Factory – 24

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“Number 24!” he heard from the hallway followed quickly by a loud electronic buzzer opening the lock to his room. The overhead light promptly illuminated the space and made him close his eyes. He stood up quickly as he’d been trained to upon his arrival at the facility. He had only a moment to glance down and smooth his issued hospital scrubs which were lightly crumpled from his slumber.

The heavy metal door swung open and the attendant walked in and attached the leash to the metal ring on his collar. Compliantly the young man followed the attendant out of his warm comfortable space and into the cool, breezy corridor. The lights in the corridor were on, but he could tell the others were all fast asleep in their darkened rooms.

Down, down, down the cool, concrete corridor they walked. Past the wash station where he was bathed daily, past the kitchen where his delicious meals were prepared with precision, past the medical office where his routine physicals were performed as well as his expert medical care was delivered. All in all he had a relatively comfortable life here. He was entertained, well cared for, they kept him in shape, and allowed him to pursue whatever interests he pleased. The few downsides included times like this when he was shocked from his sleep and lead off by staffers at whatever time of night this was. “Couldn’t it wait til morning?” he thought. Knowing full well to never once speak on his own.

“There it is, the room,” he told himself. The attendant opened the door to the room at the end of the corridor and hooked his leash to the cable dangling from the ceiling in the center of the room. The attendant stepped back to the control box by the door and with the push of a button, the cable began to retract, slowly pulling his leash upward. Not so high to choke him, but certainly to keep him in position. The first few times he was terrified of the process. Thousands of times later, he knew it all too well. It didn’t both him in the least – in fact, sometimes he would look forward to this next time, sometimes it was great relief… just not when he’s fast asleep.

He heard the attendant step out of the room and close the door. He had nothing to do but stand there and wait. “I wonder which staffer is working at this time?” Fortunately he didn’t have to wait long. He heard the staffer shuffle into the room. “Oh good, her.” He could tell who it was by her footsteps. He liked her. She was kind and gentle. Some of the bingöl escort others were gruff, mechanical, or wouldn’t read his body language. She was nice though. She could read him like a book. Though he never said a word, she knew exactly what he wanted and what he needed. Knowing she was the staffer gave him a little stir as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Hands still at his side though – he knew the protocol.

She was older, wore similar medical scrubs like his and kept her hair cut short of pinned back. She had a fabulous chest in her smock. She was a little plump, but she treated him so well, she had such a soothing voice, and was one of the nicest staffers there. A really wonderful one.

“Hello, 24,” she said in her loving, caring voice.

“How are we this evening? It’s been a while since I last saw you,” she said as she set her supplies on the counter by the door. She picked up the electronic scanner and quickly scanned the printed labels on her clipboard then walked over to him to scan whatever it was she scanned on his collar.

“My you are so handsome. What a strong, beautiful form”, she said as she ran her hands over his broad shoulders. She turned and walked back over to set the scanner back on the tray. As she was putting on her gloves he began to shift his weight from foot to foot again, his anticipation and exciting begging grow.

“Okay, okay.” she laughed. “I hear you, I hear you. Settle down, big guy.”

She lowered the cable, unhooked him, and lead him by the leash over to the corner table. She smoothed his smock feeling his chest and stomach before making her way to the elastic waist band of his pants. As she slid them down, he raised each foot to get them out of the way. With his pants off, she ran her warm hand over his bare, hairless butt. She admired his growing member, stripped bare of any body hair it was a true sight to behold.

Almost without being lead, he climbed onto the padded table and assumed the position which he’d taken countless times before: on all fours, knees apart with his feet hanging just over the edge. He gripped the edge of the table for stability. She tied his leash to the metal pole by the head of the table and went back to her tray. When she returned, she had wheeled herself over on her stool with her tray. She set the tray under him. Others would leave the tray on the counter, but she brought it to him so everything was right at hand. It was a small bitlis escort difference but it helped the whole experience go that much better for him.

She glided her hand over his stretched buttocks and along the back of his thighs. Up and down she went. First going up and down his hamstrings up to his glutes then back down. Slowly she went. The anticipation in him grew. He knew what was coming by her little process. Up and down she went before slowly moving to the inside of his thighs and up to his buttocks then back down.

When she’d removed his pants, he was about half mast just from the anticipation, but with her knowing hands he began to grow harder and harder.

“There he is”, she cooed as the back of her hand raised to graze his hanging balls. It was such a soft, gentle touch. So slow, so heavenly. He shifted his weight backward to have his balls meet her hands. His body was screaming “more attention please!” He heard the snap of the plastic cap and the sputtering of the contents squirt onto her fingers. Then he felt the cool sensation as she spread the goo around his anus. Slowly one finger circled his opening while the other hand continued to coax him harder and harder by going up and down his legs. As she grazed his nuts, she began to lightly massage them to get him ready. She took both index fingers and went along each side of his nutsack right where it met his body. With the one hand she gripped his balls and the other returned to circling his anus. He was hard as ever and ready. The heat in his tip was growing as his hips bucked with excitement. He lowered his chest to the table by shifting to his elbows and arched his back to give her more access to where he wanted to be touched – which was everywhere between his muscular legs.

She removed her hands momentarily. Again he heard the tube sputter the contents onto her hands then heard as she rubbed her hands together to warm the gel. “Here it comes,” he thought. “At last.” Then with one firm, knowing stroke she gripped his hardened mast and smeared the slightly warmed lubricant all over. One hand returned to circle his anus while the other tugged his tool backward ever so slightly then began to pump. Around and around one gloved finger went as the other hand slowly pumped up and tugged down on his meat. The thumb of the circling hand would rub his hairless taint, further encouraging him to be a bigger giver. He was loving it. She knew it too.

“You’re such a good bolu escort player, 24. So strong and handsome. I love working with you. You’re one of the easy ones.” Her voice was so genuine and encouraging. He felt warm all over. Here he was getting pampered in every way and this woman is heaping praise on him to top it off. It really helped to hear her soothing voice since he never got to see her. It didn’t matter really because her technique was so thorough. Boy, was she nice.

His stomach tensed as she continued her caring assault. He wanted to spread his legs wider for her, to envelop her. To pull her into his bliss. She was the source of these feelings and he wanted more. She was touching every critical spot. Places he always wanted to be touched. Her circling hand switched to gently tugging on his balls, rolling them, encouraging them. “That’s it”, she said. “That’s it. You’re doing it, big boy. Give it up. Let it go. Get it out.” Up and down she tugged on his meat, up and down. “Get it out. Give it to me.”

He could only give a guttural groan and whimper as her hands worked him to the brink. Tighter and tighter his legs grew. His deep breaths becoming more and more shallow. His stomach tensed as the familiar feeling in his loins tightened. She tugged and tugged on his meat which she’d now pulled backward aimed right at the table between his knees. She could sense his urgency.

“Give it to me 24. You’re the big boy. You can do it. Look at you go. Big 24, you can do it. My big strong 24. Give it to me.” He tensed and tensed, feeling the marvelous burn in the tip of his penis grow almost unbearable. She continued to stroke his balls and circularly thumb his taint. Tug, tug, tug went the other hand until he could bear it no longer. He lifted his head and let out a deep guttural groan. She placed the plastic cup below his tip in order to catch the thick, heavy ropes of semen spew from his engorged mighty cock. He groaned and groaned. Hips bucking and quivering as he was emptied of his seed into her waiting cup.

“Look at you, 24. You are such an incredible stud,” she said as she hopped up from her stool, removed her gloves, and slid the tray from under him. She snapped the lid closed and placed the printed label on the side. She returned with a warm washcloth and gently cleaned and inspected every crevice she’d touched. She untied his leash and helped him off the table, pulled up his lightweight trousers and walked him to the door. She pressed a button and opened the door. “Thank you. See you next time, dear. Have a good night.” With that, she handed him off to the attendant who guided the shuffling, groggy, spent 24 back to his darkened livestock cell to sleep the night away in pure bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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