Dogboy Blues Pt. 03

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It’d been about a week since Charlie moved in when a problem arose.

“You can’t sleep with Jing,” Ryan ordered.

Charlie, who was in his human form, cocked his head. “Why not? You sleep with Ms. Shadow most nights.”

“That’s different,” he insisted. “She’s a pet.”

“So am I,” Charlie replied.

Ryan shook his head. “You have a human mind- it’s different.”

“Please consider it. I get nightmares if I sleep alone.”

Ryan’s fingers paused on his keyboard. He’d been typing in his credit card to order clothes for Charlie, but that could wait. He knew his dogboy servant had… issues and he wanted to accommodate. He looked over at where he lounged on the couch across the room, having completed miscellaneous chores around the apartment. Jing had left after his Friday Zoom class, meaning he was free to roam the apartment on two feet.


A nod. “Seriously,” he echoed back.

Ryan resumed typing. “Okay, but you have to stay in your animal form. Deal?”

Charlie’s tail thumped against the couch. “Deal.”


A few weeks went by and nothing remarkable happened. The two men fell into a routine that aroused little to no suspicion from the oblivious party. Jing absolutely doted on Charlie- taking him on a walk every week day, rain or shine. Ryan sometimes wondered if Jing should’ve found Charlie instead- he was much better at talking to people. Plus, Charlie wouldn’t have to leave his country at the end of the semester.

He figured it didn’t matter now- even if he did want to hand Charlie over he knew the poor guy would take it personally. For Charlie, Ryan was his whole world- and while he tried to encourage autonomy, he had to admit he liked the attention. Growing up an only child, there was always a distance between him and others. Even with Evan, there’d been a gap that grew and grew until one conversation had everything crumble apart.

But with Charlie, things were different. He was always chatting him up, trying to get to know him better. He changed Ms. Shadow’s litter and did the laundry and cooking, allowing Ryan to put a little extra time into his studies. Charlie also joined Ryan’s Friday night ritual of watching TV late into the night. As expected, Charlie was unfamiliar with new TV shows. On the other hand, he was very knowledgeable about older shows which Ryan hadn’t seen before, his two favorites being Golden Girls and Cheers.

They were going to watch the latter when Ryan ran into Evan’s Instagram story. The girl he had dated before him was beaming into the camera, holding a baby in her arms.

“Is something wrong?” Charlie piped up.

“Yeah, no- it’s fine.”

Charlie sniffed the air. “You smell different,” he said. “Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Ryan Mersin Eskort

stood up, clicking his tablet off and placing it face down on the coffee table. “Have a drink with me,” he said. He watched as Charlie’s eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.


“You heard me. I’ll be right back.”

He returned with a bottle of strawberry vodka and two shot glasses.

“Master, do you think this is a good idea? If-“

“I’m fine.” He poured two shots and downed both- then a third.

“You’re turn. You don’t have to, though.”

“I’ll pass, if that’s alright.”

Ryan gave him a pair of lazy finger guns. “No problemo.”


Something was definitely bothering Master Ryan, but he wasn’t sure what. He knew him well enough not to pry, but that did nothing to help his curiosity.

He watched as Ryan’s glazed over eyes stared at the screen, thoughtful but unfocused.

“I get lonely sometimes,” he blurted out.

“Oh?” Charlie said.

A sleepy nod. “I miss my ex.”

“Your ex-wife?”

“What? No, no no. I’m way too young for that shit. Also, I’m gay- but don’t tell Jing.”

Charlie could’ve mentioned that he didn’t talk to Jing, anyway, but he wasn’t one to backtalk one of his masters- so he merely nodded. “Alright.”

He took another shot- that was his seventh. Alcohol didn’t affect him but he was well-acquainted with the effects via secondhand experience. He had no idea why humans drank the stuff when all it seemed to do was make them stupid, sad or “happy”. Sometimes, not even that- if they drank too much they could get sick and die.

Ryan took another shot.

That made eight.

“What was your ex like?” he asked.

A moment of silence…. Then, an answer.

“Warm.” He turned around and placed his legs on top of Charlie’s as he sprawled out across the couch. He craned his face to look up at him.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

“Yes.” Charlie paused the show. He turned his attention toward the alcohol. Maybe if he drank it all, Ryan wouldn’t get more? “I’ll have some, actually.”

Ryan’s face lit up. “Really? Good, good~ There’s more in the kitchen if vodka’s not your style.” He pointed a thumb lazily behind him.

“No, this is fine.” He took a large swig of the foul-tasting drink. The sweetness did nothing for the sharp taste. “Blech! Ugh….”

Master Ryan erupted into giggles. It was the happiest he’d seen him throughout the entire time he’d known him, which was a problem. He should be like this more often without it taking several drinks. Charlie made a mental note to work on that, and took solace in the fact that Ryan’s capability for laughter had been confirmed.

“You look like him, you know.”

“Who?” But Charlie already knew Mersin Escort Bayan the answer.

Master sat up. Charlie’s heart raced as he closed the space between them. He could smell the vodka on his breath, causing long-suppressed memories to rise to the surface. “My ex.”

Maybe he could create a positive association with this? It was Ryan, after all. Sweet, drunk Ryan who was kissing him so gently on the couch… His lonely little master who needed booze to unlock his feelings.

Charlie broke away from him. “This isn’t fair- you’re being influenced.”

“You mean under the influence,” Master corrected. “And I suppose you’re right.” He stood up unsteadily, which had Charlie bouncing immediately to his feet. He placed a steadying hand on Ryan’s shoulder.

“Let me take you to bed,” said Charlie.

“Ooh, yes, please~” said Ryan, pressing his hands against Charlie’s muscled chest.

Charlie blushed furiously. “Let’s go,” he said. He led his master to the bathroom where he clumsily brushed his teeth.

“I have to pee. Look over….” Ryan spun around in a circle. “There.” He pointed at the shower.

“Or I can leave and give you privacy.”

Master gave him a pleading look. “Will you still take me to bed?”

Charlie’s heart thumped heavily in his chest. He found this all to be very endearing but felt like he should be concerned at the behavioral change. He hadn’t even had that much to drink- was he that much of a lightweight?

“Are you eating enough?” he asked.

“I can eat your dick,” he offered. “Just lemme take this piss and after, I can be the best lay you’ll ever have.”

Charlie’s jaw dropped.

Master laughed as he pushed Charlie out the door and slammed it shut. He listened as the boy peed and hummed a song while washing his hands. When he came out, his eyes were half-lidded and he had a faint smile on his face. “I’m sleepy,” he said with a yawn.

“Do you remember what you said to me earlier?”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “That was just a joke.” He gave him a wink. “Unless you want it not to be.”

“Please go to bed.”

Another loud laugh as he guided this disaster of a twenty-year old to his bedroom. “You can stay in your human form, if you want.”

“Do you want me to?”

Vigorous nodding. Master Ryan reached out with an imaginary lasso, pretending to tug Charlie closer. “C’mere…”

He let out a long sigh, his tail wagging as he followed Master into his tiny bed. He watched as he put on a pair of soft shorts that showed off the patchy hair on his legs.

“You know what I also want?”

Charlie cleared his throat. “What?”

“To kiss you again.”

Charlie’s face reddened. “Only kissing?”

“Whatever you’re comfortable with, I’ll take.”

His Mersin Escort heart fluttered in his chest. “Alright,” he said.

Mater Ryan tasted like fresh mint. He much preferred it to the taste and smell of alcohol that he had dealt with previously. This kiss also differed in its delivery- Ryan kissed him this time not with the same softness, but with a sloppy hunger that sent heat straight to Charlie’s groin. A low growl emerged from his chest as his own hunger was awakened… How long had it been? Probably close to half a century since his last good lay. He reminded himself that this wouldn’t escalate- that he wouldn’t allow this to escalate- but his body didn’t care.

“You’re hard,” Ryan whispered.

“And you?” Charlie moved his leg in-between Ryan’s thighs. He could feel his cock throb against his knee. “Ah… You are, too.”

“Please,” begged Ryan. “You don’t have to fuck me, just- just do something.”

Charlie thought for a moment…. Then acquiesced. “I can give you a handjob, if you want. Or-“

“Anything,” Ryan interrupted. “I’ll take anything you’re willing to give me.”

He stuck a hand down Ryan’s pants. “I’m not used to taking the lead,” he admitted.

Master moaned in response to his touch. “Don’t worry. You’re doing… doing great.”

Charlie was pleasantly surprised to feel that he was shaved. He brought his hand out to give it a couple sloppy licks before sending it back down.

“Son of a fuck…” said Ryan. He trembled at the wetness, his eyes fluttering. “Faster, please.”

“Of course.”

He eventually pulled down Ryan’s shorts and boxers to get better access. Upon eyeing his package, his mouth started to water. Just as he imagined, it was slightly smaller than average- easy to fit inside whatever hole Ryan decided to use.

As he pumped his cock, Ryan whimpered and shuddered beneath him…. And when Charlie brought his face down south, he clamped a hand over his own mouth.

Charlie gave his master a couple teasing licks. “You can be loud- it’s alright.” He descended onto his cock, swallowing it to the base. He moaned around it, the vibrations producing yet another new sound from Master Ryan.

Ryan shook his head, not wanting to make any sounds. Perhaps it was a pride thing? Charlie wasn’t sure, but he didn’t pressure him, regardless. He reminded himself that his pleasure didn’t matter in comparison to his master- who always came first.

Sooner than expected, Ryan came hard- wailing into his hand and cumming down his pet’s throat. Charlie swallowed every last drop, letting Ryan milk his cock with his lips until every orgasmic tremor had ceased.

“Thanks,” slurred Ryan between heavy breaths.

Charlie smiled sweetly, his heart squeezing in his chest- happy to have been of some use. “Anything for you, Master.”

To his delight, Ryan spread his arms open in want of an embrace. He pulled his underwear and shorts up for him before lunging, his tail wagging furiously.

It was a good night.

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