Drain Day

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The London Underground is fairly quiet considering it’s a Saturday afternoon. There are only 4 more stops until Oxford Circus. My mouth is incredibly dry, and I can feel my heart pounding through my whole body. Beads of swear coat my forehead as I glance nervously around the train, grateful that no-one is looking at me. I’m nervous because I’m about to meet my goddess in person for the first time. We met around 7 months ago, over social media. I remember it so clearly: I had followed her account and she had sent me one simple message a few minutes later. That message read “I see you.” Since that day, I’ve adopted her phone bill, Netflix bill and internet bill as well as regularly tributing her. I’ve been saving up ever since then for this afternoons session. In truth, I am infatuated by her.

The train pulls in to the station and as I stand on the escalator, I can feel my legs trembling slightly. I grip the handrail as I pull out my phone, double checking the text from earlier. The afternoon has been planned out by my goddess and includes some shopping as well as a fun game that she’s planned. I exit the station and head down to the Mango store. I can see goddess leaning against a wall scrolling through her phone and I’m immediately drawn to her beauty.

She is standing at 5’4″ although her black combat boots definitely add an extra 3″ or so to her height. Her hair is a bright orange and she has let it flow over her shoulders today. She’s wearing black jeans that hug her legs, a t shirt of a band who I don’t recognise, and a black leather jacket. I can see her curves and my dick starts to grow. I have to push past a few people in order to get close to her. I finally approach and introduce myself.

“Uh-umm hello goddess…” I stammer nervously.

She looks up from her phone, tucking it into her handbag. She gives me a warm smile before speaking.

“Hello Noah, follow me.” She says curtly.

She turns around and I follow her. We walk for around thirty seconds before rounding a corner into a deserted alley. Goddess turns to face me.

“Ok, now we can speak in private. How are you slave?” She asks me.

“I’m very nervous but also very excited goddess… how was your journey down?” I ask.

“It was good slave, thank you for upgrading me to first class, that was a pleasant surprise!” She says.

I smile to myself. I of course booked her tickets from Manchester to London, and with the hopes that she would be more lenient towards me, I upgraded her to first class.

“Now, let’s talk about this afternoon. You are here to treat me to an afternoon of shopping as agreed, yes slave?” She asks.

“Yes goddess.” I reply.

“Okay, and you mentioned that you have a budget for this afternoon is that correct?” She asks.

“Yes goddess.” I reply.

“And what is that budget, just to confirm?” She asks.

“T-two thousand pounds goddess.” I stutter.

My voice shakes as I say it out loud. It’s the most that I will have ever spent in one day. We decided on this amount a couple of weeks ago, when I told goddess how I’d been saving up for months and how I had this desire to give her a shopping spree in London. Goddess smiles a wicked grin.

“And how much did you bring for the extra game that you wanted us to play?” She asks.

“An extra five hundred goddess.” I say.

We’d agreed on playing a game throughout the course of the day. We hadn’t decided on the rules and goddess had told me that she would think of something fun for both of us. She knows my fetishes so I’m sure that she’ll think of a cruel game.

“Good boy, you’re gonna need it. Here’s the game that I’ve thought of. You don’t have to play, but it would please me greatly if you did.” She says, caressing my shoulder. “So, for the duration of our shopping, I don’t want to hear you speak. You are here as a human ATM. I find whatever I want to buy, you hand your card over and pay, understood?” She says.

“Yes goddess!” I say excitedly, my dick now fully hard.

“Good. You will forfeit £50 each time you say a word. A simple ‘thank you’ will cost you £100. That should be enough of a tax to make you understand your role as my ATM. What do you think of the game, will you play?” She asks.

I pause for a moment. If I touch my dick I think I’d spurt right now. I’m so turned on and excited. This game that she’s thought of is perfection. We’ll go around shopping, she’ll buy whatever she wants and I’ll be forced to pay. And to make things even hotter, anytime I speak I’ll have to pay £50 per word. In this moment I know that goddess is one of the best people that’s ever come into my life.

“Yes goddess, yes güvenilir bahis I will play!” I practically shout.

“Good boy, and you understand that if you say more than 10 words, you’ll still have to pay right?” She asks.

“Yes goddess.” I say.

“Very well. Take a few deep breaths before we begin our afternoon of fun.” She says.

I pause and do as she says, taking a few moments to calm myself down with a few deep breaths. I give her a nod to let her know that I’m ready.

“Our afternoon begins now slave. Anything that you say will be charged at £50 per word. Nod if you understand.” She commands.

I nod my head up and down quickly, letting her know I understand.

“Very well. Follow me, my little credit card!” She laughs as she turns and heads back out of the alley.

I follow closely just behind her to her right. She has made it clear that I am to be as invisible as possible. She walks back to Mango and enters the store. She begins browsing the shelves and soon finds a grey checked skirt. She finds her size and reaches behind her to where I’m standing. Without saying anything, I grab the hanger and hold the skirt. Goddess continues looking for skirts and I start getting hard, the material of the skirt in my hand turning me on. She picks up a black leather pencil skirt and a miniskirt which she dumps into my arms without even looking at me. She then moves to the dresses, where she immediately finds a couple of jumpsuits which catch her eye. She chucks them onto my arms which are starting to get filled up. We then move to their activewear section and goddess very quickly starts adding sports bra’s and leggings to the pile that I’m now struggling to hold. We’re getting a few funny looks from the young women that are in the store. Finally, goddess moves over to the lingerie section. She taunts me by holding articles of lingerie against her body. See-through underwear and lacy bra’s are all added to the pile and I’m struggling to hold them when goddess finally takes us to the till. I dump them on the counter and smile at the cashier.

“You could have taken a basket.” She laughs at me.

I just give her a smile as she begins scanning the barcodes of each of the items. The total starts building and I gulp as the cashier scans the final pair of lacy white panties.

“That’ll be £575.87 please… you’re a luck lady!” The cashier says to goddess.

I quickly pull my card out of my wallet and slot it into the card machine. My erection is at full mast and I’m grateful that the counter is high enough that the cashier can’t see my tent. I enter my pin, my hands trembling as I do so. Moments later the machine gives a small ding before it starts printing my receipt. The cashier hands me the receipt while she bags the last few items of clothing. She hands me four bagfuls of clothes all for goddess.

“Have a nice day!” She smiles warmly at me.

“Thanks, you too!” I reply without even thinking.

I turn around and realise my mistake just seconds after I’ve made it. Goddess is grinning ear to ear at my mistake and once we’re out of sight of the cashier, she types each word into her phone with ‘£50’ written next to each word before showing me the screen. I gulp at my mistake as we emerge back onto Oxford street. Goddess starts to walk towards the Apple store and I remember her mentioning that she needed a new phone as her iPhone is very old now. We enter the Apple store and begin browsing the iPhones on show. My eyes bulge at their price tags. A member of staff quickly approaches us and I notice his name tag which labels him as Marcus.

“Looking at the iPhone 12 are we?” He asks.

I look to goddess but she looks back at me before speaking.

“He’s buying it as a gift for me actually!” She says excitedly, gesturing towards me.

“Oh that’s nice of you! And what colour would you like the 12 in?” Marcus asks me.

I pause, looking to goddess to see if she’ll speak. When she doesn’t, I realise that it’s going to cost me another £50. I check out the iPhones again. I could play it safe and go for black or white… but the purple catches my eye.

“Purple!” I exclaim.

Goddess looks at me disappointedly.

“No no, I don’t want Purple, pick another colour!” She demands.

I mentally curse her. Marcus gives us a funny look before I finally decide. “Black.” I say through gritted teeth.

This time goddess smiles warmly back at me, and I’m glad that I’ve picked the right colour. The staff member smiles at us before going through his script of what the phone has to offer. Finally he asks me one more question.

“And would you like to add AirPods as well? güvenilir bahis siteleri You’d be entitled to the 10% discount?” He asks me.

I once again turn to goddess.

“I mean it would be a nice addition?” She suggests noncommittally.

“Okay.” I say through gritted teeth, turning back to the staff member.

“Great I’ll add tha-” The staff member begins to say.

“Quick question, do you get more commission if we pay full price?” Goddess asks Marcus.

“Yes I would, why do you ask?” He says, lowering his voice trying not to be overheard.

“Well you’ve given us great customer service so we’ll pay full price.” Goddess says.

“Wow, that’s very generous, thank you! I’ll chuck in a free case for you, you’ll need it for the phone.” Marcus says smiling at both of us.

“Oh no, he’ll pay for that as well, don’t you worry!” Goddess says, grinning at me.

For Marcus, Christmas has come early. He’s grinning from ear to ear, no doubt elated at the commission he’ll be getting. He doesn’t even bother to ask which case goddess would like and instead finds a leather one which he places on the counter. Marcus and goddess spend a few minutes getting the phone set up and ready for her to use and I take a moment to breathe. I’m hard again after seeing the way goddess made me speak and knowing that the phone is going to be expensive. And yet I’m loving every second of this afternoon. I’m so happy, not just by my erection, but by the fact that I’m walking around with this perfect goddess and I’m actually pleasing her. She waves me over and I obediently trot over to the counter.

“So… an iPhone 12, phone case and AirPods… that comes to £1,069 please!” Marcus says, unable to hide his smile.

I fish out my card and hesitantly insert it into the machine. I feel goddess slide a hand under my t-shirt and she rubs my lower back as I enter my pin. I’m trying very hard to hide my erection and I’m glad that Marcus bags the AirPods before bidding us farewell. I notice goddess is now using her new phone and she adds ‘purple’, ‘black’ and ‘okay’ to the list of words… I’ve now spent £300 just to speak. I struggle to carry the bags from Mango but manage to waddle through the door and quickly follow goddess down the road.

“One final stop!” She calls to me.

I follow her and soon we’ve arrived at a fancy looking hotel. The lobby is large and looks very luscious. I remember goddess told me that she would be staying the night in London. We walk up to the reception desk where an older man with a very neat looking suit greets us.

“Good afternoon and welcome to the Langham. Do you have a reservation?” He asks.

“Yes, under the name Lily Moon.” Goddess says.

It seems weird to hear her say her name out loud considering I’ve always called her goddess. The receptionist types away at his computer.

“Ah yes, Miss Moon. And will Mr. Moon be reimbursing the cost?”

“We aren’t a couple.” I blurt out.

Both the receptionist and goddess look at me with a mixture of amusement and confusion.

“Apologies, and will you be reimbursing the room sir?” He asks me.

“Yes…” I say, annoyed at my lack of discipline.

“Very well, that will be £230 for the night sir!” He says, handing me the card machine.

I go through the process of typing in my pin and I’m now in a constant state of arousal. The receptionist hands me my receipt.

“I can have a porter bring your bags of shopping up to your room if you’d like?” He asks, handing goddess the room key.

“No need!” She chimes.

Goddess turns on her heel before marching towards the elevator. I quickly grab her shopping and follow suit. The elevator arrives and we’re soon exiting onto the 5th floor. I follow goddess to room number 512 and I follow her into the room. The room itself is magnificent with a large king sized bed, with a view overlooking the busy streets of London.

“Kneel.” Goddess commands.

I immediately drop to my knees. She begins typing away on her phone, moving closer to me as she does. She comes to a stop in front of me and I can’t help but stare at her perfect black boots.

“Okay let’s start with our little game. Here are the words you said.” She says, turning her phone to show me what she’s typed out.

Thanks – £50

You – £50

Too – £50

Purple – £50

Black – £50

Okay – £50

We – £50

Aren’t – £100

A – £50

Couple – £50

Yes – £50

Total Talk Tax – £600

“Do you have any disputes?” Goddess asks, before adding “You can speak freely now, the game is over.”

“Aren’t is one word but you put 100 pounds?” I question.

“It’s iddaa siteleri a contraction. It means ‘are not’. That’s two words.” She says

“Yes goddess, then I have no disputes.” I say, annoyed that I’ve gone slightly over budget.

“Good, you can send me the £600 now then!” She chimes.

She turns back to her phone, typing away whilst I pull out my phone and send her £600. Even typing it out feels surreal after everything that’s happened today. I hit ‘send’ and I see goddess’ face light up as the money is immediately transferred to her.

“Good boy. Now, here’s what I’ve worked out. We spent £575.87 in Mango, my lovely new iPhone came to £1,069 and this hotel room cost you £230. That’s a total of £1874.87 correct?” She asks.

“Yes goddess!” I say instinctively, not even bothering to count.

“So that leaves me with £125.13 of your budget still left to spend right?” She asks.

“Yes goddess.” I reply.

“Hmm okay, I’m quite hungry, are you?” She asks, jumping onto the large bed.

I hadn’t realised how much time had flown by but I suddenly realise how hungry I as.

“Yes actually goddess, I’m starving!” I reply eagerly.

“Perfect! I will allow you to dine in my presence. Why don’t you go and strip to your underwear in the bathroom while I order us some food?” She asks.

“Yes goddess.” I say, walking towards the ensuite.

“And don’t come out until I say!” She calls as I enter the bathroom.

I quickly close the door behind me and look in the mirror. I’m a complete mess. I’m sweating all over and I’m trembling, but the tent in my pants tells me everything I need to know; this is the best feeling in the world. I take my time to remove my clothes, folding them neatly onto the bathroom counter. A few minutes later, I wash my face before adjusting my dick in my tight trunks. I hear the room door open and then close again, moments later. I hear shuffling and finally goddess opens the bathroom door. She’s in a bathrobe now and I can see her legs and feet which I stare at.

“Follow me.” She commands.

I follow her into the room again and see a large wheel in tray, with food and a couple of bottles of champagne. The tray is next to the small table that all hotel rooms have and goddess places herself in one of the seats at the table. I move to sit opposite her but she quickly shuts that down.

“No you fucking moron. You don’t ever get to sit at the same table as me. You’re only here because you paid money. Get on your knees.” She says, pointing by her side.

I blush before kneeling beside her. She begins picking items of food and adding them to her table. She pops open the bottle of champagne before pouring herself a glass. In silence, she starts to eat. She takes a few bites before speaking.

“Go and get the sleeping mask from the bedside cabinet slave, crawl there.” She commands.

I start to crawl around the large bed and I can hear her giggling as I shuffle to the cabinet. I find the sleep mask and quickly crawl back to goddess. She gestures for me to put it on and I do so. I’m plunged into darkness and can’t see anything. I can hear her chewing for a few minutes before she speaks again.

“Slave, I have one hand on my tits and one on my pussy right now.” She says.

I grunt as I grip my thumbs tightly. I’m so horny.

“I’m going to finger myself and you can listen.” She says.

She fingers herself in silence for a few minutes, the sound of her fingers entering her pussy filling the room. I would do anything to rip off this sleep mask and just get a glimpse of her but I dare not.

“Ohhh fuck!!!! I’m cumming!!!” She cries moments later. “Oh fuck that was amazing! Okay you can take off your blindfold now loser!” She laughs.

I take off the sleep mask and goddess has tied up her bathrobe again. I’m desperately horny at what’s just happened. Mistress takes a plate and puts it on the floor in front of me. On it is one slice of bread. She takes her right hand and wipes both sides on the bread. I see the bread glisten with her cum and I look up at her.

“Oh yes slave, you get to eat my juices!” She exclaims.

I’m too horny to even care, and I grab at the bread, shoving it into my mouth. Her taste is sweet and it adds a nice sweetness to the bread. I quickly devour the bread before looking up at goddess. She’s just laughing at me. She tells me to go and get dressed and I do so in the bathroom. I return to the bedroom a few minutes later and she’s standing up. She leads me to the door and just as I’d asked her, does exactly what I wanted.

“Thank you for being a good little human ATM for me today. Your money brought me so much pleasure.” She says.

“Thank you goddess…” I reply.

She opens the door and I step into the hallway. As planned, I turn to face her.

“Now fuck off!” She says with venom, slamming the door in my face.

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