Family Garden Ch. 36-37

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Chapter 36 – Meeting of the Triumvirate

Wednesday – April 9, 2008

Galdren Home – 9:00 am

It was a strange scene in Jason’s living room at nine o’clock Wednesday morning.

Charlene had left on Monday, and would be returning on Friday. That same Monday, he was invited to Mildred’s home and introduced to Louisiana, and from that point on, the week had been complete chaos!

A good sex fill chaos, but still, chaos!

He’d found out that Mildred and all three of her daughters were pregnant, and Louisiana turned out to be a S Charlene is being paid a very large sum of money and also being put through law school in exchange for being their prostitute. The contract they had her sign stipulates she was not to get pregnant, however she is now pregnant by one of our husbands…”

The entire room went completely quiet. All eyes were looking at first Louisiana before shifting to Jason.

“Yes,” Mildred said breaking the silence, “That is why I began fucking Jason. At first I was beyond pissed off. I was going to do everything I could to destroy Jason and his family, but after talking with him I realized that he is a really good guy. Something our husbands have gotten very far away from over the years. That’s why I decided that I was going to fuck him for the next 10 years and get pregnant every time his wife gets pregnant…”

“I agree!” Shannon exclaimed.

“Hear hear!” Jean cheered.

“I can’t speak for Jean or Julia,” Shannon continued afterward, “But I’m attracted to Jason. I like him very much. I think I even love him. So, I plan on staying with him even after mom, Louisiana, and Ethel stop.”

“The contract is for ten years,” Louisiana announced loudly, “but we don’t have any idea if this will go beyond that. If Charlene stays with Gorden, Smit, and Dole, and becomes a partner this could go on forever…”

“She could become a permanent industrial prostitute,” Ethel hissed.

“She’s having their children,” Mildred sighed, “I think it’s obvious she’s much more than a simple prostitute.”

“I agree,” Louisiana concurred as she nodded her head, then moved a hand to her collar and fingered the ring as she continued, “Thankfully, Leon is the youngest partner and I am the youngest wife and don’t have any children. However, despite that I am completely committed to Jason now. I will only have his children if he forces me to, and. I may even divorce Leon. That, Ethel, is how much difference there is between Jason and Leon, and if you give him a chance you may see the difference between him and Randal as well.”

“So, why are we here today,” Ethel asked pointedly.

“Ah, yes,” Mildred said and turned to look at Louisiana for an explanation, “Why are we here Loulee?”

“I called this meeting because Randal, Donald, and Leon are paying Charlene for sex and impregnation,” Louisiana said as she looked every woman in the eyes, “So I suggest that we not necessarily pay Jason, but maybe, start a shell company with an office where we can meet him so that he isn’t trying to manage having an affair with all of us out of his house. The necessity of this became relaxbet güvenilirmi very apparent when Jason’s daughter caught Jason and me the other day.”

“Really!” Mildred chortled, “You got caught by Heather! How did that go?”

“About as well as you would imagine,” Louisiana replied smugly, “Though, she was remarkably open minded about us being with Jason as long as everyone is upfront and honest about it.”

“Wow,” Shannon sighed.

“So what kind of business are you thinking we could start,” Ethel asked, bringing everyone back on topic.

“I’m an architect and engineer by trade,” Jason offered, “So I could design and build anything. All I need is a warehouse or industrial garage.”

“Then how about a massage parlor,” Steven suggested out of the blue, speaking up for the first time, “I could even go into business with Jason and for appearances sake we would both look like we are employed.”

“Hey maybe Dean can join you too, when he graduates,” Jean offered.

“There is another option,” Ethel appended thoughtfully as she stood up and walked to the sliding door leading to the backyard and pointed outside as she continued, “It’s time Steven, Kathryn, and Cybil moved out anyway. I would be willing to make an offer on one of these homes adjacent to your home, Jason. Mildred, you could do the same with Jean and Shannon; and Loulee, you could buy a home of your own to raise those babies you plan on getting pregnant with.”

“Yes,” Mildred agreed with a nod, and a smile for Jean and Shannon, “I have already set up a trust for Jean, Shannon, Julia, and Dean; and I’ve been planning to start house hunting soon.”

“I have one obvious objection,” Louisiana said bringing Ethel’s attention back to the living room, “Charlene is not a stupid woman, nor are our husbands stupid men. I believe it would be very conspicuous to buy houses surrounding Jason and Charlene’s home. I think we might as well send up a signal flare announcing that we know they are fucking Charlene, and that we are fucking Jason in reprisal.”

“Yes, your right,” Ethel agreed, “They would find out almost instantaneously.”

“Then what do we do,” Jean asked.

“Um, may I make a suggestion,” Jason asked as all of the women in his living room turned to look at him.

“Of course dear,” Mildred replied with a pat on his knee.

“This will take a little explanation,” He began, “First I want you all to know that I plan on spending more time out with my family. With my mother, sisters, and my children by them. They live about an hour north east of here on a farm. My suggestion is this; some of, or all of you could purchase homes near my house here, and some of you buy houses out there.”

“That still seems risky,” Ethel mumbled.

“Hell, what we’re doing now is risky,” Mildred countered.

“True,” Ethel admitted with a nod.

“What we need is an explanation,” Cybil offered as everyone turned to look at her, “Whether we buy homes here or out in the country, all we need is an explanation as to why we coincidentally purchased them near Jason and Charlene.”

“So what relaxbet yeni giriş do we do,” Shannon asked.

“I think we should table this for now and poll our kids,” Ethel answered as she looked from Kathryn, to Cybil, to Steven, “We need to find out where they want to live. In the city? Or, in the country? Then we can form our explanations as Cybil suggested.”

“I think it would still be a good idea to find a little shop or garage,” Louisiana said again, “And make a little shell corporation where we can meet up. I have my own money so I will investigate it on my own if I have to.”

“No,” Mildred said, shaking her head, “I think your right Jason needs a job, or at least the appearance of one. If you investigate that Loulee you will have my support when you find the right place.”

Ethel let out a heavy sigh then agreed, “I supposed it is time Steven got a job as well. You will have my support as well, when you find the right place.”

“Good, then I suggest we conclude this meeting,” Mildred purred with a hungry smile for Jason.

“So who is staying and who is leaving,” Jean asked with a big naughty grin, “I haven’t been with Jason in weeks, so I am definitely staying!”

“I think I will leave, for now,” Ethel said with a smile toward Jean, “I can see you and your mother are eager to spend some time with him, and well, I want my first time with him to be special, and private.”

“I understand,” Jason responded warmly, “I too want my time with all of you to be special. Let me make sure you have my phone number. You can call on me whenever you want all this week, and during your husband’s regular office hours any other time.”

“Thank you,” Ethel purred as her mouth turned up into a sensual smile.

“I want to thank you for including me in this meeting,” Cybil said as she nodded to everyone in general, “but I am not interested in fucking anyone other than my brother, so I will be going home too.”

Steven was wise enough to smile and shrug his shoulders as he said, “I am going to stay with my ladies for now, but I hope that we can be business partners Jason.”

“Thanks, me too,” Jason answered as he stood up and held his hand out for Steven to shake.

“I’m going to stay,” Kathryn said, her voice and demeanor firm, “I will spend the night and catch a taxi in the morning.”

Steven, Ethel, and Cybil all looked at her in a variety of degrees of shock. They hadn’t expected her to break ranks, but she had, and now they couldn’t exactly drag her home by her ear.

“Okay, honey,” Ethel acknowledged, her tone diplomatic, “I will take care of Yasmin and Renay tonight. You just enjoy yourself, and come home when you want to.”

“Thank you mom,” Kathryn mumbled.

With that Ethel stood up, shook Jason’s hand and led Steven and Cybil to the front door as Jason followed. He opened the door, and they filed out, but before he could close the door Louisiana walked up with her big bag of toys.

“Master,” She purred with a seductive smile, “If the Master doesn’t mind, I will go home tonight so I can pack more clothes, makeup, and better relaxbet giriş toys. I will come back tomorrow if Master wishes and spend our last night together before Master’s madam returns?”

He had a hard time following the long statement question before he smiled and pulled her in for a devastating kiss. When he withdrew he answered, “Sure, I command you to come back no later than tomorrow, so I can seed you some more, and give you your rightful punishment for being a wicked woman!”

“Yes Master,” She purred, “This despicable slave also must have her spank’n when she returns.”

“Oh, of course, that goes without saying. You will get a spanking to remember, don’t you worry,” He growled as he kissed her again before letting her go.


Chapter 40 – After Party

Galdren Home – 11:00 am

When Jason walked back into the living room Mildred was talking quietly with Jean, Shannon, and Kathryn. They immediately shushed suspiciously when he came into the room, and Mildred turned and smirked at him predatorily before moving to intercept him with Jean by her side.

“We finally have some time with you all to ourselves,” She purred.

“Yes,” Jean agreed with a hungry smile, “I haven’t seen you in weeks! I have some catching up to do…”

He could sense something was going on between them and Kathryn, but decided to let them handle it. They wanted to give Shannon and Kathryn time to talk, so that was what he would do. Nodding his head absently as he watched Kat and Shannon, he was certain he would get the story later, and then let himself be diverted by Mildred and Jean and led them back to his room.

Walking down the hallway, passing a bathroom on the left and three guest bedrooms on the right, they arrived at the master bedroom at the end of the hallway on the left. Entering his bedroom, Milly and Jean both looked around and sized-it-up as he realized this was their first time being in his house much less in his bedroom.

It was a nice home built in the seventies, the architect had been a genius in his opinion with very little wasted space. The house was shaped like a capital-L, upon entering there was a modest foyer with the great room for receiving guests immediately to the right. On the opposite side of the great room from the foyer was the office, in front of the house with forty-eight inch wide windows on the two outer corners of the house allowing in plenty of natural light. Behind the office was the dining room that was also connected to the kitchen, and the den was the last room making up the short-leg of the L-shape of the house. A hallway led back from the den, with an entry for the kitchen and then turned to pass the hallway access from the left side of the great room before leading to a bathroom immediately on the left and three bedrooms and the basement access on the right with the master bedroom and bathroom at the end of the hallway on the left.

The master bedroom was on the front side of the house, and like the office, had two forty-eight inch wide floor to ceiling windows that flooded the room with natural light. In the corner between the windows were wall mounted mirrors, and on the opposite side of the windows were two armoires. Opposite the windows and armoires was a Alaskan king size bed with nightstands and lamps on each side, and to the left of the bed was the entry to the master closet and bathroom.

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