Doing the Most He Can Pt. 03

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Doing the Most He Can pt. 3

Reading the first two parts would probably be a good idea.

“Will you hurry up Jenna, we’re going to be late,” Lisa yelled excitedly.

“Keep your gown on girl, chill a little.”

“I want to get this over with so we can party.”

“I want to walk across that stage, then wave my diploma and give everyone the finger,” her best friend Jenna said, “especially those assholes, most of them teachers, who never thought I would graduate.”

“Just because you grew up poor and had a mother that didn’t care does not mean the faculty didn’t want you to graduate, maybe you are being a little harsh.”

“Harsh? No, harsh is when your councilor in tenth grade asks if you have any welfare babies yet, then wants to know when you are going to drop out.”

“Mr. Carlson did not actually say that, did he?”

“Yup, almost his exact words.”

“But that’s only one person.”

“Mrs. Kelty, at the start of eighth grade, advised me to take Home Economics because in her words, ‘even welfare moms should know how to cook’. I could give you a few other examples about how much the faculty cared about me.”

“Well, fuck them then, I’m giving them the finger too,” she said heatedly.

Jenna laughed and said, “That’s why you are my best friend, you always stick up for me.”

They were more than best friends, really. Jenna had a terrible home life and had been living at Lisa’s house for the last three weeks. In that time, they had also both lost their vaginal and anal virginities. They had also become sex partners, no, that’s not correct, they had become lovers. They were going to be roommates in the fall when they went to State. The future looked bright for them both.

Rebecca called out from the kitchen, “Hurry up, I want to get pictures before you go.”

The two girls grabbed their mortar boards and went to the kitchen.

“Put your caps on for me,” she told them.

When they were all set, Rebecca took a multitude of pictures then said, “My two girls, graduating, soon you’re going to leave me.”

Lisa and Jenna went to her and they all hugged.

Lisa said, “Mom we might not physically be here, but that doesn’t mean we are leaving you.”

Jenna said, “I just found a family, why would I want to leave you?”

“Don’t mind me, I’m being silly. Now get going you two. I’ll see you there.”

“Are you riding with Todd and Gary?” asked Lisa.

“No, Todd is picking Gary up they will meet me at the auditorium. Todd has their invitations.”

Todd parked in front of Gary’s place and shot him a text. Gary texted back telling him to come inside. Todd walked in and Gary handed him a drink.

“There’s no way I can sit through three hours of graduation sober.”

“You are a life saver my good man, cheers.”

“You want another one?”

“No, I better not. Oh hell, make me another one, a light one please.”

Gary handed him the drink and Todd said, “Thanks. This last two weeks has been rather strange.”

“You mean strange, good or strange, bad?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that. You remember the night of the clothes modeling, right?”

“I remember Jenna and Lisa bending over in their underwear.”

“That was the least of the night’s surprises, trust me.

“After you left, we all went to bed. Half an hour later I’m in bed watching a porno. There is a knock on my door.

So, Lisa opens it and shoves Jenna into my room and says, ‘Show Jenna your cock Todd’ then closes the door.

Jenna saw my laptop and wanted to know what I was watching, so I showed her. It was a couple having anal.

Jenna got excited watching and started jerking me off. She stripped down, climbed on top of me and sat down on my cock. The best part about it, my cock was in her ass. When we were done, she gave me a kiss, said thank you and went back to Lisa’s room.”

“You lucky dog, it’s about time you got in a girl’s butt.”

“Yes indeed, I know I am. So, the next night she comes in and wants me to do her butt again. The short of it is, she has come to my room every night since then. We have had regular sex too. She had her period last week, so we did it anal for five days.”

“So, I’m confused. Are you bragging or complaining?”

“I’m not complaining, for sure, but here’s the thing, I heard Lisa and Jenna talking about a month ago. They were talking about still being virgins

Now Jenna is a cock taking little slut. I asked her where she got her experience, she won’t tell me.

Lisa knows that Jenna is coming to my room every night, so I asked her if it bothered her. She said she was jealous that she wasn’t getting it.

I asked her if she was still a virgin, she just smiled at me and said, ‘not anymore’. I asked her who she had been with, she just said I would find out some day.”

Gary shifted uncomfortably and waited for Todd to go on.

“It’s like a secret that’s not really secret, you know. It’s really bugging me. I almost told Jenna to leave me alone last night.”

“Dude, I can’t have you rejecting Jenna on my conscience bakırköy escort too.

So, ah, well, here’s the story, that day I came to mow the lawn I caught Lisa masturbating, naked in the laundry room… and so I was the guy that took Lisa’s virginity.

Then a week later I took her in the butt. She was so excited and happy she told Jenna. Jenna wanted to lose her virginity, so Lisa brought her to my place.”

Todd sat there with a stunned look on his face then finally said, “You took my sister’s virginity, then fucked her ass, then you took my future girlfriend’s virginity, am I getting this right?”

“To put it in a nutshell, yeah, that’s about right,” Gary said nervously.

“And you did my sister over a month ago?” Todd asked

“Yes, it’s been just over a month now.” Gary confirmed.

“I see, well, I must say I am extremely disappointed in you Gary. I never thought you would do something like this to me.”

“I’m sorry man, it just all sort of happened, I’m really sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, I thought I had a friend that would tell me when he had the greatest adventure of his life. But no, you leave me to fumble around in the dark. You asshole, I nearly broke up with a wonderful girl because of your secrecy,” he said, poking Gary in the chest.

“Ah, wait a minute. I can tell you are mad, but not about the things I thought you would be mad about. Did that even make sense?

You are not mad I slept, hell, am sleeping with your sister?”

“Yes, well no, I mean she’s eighteen, someone was going to be her first. Actually, I’m glad it was you. She has had a crush on you forever. I know you would never hurt her, so yeah, it’s cool. The same thing goes for Jenna, I guess. Only now that you know about us, you think you can keep your pecker in your pocket around her?”

“I don’t know, after seeing her in that underwear…” Gary joked.

Todd laughed and said, “Fuck you, asshole. Hey what time is it, shit, we need to get going.”

They found their seats with about five minutes to spare. Rebecca gave them a dirty look, leaning over she sniffed Todd’s breath. She put her mom face on and told them she was going to knock their heads together later.

Gary whispered to Todd, “At least we have something to look forward to.”

Rebecca reached behind Todd and cuffed Gary in the back of the head. Before Gary could say anything, the music began, everyone stood up to watch the graduates file in.

It was as long and boring as Gary feared it would be, the only two bright spots being when the girls received their diploma’s.

They met outside afterwards to take pictures. Classmates were running all over handing out party cards with the addresses and times on them. Todd and Gary finally escaped and headed to the Strom house.

By the time they had the four rental tables and the small marquee set up, the women arrived.

Rebecca came out onto the patio and said, “Lisa and I are going to pick up the cake. Jenna is going to stay here and show you two where to string the lights. We should be back in an hour or so.”

On the way to the cake shop, Rebecca asked Lisa if Jenna’s parents had shown up.

Lisa told her, “No, but there is a reason. Jenna never sent them invitations.”

“That is just so sad.”

“Well, in Jenna’s defense they never called to ask about graduation. In fact, they haven’t spoken since the night they almost killed her.”

“How could a mother treat her own flesh and blood so horribly?”

“I don’t know mom, but I do know that Jenna has smiled more in the last three weeks then in the last three years.”

“Well, a stable home life will do that,” Rebecca said.

Yeah, Lisa thought smiling to herself, that and a long cock up your ass every night.

Jenna carried the lights out while Todd went to the garage to get the ladder.

Gary said, “Jenna, listen up, I told Todd about Lisa and me being together. I also told him about us. He was freaking out and I thought he might chase you away unless he knew. So, it should be all in the open between the four of us.”

Jenna hugged him and said, “I am so glad. I didn’t want to keep everything from him. How did he take the news about you and Lisa?”

“Surprisingly well, even when I told him about the anal.”

“Hunh, go figure. I sure wouldn’t have bet on it turning out like that.”

“Me neither, now we have to figure out how to tell Rebecca.”.

Jenna said, “You better leave that one to Lisa and I.”

Gary smiled and said, “Gladly.”

It only took them twenty minutes to string the lights and arrange the other decorations.

Todd said, “I’m going to take the ladder back to the garage.”

Jenna said she would help him.

Gary said he would set up the folding chairs around the tables. He was just finishing when he got a call from Lisa. “What’s up babe?”

“Would you believe they didn’t have the cake done? They just now started frosting it, it’s going to be an hour from now at least.”

“OK, can’t be helped, I’ll let the beşiktaş escort others know. See you soon.”

After Gary hung up, he realized Todd and Jenna had not come back. He thought they might have just gone in the house and not told him. He looked in the kitchen and the den, then he looked in Todd’s room. Lisa’s door was open, they weren’t in there either. He wondered if they had gone to the store for something, so he went to the garage to see if Todd’s car was there.

His car was there, so were they. Jenna was on the hood of the car while Todd was standing up fucking her.

Gary said, “That looks like it feels good.”

Jenna smiled and said, “It does feel good, you should know, you were the first one to be in there.”

Todd laughed as he removed his cock from her wet pussy. He aimed lower and said, “Yeah, but he hasn’t been here,” applying pressure to her anus and feeling the head pop in.

Jenna grunted then moaned, “No, he hasn’t, but damn you do feel good in my ass. Gary, come over here, please.”

Gary moved up beside Jenna and watched as Todd’s slender cock stroked in and out of Jenna’s tight ass.

“This is so exciting, having you watch. Gary, would you play with my pussy and rub my clit for me?”

Gary looked at Todd for guidance. Todd just shrugged and said, “Whatever Jenna wants is fine with me.”

Gary licked his middle finger and pressed it against her folds, they opened like a flower, revealing her clitoris standing up like a miniature penis.

“Holy shit,” Todd exclaimed, “I have never seen a clit beg for attention like that.”

Jenna moaned and said, “Fuck, don’t ignore it then, do something to it, anything, I don’t care.”

Gary slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy then ran them up and down on either side of her button. Jenna jumped and squirmed like she was being electrocuted.

“Oh you fucking guys, I fucking love it, keep going, keep going, here we go, oh to the moon, oh my ass, my pussy, I’m dying,” she cried out, almost incoherent.

Todd jokingly said, “If she goes this crazy with just a finger in her, imagine if she had your dick in her instead.”

“Oh, fuck yes, yes please, oh Gary can you fuck me at the same time? Oh Todd, I want to be DP’ed, please, please let’s do it. Oh fuck, I’m coming just thinking about it,” Jenna wailed.

Todd and Gary exchanged looks and Gary said, “Up to you dude, you know me, I’d be more than happy to help out, but…”

Todd finally nodded and said, “There’s a rollaway bed in the corner. Get it set up.”

“Maybe we should go inside, just in case the others get back sooner than they thought.”

“Nooo,” Jenna moaned, “it turns me on to do it out here. I want to get both my holes pounded out in the garage, it’s like being in a porno.”

Gary gave Jenna’s clit a hard squeeze and a little shake before letting go to set up the bed.

She groaned and gasped, “That was so mean of you, oh I’m coming again, oh god that made me come so hard.”

“Your ass clamped down hard when he did that,” Todd moaned. “Dude, you better hurry with that bed or it will be too late.”

Jenna yelled, “Don’t you dare come Todd, hurry the fuck up Gary.”

“It’s done, where do you want me?”

“Get on the bed on your back, I want that fat cock of yours in my wet cunt,” Jenna instructed Gary.

Todd pulled his long thin rod from Jenna’s ass, then helped her off the car hood. Jenna hurriedly pulled him over to the bed.

She let him go and gave Gary’s already hard cock a pump or two saying, “Oh just look at that fat thing, I think it wants something.”

“Fuck Jenna, you are so hot, that cock is going to look so good stretching your little pussy,” Todd told her.

Jenna straddled Gary’s hips saying, “Then watch this log disappear up me.” She positioned her pussy and with a loud groan, settled down on his cock. She didn’t stop until his pubic hair was tickling her clean-shaven mound.”

“That was incredible to watch,” Todd breathed.

“It’s going to make my butt even tighter, get behind me and get your wonderfully long cock up my ass.”

Todd had to push hard to get the head of his cock to pop inside Jenna’s extra tight anal orifice. The shaft even felt tight in her warm ass. He slowly pushed until all ten inches of his cock were inside her.

“Oh, wait a minute Todd, that is so tight, oh my god, I can’t believe I have a foot and a half of hard meat fucking me. Ah wow, and making me come too, like right fucking now. Todd go ahead, pump me, ram it in.

Gary was content to lie there buried to the hilt in Jenna’s tight pussy. He reached up and pinched her nipples, setting her off again.

“That’s it, pinch those nipples, abuse my fun bags, harder you prick, ooh that is so hot.” She cried.

Her orgasm made her asshole spasm and Todd sped up his attack on her butt.

Jenna squealed, demanding he move even faster.

“Damn, Todd and I are having fun, how about you Gary?”

“You are squeezing my dick just right, it’s kind of weird though.”

Jenna beylikdüzü escort asked him, “What’s weird, what are you talking about?”

“In this position Todd’s balls were like, above me but when he sped up, he pushed down at the same time, his ball sack is slapping mine on every stroke now.”

Todd said, “Oh man, sorry, I didn’t realize, I’ll move.”

“Um, actually it feels kind of nice, keep going.”

“That’s so cool, ah yeah, it’s making me come, my stud fucking me and helping his buddy out at the same time.”

Gary told her, “Well this buddy is about to fill you up.”

“Oh, Todd honey, are you getting close?”

“Yeah, “Todd panted, “I could shoot anytime.”

“I want you guys to pull out, I’m going to get down on my knees, you can give me a two-gun salute to the face.”

“That did it,” Todd declared as he pulled out of Jenna’s tight ass and stood up.

Jenna struggled to get off Gary’s cock. Finally, with Gary’s help, she made it off the bed and onto the cold cement floor. The boys stood on either side of her, pumping their cock’s until they started shooting at the same time. It was as if it were a competition to see who could shoot the most cum onto her pretty face.

Todd being taller was hitting her hair and forehead while Gary, being shorter, aimed at her nose and cheeks. They eventually came to a dripping halt. Jenna took Gary in her mouth and cleaned him off then moved to Todd and did him too.

Jenna savored the taste of the cocks then commented, “I can’t decide what I like better, the combination of Gary’s cock sauce and my pussy or Todd’s and my ass.”

Gary quipped, “It must be nice to be spoilt for choice.”

She laughed and said, “That was incredible gentlemen, now if you will help me off this cold floor, we should probably make ourselves presentable.”

They pulled her to her feet, she went over to pick her clothes off the hood of Todd’s car, then waved at them as she walked into the house naked.

Todd and Gary looked at each other sheepishly. They had both fucked the same girl before, but they had never DP’ed one.

Todd broke the tension by saying, “Dude, I am so jealous, your dick is like twice the diameter of mine.”

“You’re jealous of me? Your prick is like three inches longer than mine.”

They both laughed and high fived and it was all cool.

“Help me get this bed put away,” he told Todd.

They had just gotten their clothes on and checked to make sure there were no traces of their activities left behind when the garage door opened. Rebecca and Lisa pulled in and they got out.

Lisa asked, “What are you guys doing in the garage?”

Todd answered, “We were getting more folding chairs for the patio.”

“Oh, OK, never mind that now, carry the cake in, it’s huge and weighs a ton.”

Todd bowed and said, “Yes, your majesty, of course, your majesty.”

Gary laughed and Rebecca said, “OK, that’s enough you two, Gary stop encouraging them.”

Gary laughed again saying, “I’ve got the cake. Todd, grab the chairs.”

Lisa was a popular girl and by six o’clock there were 30-40 people, both parents and students, talking and eating on the patio.

Lisa finally got away from everyone and found Gary in the kitchen talking to his old baseball coach.

“Hi Coach Miller, thanks for stopping by,” Lisa said smiling.

“Congratulations Miss Strom. It’s hard to believe it’s my granddaughter you graduated with, makes me feel old.”

“Not too old to keep you from going to State again this year.” Gary said.

“No, we had some good players this year.”

“I’m sorry Coach, but I need to borrow Gary for a few minutes.”

“Sure, go ahead, I’m going to go say goodbye to your mother and head out.”

Lisa led Gary toward the front door, after checking to make sure no one saw them, she opened the closet door and pushed Gary inside, quickly closing the door behind her.

She put her arms around his neck and pulled his head down for a tongue-filled kiss.

“What got your motor running?” asked Gary.

“I was feeling a little horny, so I was looking for you.

I opened my room door to see if there was anyone in there, thinking we could go in there.

Marcus and Keisha were on my bed fucking. I surprised them and he pulled out of her, her skin is so dark her pink pussy really stood out. I apologized and told them to lock the door. But the sight of them has really got me going.”

“So, how do you want to do this?” he asked.

“Do me doggy, then come in my mouth, that way your cum won’t be running out of me the rest of the evening.”

“Too bad it’s so dark in here, I love looking at your fine ass as we fuck.”

“Well,” Lisa laughed, “you’re going to have to use the Braille system tonight.”

“Oh yeah, I have to feel my way around your tight little body, what a tragedy.”

“As you can probably tell by the sound of my voice, I am face down, ass up and waiting for your hard cock.”

“Well, I try to never keep a lady waiting,” he said as he dropped his pants and got behind her.

“I’m not a lady right now, I’m a horny little cum slut, just ram it in me.”

Gary took her at her word, rubbed his cock the length of her slit then sliding it home.

“Oh fuck, Gary you do that so well. That feels so good, I’m almost there already. Stick your thumb in my butt, please.”

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