Elevator Encounter

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It was a just a normal day in the life of Sarah. Sarah lived by her schedule and nothing came in between her and her routines. She dressed very classic business and always put her long hair up in a bun. She wore her makeup very sparingly and always mindful to never give off the wrong impression, for that’s what proper ladies do. Her mom had always made sure that Sarah knew what proper ladies do and how horrible it was to be classified as anything but.

Sarah was ending the last 20 minutes of her normal daily business. She worked at a prestigious law firm in downtown Dallas. She didn’t have much of a social life growing up so she relied on her love of knowledge to keep her company. Everyone was abuzz with the excitement of tomorrow night’s Halloween party at Jay’s house. She just didn’t get it. She couldn’t understand what all the hype was about. She had more important things to attend to, like the case she was preparing for. She packed several large files into her briefcase, secured her laptop in it’s bag and headed for the door. She bowed her head and rushed out of her office. She didn’t want to get caught in another confrontation like last year. Everyone wanted to know why she wasn’t coming to the party and why she never did anything fun. “I do lots of fun things!” she bantered. Her response was met with a room full of laughs. She definitely didn’t want to relive that moment as she quickened her pace towards the door.

She escaped without anyone noticing and headed for the elevator. She quickly moved inside without paying much attention to her surroundings. As kaçak iddaa the elevator doors closed she became fully aware that she was not alone! Staring at the floor her gaze moved to the large, furry feet on the other side of the tiny space. She couldn’t help but begin the journey upwards to find that she was standing next to a man, well; one could only presume it was a man, in a gorilla costume. He smiled and nodded his head. Sarah responded in her own typical way, batting her eyes shyfully and looking away, lowering her head to once again stare at the floor. A laugh bellowed from the fuzzy being next to her and he reached out to push a button. Suddenly the elevator stopped in mid floor. Painfully aware of her heart quickening, Sarah panicked. She moved to the farthest corner of the small space and faced him. Trying to pull from every ounce of strength she had, she finally squeezed out “What do you want?” in a quiet voice.

As the man chuckled to himself, he watched her squirm in her fear. He felt himself become quite aroused at this new found power. Within his suit, he could feel his heartbeat quicken and the blood rushing to his groin. His breath became deeper and more centered as his eyes fixed on her every movement. He watched her breasts rise and fall quickly, trembling beneath her silk blouse. Her legs were crossed and nervously grinding against one another, enhancing his pleasure. He stepped towards her, not sure what to make of this tantalizing excitement. Again, he took another step. The fear in her eyes bothered him slightly, but the overwhelming feeling in his briefs, kaçak bahis the surge of raw adrenaline and testosterone overcame his moral beliefs. He reached out and placed his right hand around her neck, squeezing slightly. His left hand parted her knees and trembled with excitement as she let out a small scream. His right hand twisted around to the back of her neck, pulling her hair from the nicely kept bun. He tightly held her by her hair and jerked her neck, exposing her beautiful neckline to him. He bent down and began to rub his mask along her neck, her cheek and back down towards her breasts. His left hand glided masterfully up her skirt and parted her legs. With one quick and strong movement he ripped her panties off and brought them to his face. He smelled them as if smelling a fine wine, the aroma satisfying his need momentarily. His eyes fixated on her with an intensity she hadn’t seen before and he returned his hand to her thighs.

Scared of what this man might do to her, Sarah unseemingly found herself aroused by this situation. She was always a good girl and the thought of doing something absolutely sinful delighted her, if only momentarily. She allowed herself the freedom, in this moment only, to relax and enjoy the tightening around her thigh. His hands were strong. This was intensified by the plastic and fur covering the glove of the gorilla outfit. The fingers were longer and thicker, hard plastic encased the fingers of the man inside. She could feel him moving more intently up her leg, parting them as he leaned into her. To his surprise, he found her very well illegal bahis lubricated. She let out a breath of excitement and fear combined as he parted her and inserted a hardened plastic, fur lined finger inside her. Using his right hand, he released her head and ripped at the front of her shirt, exposing her breasts to him.

In amazement to herself, Sarah reached up with both hands around the back of his neck and squeezed, arched her back and wrapped her right leg around his waist. Not missing his cue, the masked man grabbed her around the waist, picking her up and setting her rear on the chair rail. Pulling at her skirt from behind, he maneuvered it up over her hips, exposing herself fully to him. Their eyes burning with passion for one another, he dropped to his knees, burying his fur filled mask in her pussy. Shaking with sheer adrenaline and moaning with excitement, he sent her into a climax like she had never known. Her grip tightened around his fur. Sensing her desire for him, he joyfully took his covered hand and began to manipulate his fingers inside her. She could not contain her pleasure any longer and cried out in ecstasy!

The stranger laughed with satisfaction as he stood up against her, caressed her cheek, and slowly lowered her to the floor. He helped to straighten her clothes and hair then leaned in and kissed her forehead. “My dearest Sarah, Happy Halloween!” Almost in a fog, Sarah fought to regain her composure. In an instant, the door opened and he was gone. The door closed again and she was left with only her thoughts. She laid her head back upon the wall, closed her eyes and let out a breath of pleasure and fulfillment. As a smile encompassed her lips she whispered aloud, “Happy Halloween!” From this day forward, Sarah would never be the same!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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