Double Vision Ch. 03

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[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision 1 in which the main characters are introduced. The installations are meant to be read in order.]

In the morning I woke up spooned behind Daniella, my cock hard between her ass cheeks. I caressed her curves and nibbled at her delicate neck. Daniella sighed a little, letting me know that she was awake and appreciating my attention. After a while, she began to tuck her pelvis back and forth to rub my cock with her ass: the same ass I had fucked for the first time last night.

Daniella turned to face me. I kissed her lips then kissed my way down her body. Grasping her small hips, I dove my tongue between the folds of her pussy. I licked her lips and clit in no particular hurry. Daniella reached her hands down and ran her fingers through my hair. I concentrated on her clit and flicked my tongue up and down until she moaned in orgasm.

“Thanks, Dio,” she smiled. “I know your cock is hard for me but if you can wait a little while I’ll have a special treat for you.”

I was intrigued and figured that any surprise Daniella cooked up would be pretty good.

“Would you like some juice?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

Daniella slipped on a red silk robe that fell just below her ass and showed off her beautiful brown legs and left me alone for a few minutes. It seemed as if that glass of juice was taking a long time but figured she was in the bathroom. Daniella swung the door open and brought me a frosty glass of pineapple juice. While I wasn’t overwhelmed if this was the surprise, it tasted great and I drank it down pretty quickly.

“Was that the surprise?” I asked.

“No,” Daniella replied. “If you’re ready, I’ll get it.”

“I’m dying to find out. Go ahead,” I said.

Daniella left the room again and quickly returned with Jennifer, who also wore a short silk robe of pale golden color. Her toenails were painted a soft gold as well and her hair was done up with chopsticks, her eyes with mascara. Now I was starting to get the picture. Jennifer looked nervous but Daniella got right to the point.

“Dio, Jennifer is here for her first lesson. You don’t have to do anything yet. She’s going to get to know your body.”

Daniella told Jennifer to get on the bed with me and give me a kiss. Jennifer looked at me doubtfully so I gave her a warm smile in reassurance. Jennifer leaned in close and gave me a peck on the lips. The scent of jasmine was on her body.

“Try again, Jennifer,” Daniella coached. “Put your hands on his chest and kiss him like you mean it.”

Jennifer touched my chest with her slim fingers and I saw her expression change to something that looked more like lust. She leaned in again and kissed my lips with more passion.

“That’s good, that’s good,” Daniella encouraged. “Climb on top of him and keep kissing. Don’t be afraid to use your tongue.”

Jennifer obediently straddled my waist and rubbed her hands over my chest, biting her lower lip as she looked at me. Her robe hung open, revealing small breasts with hard nipples that stood out a quarter inch from her pale areolas. Jennifer dove in for another kiss, mouth open, holding my cheeks as she mashed her lips against mine and tentatively thrust her tongue in to meet mine.

Daniella sat cross-legged next to us intently watching and absently touched her own breast through the red silk. I saw her nipples harden under the sheer fabric. “That looks really good,” she said in a softer voice.

“I’ll say,” I agreed and reached over to pull Daniella’s robe open, causing her to smile at me.

Daniella reached for the sash on Jennifer’s robe and pulled it, then pulled the robe from her body leaving Jennifer’s slim form bare except for a pale gold thong. Her body was longer, paler and less curvy than Daniella’s but no less mouth-watering.

“Touch and kiss him all over.” Daniella resumed her coaching and Jennifer complied, üsküdar escort working her way down my chest to my stomach, even tonguing my belly button.

Next Daniella told Jennifer, “rub your body against his, rub your nipples all over him and then put them in his mouth for him to suck on.”

With a determined look, Jennifer obeyed Daniella once again. It was amazing to have my new girlfriend orchestrating the seduction of her inexperienced and pretty roommate. Daniella sloughed off her robe as Jennifer rubbed her nipples on my thighs, her face just inches from my erect cock. Daniella reached over and pinched Jennifer’s nipple, “put that in his mouth, okay?” she said.

Jennifer straddled me again and lowered first one then the other breast to my mouth. I licked and sucked her hard nipples as she let out her first sigh. As Daniella watched me tongue her roommate’s nipples, she played with her own, flicking them with her pretty fingernails and pinching and pulling on them, making her buds stick out from her dark brown areolas.

“Are you ready to suck his cock, Jennifer?” Daniella asked.

Jennifer nodded her head in assent.

“Get down between his legs and let’s see what you can do,” Daniella directed.

Jennifer got on all fours with her head above my cock then slowly bent down to kiss the tip, first tentatively, then with more enthusiasm but not even taking the whole head into her mouth.

“Let me show you something,” Daniella said as Jennifer pulled up to watch.

From my side, Daniella leaned in and swallowed the head of my cock while caressing my balls with one small hand and pumping the base of my shaft with the other. I moaned and Daniella pulled off.

“Now you try it,” she told Jennifer.

Jennifer bent down, ass in the air and held my balls and shaft as she began to suck. She was kind of uneven but after a few minutes found a rhythm that was feeling really good to me and I really enjoyed watching her ass move back and forth as she sucked the top half of my cock.

“See how deep you can swallow it,” Daniella breathed as she watched Jennifer blow me from a few inches away. I could tell she was really excited.

“Show me?” Jennifer asked, and sat back on her heels expectantly.

Daniella obliged but stuffing my cock in her mouth and slowly pushing until she had all but about half an inch extending beyond her luscious lips. She pulled off and moved Jennifer to the side so that she could get between my legs.

“Dio, put your hands on my head and when I get as far as I can, push me the rest of the way down. I want to feel your cock in my throat.” She continued, “Jennifer, come to the side and watch closely. You can use your hands to help Dio.”

I held Daniella’s head in my hands as she took my cock between her lips with a determined look. Jennifer put one hand on top of mine and reached down to hold my balls with the other. When Daniella got almost all of my cock in her mouth she looked up at me and I gently but firmly pushed down until her lips enveloped my cock to the root. She made a moaning sound that cause her throat to vibrate on my cock head, then pulled up as Jennifer’s mouth opening in admiration or anticipation.

“I want to try,” said Jennifer softly.

Daniella moved out the way as Jennifer resumed her position between my legs and began licking and sucking my cock head. She took one of my hands and placed it on her head and settled down to swallow my cock to where she had all but an inch inside.

“Do you want me to push?” I asked.

“Mmm, mmm,” she assented.

Daniella added her hands to mind as we gently pushed Jennifer’s head down until she too had her lips to the root of my cock, then spluttered up for air.

“Wow,” Daniella commented. “Try again.”

Jennifer continued to practice taking my cock into her throat until she could hold it there without gagging. Daniella praised her as göztepe escort she stroked Jennifer’s lithe back and shoulders.

The only reason I hadn’t come yet was the intermittent nature of the extremely pleasurable sensations the two women were subjecting me to. “Jennifer,” Daniella asked her, “do you want Dio to come in your mouth or would you like to fuck him?”

Jennifer looked uncertainly at my cock and at Daniella and me.

“Not sure?” Daniella asked. “Wait, I have an idea. First, let’s get those panties off. Turn around,” she commanded

Jennifer turned with her head toward my feet and her ass facing me. Daniella grabbed Jennifer’s hips and moved her up my body so that her ass was about six inches from my face. Now Daniella grabbed Jennifer’s thong and slowly pulled it down revealing a tight little ass and hairless pussy, visibly moist with arousal. Daniella quickly rubbed a finger between Jennifer’s pussy lips then put the finger in my mouth.

“Suck his cock again, Jennifer,” Daniella ordered, while pulling Jennifer’s hips back to position her pussy at my lips. As I licked, Jennifer whimpered and plunged my cock deep into her mouth. Pretty soon, she was too distracted to suck me with any concentration. Noticing this, Daniella order her to squat over my face, giving me better access to Jennifer’s clit.

As I continued to lick Jennifer’s pussy, she sighed and whimpered and Daniella put a condom on my cock and climbed on top of me. As she slowly fucked me she caressed her roommate’s ass and even dipped her fingers inside Jennifer’s pussy. I concentrated on her clit with rapid flicks of my tongue and brought Jennifer to her first orgasm with another person. She cried out and pulled off to flop on the bed beside me.

“Now I think you’re ready,” Daniella decided, and directed Jennifer to take her place.

Flushed and glowing with tiny drops of perspiration, Jennifer positioned her slim body above me, her pussy just above my cock. Daniella grabbed my cock and parted Jennifer’s pussy lips with her other hand to guide me inside. Jennifer sank down about half way and I could feel my cock head against her hymen. On her knees behind Jennifer, Daniella caressed her roommate’s back, hips, and ass, encouraging her to fuck me.

“That looks so good Jennifer,” Daniella breathed. “You’re fucking my boyfriend. He’s taking your virginity and I’m telling you to do it.”

Jennifer was breathing deeply as my cock thrust between her lips.

“I want you to take him all the way in your pussy, just like you did with your mouth,” Daniella whispered, then reached around to play with Jennifer’s nipples.

Jennifer grunted, then thrust down hard, letting out a little cry. My cock was now deeply in her tight cunt. Jennifer collapsed onto my chest and sought my mouth with hers.

“Tell him to fuck you, Jennifer. Tell him to make you a woman,” Daniella prompted.

Jennifer looked in my eyes then kissed me passionately. “Make me a woman,” she whispered and kissed me again.

I began thrusting up into her pussy as I gripped her little ass. Jennifer was moaning steadily.

“Say it!” Daniella commanded.

“Fuck me, fuck me” Jennifer said in a breathy voice.

I complied and began to fuck Jennifer more forcefully, incredibly around by the situation. I was more than ready to come but wanted Jennifer to get the full ride if I could hold out. Daniella continued to caress us both as we fucked. Now she turned her attention to me.

“Dio, how does a virgin pussy feel? Is it tight? Is it wet?”

Daniella continued, “you’re the first man to fill her with cock, first her mouth, now her pussy. I bet you’ve got a big load of cum to shoot up her pussy.”

I was thrusting more and Jennifer was moaning and crying out.

“That’s right, fuck that virgin pussy, fill it with your thick cock, fill it full of cum.”

Jennifer cried out “I’m cumming!” istanbul pendik escort I was on the brink. I squeezed Jennifer’s ass forcefully and exploded in her cunt as it pulsed on my cock.

“I’ve never seen anyone fuck before,” Daniella said. “That was really hot.”

Jennifer was panting, collapsed on my sweaty chest, breathing hard against my neck.

Daniella stroked Jennifer’s cheek. “Jennifer,” she said, “I give you permission to practice sucking my boyfriend’s cock whenever you want. But you can only fuck him when I’m there to watch. Okay?”

Jennifer reached out and took Daniella’s hand. In between heavy breaths she said, “thank you so much, Dee. I was told that the first time isn’t very good. But this was awesome.”

“What did you like about it so much?” Daniella inquired.

“Well it felt wonderful of course,” Jennifer replied. “but I also liked being told what to do. My insecurities just fell away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in the moment before.”

“So you want to do it again sometime?” Daniella asked.

“Anytime you say, Dee,” Jennifer assented, “as long as it’s okay with Dio.”

“Dio?” Daniella turned to me smugly.

“This is a fantasy come true,” I said. “Of course I’d do this again.”

In the coming weeks I began to spend a lot of time at Daniella and Jennifer’s apartment and we developed a routine. Daniella was a pretty good cook and made dinner for us most nights in the tiny kitchen. Jennifer would come back from a late afternoon run and hop in the shower. She’d come out in her robe smelling fresh and clean and offer to help Daniella with dinner, a question that soon became a joke. The first time this happened, Daniella responded, “yea, you can peel the eggplant for me.”

Jennifer looked around and said, “where is it?”

“In Dio’s pants,” Daniella said, then burst into laughter.

Thus it became a ritual that as the evening light flowed through the gauzy curtains, the sound of music pulsed on the stereo, and the smell of pancit or chicken adobo and rice emanated from the kitchen, Jennifer would drop her robe on a chair and stand before me showing me her freshly shaved pussy with delicate rose pink lips and ask me to feel to see if she had missed any hairs. Next Jennifer would pull my pants off. Placing a pillow on the floor, she knelt and sucked my cock with enthusiasm until I pumped my cum into her mouth.

She learned to swallow (according to Daniella’s orders) and said that the pineapple juice they were always giving me made my cum taste sweet. If dinner was ready before I came, Daniella would cover the food to keep it warm and come join us. She really liked to watch Jennifer fuck me on top, sometimes facing me, sometimes facing away. Both of them were on the pill by now so I didn’t have to use condoms with them. Daniella liked to rub my balls and finger my ass as I pumped Jennifer’s pussy full of cum. On one such evening, we were drinking wine before dinner and Daniella and Jennifer were both a bit tipsy.

As Jennifer sat in my lap, facing away and pumped her pussy up and down on my cock, Daniella took of her clothes and grabbed my balls as she watched us. Leaning in, Daniella took Jennifer’s nipple in her mouth and starting to lick, such and bite it, causing Jennifer to moan. Daniella licked her way down and darted her tongue against Jennifer’s clit.

“Yes!” Jennifer called out.

Encouraged, Daniella began to lick Jennifer’s pussy in earnest, tickling my balls with her fingertips, her knees on the pillow Jennifer had used earlier. Jennifer was crying out her pleasure and soon pulsed her pelvis up and down rapidly in orgasm. Causing my cock to explode inside her. Daniella pulled my cock out of Jennifer’s pussy and licked and sucked my extremely sensitive cock clean as I moaned. Next she dove into Jennifer’s pussy and lapped at my cum as it dripped from her roommate’s pussy, then moved up to her clit until Jennifer had another orgasm.

Jennifer stood up and grabbed Daniella and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“I’ve been wanting to do that,” she said.

“Then why didn’t you,” asked Daniella.

“Because you didn’t tell me to,” replied Jennifer, meekly.

“I’ll make a note of that,” smiled Daniella.

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