Enslaved Ch. 01

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Mike strolled out of his ground floor office and down the street to the train station. He worked as a security guard for the building that contained several high profile companies and their staff. Not overly academic, Mike had opted to make use of his well shaped body and leadership skills and after several jobs and courses had finally settled into a long term deal as the supervisor of the building’s security. In order to keep fit, he was in the gym about twice a week, more if he could help it. Once he got home tonight, he would be heading out to put in some work.

After a bite to eat, he drove down to the gym from his apartment and got started. With his headphones on Mike focused and pushed himself. It was a Friday and he could lie in the next morning, so he was able to put in a gruelling session. One thing he also enjoyed about the Friday nights was the gym attendant. She was quite new and he hadn’t seen her too often. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail and she always wore attractive leggings that outlined her cute ass. Her face was cute too, with a dazzling smile and piercing blue eyes. Mike of course, didn’t make a move ever. He was not shy but at the same time not a flirt or like the other guys with slicked back hair and showy clothes that always tried to flirt with her. He had grown to just enjoy her presence and was sometimes too focused on his workout anyway. Sometimes he imagined that she shot a glance his way when he was on the chest press, but he always told himself not to fuss over it. Probably nothing.

She was there again as he worked, standing at the reception desk with one hand on the computer and the other toying with her hair. Mike was unable to ignore her. He flashed a glance as her refilled his water. Her focus was on the computer screen so he was able to see her without being caught. Then it was back to work. He inwardly scolded himself for getting his mind going on her. ‘She probably has a boyfriend’ he reasoned. After a filling up his water he turned to the chest press that had been occupied for much of the evening. Ploughing in the extra reps that he had missed, Mike didn’t notice the blonde for the moment. Then she suddenly walked by and over to a machine that was opposite him. She leant bursa escort over it, as though trying to find something that was broken. As she did, her ass was pointed right into Mike’s line of sight. He his dick begin to stir slightly. She eventually stood up, holding a bottle that had been under the seat of the machine. As she walked back, she flashed a more obvious glance in Mike’s direction. He blushed as he accidentally returned the look.

About twenty minutes later, the gym was empty apart from Mike. Closing time was in over an hour, but most people were now getting ready for their Friday night having done a quick session already. The gym attendant was still on his mind to an extent that he found it hard to concentrate. He tried to dismiss it. He switched to a chest press machine that was totally clear of the desk. But then she came walking round to where he was, not alone though, the janitor was with her. The two stopped and began to inspect the roof above where they stood; pointing and the janitor took notes. Mike caught her nametag, Heather. Then Heather turned so that her back was to him and moved closer to him, so that she was standing directly in front of him only a few feet ahead. Her butt was now all he could think about and his dick stirred again. Then she started to point again, with one hand, but the other rested on her hip. Then it moved to her ass. She began to tug slightly at her leggings and stroke the outside of them. Mike was now hard and utterly distracted as she-seemingly unaware- teased him with her ass. She dropped her pen and bent down torturously close to him. His hard on raged as she narrowly avoided brushing his legs with her sweet butt. He decided to get out of it and do some crosstrainer, to let his dick cool off but she was now so close that he would have to shuffle past her, risking the front of his shorts bumping her and Heather feeling his arousal. He was stuck.

Then suddenly the janitor stopped taking notes and walked off, saying goodbye. Mike breathed a sigh of relief. But Heather didn’t go with him. She started to lean down again and put both hands on her legging clad cheeks, into a stretch. His dick was straining and he had little choice but to keep working on the machine for fear görükle escort of making a mistake. Maybe she was unaware of him being there? Perhaps she’ll not notice? He played out in his mind. His brain was saying one thing, but his aroused dick was saying another, a very visible bulge in his shorts had appeared. ‘If she sees that I’m dead’ he panicked in his mind.

“Do you need some help there?” she suddenly whirled round and set her gaze on him with an innocent smile.

“Umm, no I’m ok thanks” he forced out, blushes covering his face.

“I could show you a better technique for that, it will really help harden your muscles”

‘Harden’. The word troubled him. “Err sure, do you…” He started. But she interrupted; “no just stay seated, I can show you how from here”.

With a wince, he agreed. “Ok”.

She lowered the weight to five kilos and grasped the handles, her legs straddling his and her ass inches from his red face.

“You have to really push back” she said sweetly, before demonstrating. She pushed forward on the handles but at the same time as her upper body leant forward, her lower body went back. Her butt pressed into his face.

“Then you hold it for about a minute” she added, with what Mike detected as being a slight giggle.

Her ass remained pressed into his face, his nose in between her cheeks. The smell of her crack intoxicating him. He struggled for air as his dick raged. Panicking, he realised he couldn’t breathe and began to beg for air.

“I can’t breathe” his muffled voice came through. She responded by pushing back harder so his head was totally smothered.

With a laugh, she teased “would you like some air?”

He tried to reply but could only muffle his response.

“Ok you can have some” she said, with a cruel tone in her voice. Mike feared it.

“Just keep your nose in there, you’ll get air soon” she commanded.

Mike felt a blast of warm stinky air on his face and rush up his nose.

“Farts good enough?” she cackled.

Mike gagged and wondered how he had ended up with his face smothered and now being farted on by her cute butt.

“Do you like my bum?” she giggled, pulling off and allowing him escort bayan to gasp for air.

“Yes!” he gasped.

With that she turned round and sat down in his lap, her eyes looking into his with an evil glint in them. His rock hard dick was now under her pussy and ass.

She grinded heavily on him, teasing and frustrating his cock. Her perfume mixed with her slight sweat and the whiff of her fart made his head reel. He was disgusted and scared but utterly turned on as her teasing made his cock twitch and strain. She leant forward and kissed his cheek and proceeded to bounce on his crotch.

“How is your endurance?” she hissed in his ear.

“Not great, Heather, please I can’t take much more” he whined. Mike knew he was going to cum soon.

“Do you want to cum” she whispered, biting his ear as she did so.

Mike was unsure. He badly wanted to release but his head was saying that it was crazy; anyone could walk in and see it. His hesitation was enough. She pulled off and slapped him hard across the face.

“Stand up” she ordered in a sweet voice. He obeyed, picking up his water bottle and towel while he did so. She grabbed his shirt and led him into the office at the back of the gym and locked the door.

“Do you want to cum?” she purred, sliding her hands around his crotch.

“Ye…yes” he spluttered, his cock screaming as she teased it.

“Too bad”. Heather said flatly. She stopped touching him. He reached for his cock to try and release but she grabbed his hands and pressed them against her boobs.

“You will cum when I say so” she snarled. With that she kneed him in the balls and smirked as he fell to the ground.

“And you will call me Goddess”

“Please Goddess” he whined. Her smirk grew as she took in the sight of a strong, fit man whimpering on his knees, at her mercy. She reached into a drawer and produced a chastity belt.

“Pants down, put this on” she gleefully instructed. Mike quivered. He was scared of her reaction if he didn’t. His cock took a moment to go down, but once it had she snapped the device on.

She took the key and ran it across her lips.

“I own you now” she grinned.

“Come back tomorrow if you ever want to free your cock again slave”. As she pushed him out of the cupboard and pointed him to the changing room the word ‘slave’ hit Mike like a ton of bricks as he realised she was in control. And if he wanted to be free he would have to obey.

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