Drinking from My Aunty’s Womb

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In the previous chapter I had a girls night in, and I drank from the fountain of youth who turned into my new pee pal Hilary. She hinted that my Auntie might help me lose my virginity.

Chapter 5. Auntie helps me to lose my virginity, and shows even more inventiveness with our pee drinking activities.

I woke up quite late that day, my last day at the cottage, and Auntie Jean came in with her potty of pee for me. While I was drinking it Jeanie told me that Di and Hilary have gone shopping, and would be bringing Steve back with them.

“Who’s Steve?” I asked.

“Hilary’s brother.”

“Does he know what we do here?”

“I expect he will have an idea by the time he gets here. Now then, lets go outside because I’ve got a new game to try out.”

We went outside and Jeanie bade me lie down. She sat astride me and inched up til her pussy was touching my lips. She started to pee, and I began drinking.

“Not much new here” I thought.

When she’d given it all to me, Jeanie started to get off me and I blurted it out: “Jeanie, I’m still a virgin, I want you to cure that. Please let me….well, you know….”

“Well, we can’t let that continue can we?” She said with a smile, and slid down me until she felt my penis up against her lips. She guided me in and started moving up and down on me, slowly and gently.

“Oh my, I’m fucking a woman, I’m fucking a bahis siteleri woman.” I thought, over and over to my self until I came with an almost explosive force.

Jeanie looked at me fondly, freed herself, and moved back up to my face again.

“Cream pie time!” I tasted a mixture of my own cum and her juices. I started licking her clitoris, but she got off me and ran back to the cottage. She came back a few minutes later with a long piece of rubber tubing like from my pee catcher.

“Now, I want you to pee inside me so that I can drink it from my own body.”

Even though I’d just cum, I stiffened up again instantly. I filled her womb up with my pee, and watched fascinated as she sucked on the tube. She soon finished, and so I said “I’ve got lots more.” She let me slip back into her with the tube still inside. I let go slowly and she sucked greedily on the tube. I snatched it from her and had a quick suck of my own pee, I thought I detected some lingering strands of cum. She took the tube back and drank all that I had left.

She rolled off me then and said “Whew, THAT was fuckin’ marvellous.”

“I wonder what Uncle Ron would think of this.” I said. “Doesn’t he like sex?”

“He likes the occasional blow job, and licks me out sometimes, but I think he prefers men. That’s why he needs Viagra.”

“Well, I’m glad of that, otherwise I wouldn’t have done all this stuff canlı bahis siteleri with you. I’m feeling a bit sleepy now, so am going to my room for a bit. Let me know when the girls get back.”

I went inside and found Di’s potty still full of pee. I expected that her and Hilary shared it to make me a lovely mixture. I put my head into it and breathed deeply of the aroma. I kissed it, touched the surface with my tongue, sipped it, and slowly drank all I could reach. In the end I had to sit up to drain the last drops, and I ran my finger around the inside to get the last little beads of pee lingering at the bottom. I lay down again, put my nose right by it, cuddled it and went to sleep.

I awoke later on to see the three girls sitting, smiling at me.

“You’re a real pot-head.” Said Hilary. “It’s time for Christine to meet my brother.”

“Oh no, I can’t.” I protested. “What’ll he think of me trying to be a girl-boy.”

“You get dressed right now, Christine, or he’ll see you nude with a potty tied to your balls.”

“Let’s do it anyway.” They held me down while Jeanie tied string around my balls, forced me into those tight panties to control my erection, then put my pink shorts on me and the white top. The end of the string hung down below the bottom of my shorts and was tied to the potty. Hilary gave the string a little tug, and said “Do what we tell you or else.” canlı bahis Tug, tug. “Ooh, that’s quite, er, tantalising.” I thought. “Ouch! Careful” I said to make them think I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to make them think they’d got no power over me.

“Well, CHRISTINE,” she whispered, “Pick up that potty and behave yourself.” and led me into the living room where Di was busy sitting on Steve’s face. Hilary murmured “Steve wants his blow job, so I’m going to give him one. Sit down on your potty and watch – quietly.”

Steve was taking his time over this. I suppose I would with one Goddess sitting on my face and the other sucking my cock. I needed to pee and made to get up. Jeanie frowned at me and mouthed “Do it there. Pee your pants.”

Well I’d never felt such relief when I let go. The warmth, the baby like thrill of just peeing myself. I could feel myself coming to a climax after that, and I lost all control. It was difficult to know when I was peeing and when I was cumming, and I ended up having the wettest, messiest climax of my life.

Soon after that, Steve had his climax, and Hilary was busy swallowing it all down.

I picked up my potty and went back to my room to clean up.

God what a week. I won’t ever forget it. My Auntie Jean was brilliant, and has promised to take me shopping in September when school starts. I can’t wait to get my own pleated skirt, blouse, some white knickers, and maybe even a padded bra. But for now it’s back home to my own little games. I did learn one trick, and that was the cut off pop bottle funnel. I will use one of those for my own pee drinking sessions.

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