Escape Ch. 09

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The following day was filled with choosing decor for the house, along with showing it off to friends and our one family member. Vanessa arrived first in her lime green bug, carrying with her a gift bag.

“Ooo, what’s in that?” I asked, trying to sneak a glance into the white paper bag.

“No. Nope. Nuh-uh.” She held the bag over her head and away from me. Vanessa, at 5’8, was a good five inches taller than I was. To make matters worse, she passed it to Nikolai, who was six feet tall. It wasn’t fair – they were both so much taller than me, making it impossible for me to peek and see what gift she’d brought.

“You can wait until everyone else arrives,” Nik chuckled, to which I stuck out my tongue and crossed my eyes. “Wow, you must really like the way I look if you want to see me double!”

I smacked him on the chest, lightly, with the back of my hand. He doubled over before falling to the ground, sprawling there and bringing his hands to his chest. “‘Tis not but a flesh wound my fair maiden has delivered. A strike to the heart, light though it may be, could be fatal.”

Rolling my eyes, I stepped over him, to which he protested, but I knew that he was too busy ogling my ass to truly care. His gaze went straight up my tight red dress to the cheeky matching lace I wore beneath, and I stepped out of his reach before his wandering hands made an appearance.

The doorbell rang, and I opened it only to see Aunt Sharron, hand in hand with… Lynn? The realtor who handled the sale of the house smiled widely, offering a bottle of vintage red wine. I tried to hide my surprise. Both Nikolai and I had been wrong – Aunt Sharron had picked a totally stable woman to pair off with this time. Judging by the adoring look in both of their eyes, they were smitten with one another, and I couldn’t be happier.

Aunt Sharron finally tore her eyes off of Lynn long enough to look around the place, whistling. “Wow, the place looks great. All that’s left are a few finishing touches.” With that, she turned, stalking out the door. Nik and I exchanged confused glances before looking at Lynn, who shrugged sheepishly, offering a tiny smile.

“That woman does what she wants.” Her blush gave away the way she felt about that, complimenting her long, strawberry blonde hair nicely. As I looked into her green eyes, I was shaken with a sense of familiarity – she looked just like Rachel, Nikolai’s former “wife.” I shook off those thoughts, knowing that Rachel was back on the farm, nowhere near myself or Nikolai. A small, selfish part of me was glad. She was no longer a threat to me and Nik’s relationship.

Not that she’d ever truly been a threat, but thinking of Nikolai being with her set off some possessive, ugly thing inside of me, making me want to sink my teeth in him and claim him as mine. Those primal thoughts came sporadically, out of the blue, whenever my thoughts drifted to Rachel.

Was it fair to her? Absolutely not. Rachel was an innocent victim in all of this. I could only hope that the future would be good to her.

Our aunt appeared in the doorway, arms filled with different bags from various home stores, and in her hands was a pet carrier.

“I got you something!” She chirped giddily.

A tiny meow came from the crate, and I dropped to my knees, gasping. Nikolai looked like he was going to murder our aunt, but I couldn’t fathom why. He liked having a cat as well, albeit not as much as I did. Bending a little, I spotted a small calico with fluffy fur, probably about four or five months old. Not a baby, but still a kitten nonetheless.

Reaching out, I opened the black and pink carrier, scooping the shy kitty into my arms. Her eyes were wide and almost orange looking, and her little feet were white.

“Pretty girl,” I cooed. “What’s your name?”

She meowed in response, and Aunt Sharron laughed.

“I didn’t name her. Figured that you’d want to do that.”

Nikolai was shooting daggers at this point, as though he was personally affronted.

“Nikolia,” I chided. “Isn’t she sweet?”

“Yes,” He conceded through gritted teeth, reaching out to pet the kitten’s head. His face softened as he repeatedly stroked her fur, and she began to purr. “What’s your name going to be, little one?”

“I’m thinking Mittens,” I said, planting a kiss on her tiny head. “What do you think? Do you like it?”

Mittens purred louder at this question, which I took as an affirmative.

“Wonderful!” Aunt Sharron said, clapping. Mittens startled in my arms, but after more rubs from Nik, she quickly calmed down again.

There was a light knock on the door, and Aunt Sharron opened it, revealing Jameson, who flipped his long blonde hair out of his eyes.

“Hey guys!” He said. “Special delivery, just for Mia…” His voice trailed off as his eyes took in the kitten in my arms, darting between me, the cat carrier in his own hands, and Nikolai, who was rubbing his forehead with his fingers.

“Oh my god!” I squealed, handing Mittens off to Nik. “Two kittens? You guys are the tipobet365 güvenilirmi best!”

Carefully, I opened the new carrier, which was, ironically, the same model as the one Mittens came in. Inside was a fuzzy white kitten, probably about six weeks old. The noises I made were simply incoherent blubbering as the little baby squeaked, mewling inside my hands. She made little biscuits on my palm, and I curled her up, holding her to my heart.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I leaned upwards, kissing Nikolai on the cheek before the lips.

Vanessa turned her head away. “Ugh. That still seems so weird,” She snorted.

“Shut up, V,” I said. “You’re just jealous because I landed the sweetest, most handsome guy around.

“True,” She snorted. “But still. You guys thought you were related up until, what, a week and a half ago? And now, you own a house together and are so cute it’s disgusting.”

“Don’t be jealous,” Jameson told her, slinging an arm over her shoulder. “There’s a sensitive artist type right here, who is an only child and definitely single.”

She rolled her eyes, ducking out from underneath his arms. “In your dreams, Jameson.”

“Rejected once again,” He muttered, running a hand through his hair.

Lynn’s eyes were wide watching the encounter, but after Aunt Sharron whispered something in her ear, she visibly relaxed, but still remained relatively silent. I knew that the very nature of our relationship was shocking – after all, we were still brother and sister, at least legally.

I’d looked into Washington incest laws, and legally, we weren’t doing anything wrong. Incest was, in my state, considered any sexual relationship between two blood-related individuals. Still, part of me loved the fact that I was with my big brother. Something about the very taboo concept turned me on beyond belief, and suddenly, I was ready for everyone to leave.

Staring at Nik, my eyes were glued to that sexy vein I’d yet to explore when I was ripped from my thoughts by my cell phone ringing. I frowned, annoyed at the rude interruption, and silenced my phone.

It started to ring again, and this time, I answered it, thinking perhaps it was something important.


Breathing followed from the other end of the line. It was heavy, nearly a panting breath, and it sent shivers down my spine. Still, I called out one more time, only to be met with a clattering noise before the call was disconnected.

Figuring it was a wrong number, I turned my phone on silent and set it on the end table before moving to the kitchen, where presents were piling up on the counter and the oven was going off. I’d used my free time after school to make a delicious teriyaki tenderloin, while Nik cranked up the grill outside to make us all burgers.

Once the food was ready, we made our way outside, sitting around the firepit and laughing. Jameson repeatedly put the moves on Vanessa, who was growing increasingly annoyed with his attempts. Anyone could tell that Jameson was merely trying to get a reaction out of her, given that her responses were beyond hilarious.

Nikolai stayed by my side the entire night while the cats curled up together on the couch. I’d ultimately decided to name the little one Snowball, and she was curled up with Mittens, who seemed to be taking the small little girl under her wing. I now understood why Nikolai was agitated when Aunt Sharron showed up with Mittens – he simply hadn’t wanted his surprise to be dimmed down, but all in all, I was overjoyed.

After dinner, the guests insisted we open our presents. Aunt Sharron had, of course, gone overboard, purchasing us a bunch of cute decor for our home – a terrarium, bookends, mermaid and fairy figurines, and a cat tree for Mittens and Snowball.

Vanessa’s gift bag held, as it turned out, a lemongrass and ginger candle, which I placed in the living room and immediately started burning. I repeatedly had to shoo Mittens away, as she continued trying to sniff the flame. I couldn’t blame her – the scent was heavenly.

Aside from the cats, the best gift of all came from Jameson, who had painted a picture of Nikolai and I. In it, his arm was slung around my waist, and I was turned towards him, gazing into each other’s eyes with a look of sheer love and adoration on our faces. He said the piece was called Found, the conclusion to a painting he had done of us when we were missing. Tears sprang to my eyes.

He gave me a large hug before doing some kind of bro-hug with Nikolai, who looked to be touched himself. His eyes misted over, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me flush to his side and pressing a kiss to my hair as soon as he let go of Jameson.

While I was pressed against him, I noticed his eyes darken as he caressed my waist through the thin fabric of my body-hugging bright red dress. I’d painted my lips to match, and paired it with lingerie in the same color. My hope was to blow his mind and make him go crazy, fucking me long and hard throughout the night.


God. tipobet365 yeni giriş Fucking. Damn.

The second Amelia had come downstairs in her tight little dress with her painted lips, I’d wanted nothing more than to throw her down on the couch and have my way with her. The color made her electric blue eyes stand out even more so than usual, and all I could think of the entire night was watching that lipstick smear as I kissed her so hard I left bruises.

The night went off near perfect, with the only hitch in my plans being Aunt Sharron bringing Mittens before Snowball arrived. I couldn’t deny that having two cats could be a good thing – they had clearly already bonded, and would be able to keep one another company while Amelia and I were off doing our own things.

Back to the more important matter, though. The last of our guests were finally out the door, and I looked Amelia up and down, from her steep black stilettos to her flawless choppy bob. I wanted to fucking devour her.

Slowly, I stalked towards her, backing her up to the door. Bringing my arms up, I caged her in, and watched in fascination as she tugged her teeth between her lips.

“Where are you trying to run off to, little brat?” I smirked when I noticed her thighs rubbing together. She was already in the mood – perfect.

“Maybe I was headed right where I want to be,” She said, reaching up and gripping my red tie. She’d insisted on me wearing it to match her outfit. Yanking it, she brought me down until my lips were on hers, and I felt my erection pressing against her stomach as her tongue fought for entrance to my mouth.

I didn’t deny her. Instead, my tongue sought dominance, quickly overpowering her, swallowing the little mewls of desire that were escaping that sweet little mouth of hers. My hands slid beneath the hem of her dress, quickly finding her ass and giving it a squeeze. Her resounding moan snapped me out of my daze. If I didn’t stop then, we wouldn’t get very far with all I had planned for her that night.

“I have surprises for you tonight, spoiled brat,” I taunted between kisses.

“More surprises?” She asked, breathless.

Instead of replying, I took her hand and dragged her over to the couch, telling her to sit while I ran to the guest room, where I’d been hiding all the things I’d picked up at the sex store. The new lingerie would have to wait; I’d gotten a peak at what she had on beneath that dress, and I wanted nothing more than to watch her breasts heave behind that bright red balconette bra as she came from all the ways I was going to pleasure her before making her come on my cock until she passed out.

Carrying the large black bags out, I reached inside of one, grabbing the body wand.

“Do you know what this is?” I asked.

Wide eyed, she shook her head. I took a seat beside her and hauled her into my lap, her back pressed against my front. I took her cheek in my hand, turning her back to face me, where I met her lips in a slow, drugging kiss.

“I want to do so many things to you, but I want to make sure you’re okay with it all. So if you want me to stop, just tell me to.”

“You don’t always have to ask, Nikolai,” She said, reaching up to graze my cheek. “I know you’d never hurt me, and if something gets to be too much, I’ll tell you. Promise.”

I held up a pinky, and she wrapped hers around mine, offering me a wide grin. Those lips were tempting me again, and I kissed her once more. Her lipstick, which was stubbornly staying in place, complimented her porcelain skin perfectly. By the end of the night, that lipstick would be smeared. Other than giving her more orgasms than she could count, that was my goal.

Slowly, I dragged my hand down her throat, moving downwards to cup one of her breasts. She began breathing heavily as I found the zipper on her dress, pulling it down and standing her up to let it fall.

She moved to kick off her shoes, but I held up a hand.

“Leave those one.”

She complied, standing there for my viewing pleasure. Nearly everything in me screamed to drop to my knees and kiss her pussy before burying myself inside of her, but that could come later.

For now, I pulled her back into my lap, spreading my legs wide before wrapping them around hers and forcing her legs open. With one hand, I harshly grasped her breast, and with the other, I trailed up the inside of her thigh, upwards towards her pussy, which I could smell from where I sat.

Tonight was going to be fun.

I teased her, just barely brushing my fingers over the crotch of her cheeky lace panties, before grabbing the vibrator and pressing the large head of it right over her clit.

Flicking it on, she immediately began to jerk on my lap, little cries escaping her mouth as she twitched. I tightened my legs’ grip on her, keeping those legs wide open to force her pleasure. Her ass moving over my painfully hard cock was driving me crazy, and for a brief moment, I wondered if I’d embarrass myself by cumming tipobet365 güvenilirmi in my pants like an experienced fifteen year old.

“Oh, fuck, Nik,” She moaned, her voice breaking. I slipped my free hand underneath her bra, pinching and twisting her nipple, and she came hard, completely flooding her panties. Her breasts jiggled in her bra, even better than what I’d imagined they’d look like as she leaned her head back onto me, mouth wide open and eyes squeezed shut.

“Look at me,” I demanded, and when she opened her eyes, letting out a long wail, her pupils were completely blown.

Releasing her legs, I turned off the vibrator and stroked her stomach while she tried to control her breathing. I was satisfied to see that she’d bitten her lip so hard that some of her lipstick had scraped off, and I kissed her, allowing my lips to linger over hers as I continued running my hands over her soft, smooth skin.

Once she’d come down, Amelia stood, turning to face me.

“And where do you think you’re going? I’m not nearly done with you.”

Instead of responding, she dropped to her knees in front of me, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

I watched in awe as she drew me out before placing a kiss on the leaking crown of my cock. I twitched as she licked me, her cute pink tongue taking its time with me. When she placed an open mouthed kiss on my shaft, sucking lightly, I about lost my mind and blew my load all over her perfectly done hair.

I was saved from embarrassment when she removed her mouth, looking up at me with soft eyes before opening her mouth wide and taking me in. Just a little at first, but when my hand came down to lightly grasp her hair, she moaned in satisfaction, taking me deeper. The vibration shot right through me, and I gripped her hair tighter, trying my damnedest not to lose control and fuck her mouth.

“Mia, fuck…”

I couldn’t help but thrust a little, hips jerking up into her as she continued her agonizingly slow treatment. I was sweating bullets, trying not to snap and let my dominant side come out. With anyone else, I would have, but this was my Mia, and she’d been through enough. There’s no way she would want –

“Let go, Nik. Fuck my mouth the way know you want to.”

Goddamn, there went all of my control. I didn’t hold her in place, but my hips had a mind of their own, snapping up and down, up and down into her perfect mouth. Sure enough, her elegant lipstick was smudged, and with that sight, I spoke.

“Amelia, princess, I’m gonna come. You may want to move.”

Instead of removing herself, however, she gripped my thighs and moved forward at the same time I thrust again, forcing me down her throat just slightly. I came in spurt after spurt, and each time, she swallowed me down as though she was eager for more.

In awe, I pulled away, stroking the hair I had just been gripping. How she could have let me do that, I didn’t understand, but I did know there was a possibility she was going to be upset after doing that.

Instead of freaking out, however, she brought her finger up, catching the bit of cum that was dripping from her lips, and sucked it clean. My eyes were wide, transfixed as I watched her close her eyes and moan as she swallowed that last little drop.

“You taste so, so good, Nik,” She murmured, and I slid down to the floor, kissing her gently. All of my plans for a wild evening filled with more toys than she could imagine would have to wait. She’d just given me the most precious gift that she could – her trust.

When I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck, sighing into it while planting kiss after kiss there. I tried and failed not to shiver at the feel of her soft lips against my sensitive skin, which only encouraged her to open her warm, wet mouth and bit lightly, sucking my skin into her mouth.

I knew there would be a mark there for days afterwards, and it only served to bring life back to my dick, which I was sure would be completely spent for a while longer than it had been.

Setting her down on the kitchen counter, I pulled her panties down with vigor, dropping to my knees and throwing her legs over my shoulders. Her dripping cunt was right in front of my face, and I dove into it, spreading her thighs as wide as I could. Her fingers were digging into my hair, pulling so hard that it hurt in the best of ways. I pumped my fingers into her, and before long, her whole body was flushed with desire, her chest moving up and down at a rapid rate, and her head was thrown back. The only sounds were both of our moans filling the air until those gorgeous thighs of hers tightened around my head, and my mouth was flooded.

I was rock hard again, and my cock was eager to find its way inside of her, right where it belonged.

Standing, I spread her legs again, looping my arms underneath her knees.

“Grab ahold of the counter, sweetheart.”

Without words, she complied, and I entered her in one long, hard thrust. She cried out loudly, her moans so sweet in my ear, and I groaned as I began to fuck her with abandon. She was so hot and wet and tight, sucking me in over and over again, and before long, one arm was wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her close, while the other held her hip, an attempt to keep her in place despite my brutal thrusts.

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