Family Photoshoot

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I’ve written some dumb things before, but this one is straight up stoopid (That’s right, not stupid. Stoopid). Thankfully, it’s also short. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Everyone here is over the age of 18.

“Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Mom asked, standing in front of the house with her hands on her hips, “We have to take pictures!”

“Mooom,” Sidney said as she stepped out onto the front porch. The robust redhead was wearing a silky, blue dress that bared her pale shoulders, then swooped over her chest and hips before slipping down to her calves. “We’re already running late for prom.”

“Then you’d better start posing fast,” Mom said.

“What’s going on?” Tom asked. The screen door screamed shut behind him as he stepped onto the porch. Sidney’s twin brother was wearing slate dress slacks and a charcoal sport coat. He was holding his tie in his hand, waiting till the absolute last moment to put it on.

“Mom wants to take pictures,” Sidney said, in a tone that suggested that their mother wanted them to get his-and-hers matching stab wounds.

“You knew this was coming,” Tom said, “We can’t get dressed up and not do pictures.”

“See, your brother gets it!” Mom said, “You two look so adorable, we have to get photos to send to the whole family.” She popped open her tripod on the front lawn and started futzing with her camera.

So much for a short photoshoot, Sidney thought.

It was early evening, and the sunlight rippled golden over their green, vinyl-sided farmhouse-style home. Even Sidney had to concede that the moment was perfect for a pre-prom photoshoot.

The 18-year-old siblings had decided to go to prom together as a gag. The twins had always been close, and they thought it would be funny to show up to prom as each other’s date. Both siblings had actual partners, of course, but they agreed to meet up with them at the dance, itself.

Both siblings were well-dressed for the evening ahead. Sidney’s light blue dress was revealing without being scandalous — thin shoulder straps and an open chest that tantalized at the tops of her full breasts. The sparkling cerulean material hugged her curves down to her thin waist, then flared outward to compliment her surprisingly wide hips.

If the boys could somehow stop staring at Sidney’s body, they’d find she’d done up her long, bright red hair so that it cascaded over her shoulders, with one thin braid to the side. Her makeup was simple: mostly just darkening around her shockingly bright blue eyes, a little pink on her broad cheekbones, and a light coral on her full lips.

Her twin, Tom, hadn’t done nearly the same amount of work to get ready. All the more galling, then, that he looked so good. His swimmer’s body gave him broad shoulders and a defined, barrel chest. His charcoal suit accentuated his defined musculature. His brown hair was playfully mussed to look like he’d let it hang that way. His eyes matched his twin’s, surprisingly warm for something so icy blue.

“I’m going to start with Sidney alone, first,” Mom said. She knelt behind the camera like she was about to start shooting, but the siblings knew from experience she was still setting up.

Dutifully, Sidney stood at the top of the steps on the wraparound porch and posed with her hands on her hips. She squinted as the slowly lowering sun, now distinctly orange, flitted across her eyes.

“OK, that’s very good, honey,” Mom said, “Put your purse on one of the rocking chairs and then come back. I want your hands free.”

Sidney did as her mother told her. This time, when she came back, she rested her hand against one of the white columns and kept the other planted at where her backside met her waist.

“Oh, that’s perfect, honey,” Mom said, “Now turn to me. Smile. No, I said smile.”

“I am smiling,” Sidney said through gritted teeth.

“Tell your face,” Mom said. Tom snickered. Sidney would make him pay for that later.

The redheaded girl took a deep breath, shook herself out, then resumed the pose. She thought about her date for that night. Connor was tall, handsome, and — if the reports from his exes were to be believed — dynamite in the sack.

Though you would never think it based on her body and demeanor, Sidney was actually a hardcore geek — a lover of comic books (particularly Spider-Man), videogames, and science-fiction. She hadn’t really dated in high school, and she didn’t like high school boys. They were always bragging about their bodies and their latest conquests. Like that was something to be proud of.

But now that Sidney was 18 and headed off to college, she didn’t want to be a virgin. She knew that university life would be different, and she was emotionally ready for a real man. She just needed her body to be ready to go, too. So, she’d asked around for an easy lay and, finally, found Connor.

He was a meathead, sure, and his ego was the size of a small European nation, but Sidney wasn’t going to prom with him for the conversation. tipobet365 yeni giriş Besides, rumor was his mouth was way better used for other purposes, anyway. Sidney shivered with unbridled anticipation as she pictured what was going to happen that night.

“That’s perfect, Honey, just like that,” Mom said.

Sidney thought again about what Connor was going to give her. She wanted it all and then some. Just because she was nerdy didn’t mean she wasn’t horny, too. In fact, she reflected, it probably made her more so.

“Oh, that is divine,” Mom said, “Don’t lose that expression. Hold it for as long as you can. Alright great, honey, you can take a break. Let me do Tom’s solos next.”

Tom looked impatiently up at the horizon, like it was a ticking clock. “We really do need to get going, Mom,” he said. But he posed at the top of the stairs, one hand in his pocket.

Mom bent over to adjust her tripod, showing her breasts through the v-neck of her t-shirt. Mom had Sidney’s body, but with twenty years more experience on it. Time and childbearing had brought a slight sag to her breasts, a little paunch in her tummy, and thicker thighs. But everyone agreed that only added to Mom’s apex MILF profile.

While her body was like her daughter’s, Mom’s face was more like Tom’s: thinner and oval shaped, with thin lips and a snub nose. She had brown hair like Tom too, and caramel deep brown eyes. The twins’ shocking sapphires came from their father.

“OK sweetie, same as your sister, let’s see that smile,” Mom said. Sidney was honey. Tom was sweetie. Neither affectionate appellation was ever applied to the other.

Tom did his usual look, staring off confidently out to the distance. Sidney had caught him practicing it in the mirror once. It was the perfect mix of confidence, consideration, and just a hint of mischief. A slight twist of the lips, blue eyes slightly crinkled. Chest flung open to show off his pecs and biceps. Sidney thought it made him look silly, but she knew that it drove other girls wild.

“Very nice,” Mom said. Sidney shook her head. Apparently even their mother wasn’t immune to Tom’s masculine magnetism.

“That’s the smile I want, sweetie,” Mom said, “Keep it up. Maybe try some other poses.”

Tom shifted his hips, turning this way and that as his mother directed him. Sidney watched her brother being vain, every position perfectly chosen to show off his body, but she didn’t care. She knew Tom wasn’t like the other high school guys.

OK, in most ways Tom was exactly like other high school guys. He was a jock, overconfident and undereducated. Immensely popular, especially with girls. Tom was a known quantity at the school. They’d call him a Casanova, if anyone bothered to learn what that term was. Sidney had to stop bringing what few friends she had over to the house because her twin brother kept bedding them.

But Sidney knew that, deep down, Tom was different. He acted this way because he felt like he had to. In truth, he read more books than she did. He was sensitive, caring, and super sweet. She loved her brother, deeply. Maybe too deeply, Sidney reflected, thinking about a few too many nights with nothing but her long, pink toy to keep her company as her brother’s girl-of-the-moment screamed out her ecstasy in the next room.

“Those pictures were great, sweetie,” Mom said, then turned to her daughter. “Did you see what a good job your brother did?”

“Yes Mom,” Sidney said.

“We really do need to leave soon,” Tom said, dramatically checking his Fitbit. Prom would be starting in twenty minutes. Sidney knew that Tom’s date — a pale, skinny brunette named Kiley — would be waiting for him.

Sidney, herself, was also worried about the time. Much as she knew Connor was a sure thing, that was also part of the problem. She had no doubt that if she didn’t show up on time, the handsome boy would find some other girl to get with that night.

Mom stepped away from the camera and glared at her children. The twins both knew they were in trouble now.

“How often do you two dress up?” Mom asked, then answered her own question. “Never. I never get nice photos of my babies to share with the family. Every year, I see your cousins all dolled up and I’m stuck with nothing to share back.”

This was a ridiculous claim, actually. Their mother was taking photos all the time, as evidenced by the thousands of dollars of equipment currently spread across their front yard. But the twins were familiar with the argument and knew better than to interrupt.

“My babies are all grown up and I want to make sure I capture every memory,” Mom said, sniffling dramatically, “And with your father no longer with us…”

“He’s just at work, Mom,” Tom said, sighing exasperatedly.

“Yes, but he can’t see the two of you all dressed up, now can he?” Mom said.

Tom stared down at his shoes. His mother had him there. Sidney didn’t even bother to try.

“Can you, truly, tipobet365 giriş not take five minutes away from your all-important lives to let your dear old mother, the woman who birthed and raised you — sacrificed everything for you — take a couple of pictures to remember you by and share with her family so they know how proud she is?”

“Of course we can, Mom,” Tom said, now thoroughly beaten.

“Sorry Mom,” Sidney said, equally resigned.

“I’ll get no more arguments,” Mom said, “You’ve agreed to listen to what I say, so you’re going to do it without complaint or I’m cancelling prom. You can take a few quick photos and be on your way, or you can spend the night sitting in the living room in your nice clothes. Your choice.”

The twins both agreed that they would cooperate.

“Good choice,” Mom said. Her peppy grin returned. “I’ll take a few pictures of the two of you together and we’ll be done.”

The twins both nodded subtly to each other. They were almost finished with this embarrassing process and could go back to their lives.

“Now, Sidney, honey, if you could stand at the top of the stairs. That’s right. And Tom, sweetie, stand next to your sister and put your arm around her shoulder. And rest the other at her waist. There you go, that’s perfect. Smiles both of you.”

In the position they were in, Sidney’s cleavage was clearly exposed. And she could tell that her twin brother was looking, too. He gripped Sidney’s thin waist tighter and, for a moment, she felt like she could feel his inappropriate desires racing through both of them.

“Honey, you need to stop squinting,” Mom said.

“I’m sorry Mom, the sun is in my eyes,” Sidney said.

“OK, I understand,” Mom said, “Thanks for telling me. Why don’t you turn to the side, not all the way, there you go. Now Tom, step behind your sister. Come on get closer — you’re her date, not her shadow. Put your hands on her shoulders. That’s a good boy.”

Sidney felt her brother’s strong hands clasp her bare shoulders. His chest pressed against the open back of her dress. She shivered despite the fact that she was perfectly warm. Too warm, actually, if she thought about it.

“Come on Tom, stop messing around and stand behind your sister,” Mom said, “You’re the one who said he was in a rush.”

Sidney felt her brother tentatively bring his hips behind hers. Suddenly she understood why he’d been standing separately till then. He was truly, epically hard. She could feel his boner poking her right in her ample backside.

“I’m really sorry, sis,” Tom said. She could feel his embarrassment just by how he said it.

“It’s OK,” Sidney whispered, turning her head so that only her brother could hear. Tom nodded, relieved. He settled into Sidney. Impossibly, his dick pressed into her butt even more. It felt like he was holding a baseball bat behind her.

“That was nice, with your heads together,” Mom said, “Go back to that.”

Tom moved his head, so it was over Sidney’s shoulder. His warm breath tickled at her ear. Didn’t Mom and Tom realize that was a major hotspot for her? Of course, they couldn’t know. But her mother and brother were both conspiring to trigger her now, anyway. With Tom’s warm breath on her ear, his strong fingers on her shoulders, and his rocket against her bottom, Sidney felt a bit of warm honey leak between her legs. Oh no.

“Hold right there,” Mom said. She stepped behind the camera and started popping off shots. Click click click. Like the camera was spitting out happy, digital chatter. Mom mumbled to herself the whole time, like having a conversation with another photographer that only existed in her mind. “That’s nice, but what if? Yes. And then. Too much. Probably a little more light. There it is. But maybe… Sweetie, I need you to lower your hand a little.”

“Like this?” Tom asked, slipping his hand from Sidney’s shoulder to her bicep.

“Lower,” Mom said.

Tom slipped his hand down till it was at Sidney’s waist.

“That’s nice,” Mom said. Snap snap snap. “OK, lower.”

Tom’s hand drifted downward

“Lower,” Mom repeated.

Tom reached down less than an inch, but Sidney gasped, knowing how close her brother was to touching something private.

“Here?” Tom asked.

“Lower,” Mom said, the anger in her voice rising.

Tom shifted his hand around, clearly trying not to touch somewhere he shouldn’t but still attempting to please his mom. Finally, as if he was proving his point, Tom dropped his hand right onto Sidney’s full butt. Sidney shuddered in response.

She thought for sure they would hear it now, but their mom just beamed. “That’s it!” she said, “Finally. Took you two long enough.” She ducked back behind the camera.

Sidney was really dripping now. Her brother’s hand was on her ass while his prick was doing its best to burrow into her butt. Sidney couldn’t imagine what her mother was up to, but she knew she needed to stay in place or risk another reprimand.

“Now tipobet365 güvenilirmi slowly move your hand around Sidney’s leg toward the front,” Mom said.

Tom slid his hand over the silky fabric of his sister’s dress. Both siblings sighed as Tom let go of Sidney’s bottom and ventured to the relative safety of her dress-covered thigh.

“That’s good, keep going Mom said.

Tom’s hand moved inexorably to the front of his sister’s body. Around the curve of her hip. To a place a brother’s hand definitely shouldn’t go.

Sidney squeaked as Tom’s thumb brushed her dress-covered mons.

“That’s perfect,” Mom said.

“Um, Mom,” Tom said.

“Just hold it there for a sec,” Mom said.

“OK, but,” Sidney said, “Well, Tommy’s hand is kinda, um, touching me in a weird place. Down there.”

“I’m almost done,” Mom said. Click click click.

Oh God. Tom’s hand wasn’t on Sidney’s sex, but his fingers were more than close enough. There was no doubt in Sidney’s mind that her twin could feel the heat of her pussy radiating through her clothes. She was convinced he could feel her flooding. Worse, her naughty slit seemed to be pumping out even more liquid the longer her brother held there. Sidney shifted her hips, nervously, but she only succeeded in moving her Tom’s digits closer to her prize.

“Ooh, that’s even better,” Mom said, “Hold that pose.”

Sidney felt her brother’s erection press into her backside. She tried to ignore it, but it felt like he was poking her with a steel rod. Subconsciously, she rolled her hips against his hardness.

“OK,” Mom said, “all done.”

The siblings both separated like they’d been shocked. That was a close one, but they’d come through it OK. Sidney was going to meet Connor and Tom was going to see Kiley and everything would be perfect.

“Wait, I want one more,” Mom said, “Get back into the position you were in before.”

Sidney gasped as Tom’s hand landed right on her sex. At the same moment, her brother groaned as he buried his aching cock between Sidney’s butt cheeks. The sibs had fallen back together so quickly that it had happened to both of them by accident.

“Oh, that’s even better!” Mom said, “Just hold there.”

Snap snap snap.

“OK, now Sidney I want you to reach back with your hand and put it on Tom’s leg.”

Sidney did as she was told, her body sandwiched between her brother’s hand and his hard-on. Her arm trembled the whole way. She’d never been this close, this intimate, with a man. To have it be her brother was both wonderful and horrifying.

Finally, she felt her hand touch the leather of his belt. She was at his waist.

“No, honey, lower,” Mom said, “Like before.”

Sidney’s eyes widened. There was no way her mother could want… that. But then, was Sidney not currently pinched between a hand and a hard place at her mother’s direction? Sidney assumed that Mom didn’t realize how she’d posed them. There was simply no other explanation.

“Sidney,” Mom said. That low, growling threat was back in her voice.

“Sorry Mom,” Sidney said. She reached around and, finally, clasped her brother’s muscular ass. Holy fuck he felt nice.

“Perfect,” Mom said, then mumbled to herself, “Jeez you’d think I was asking her to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Sidney held her place. Her breaths came in short gasps while she tried to look good for the camera. Her brother, too, was completely frozen in place. Like he feared what one wrong move might do.

“Alright,” Mom said, “We’re done.”

Brother and sister broke apart again. Both of them shared a look of relief.

“Now, we need to do some special ones for the Christmas card,” Mom said.


Neither twin said it, but they both shouted the word in their heads so loud they swore they could hear each other.

“Are you two cooperating or are you staying home tonight?” Mom asked. She tapped her foot on the ground.

Sidney and Tom both nodded, quiescent, and went back to the top of the steps, waiting for their mother to tell them how to stand.

“For these, since they’re for the family, I think we should do them slightly differently,” Mom said.

The siblings nodded, like any of this made sense at all.

“OK, Sidney, I want you to stand facing the railing here,” Mom said, “The sun has moved enough, I don’t think it’ll be in your eyes.”

Sidney nodded and walked up to the white railing of the porch. She rested her hands on the peeling paint. She hoped her face wasn’t flushed from what she’d already endured.

“Lovely, dear,” Mom said, “You look so beautiful.”

“Thanks Mom,” Sidney said.

“Now Tom, I want you to stand behind your sister,” Mom said.

The siblings shared a look. Here we go again. Neither could imagine it being as bad as before though.

Again, Mom had Tom stand behind Sidney so that he was pressed against her backside. Again, both twins took a deep breath as their clothed, intimate parts made contact.

“Now put your hands on Sidney’s arms,” Mom said, “Yes, like that.”

Sidney had to admit, this wasn’t so bad. In fact, with the framing of the porch railing and the nearby columns — the pot of flowers hanging by her head — she imagined that this would make for a very nice photo.

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