Eurotrip Pt. 01

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My first trip to Europe started in the United Kingdom, traveling from the highlands to London. A short trip across the chunnel brought me and Louise, my traveling companion, to the gates of Notre Dame de Paris. The gothic lines crawled along the building along soaring buttresses, tracing impressive stained glass. I took Louise’s hand and strolled behind the tour group.

“Its ironic, Christianity spawned the dark ages and such imposing, dark designs” I said, laughing to myself.

“Well when it was built…” I tried to pay attention to what were very likely well researched and interesting aspects of gothic architecture. I couldn’t help but watch her talk instead. Her big excited eyes sparkling as she walked and talked. Her brown hair hung, cropped short revealing a creamy white neck that led down to a perfect rounded bosom just peering from behind red satin.

Seeing the sun crossing her face, I grabbed her arm and took a sharp right as we passed what looked like a lonely corridor. I pushed her into a recess in the wall, holding her there by the shoulder while my other hand traced its way up her curving slender waist, past her breasts. My hand stopped on her neck, pushing her head up to meet a gentle kiss. She surrendered and I could feel her shiver against the wall. I held her head there gently while our lips played across one another, a thumb caressing her cheek lightly.

“Here?” She asked me breathlessly.

I was about to answer yes when an excited looking tour guide followed by a flock of visitors came peering around the corner looking for his lost charges. I chuckled and kissed her one more time before taking her hand and rejoining the tour group with a smile on my face, while hers turned a deep red. I hugged her too me and whispered in her ear, “just wait.”

After the tour, we enjoyed a taxi ride to lunch at Chez George before we arrived at the train station. A night ride to Florence waited for us.

We walked the length of the train, counting off doors as we made our way toward our seats. Louise let out a yelp when I pinched her beautiful behind to let her know we’d arrived. I opened the door to a surprise. While I had thought I had booked a private sleeping cabin, we entered a cabin with two large bench seats facing one another. A couple looked up and smiled as we began to deposit our luggage.

“Parlez vous Anglais?” I said, speaking nearly no French myself.

The couple laughed and the dark haired man said, “Sprechen Ze Deutsch?” They continued to laugh while I shook my head no, until the man spoke again in English.

“Tourists then?” he asked, smiling.

“Indeed, we’ve just come from Paris. We’re on our way to Florence, you?” I asked.

“Paris on business. We will be leaving before Florence, but perhaps we should share a meal.” He said looking hopeful.

“I’m sorry, we’ve just had something to eat.” I said

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, but you couldn’t let such a beautiful lady go hungry could you?” He smiled again looking at Louise. I think he enjoyed her white skin under red satin as much as I did.

“Of course not,” I said smiling, “She is something isn’t she.” I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me, kissing her neck as I felt the smooth skin of her cheek against my own.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners, this is Louise. She’s a brilliant Professor from the States.” I said, warming to the couple. “And I am Robert.”

“Well its quite nice to meet you, almanbahis Louise,” This time it was the brown haired woman sitting next to the man. She offered her hand and I saw Louise blush under the attention. “And Rob.” She took her hand from Louise and offered it to me. “I am Emily, this is my husband Herman.”

I took a second look at the handsome couple. Herman’s smile and talkativeness let on a flirtatious personality, and his cut jaw and fit physique underneath an expensive suit suggested a businessman. Emily wasn’t quite the milky white beauty that Louise was, but she was slender with sharp, piercing features over blue eyes with blonde locks trailing down her back. She held herself with a confidence similar to that of her husband. They seemed quite a pair, which gave me an idea.

“Well it’s nice to meet you both.” I said as I began the chit chat. We discussed where we were from, and what brought us here. After a little time, the light gave out. Louise and I were cuddled up lengthwise on the bench against a raft of pillows. I pulled a blanket from the luggage and hugged her close to me. I looked over at the German couple, and they were already sleeping after a significant meal.

I looked down at the book Louise was reading. I kissed the side of her neck gently, she smiled and laughed softly, turning over so she was laying on top of me. We looked each other in the eye for a moment and laughed, kissing softly, pecking. I let my fingers run through her hair, pulling her to meet a more passionate kiss. I kissed my way down her neck, along her slender shoulders. I pulled the strap down her shoulder, releasing the dress’s grip on one of those perfect supple breasts. I nibbled on her neck slightly as my hand traced the roundness of her breast, and circled the perfect nipple. She gasped in surprise.

I enjoyed showing her off to my friends. I often asked her to disrobe in front of them, and it was so sexy when she gasped and moaned as I touched her naked body with all those eyes on her. We had never been so bold in front of strangers before.

“Are you sure? I mean…” She looked over at the couple on the other bench. I could tell by her reddening cheeks and shudders that she was very excited by the prospect. I reached down and touched her labia lightly, tracing circles around it before tightening the circles to rub her clit as I pushed her head aside with my own to reveal the other side of her neck, ripe for the kissing. She gasped and I took the open breast in my hand while moving the other strap down.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flutter of eyelids from Emily. I continued to kiss Louise’s neck while I rubbed her clit gently. Emily’s eye definitely showed a crack, and I saw the sheets crease and move slowly between her legs. Herman seemed to be sleeping deeply. I smiled and winked at Emily when I unzipped the back of Louise’s dress slowly.

“Stand up and let the dress fall off of you,” I whispered in Louise’s ear. When she complied I said, “now turn toward our cabin mates and spread your legs.” I reached between Louise’s legs and rubbed her clit. I wasn’t sure if she’d noticed the voyeur, but I could feel her anxiety at being asked to undress in front of two sleeping strangers.

I reached into our baggage again, this time retrieving a small black anal plug.

“Rub your clit for me, Louise” I told her while I found the lubricant and smeared it on the plug. “Seeing you rub that beautiful bud in front of them is almanbahis yeni giriş so sexy,” I whispered to her while I rubbed the plug against her asshole. She drew in a sharp breath. I drew the plug around her asshole in circles before slowly inserting the tip. Louise moaned slightly as I increased the pressure.

I took hold of her hair gently, just enough to pull her head to the side revealing her neck to me again. I kissed up and down her neck, and let go of her hair to push her hand aside. I worked the plug into her ass, further and further, while I circled her clit with my thumb. I pushed my index finger inside her warm melting pussy and massaged the sensitive upper wall while my thumb continued to work her clit. Her ass expanded over the widest part of the plug and it settled into her ass.

“Are you enjoying the show Emily?” I asked her, watching an eye fly open and a burning red covered her face. I could feel Louise lost in an orgasm as she gasped in surprise. “Would you like to help Louise?”

Emily smiled and said, “I thought you’d never ask. I thought Americans were all repressed and puritanical.” She had a crooked smile as she approached Louise and kissed her gently, running her hands up and down Louise’s sides while I licked around the buttplug sticking out of Louise’s puckered rear.

“Lay down.” Emily said firmly, looking at me. I laughed and complied while she guided Louise onto me, my member swollen at the look on Louise’s face. Louise faced away from me, the butt plug pushing against my groin while my cock invaded her warm silken entrance. I could feel a tongue flick out against my cock as Emily licked Louise’s exposed clit. As Louise leaned back in ecstasy I supported her, one hand on her shoulder, one on her waist. I pumped in and out as Emily’s tongue worked magic. Louise let out louder and louder moans and whimpers. Emily looked back over at her husband and smiled.

“We’re not ready for him yet, you’ll have to stay quiet.” Emily told Louise, wagging a finger. Louise nodded, but looked like she was having trouble complying. As we increased our pace, Louise let out a near scream. I pulled her over on top of me and put a hand across her mouth to muffle the noise. Emily stopped her tongue and raised a hand. When she saw me put my hand over Louise’s mouth she smiled and mouthed “good boy” while she looked at Louise. She put a hand to Louise’s clit and rubbed furiously and brought her free hand down in a slap across Louise’s exposed cheek.

“You are so beautiful, but you’ve got to learn how to control yourself. ” Emily said, frowning. She brought her hand up again and brought it down on Louise’s breasts, which turned a pinkish red under her assault. She slapped several more times, finger still stimulating Louise’s clit before saying, “I’m sure you understand.”

My hand still over her mouth, Louise nodded. All the noise however had woken up her husband.

“Emily, my sweet, can’t I sleep for an hour without you bothering the neighbors.” Herman said smiling.

“It wasn’t me this time, I was invited to join the party.” Emily said, looking into Louise’s eyes, “I think she just might be ready for you, Herman.” Emily looked at me and asked, “That’s alright, isn’t it?”

“Of course, let me get adjusted though.” I said. I wrapped my arms around Louise’s waist and clutched her to me as I swung my feet to the ground so I was sitting with my cock still hard inside her. I put my hand around the back almanbahis giriş of her neck and pushed her forward, so her chest was pressed against her knees. I began working the plug in and out of her asshole, slowly, getting it used to the widest part of the plug.

Herman didn’t seem to waste any time stripping his own clothes off. I tightened my grip on the back of Louise’s neck and pulled her a little ways up and told her to open her mouth. I looked at Emily and she smiled. She bent down and put her husband’s cock in her mouth, taking it all into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as he moaned.

Emily stopped sucking her husband and moved him up in front of Louise. I pushed her head forward so his pole was sliding in and out of her mouth. Emily licked around his cock and got up to kiss him passionately.

After awhile I pulled Louise up and removed the buttplug, quickly replacing it with my index and middle finger from both hands before it closed itself. I stretched her tender asshole before removing my cock from her warm pussy and sliding it into her ass. She shuddered as she felt my length slide easily to her waiting hole. I hugged her to me and spread her legs wide, inviting Herman to enter her.

Her moans became louder and louder as I pumped slowly and Herman pushed into her pussy. I could feel her close to orgasm already. As we awkwardly pumped her together I could feel her ass tighten around my cock, a sure sign she was already cumming. Emily took turns kissing Louise and Herman as Herman and I settled into a rhythm, pumping in and out of both of Louise’s tight sexy holes. The thought of the first time successfully sharing this beautiful nymph with another lucky guy nearly made me lose control.

“Hold her on your shaft and pick her up.” I told Herman. He complied and I slid out of her asshole. She giving a pouty whimper of protest before I stood and whispered in her ear it was alright. I was about to get to the lavatory, but Emily must’ve known what I was after. She had a handful of hand sanitizer and wiped off my cock, wiping it off with a towel before putting her mouth over top of it, leaving it clean and glistening.

Herman had set Louise back down and began fucking her. She bucked to the rhythms of his thrusts. I smiled at her and she gave me a glowing grin in return. I tapped Herman on the shoulder.

“Hold up for a second, I’m going to lay on the floor.” I quickly spread a blanket on the floor and laid down and motioned for Louise. I guided her down on top of me, facing toward me. I put a hand on her face, looking into her eyes, and I entered her well fucked vagina.

“use one finger at a time until you get her stretched enough,” I told Herman who was already positioning himself over her asshole. I pulled Louise to me as he stretched her ass and slowly inserted himself. Emily stood over me and I released Louise from my kisses, putting my hand across her throat, pushing her face up to Emily’s wet pussy.

Herman and I had found our synchronous tempo again and this time we pounded both holes with all our might while Louise screamed into Emily’s pussy while Emily’s fingers laced into her hair, pushing her face into her pussy. We continued to pump until I felt the shaking begin. I could tell Louise was in some kind of seventh heaven as her orgasm built. I could feel her silken pussy tighten like a vice over my cock, bringing me to an unbelievable orgasm myself. I could feel the twitch of Herman reaching his own orgasm in Louise’s asshole. Herman, Louise, and I laid panting in a pile while Emily smiled above us.

“I hope you three don’t think you’re done yet.” Emily said, and Louise, like the good girl she is, said, “no, of course not.”

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