Done Waiting Pt. 04

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I was in a bit of a daze as I opened the door to my sister’s house. I was having trouble thinking. Like when I walked through the door, I left my bag on the sidewalk and had to go back for it. Ellen’s living room seemed brighter than I remembered, and I wondered if she’d repainted the place.

She must have heard me stumble through the door. I could hear the kids playing a video game as she came in from the family room. She looked at me… strangely.

“What happened to you?!”

Ellen was like that. Direct. No preliminaries, just get to the point.

“What do you mean?”

“Your hair is a mess and… something else. Have you been drinking?”

“My hair is a mess?” I started touching it and realized that I hadn’t taken much time with it before leaving the hotel.

She lowered her voice.

“You really did it, didn’t you? I didn’t think you would go through with it. What was it like?”

“Ellen, I’ve been royally and delightfully fucked. Fucked to within an inch of my life. I feel a little dizzy.”

“Damn, Rach. Good for you. Here, sit down and for god’s sake tell me everything. You really did it? Of course you did. Just look at you! It’s not your hair; it’s something else. You look happy for a change.”

“I’m deliriously happy, big sister. He flew me to the moon and back. Then he flew me to Venus and back. Then Saturn, then the stars, and wherever else we might have gone is all a bit fuzzy right now. I am thoroughly sated.”

“And, maybe just a little drunk.”

“Actually, I haven’t touched a drop. Well, not a drop of alcohol, anyway. Can you get drunk on a guy’s sperm?”

“Oh. My. God. You have got to tell me what happened. Where did he take you?”

“The Presidential Suite at the DiAngelo Hotel. It’s a gorgeous place, the room was stunning, but I think they’re going to have to replace the bed tomorrow.”

I started giggling and couldn’t stop myself.

“I’ve never seen you like this, well, except for that time back in high school when we all stole that bottle of wine.”

“A little wine makes you silly, a lot of wine makes you dangerous. That’s what you told me. And you were right.”

“I’ve never been inside the DiAngelo before. What was it like?”

“Todd was there.”


“I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me, but we saw him. He was having an assignation with someone from his dad’s company.”

“A what?”

“He was with a big-boobed red head for immortal porpoises.” I laughed at myself again. I was definitely in a very weird mood.

“That bastard. I told you he’s been stepping out on you.”

“You told me. I didn’t want to believe it, but there he was. He claimed they were going to have a sales meeting. In the DiAngelo. Room on the third floor. I’m sure they got down to business, alright.”

“Oh, Rach, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t care. Ma… The man I was with is going to shoot him in the balls. That’ll teach him.”

My sister’s mouth dropped open. She isn’t often at a loss for words. I started laughing again. Sex drunk.

“Not really, don’t worry. It was our little joke. But in the end, I forgot about Todd. That first kiss wiped him right out of my mind. And then when he went down on me, I swear I even forgot my own name. He’s good, Ellen. Damn good. Not like Todd. He made me feel beautiful, sexy, wanton, and he took me to the stars and back again. He’s got a very talented tongue.”

“No more. I can’t hear anymore. Damn, you lucky thing. You hold on to that guy. Jason’s ok in bed. He tries hard. I think he gets bored, though. If this guy enjoys eating you out, he’s definitely a keeper.”

“He’s a keeper, alright.”

The doorbell rang. Ellen jumped up to get it.

“Todd. Come in.” She’d never hid her dislike of my husband, and the feeling was mutual.

“Ellen. Are the kids and my wife here?”

“Hey, Todd. I’m here. The kids are in the family room. Go see how much longer they need to finish their game and then you can take us all home.”

He looked at me a little funny, but then broke off and went for the kids.

“Ok, guys. Time to quit the game. We need to get home.”

There was much unhappiness, but we left before long. I fixed everyone supper, then the kids went off to their rooms while I cleaned up from dinner. Todd stood at one end of the kitchen working on a beer.

“I saw you tonight, Rachel.”

I froze for a moment, then went back to what I was doing.

“You saw me. What do you mean you saw me?”

“I saw that insurance guy drop you off at Ellen’s.”

“Ok. What about it?”

“Why was he giving you a ride?”

“I asked him to. You had the car and I didn’t want to ride my bike there. I had to clean an office not far from his office, so he picked me up and drove me to Ellen’s.”

“I don’t like it. There’s something about that guy that I don’t like.”

“He’s a complete gentleman, Todd. When I had my fall, he offered to give me a ride if I ever needed one. I took him up on it and he dropped me off at my sister’s. He’s a decent guy. I wish there were more people like istanbul escort him in the world.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing. Just that it’s rare for anyone to do something good without expecting something in return. Mark’s one of those rare ones.”

He was quiet for a minute.

“Come into the bedroom with me.”


“You know why.”

“Todd, I’m dirty after cleaning offices, I’m tired, I just want to sit down and put my feet up.”

“I’ll make it quick.”

He usually did.

I locked the door. He kissed me hard. I didn’t return his kiss with much enthusiasm, but he didn’t seem to notice. His hands were all over me. Rough. Demanding. Impatient. Just get it over with.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

I did as he asked. He pulled my pants down in one swift motion, then dropped his own. He likes penetrating me from the back. Less personal, maybe. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I don’t care. He likes it, which usually means it’s all over pretty quickly.

I felt his dick pushing into me. It went in much easier than usual. I was still full of Mark’s cum and my own juices, still a little stretched out from the afternoon.

“Oh, baby, you’re already wet. You’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you?”

He slapped my ass cheeks. Slapped them again. I didn’t find pain much of a turn-on, but it did something for him.

He pushed himself all the way in. He seemed harder than usual. He was turned on. He grunted, grabbed my hips, and started plowing into me hard and fast.

“God, Rach, you’re so damned wet. I love your ass. How does it feel to have my big dick inside of you? Pretty amazing, right?”

“Amazing,” I replied, without much enthusiasm. He didn’t notice. Too busy pounding away. I wondered if Ms Plastic Boobs had failed to satisfy him.

He was really working hard, obviously thinking about his afternoon tryst, not me. I thought he might finish inside of me, but no such luck.

“I gotta have your ass.”

He pulled out and spit in his hand, then lubed up his dick.

“No, Todd. Don’t. Not without some lube. I’ll suck you off if you want.”

“You’re so wet today and your ass is so sexy. You’ll love it; I promise. Just relax.”

“Todd, no. Please. Oh, shit!”

He managed to pop the head of his penis past my sphincter. He had my hips in a vise-grip and pressed himself in steadily, no subtlety, no caution. I felt like I was being torn open.

“Damn you, Todd! Unnggh. Ow. Take it slow, please. Todd, you’re hurting me. Please just hold up for a minute. Let me get used to this. I can’t breathe.”

But he couldn’t wait. His dick was like an iron rod. I hadn’t felt him so hard before. He pushed to the limit until his hips were against my ass and then he kicked it into high gear. His balls were slapping against my pussy and he was driving into my ass as hard and as fast as he could. Mercifully, it didn’t take long.

I felt like a rag doll being shaken by a pit bull. I could have pulled away, but I knew better. I had to take it.

“Hunnngg. Oh, baby. Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it… Shit!”

I could feel the warmth of his jism filling me. He pulled me back against himself, pushed in as deep as he could, and pumped me full of his seed. The pain subsided. His slippery jizz and his quickly shrinking dick were relieving the pressure. He pumped himself against me a few more times, then pulled out. I immediately started dripping and ran to the bathroom.

“You’ve still got it, baby. Your ass is your best feature, have I told you that before?”

“My ass is hurting, Todd. I don’t appreciate that. I’ve told you before that I need to be lubed first. Don’t you care?”

“Oh, come on. You know how much you like it dirty. Admit it. You were probably thinking about doing the nasty all along. I know how your mind works. You put on this air of innocence, but inside you’ve got the heart of a slut. At least I didn’t put it back in your pussy afterwards. Right? You should be happy about that. You know, if you relaxed more, you’d enjoy yourself more. You’re too uptight. Loosen up and you’ll enjoy yourself more. Anyway, you knew when you married me what I liked.”

He left the room. His cum dripped out of me. My ass burned. No blood, though. I don’t think he tore anything. Something had gotten into him. Sex was one of Todd’s ways of putting me in my place. Maybe that’s what it was. He had seen me with Mark, he’d felt threatened, so he needed to reclaim what was his.

I wiped myself off, then washed up with a warm wash cloth. I gently touched my pussy, then inserted my index finger deep into my vagina. When I pulled it out again, I licked it clean. Still tasted like Mark. That made me smile, which quickly turned back into a frown once I tried to get up off the toilet. Pain. Damn him. I dressed and went to find some wine and a comfortable chair.


I wanted to text Rachel that night, but I couldn’t chance it. She’d be home with the kids, with Todd, and if avcılar escort he discovered my text there’d be hell to pay. She texted me about 11:30. I was in bed but couldn’t sleep. Replaying the day. Remembering the warmth of her skin, the taste of her mouth, the musky aroma of her pussy, the incredible feeling of being deep inside of her, with her legs and arms pulling me tight. Holding her in the tub. Passion and romance. Great combination. Amazing day. Incredible woman.

The phone chimed. I grabbed it, fumbled through my pin and saw her message.

“Are you up?”

“Yep. Can’t sleep. How are you?”

“I’m… wonderful. You gave me an afternoon of love like I’ve never experienced in my life, ever.”

“It was a pretty great afternoon, wasn’t it? You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“I look like Minnie Mouse.”

“Minnie Mouse should be so lucky. And what’s this fixation on Minnie Mouse?”

“I guess I just never felt very attractive, is all.”

“You’re wrong. You’re one of the sexiest women I know.”

“Stop. You’re a terrible liar.”

“Honest truth. I think you’re beautiful. That’s why I sprung for the DiAngelo. I knew I’d never impress you unless I gave you the very best. If you were ugly, I would have just gone for the Best Western.”

“Ha ha. Don’t make me laugh. My pussy hurts enough already.”

“Oh, damn, I’m sorry about that. Really. I was trying to be gentle.”

“You were perfect. I’m just very much out of practice.”

“I know a way to fix that.”

“Me, too. Practice makes perfect. Next week, for sure, unless you’re busy?”

“Hell, lady. I’d cancel the President to be with you.”

“Well, I’ll bet you didn’t vote for him, so how hard could that be?”

Now it was my turn to laugh.

“You got me there.”

“I just wanted to tell you how special today was. You can’t imagine what it meant to me, Mark. I’ll never forget today. It was better than I could have possibly imagined.”

“For me, too, Rachel.”

“I’m getting sleepy. Good night, you wonderful man. Dream about me.”

“I’m sure I will. Good night, beautiful.”

I switched the phone to silent, plugged it in, and fell right to sleep.


Didn’t hear from her anymore that weekend, but I didn’t expect to. Monday was the usual. Answered policy questions that had come up over the weekend. Took some phone calls, mostly from people wanting to sell me something. Things quieted down after lunch.

I was working on a quote about 3:30 in the afternoon when the door opened. I looked up and there was Todd. My body tensed up a bit, but I tried not to show it.

“Mr. Insurance. How’s it going?”

“Todd. Business is good, thanks. How’s the restaurant business?”

“We’re eating the competition alive.”

He chuckled.

“That’s what I always say. Pretty true, though. Business has been good. But I’m wondering about our insurance. Thought maybe we might be able to do business, if your price is right.”

“I’d love to do some quotes for you and see what you think. Sit down and let’s talk through what you might need.”

“Later. I’m on my way to a meeting. You got a card? I’ll get in touch.”

I handed him my business card. He was silent, thinking.

“You didn’t really come to talk about insurance, right Todd?”

“You’re pretty smart, Mark. I want to talk about Rachel. She doesn’t know I’m here. She’s a good-looking woman, the mother of my kids, and I worry about her. She comes here and cleans your place, lots of other places, too. Bosses can take advantage of their employees, you know.”

“It’s true. It’s also illegal.”

“Strictly speaking, it’s illegal. Unless it’s mutual, you know.”

“It’s never mutual, Todd. Bosses have the power, employees don’t. What’s your concern?”

“More of a warning, really. If I ever find out that you’ve been hitting on my wife, I’m going to take it very personally.”

He smiled his tough guy smile.

“I appreciate your honesty. Your wife strikes me as a very strong woman, someone who can take care of herself. I would imagine that if anyone tried hitting on her, they’d probably regret it.”

“Well, women can get mixed up. Their emotions can get all confused. PMS and all that women stuff. A guy like you could take advantage of that.”

“Todd, you’re getting close to insulting me and you might want to be careful about that.”

I let that hang out there for a bit.

“I happen to respect your wife very much. She does a great job cleaning up around here, she’s a go-getter, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and I feel lucky that she’s working for me. And the last thing in the world that I would ever do is try to take advantage of her, or anyone who works for me. Clear?”

He nodded slowly.

“Just remember what I said and we’ll be fine. I gotta run. I’ll get back to you about that insurance quote. Have a good day, Mr. Insurance.”

He walked out the door and got into a red Escalade. I’m pretty sure he tossed my card in the parking lot before he drove off. He was trouble, şirinevler escort but I’d known that from the first day we’d met. I could handle him. Just hoped I didn’t have to.


I wasn’t going to say anything to Rachel, but when she came in Tuesday to clean it was the first question she asked.

“Did my husband come by here?”


“What did he want?”

“He wanted to make sure I was aware of the rules against bosses taking advantage of their female employees.”

“That bastard.”

“It’s fine. I handled him.”

“You need to be careful.”

“We both need to be careful, Rachel. He has a short fuse.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I think I can keep him off the scent.”

She paused, and I thought that was all.

“What are you doing for lunch?”

Hmmm. Interesting question.

“Nothing much. Paperwork for the rest of the day.”

“Would you like to have me for lunch? I’m clear for a few hours. You could take me home to your house and… show me around…”

There was that mischievous smile again.

“I didn’t exactly clean the place up for visitors…”

“I won’t be doing a dust inspection, I promise.”

“You’re trouble, you know that?”

“I hope so.”

Then she turned away and started her work. Cleaned up the office in record time.


There was no subtlety once we shut his door. No carefully choreographed foreplay. Just desire and taking what we wanted. He got the better of me, or maybe I just let him win. We were both going to the same place and it didn’t really matter how we got there, did it?

I’m naked; he’s still fully clothed. My legs are draped over his shoulders and his face is buried in my pussy. I’ve never felt so lewd. I keep looking down, watching him, almost as if I’m having an out of body experience, and then that tongue of his touches me in just the right way and my mind shuts down, like a pinball machine that light up TILT.

His tongue! His lips. He’s reading my mind, I’m sure of it. How can he know just how, just where, how hard, how light. Soft and gentle, forceful and possessive.

Take my pussy, lover. My pussy is yours. Torture me, love me, make me swoon.

He’s playing with my nipples, but it’s too intense, so I hold his hands still. His big hands cover my small breasts, sheltering them from the elements as if they were two small birds fallen from their nest.

He’s alternating between licking the insides of my thighs, sucking on my labia, and pressing right down on my clit. That tongue is so excruciatingly good. Sometimes it’s almost like a feather against my little button, and then it hardens into a high speed vibrator. I’m going mad. He’s a tease, too. He keeps getting me close, but he won’t let me come. I need to come! I want to grab his head and make him finish me off, but he builds me up, and up some more, slowly, steadily, relentlessly.

“Oh, baby! Oh… soooo good.”

Now he’s stroking me inside with one of his fingers, maybe two, I can’t tell. Too many crazy good sensations. Too much. Too much. Keep going, please!

Wow! Oh, wow! Right there! That’s new. Shit, that’s good. His fingertips are doing something wonderful, and my pussy is flooding in response. In hope. Cock, please!

“Oh, please. I need your cock in me, please! I need to come. Let me come, please, Mark. Make me come. Oh, dear god. Oh, right there, right there, unnggh… Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah, oh fuck, suck me, fuck me, make… ma…”

A jolt hits me like a speeding freight train. My muscles involuntarily spasm, my pussy convulses, I break out into a sweat and yell something primal and incoherent. It’s too intense! My body is on fire! My brain is exploding. I reach for his head and try to pull him completely inside my throbbing pussy. I’m at his mercy. I’m a pool of molten flesh and desire, melting, losing control, needing more of him, all of him.

“Cock. COCK! Give it to me, pleeeease! Unnngggghhhhh!”

He’s in me, deep in me, practically in my throat, one swift glorious invasion. Now he’s pounding me. Stretching me and filling me so much I can’t believe it. I glance down to make sure he’s not fucking me with a baseball bat. Oh, God, it’s him. I’m in love with his cock. He lifts my legs up in the air and places my ankles on his shoulders. More lewdness, but I don’t care. Just keep fucking me, pleaaaaase!

“God, damn, you’re so big, so deep, fuck me hard, Mark! Fuck my brains out! I need you to fuck me as hard as you can. Don’t hold back!”

He’s a jackhammer now. His face is contorted in concentration, his lovely cock is slapping my pussy silly, I can feel his balls bouncing against my anus. He’s so deep inside of me. Deep inside of me! This beautiful man is fucking my pussy into oblivion and I love it!

“I’m gonna cum, Rachel.”

“Oh, please, Mark. Fill me up. Fill me up. OH! Oh, shit!! Do it now, Mark! Give it to me now, I’m coming love. Oh shit. Oh shit. Ohhhhhhhh. Ah!”

He shoves his cock into me with such viciousness that I just explode. My brain melts. My body disintegrates. I become one giant, throbbing, gushing pussy, and then everything goes black.


I wake up, momentarily uncertain where I am. Then I feel Mark’s hand between my legs playing in my bush, his lips sweetly caressing my nipples. We’re both naked, side by side in his bed. I stretch. He looks up and smiles.

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