Dream Becomes Reality Ch. 02

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Emily had fallen asleep on the couch still on her date clothes. She might’ve been waiting for me. I felt pity towards her. But still it didn’t change the fact that she had fucked with Steve today. I took her in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. She smelled wine, but not sex. I dropped her on the bed and went to my room without even looking at her. I would’ve made her comfortable on any other day, but not that day.

Following morning was a bit awkward for both of us. Knowing that both of us had slept with another person for the first time since our sexual relationship started had put me in an uncomfortable situation. I quickly got dressed and left home without even talking to her. Even after returning from college we didn’t talk much. I always tried to avoid talking to her as it made me uncomfortable. Also we stopped sleeping together after that night.

This went on for about 2 weeks. Emily went out twice with Steve during those 2 weeks and I ended up on Brenda’s bed on both those nights. But it didn’t help me to relieve my stress and it was getting unbearable for me.

One day we were having our breakfast, barely looking at each other, as usual in the previous couple of weeks. “Jason, we have to talk,” Emily broke the ice between us.

“Okay then, let’s talk,” I said looking at her.

“Not now. But tonight after dinner. Are you okay with that?” She asked.

“I’m okay. I thought you might have a ‘fuck date’ with Steve,” I said with anger and left.

That day was no different than previous few weeks. I was distracted as my mind was filled with memories of all the great love making we’d done before. My friend Darren tried to drag me to meet a counsellor. But somehow I stopped him from doing that promising to find a solution for my problem within the week. I really intended to talk it out with Emily that night.

She told me to come to the living room after dinner. She did the dishes while I was watching the TV after having the meal. Then she came to the living room and switched the TV off. She sat beside me on the couch. “So, how was your day?” She asked.

“Fine,” I said. I knew she was looking for a way to start our conversation. “You don’t have to beat around the bush. Just tell me what you want to talk,” I said making it easier for her to get on with the topic.

“All right, I wanted to talk about us,” She said looking concerned. I was totally surprised by her statement. “What’s there to talk about us anymore?” I asked her.

“I don’t want us to behave like we don’t know each other,” She said. “You know how we were and I want us to be that way. But I don’t know why you keep pushing me away,” She was almost sobbing.

I was getting angry at her comment about me because she was telling me like I was the only one responsible for us drifting apart. “Damn Emily, you just talk like I was the only one responsible for this. Everything happened since you started to date and fuck your boyfriend Steve,” I was practically yelling her by the end of my sentence.

“You were there to look after me. You always checked my studies and grades. You are my landlady. More than everything, we shared the same bed. Our relationship was way more than a landlady-tenant or a teacher-student. It might’ve not meant anything to you. But, our relationship is the best thing happened to me in my short life. I loved each and every moment I spent with you. Not only the sex. I loved when we watched TV together, ate together, and went somewhere together and everything. When I was in high school it might’ve been just a teenage crush on you. But recently I understood that it’s not as simple as that. I was falling for you since the day I moved in with you. But I couldn’t say it out. I was scared. I was scared of your rejection. The age gap didn’t matter to me, but I didn’t know about you. It hurt me a lot when you told me that you were going to date one of your colleagues. But I was happy thinking that you met someone of your own age and with a better job. Somehow I forced my feeling within me and tried to move on. But things got worse when you told me that you’d be sleeping with him. I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated. I even started taking alcohol. But you do don’t care, do you? I met a woman at the bar and I slept with her on your each and every date with Steve,” I chuckled even though tears were rolling from my eyes. “I thought it might feel good, but it didn’t. Just the same old feeling after every fuck except with you. Just emptiness and loneliness. But still you didn’t care a bit about me. You just remembered that there was a tenant in your house and you just called me after you returned home from a good, wild fuck,” I couldn’t hold my sobs for any longer and I started to cry.

But I hadn’t finished my speech. “I always wonder whether you even remember that there is a boy who shared your bed before you slept with Steve and I’m very much certain you don’t know that he is madly in love with you and he’ll even fight against the bonus veren siteler world for you.”

I looked at her and she was crying too. She had covered her mouth with her hands and she was crying. Suddenly she sat astride my lap and started to kiss me holding my face with both her hands. I too kissed back wrapping my arms around her. We kissed as we cried. From what I had experienced, it was a pure lovers’ kiss. “I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry,” She managed to whisper between the kisses.

Even though I was going to be rude with, my heart was starting to get soft on Emily and my cock was getting harder. We made out like that for so long, honestly I didn’t care about the time as long as she was with me. Finally, she pulled out. “Jason, you have every right to be mad at me. But you have to listen to me first, right?” She asked still sitting on my lap and also she had stop crying.

I nodded in agreement. “Will it be okay if I stay here?” She asked. “As long as you are comfortable,” I replied.

Then she spoke. “Jason, you are one of the best students I’ve ever met. You were really good at academics as well as in sports. So it isn’t necessary to say that you had my attention since I started teaching you. Also I had noticed that you were giving special attention to me also. I know most students did. But I noticed yours to be a special one. Then you graduated and I never thought that we’d meet again. Then I got divorced from my dickhead of a husband and I swore to myself that I’d never fall for a man again. Then we met and I let you stay in my apartment. You were really good to me. You looked after me and you cared about me like no other man had. Then, unknowingly to me, I was slowly falling in love with you,” She sniffled and waited for a moment. “Probably that might be because of the way you treated me. You were the best lover I’ve ever had. You always put my needs ahead yours. But still a part of me wasn’t ready to accept that I loved you. When I think about you part of my mind says me to tell you about it while the other part always think about the society. I’m 11 years older than you and I was your high school teacher. Also I’m a divorced woman. I don’t think that your parents would ever allow you to marry someone like me. So after lot of thinking I decided to date another man to keep my mind distracted. But still part of me always kept hoping that someday you’ll confess your love to me. And you might wonder why I slept with Steve, don’t you?” I nodded my head.

“I just wanted to make your confession little bit quicker. It was nothing like we had. I swear. He didn’t make love to me like you did. Yes, he did have a bigger cock. But still it didn’t matter to me and he wasn’t you. With him, I didn’t feel the spark I feel when I’m with you. You are the man in my heart. So, with him it never felt great like ours. But I don’t have to worry about it now, do I? Now that you are all mine, I won’t need him anymore,” She said and kissed me. Those words alone made me so happy that I wanted to shout out to the world about my love.

“I love you Jason. No matter what others may think,” She said breaking the kiss.

“I love you too Emily. This is the best thing happened to me ever. I will fight against the world for you if I have to. But I promise I’ll never leave your side,” I said still tears falling from my eyes.

“Love me darling. Show me what it feels like to be loved. Make me your woman,” She said wiping away my tears.

I took the lead that time and started a long kiss. It began as gentle and then gradually it got deep and sensual. I opened my mouth and darted my tongue inside her mouth. She welcomed it and her tongue started to wrestle with mine for the supremacy. We held each other tightly and we were moaning as the tongues wrestled. Her big breasts were squeezed between our chests making me feel like two soft pillows getting pressed on my chest.

Finally, Emily got tired with the tongue wrestling and she gave up. So I pushed my tongue into each and every corner of her mouth. She tightened her grip around me. I knew that she was enjoying my assault in her mouth. Then I pulled away from the kiss. Then both of us laughed together after a long time. “God that was great,” She said. “Yeah, it was.”

“I think we better take this to the bedroom,” Emily suggested slowly rubbing the bulge on my shorts which was right between our bodies.

“Of course,” I agreed. “Yours or mine?” I asked.

“Ours, idiot,” She said with a mock anger. “From tonight there won’t be your room or my room. We are moving to the largest one and which one is that?”

“The room we shared before,” I answered.

“Good boy,” She kissed my cheek. “So it will be our room from today.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said and stood up lifting her with me.

She smiled like a little girl who got a gift and she hugged me as I carried her to our bedroom. I didn’t forget to lock the front door and switch of the lights in the living room as bedava bahis we went to the room.

I placed her on the queen size bed and removed my t-shirt. She sat on the bed and was looking at me while lifting the hem of her t-shirt teasingly. I joined her by kneeling next to her and helped her in getting rid of the garment. It was just a matter of few seconds until all our clothes were lying on the ground. I held her tightly and kissed her. She reciprocated my kiss with eagerness. I slowly pushed her onto the bed until she was lying on the bed and I was lying on top of her. My hard cock was resting on her shaved mound. “Make love to me, Jason” She whispered.

Then I felt one of her hands take hold of my cock and guide it towards her wet slit. I slowly pushed in as I was feeling the familiar feeling of her pussy on my cock. “Oooohhh…” Both of us were moaning as I slowly entered her.

I took my time bottoming in her. She pulled my face down for another deep, sensual kiss. I could feel our loins touch after a long time. “God, Jason. It’s been so long,” She whispered looking at our joined genitals.

“Then I guess we have some catching up to do,” I said pecking on her lips.

“You know what, a sudden change of plans,” She said completely taking me by surprise. “How about we make love later and right now, you fuck my brains out until I squirt my juices all over your beautiful cock?”

Why would I complaint? “Sounds like a plan to me,” I said and pulled out my cock until only the tip was inside her.

“Fuck me stud. Fuck me until I scream your name to whole neighborhood,” She said.

I pushed my hard member in with one swift motion. “Aaah,” A moan escaped from her lips. I was quick to kiss her open mouth and dart my tongue between them. I started slowly and steadily. She responded my thrusts by moving her hips rhythmically with me.

I increased my speed slowly and fell into a steady speed which I thought would be okay with her. “Harder baby, harder. Just fuck me like you missed me,” She said between sharp breaths.

“Of course I missed you Emily. I felt like I was going crazy without you,” I looked at her eyes pausing my thrusts for a few seconds. She looked surprised. “I would’ve gone completely mad before long if we hadn’t had this conversation today,” I said again.

She touched my cheeks and held my face with both her hands. “I missed you too baby,” She said and wrapped her legs around my hips. “But what matters is that we are together again and no one can take me away from you. I’m yours and only yours” She whispered as I kissed her once again.

I started to pound her pussy with my hard cock as per her earlier request. But I still didn’t let her lips go. She was moaning as I was fucking her with all my strength. “You fuck me so good baby. No man has ever made me feel good like you,” She said while reciprocating to my thrusts. She also pushed me towards her with her legs which were wrapped around my hips.

I couldn’t come up with any words to reply her. I couldn’t even speak as I was concentrating on giving her the best fuck possible. But I knew that I was never going to make it until she comes if I went on at that speed.

I hugged her tightly and hid my face between her shoulder and neck. Her large tits were crushed on my chest with her hard nipples poking me. A sudden impulse raced through my mind and I gently bit her neck making her moan with excitement. “Ooohhhh… Jason, my naughty boy. Bite me again baby. Bite me and mark me as yours.”

I bit her again, but this time with little bit more force. “Aaahh.. That makes me feel so excited baby. You are going to make me cum, Jason. I want you to cum with me. Can you do that darling?” She asked rubbing my back while I was biting and fucking her with all my strength.

“Oh babe, I’ve been on the edge for so long. I want to cum so badly. I want to make you cum and cum with you. But I don’t think I’ll be able to hold for much long,” I said trying to keep my orgasm at bay.

“No Jason, you are going to hold it until you make me cum. I want you to show me that you are a better lover than Steve,” She whispered to my ear.

That was it. It felt like her comparison of myself with her former lover set off a hidden tiger inside me. My mind got filled with a sudden rage and need to show her that I was way better than that son of a bitch in every way. I lifted my torso up and looked into her eyes with rage. I gripped her neck with my hands and started to fuck with a vigor that I never knew I possessed. “Don’t you ever compare me with him,” I said to her with so much rage in me. I think my need to cum just vanished since I wanted to prove myself to be better than Steve. Also I guess that feeling is common to every man when a woman compares himself with another one sexually.

I could see a wicked smile on Emily’s face even with my hands firmly gripping her neck. “You’ve never fucked me so hard Jason. I guess I should’ve compared deneme bonus with you my ex-husband when we started fucking. But right now, you need to do more to be better than Steve. I don’t want you to fall behind, my darling,” She said between her short breaths.

I couldn’t think of anything that moment except fucking her hard and raw. So, I said to her, “Rub your clit.”

She took one hand which were molding her tits and started to rub her clit. I could feel her body starting to tense as she was rubbing it. “Jason, you are going to make me cum baby.”

That’s when I came to senses that I was also having the urge to cum. “Yes Emily, cum for me. Squirt all over my cock,” I hissed as I was pounding her.

It took no time for me to feel her vaginal muscles getting tight around my cock. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” She was muttering like in a trance.

Suddenly, her body just went rigid and her hips were lifted from the bed as her pussy was clamping around my ready to blast cock. I was riding on the edge for so long that I couldn’t control my orgasm. It was like all my problems were solved in that very moment. I couldn’t think of anything except her as I unloaded my hot cum inside her tight pussy. I yelled, “I’m cumming…” And it took no time for Emily to scream my name with a wave of orgasm washed over her.

“Jason…” She screamed and I could feel her vaginal juices flooding around my cock. Both our pubes were wet with them. I kept pounding her while my cock was spurting rope after rope of cum. I ejaculated 4 or 5 long spurts in her as I was releasing my cum of 3 days.

I kept fucking her even after my orgasm stopped until she was riding her orgasm. Emily had closed her eyes and squeezing her tits while muttering some things as she bucked her hips uncontrollably. My cock was going soft even though I was inside her. Also I was so tired after that hard pounding I gave her. I loosened my grip around her neck and my weak body fell over her with my soft cock still in her. Emily had come down from her orgasm and I could feel her arms gently wrapping around me. We laid there catching our breaths. I rolled off from her as soon as I could gather some strength.

She tried to roll towards me. I lifted my right arm to let her. She put her right arm and right leg over me and held me. Her head rested on my shoulder while my right arm held her close to me with her tits crushed on to my sides. “No one has ever fucked me like that Jason. You are the best lover,” Emily said while kissing my chest after some moments of silence.

I know that comment must’ve made me feel happy. But I was still annoyed at her for comparing Steve with me. “What about Steve?” I asked with annoyance.

Emily lifted her head and looked at me. “Baby, are you mad at me?” She asked. I just turned my head other way since I was afraid that I might tell something I’d regret later. “Jason, look at me,” She turned my head towards her with her hand. “I want you to know that you are the best lover I’ve ever had. That’s the truth baby. No one, especially not Steve can hold a candle to you in anything. You make me feel so special, loved and safe. I had never felt that before, not even with my husband. I’m sorry if you felt that I was comparing you with Steve. I just wanted you to let your inner animal loose. I know it was successful, but I don’t want it to come at the price of your happiness. I promise you, I’ll never do that again. I’m really sorry baby,” She said looking into my eyes.

I felt the sincerity in her voice. I tried to stay angry, but I couldn’t. “Emily, I don’t want anyone to come between us again. I almost lost you once and I don’t want it to happen again. I love you so much. You are the woman for me. Sorry if I’m being selfish. But when it comes to you, I don’t care about any other thing,” I said.

“I know Jason. That’s why I love you,” She pulled herself up to my face and kissed me. This time not with the vigor of our fuck. But a slow and sensual kiss which we savored for several long minutes. Her right hand slowly sneaked towards my cock which was getting hard again. She slowly jerked it making me moan into her mouth. “Make love to me Jason. Let me ride you,” She whispered.

“Anything you wish, my love. I’m all yours,” I said back.

She straddled my hips and positioned herself above my hard cock. Just as she was ready to impale herself, a drop of our combined juiced dropped on to my cock from her pussy. I scooped it to my index finger. Emily grabbed my hand and sucked it greedily. “Tasty as ever,” She said smiling.

Moments later, she dropped herself on my cock and it went in smoothly with the help of our cum. Our eyes were locked on each other as she began to ride my cock keeping her hands on my chest. She was in no rush as before. I too began to push my hips up from below to meet her body. But she stopped me, “No baby. Let me.”

So, I let her do the work and enjoyed the beautiful view of her breasts swaying while she rode my cock. I brought my hands to those twin beauties and held them firmly while occasionally tugging her nipples gently. Her moans got louder as I did that suggesting that she enjoyed my administrations on them. Suddenly I got an urge to suck those nipples.

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