Dodge Ball

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“Great game tonight!” she announced as she hoisted her schooner. “Us ladies dominated! It was the new socks!”

“Whatever!” her team-mate replied. “If it wasn’t for us guys shielding you ladies…”

“Well I guess I could give a shout out to you guys too… Y’all did pretty alright.” she smirked over her glass at him and took a big drink. “For boys that is!”

“Come nn!” he sprayed indignantly. “You ladies could never win a dodge ball game without our ‘Big Guns'” he said, flexing a lean bicep. “Socks ain’t got nothing to do with it. It’s all raw power!”

He swung his hand into the air for a high five from the other guys on the team.

“Oh Dude, leave us out of this!” one said, nervously eyeing his female team mates. “Some of us have to live with these ladies…”

“Pussy,” both arguers muttered while they took another pull from their drinks.

“And on that note, the rest of us better get going, the babysitter is going to be going nuts!” The rest of the group got up, throwing money on the table for the tab. “G’night, you two!”

“But my drink is only half done!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry; I am sure ‘Big Gunz’ here will finish two more before that one is gone. Later!”

“Fuckin’ guy is just cannon fodder anyway,” he muttered loudly into the air as the rest of the team filed out.

She laughed, “That is all any of you guys are! I am telling you, it was the ladies new knee high socks, it had them too wowed to face us!”

“Come on! I could beat the pants off of you, any time any place!” he protested, the liquor making him bold.

“You wanna bet?” she exploded! “Where and when, Punky?” her head snapped back and forth as if to say ‘Oh no you di-en’t’.

“Pff!” his eyebrow arched as he threw his head dismissively.

“Where and when?” she demanded as she slammed her schooner down. He leaned back slightly from her wrath.


“Well? Where and when will you ‘beat the pants off of me’?”

“Well, I guess the racket ball courts at the college where I work are deserted by seven on Friday nights,” he stammered, unused to the turn this trash talking session had taken. “Not even security bothers to go down there…”

“Loser has to,” she hunted for an appropriate punishment. “Whatever the winner says!” she finished triumphantly, her hand thrust out for the handshake that would seal the bet. Her eyes bored intensely into his.

“Uh. O-kay.” He feebly held out his hand. She grabbed it firmly, pumped it up and down twice vigorously.

“Deal! Friday night, Punk!” she tipped her schooner back, draining it quickly, slammed it on the table and was gone before he quite knew what had happened…

Friday evening found him standing in the secluded racket ball courts in his shorts and tee shirt, still wondering what exactly, the hell had happened. By quarter after seven he had warmed up and worked himself into a bit of a lather. How had he let her rattle his cage like this? She probably wasn’t even going to…

“I bet you were thinking I wouldn’t show up!” she announced as she ducked through the small racket ball court door. “No such luck for you…”

“Look,” he said in his best mollifying tone. “We don’t have to do this…”

“Like Hell! You said you are going to ‘beat the pants off me'” she said in an insulting voice.

“Alright,” he challenged, getting a little angry at her tone. “So what happened to your socks of sexy distraction then, huh?”

She seemed only slightly abashed. She was wearing long basketball shorts, past her knees, and a thick ¾ sleeve tee with double zeros across her back.

“I don’t need them to beat the likes of you,” she challenged. For the first time he wondered if he detected a lack of complete confidence in that statement.

Still stinging, he bounced the ball hard and fast against the ground several times.

“Let’s do this!” he growled. Still feeling pretty confident he purposefully sent the ball hurtling past her to bounce harmlessly against the wall and back to his side of the court.

“Oh it is so on!” she shrieked, dropping into game stance.

Never having played opposite of one another, the game started out fast paced, and yet probing. Where would weakness reveal itself?

He controlled the ball for several throws, feeling out her technique. He threw it hard and fast at her feet, but she easily hopped over it.

“Too slow!” she mocked as he retrieved the ball on his side of the court. He faked a toss at her feet again and caught her on the hip half way through her attempt to jump over it!

“Yeah!” he exclaimed, fists pumping through the air.

“You got lucky!” she shot back at him angrily.

“So now what?” he suddenly wondered. She reached under her long tee shirt to the waist band of her enormous shorts. She sighed heavily and started to lower them.

“What? Wait…” he stammered, staring nervously as her shorts dropped to the ground and were kicked away from her.

“Oh don’t be a sissy! You wanted to beat the pants off of me, and I am not isveçbahis even a little bit naked yet! Look!” she demonstrated how her long shirt easily covered her hips. “Play ball, sucker!” She hurled the ball straight for him!

He was still distracted by what had just happened and barely dodged by throwing himself backwards and sideways. He was unable to recover in time to stop the ball from going back to her side.

She may have been decently covered while standing, but he couldn’t help but notice the muscles in the backs of her thighs flex as the shirt rode up when she reached for the ball. He was still musing about this observation when he realized that the ball was again flying at him! A clumsy leap and he was saved again. He got his bearings just in time to see the ball rolling back to her side of the court. She was reaching down, again showing a little thigh, anticipating getting the ball when it rolled over the line.

“To hell with this,” he thought, “Sacrifice the body!” and he dove for the ball. He landed hard on his side but he grabbed the ball before she could and quickly lobbed it up into her prone body.

“Son of a Bitch!” she cursed loudly. He got to his feet, rubbing his bruised ribs.

“Maybe now she will lay-off a little,” he thought. He was dismayed to see her cross her arms and grab the hem of her long tee shirt.

“Look, you don’t have to-“he cut off as she whipped the shirt up over her head and threw it behind her. She stood looking defiantly at him, her hand on her hip that was tossed to one side. She was wearing tight, red velvet booty shorts and a small half tank that left her smooth belly exposed. He could just make out where a navel piercing had been.

“You can pick your jaw up off the floor any time,” she called sweetly. His teeth clacked together, embarrassing him as he realized how he had been ogling his best friend! He gave his head a shake, reminding himself that she was just messing with him for acting like a jerk at the bar. The ball had rolled onto his side, he scooped it up and turned towards her.

“Are you ready this time?” he asked her, his voice only a little hoarse. She twisted side to side, limbering up for the next round. Her lithe muscles flexed and bunched. She hopped up and down a few times, making her breasts bounce slightly. She cracked her neck in both directions, and rolled her shoulders a few times.

“Ready,” she announced.

He tried to keep his head in the game. Toss after toss; pass after pass he could feel his focus on dodge ball slipping away. He noticed more and more that his trash talking, beer drinking, always ‘one of the guys’ pal was actually seriously hot! She seemed to grow more relaxed as he became nervous. Watching her run, and leap and twist away from the ball was starting to have an effect on him! He could feel himself start to stiffen, and was glad for his own baggy shorts. She would never let him live it down if she found out that-


He was so surprised by the ball hitting him square in the chest that he nearly fell over!

She laughed triumphantly, “Where was your head, Mister Man?” He started to mumble something about it having been a long week.

“Uh-huh, yep, whatever,” she interrupted. “Just loose the shirt and let’s play ball!” He looked up at her to gauge her seriousness. She stood with her arms crossed, pushing her breasts up and together. Her weight was on one foot, the other foot was tapping impatiently. He knew that he had no choice.

He knew he was in pretty good shape from running and weights every week, but he was regretting so many nights in the pub after games. He wasn’t sure he could compare to the example she set! He looked again, just to be sure, and then he grabbed the back collar of his tee shirt and pulled it over his head, throwing it aside. He tried to tell himself that this was no different than shirts verses skins games he’d played back in college.

His efforts were interrupted by her loud whistle and call, “Nice titties! Now let’s play!” He felt his cheeks redden.

They carried on with the game, but he found it harder and harder to focus. Not only was he self conscious about his own state of dress, he couldn’t stop the ridiculous thoughts about how very sexy his friend was! In contrast she was getting faster and more devious with her strategy. He had to resort to desperation moves to escape her relentless barrage!

She walked slowly to where the ball was harmlessly spinning on the floor, and turned her back to him. She bent deeply at her hips, slowly reaching for the ball. He saw the gusset of the shorts tighten against her crotch. Just as he was in mid swallow she spun up with lightening speed sending the ball hurtling towards him! He tried to catch it, he was too slow and he succeeded only in fumbling the ball up into his face! BAM!

He lay on the floor of the racket ball court, looking at the ceiling and wondering just how the evening had taken this turn. He was shaken out of his thoughts by a set of fine thighs and crotch coming into his vision. He isveçbahis giriş blinked. She leaned over him, her breasts and smooth belly now commanded his attention. She held her hand out to him and he took it and she helped him to stand. He found himself standing very close to her. In only a few moments he noted the warmth coming from her body, and a light, clean scent coming off of her, despite the slight sheen of sweat on her limbs.

“Well? You seem to be alright to me, you big baby!” she scolded him. “Pony up!”

He silently cursed himself! Of course! This was her whole point! She was proving that she could distract his feeble primitive boy brain with booty shorts and some teasing!

“Fine!” he said curtly. “I see your game!” He stepped back and pulled off his basketball shorts, roughly pulling his shoes through the legs. He was glad that he was the type to wear boxer briefs. Good coverage, good support.

“It looks like its working,” she smirked, pointing at his semi hard cock through his shorts. “Now I see why they call you ‘Big Guns’!” She dissolved into laughter.

He quickly jogged to the ball, scooped it up and bounced it hard against the floor several times. He threw it hard in her direction, and she had to desperately dodge mid giggle to avoid it. It rebounded hard off the back wall and he caught it easily and launched it at her again. She barely jumped up and twisted her body out of the way in time! She landed awkwardly, off of balance with her legs braced wide. She was still recovering when she heard a loud smack followed almost instantly by intense stinging on her inner thigh!

“Ow! You Fucker!” she exclaimed, rubbing her thigh.

“Shorts or tank Sweetie?” he asked sweetly, secretly hoping that the game would be over now, and that he had called her bluff. She glared up at him, and quickly lay back on the floor raised her hips and slid the booty shorts down. She had to kick off her shoes to get the shorts all the way off. She stood glaring at him defiantly. She was down to a small dark red thong! His cock twitched appreciatively as she retrieved her shoes and gathered up the ball.

“This isn’t over,” she said calmly. She dropped into a wide stance, and he could see a round welt forming where he had hit her thigh. His eyes were then drawn to her panty covered crotch. He could detect a bit of a cleft in the thong, and perhaps a slightly darker spot? He wondered if she was excited by her game! He felt wetness of his own dribble from the tip of his penis.

He found himself wondering how he had never really noticed how great she was. She had lots of dates, but never seemed to find what she was looking for. He couldn’t understand why her dates didn’t figure out a way to snap her up in a heart- WHOOSH! The ball only missed him by a fraction!

“Wake up!” she called. “Or I’m going to start to think you want to lose! Don’t forget our bet!”

She turned to get the ball that had rolled behind her. He was mesmerized by her ass wiggling away from him, but he remembered not to let her catch him off guard! He noticed she seemed to be favoring the leg that he had hit earlier. Despite this, he knew odds were now in her favor. He decided he had better try to capitalize on her injury. She had at least two pieces of clothing left to his one, and the longer they played the harder he got! He managed to dodge her next few tosses before he was able to turn away from her to stop the ball from rolling onto her side. He also used it as an opportunity to adjust his aching penis. He threw the ball towards her good side, hoping her sore leg would unbalance her for the rebound. She dodged somewhat clumsily, as he had hoped. He quickly retrieved the ball and hurtled it for the killing blow! SMACK!

His excitement died when he saw the ball grasped firmly in her outstretched hands. It was her point.

“Fooled you,” she said quietly into the heavy silence on the court. “You lose.”

He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know what to say. He just stood there until she wiggled her finger at his boxers.

“Take those off, you lost.” she said again. Dumbfounded he started to lower his shorts. He would never, ever be able to live this down, and worse, he might never be able to look his friend in the eye again.

“So what now?” he asked quietly when his shorts were gone. He stood naked in the court, his penis pointing up, throbbing with the beat of his heart. Moisture drooled from the tip. He couldn’t look at her.

“Come here,” she said, her voice gentle. There was no mocking in her tone now. He shuffled up to her, looking at the floor. “You can start by coming down here and kissing me!”

He looked up, the shock apparent on his face. She reached up and pulled his head down to hers with one hand. He kissed her tentatively, until her other hand grasped his penis; her thumb rubbed the sensitive underside, smearing his precum down the shaft. He moaned into her mouth and started to kiss her hard! After a few moments she broke the kiss.

“You can start by massaging my sore leg!” she said isveçbahis yeni giriş with mock sternness, still rubbing his penis. “There were some mats just outside the door, go get some” she told him. On autopilot, he did exactly as she said. He came back with the mats and laid them out. She kicked off her shoes and socks and lay down on her back. Her knees were bent and she leaned her body up slightly.

“That really hurt, you jerk,” she chided him softly as he got down beside her on the mats.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. She lifted her bum off of the mat and slid her thong down her thighs.

“You will make it up to me somehow,” she said as she dangled her thong from one foot. “Now get in here and massage me!”

“Yes mistress,” he murmured as he smiled. He started to gently rub her leg, wincing at the mark the ball had left. He also noticed that what little pubic hair she had was matted with her own moisture! He rubbed higher up her legs, and she sighed and lay back. She brought her hands up to her tank, rubbing her own breasts until the nipples stood out. He reached higher until the tips of his fingers brushed her vulva. She twitched noticeably, her hips bucking. He rubbed again, harder, and she started to make small mewling noises. He decided to go for broke, and placed his entire hand directly onto her pussy. She shivered and sharply drew in her breath with a hiss.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

“Yesssss,” she breathed. “Touch me, I want you to! I have wanted you to for so long…” she trailed off. He rubbed her outer lips, luxuriating in the silky wetness covering them. He felt her clitoris pressing into his palm. He pressed his middle finger gently but insistently against her opening. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, but she easily found his cock and squeezed it.

“Uh-huh, do it, please,” she whispered breathlessly. He pushed his finger just inside her opening. “Mmmmm,” she moaned and pushed her hips against his hand, forcing his finger deeper. He pulled his finger out a bit and plunged it in deep! “Ohhhh!” she breathed as she squeezed his penis rhythmically. He pushed his finger in and out of her, pressing her clit with his palm, and she started to move her hips to meet each thrust. He disengaged her hand from his penis and maneuvered his face between her thighs, never taking his finger out of her. He nuzzled her clit with his nose.

“Please, please, please…” she cried in a high pitched voice.

“Please what?” her murmured into her thighs.

“Lick me!” she squealed. He obliged, running his tongue up and down her lips on either side of his probing finger. She sighed and shivered as he set to work in earnest! He nibbled her lips with his, and occasionally nipped her thighs with his teeth. He could sense that she was close, so he turned his finger inside her, palm up. He clamped his lips down on her clit and tickled her g-spot. After only a few moments he felt her legs clamp around his ears. Her hips bucked and he did his best to keep his tongue on her clit as she came. He could make out her muffled cries despite the grip she had on his head!

Eventually she relaxed and her thighs fell open. He gently removed his finger and wiped her juices from his face. He crawled up between her thighs to look down at her, their bellies touching. Her face and chest were flushed. Her hair was messed, and she was still breathing heavily. She was beautiful! She turned her face to his and her eyes fluttered open. She smiled prettily.

“Thank you,” she mouthed silently.

“No, thank you,” he said softly.

“Now you,” she said hoarsely.

“How?” he asked. She reached between them to grasp his throbbing penis and rub it at her entrance.

“Inside me.” she whispered, looking demurely into his eyes.

“First this,” he tugged at her tank. “I want to feel your skin against mine.” She pulled her tank over her head and threw it aside. She made to cover her breasts from his view. “They are beautiful.” he assured her.

Gently he pushed his hips forward, the tip of his penis slipped inside and it was his turn to sigh. She reached up and put her hand on his neck. She rubbed absently for a moment before pulling him in for a kiss. She then pulled his ear to her mouth and whispered, “Fuck me!”

He moaned desperately into her neck and pushed in deep. She was so tight and warm, soft and wet. Her body was a paradox of hard muscle and soft curves. She was his best friend, but now she was so much more! His mind went into overload as he pushed into her again and again! His body pressed against her, he wanted their skin absorb each other, it seemed the only way to get as close as he wanted to get to her! He knew he couldn’t last much longer, but he wanted to make her cum again too. He sensed she was close, she was crying out underneath him. He felt her tense up, and then he felt the beautiful, searing pain of her finger nails tearing down his back! His back arched as his own orgasm hit like lightning! He howled a primal scream! He had loved her for so long without ever realizing it! The pain in his back was delicious! He pushed as deep as he could and released! He came again and again inside her before collapsing back down on the mat. His body quivered with aftershocks as she gently stroked his back and neck.

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