matt shifted around on the bench, looked over his shoulder before speaking and said, “I think you are almost even in boobs. I give you a very slight edge. You were ahead early on, but she caught up.”

“Explain why I get it,” she said a bit testily.

“I was going to. I have watched you both go down the stairs, especially by the science wing where, for whatever reason, people go down those stairs faster. Your boob bounce is firmer and straighter than hers. Hers don’t stay together completely. They go to the side some.”

Vanessa listened carefully and understood what he was saying. Perhaps her rival had some issues with sagging already, or maybe her boobs were bottom heavy and had no choice but to spread out.

“Fair enough,” she said.

“The butts are an interesting one; some days I favor yours and the way your hips frame your ass, other days I like that she has a little jiggle,” Matt said, disbelieving that he was having this conversation. He could tell she was enjoying it so far.

“Don’t say we’re even.”

“No. This one goes to her.”

It surprised Vanessa that she lost out — in his estimation — to Emerson’s jiggle. She wanted to call her rival a fat-ass but instead said, “okay. I did not expect to lose the booty but okay”

“I think the legs are tied. Both of you are about same height and your legs have similar shape.”

“Yeah, but if her ass jiggles, you can bet her thighs do too. If you like that sort of thing, there is nothing I can do,” Vanessa said, knowing it was going to come down to the face, which in her mind she won easily.

Matt felt in total control of the decision; Vanessa had willingly given him that power. Cautiously, he said, would you say it’s even so far?”

“It is hard for me to say it, but yes. Your logic has trapped me.”

“You trust me to decide and won’t get mad either way?”

“That was understood from the start,” she said, taking another drink of water, placing both hands on the table.

He cleared his throat, looked at the clock that signified lunch was over. Most of the students were exiting at the doors furthest from them. Their nearest exit accessed the locked gymnasium area.

“This one is easy; it basically comes down to symmetry,” Matt said .

“Symmetry?” Vanessa said

“Yes. Emerson knows her face has the flaw of being asymmetrical, and she hides it well with her hair styles. I have looked very close, trust me. I saw her with her hair up once at the pool, that is when I first noticed it. It isn’t something horrible. Some girls look amazing without perfect symmetry, but I am using that criteria to give you the title of hottest,” Matt said.

“Thank you, Matt,” she said, feeling the victory was well earned and he thought it out well.

“Oh, yeah, your hair is a winner too.”

“Of course,” she said laughing, running a hand through it.

“That was not easy,” he said, getting up from the table.

“This moment deserves a selfie,” she said, taking a picture of herself with her phone, smiling proudly with Matt watching her.


A professor that Vanessa had freshman year came up to her as she was closing her locker. She was not taking any books home, as there was no homework over the weekend. There were only a few assignments given out during the week. Graduation was very close.

“Vanessa! My goodness! Graduation is next week. I heard you are headed to my alma mater,” Mr. Giersten, a History teacher, said.

“Wow! I didn’t know that,” Vanessa said.

“Long time ago. Have you decided on a major yet?”

“Poly-Sci for now,”

“Good choice. There is lots you can do with a degree in Poly-Sci,” izmit escort he said, as if taking her looks in one last time.

“Thanks,” she said, wondering if he had chosen her over Emerson. He probably lusted over both of them equally, ignoring Emerson’s lack of facial symmetry, she thought.

Vanessa waved goodbye and started walking away; she could feel his stare on her. She wanted to look back, but decided to just go home. Vanessa unzipped her light coat and took it off. Underneath she wore a red, sleeveless top with straps. Vanessa had on black leggings. Her arms felt so exposed, but she had worked hard to get them fit and toned.

Waiting for her — leaning against the passenger’s door — was Matt. He seemed more confident to her, standing taller, extending his frame to nearly six feet tall. The usual group of guys that awaited her was there. She smiled and waved at them before acknowledging Matt.

“Vanessa’s showing off her guns,” one of the guys said.

“Flex them,” another said, flexing his own small arms.

Smiling and in a good mood, Vanessa made a muscle with her right arm, wanting Matt to think she was usually this informal with them, that her side got more perks. All three of them surrounded Vanessa and took turns taking pictures with everyone flexing. Vanessa took the last one, and she then gave the first boy who had spoken up a quick kiss on his cheek.

More flexing and more pictures and videos, before Vanessa got in her car and let Matt in.

“A kiss! Wow! That’s more than I ever got from Emerson,” Matt said.

“Don’t be silly, or you get out and I tell them to pounce,” she said, jokingly.

“No, that was actually cool. Your arms look in shape. You might not need them to do the pouncing.”

She smiled at his remark, liking that he was able to joke about having a less-than-average build.

“You’re probably right,” she said.

Traffic was light, and she drove a little faster; he watched her right arm, and was turned on by the way the muscles flexed when she turned the steering wheel or when she reached for the radio to adjust the volume. Vanessa sensed he was looking at her biceps, causing her to think she had overdone it.

“Do they look bulky?” She said.

“No way. They look perfect. Something else better than Emerson,” Matt said.

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No. I was being serious. Anyway, are you going to Amy Archer’s pool party?”

“No,” Vanessa said.

“Me either.”

“We don’t like each other, Amy and me. What’s your excuse?”

“She makes a point of always inviting my friends right in front of me, then she looks at me as an afterthought, like saying, yeah, you can come along too if you want, even though I didn’t officially invite you. I don’t need her party.”

“I’m sure your girl Emerson will be there.”

“Yeah, she’s going. I heard she’s wearing a thong,” Matt said, turning to Vanessa, who was turning to look at him.

“How can you miss that?”

“I was going to go if you went.”

“That’s so sweet, Matt.”


“Yes.” Vanessa said.

The turn onto their street was tricky this time. Vanessa surprised Matt when she honked at another driver who made an obscene gesture in response. Matt was going to compliment her on her driving and fearlessness, but there was something else he wanted to say to her, something that had him feeling nervous. He was trying to force himself into saying it. All it took was one more look at her sleek arms to motivate him to speak up.

“Vanessa, I wanted to ask you something,” Matt said.

“Oh, oh, Matt. I am not dating right now. This is my summer before college. I don’t need the drama,” Vanessa said, sounding worldly.

“No, no. It’s not that. I don’t think I have enough game to date someone like you to begin with.”

“Please, don’t say something you don’t mean. Just be honest.”

Matt opened the door when she pulled in front of his house. He said, “I just want to know if I can see you in a bikini since you decided not to go to the party.”

“I’ll send you a pic,” she said, dismissively.

“I’d rather it was in person. At your convenience. Please.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, driving off.


There was chatter about Amy Archer’s pool party the next day. According to one guy, the party was going to last 24 hours and there was no limit on the fun. Someone in Amy’s family said that was absurd and told the guy he was barred from the party. They bickered for a while most of the night about what was true and what was false. Amy’s sister threatened to cancel it if the back and forth did not stop. Her intervening was all it took to calm things down. Even Emerson lent her voice to the drama, offering a few hashtags about bikinis and other pool related activities.

The fact that Emerson appeared on the scene made Vanessa turn off her phone. She was alone at home; her mother was spending the night with her boyfriend, who was moving in after Vanessa headed to college. She shook her head, thinking the party was beneath her and thinking the rivalry with Emerson had been the most absurd thing ever. Vanessa, getting out of her clothes, found a long t-shirt, got into bed and turned off her phone to keep from checking social media.

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