Doctor Edge – A Young Man’s Nightmare

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Big Tits

The young man on doctor Keith’s table today was a football player from Fairford college. A blonde haired, blue eyed stud, with the body of a God. At this point in time, the young man was tied down, and gagged. He was looking up at Dr Keith with glassy eyes, desperate for release. The doctor had cruelly, left the stud for half an hour, tied on top of the table, with a vibrator up his ass. The jock’s body was shiny with sweat as he writhed and moaned on top if the table. Doctor Keith removed the boy’s gag and immediately the boy began to beg.

‘Please sir. Please. No more, no more,’ cried the boy ‘I need to cum. I beg you.’

This was music to the doctor’s ears. The boy had now been completely broken and humiliated. The doctor had used the boy’s own body against him. He was now a desperate, perverted whore, begging for release. The doctor wanted to humiliate his jock even further. With this, he took out his phone and began to film the scene in front of him.

‘You want to cum Robbie? Is that what you want?’ Teased doctor Keith.

‘Yes sir. I do. Please sir. Please let me cum.’

‘Okay. First, I want you to repeat what I say into the camera,’ said doctor Keith ‘my name is Robbie Jones, I’m a disgusting young man. I’m a perverted, pleasure hungry slut who deserves nothing but abuse and punishment.’

‘No,’ whimpered Robbie ‘I won’t say that.’

The doctor loved it when they resisted. With that, he slid his fingers over Robbie’s taint around to his abused hole, massaging the slick lips of his hole. Robbie moaned in pleasure, goose bumps signalling his state of ecstasy. But, with one quick move the doctor switched the vibrator to a higher setting. Robbie’s eyes flew open as he gasped for air. His throbbing prostate was now being stimulated tenfold. The boy began to scream. Doctor Keith shoved the boy’s sweaty sock into his mouth to shut Mersin Escort him up. He looked deep into the boy’s eyes and said:

‘I’m going to leave you like this for another half an hour. When I come back, hopefully you’ll have learned a thing or two about respect.’

Robbie screamed into his gag and pulled against his restraints. Half an hour of this! It was inhumane, how could the doctor do this to him. With that the doctor left the room, leaving Robbie whimpering on the table.

An hour later when Dr Keith returned the room stank like a boys locker room. Robbie’s body was now shiny with sweat. It trickled of him as his body tried to cool itself, from the heat and frustration of being left on the edge for an hour. As soon as Robbie saw the doctor, he began begging into the gag again. The doctor took out his phone and began filming. He loved looking back on old footage of the many young men he had ‘treated’ over the years. After this he went to remove the gag from Robbie’s mouth.

‘I hope this has taught you a valuable lesson about respect,’ said Dr Keith ‘I don’t tolerate disobedience.’

‘I’m so sorry sir. I’m so sorry. I will never disrespect you again. I promise sir. I’m so sorry,’ cried Robbie ‘please let me cum, being on the edge this long is torture.’

Doctor Keith ignored the boy’s begging and pulled on a pair of shiny leather gloves. The smoothness of the leather was going to make the young jock crazy. He began by caressing Robbie’s erect nipples. Robbie moaned in pleasure as the smooth leather brushed over his nipples. A short while later, Keith began to run his gloved hands all over Robbie’s body, over his thick biceps, washboard abs and muscular thighs. The boy continued to moan, as goose bumps covered his body. But his pleasure soon turned to frustration. He wanted doctor Keith to massage his cock and balls so badly, Escort Mersin but the doctors leathered hands continued to avoid Robbie’s throbbing genitals.

‘Please sir. I beg you. My cock and balls need to be touched to,’ pleaded Robbie ‘I need to be touched so bad.’

To Robbie’s surprise, the doctor obliged.

Doctor Keith took Robbie’s balls between his leathered fingers and began massaging his tight ball sack. Robbie groaned in pleasure, gripping the table as waves of pleasure rippled through his body. Seeing this, the doctor also started rubbing the boy’s taint. Three of the boy’s most sensitive body parts were now being stimulated as doctor Keith and the vibrator continued to work on the young man. Thick globs of precum trickled down Robbie’s veiny rod, as his body endured an onslaught of stimulation. However, doctor Keith would still not touch the boy’s cock. In reality, Robbie could have easily ejaculated without having his cock touched, with so many erogenous areas being stimulated. However, doctor Keith knew exactly how to read the male body. He knew how to make sure Robbie didn’t go over of the edge.

‘Please sir. I need to cum. Please let me cum. I can’t take this much longer, please touch my cock,’ begged Robbie.

‘You’re a greedy boy, aren’t you Robbie?’ teased the doctor ‘Your prostate, balls and taint are being stimulated, yet you still beg for more.’

‘Please doctor. I’ve been on the edge for hours. You can do whatever you want to me, just please let me cum!’ cried Robbie frantically.

Doctor Keith scoffed.

‘You’re tied to my table Robbie, I’ll do whatever I want with your body regardless, of whether or not I let you cum.’

Robbie whimpered.

‘I’m going to give you a choice my boy. Choice one, I suck your cock and let you shoot your seed in my mouth, right now.’

‘Yes, yes,’ exclaimed Mersin Bayan Escort Robbie ‘thank you sir.’

‘Let me finish boy!’ shouted doctor Keith, squeezing Robbie’s ball sack hard.

‘I’m sorry sir!’ cried Robbie in pain.

‘As I was saying, you can cum right now, however, I will film the entire ordeal. I will then send the video to all the rest of your team mates. Let them see what a dirty little slut you really are. When they see the video, they’ll lose all their respect for you, and see you for what you really are. A pathetic fuck toy to you use and abuse as they see fit.’

Robbie’s eyes were wide with fear. He knew how badly the team’s resident sex toy was treated. Robbie, himself had used and humiliated the boy many times. A video of Robbie, moaning and begging as another man brought him to climax, would guarantee, he became the teams next sex toy.

‘Or option two, I turn the vibrator up to its highest setting, and leave you for another hour. Then when I return, I’ll let you cum,’ said doctor Keith evilly.

Robbie looked up at the doctor with tears in his eyes.

‘Please doctor, have mercy,’ begged Robbie.

‘Choose Robbie, now!’ bellowed doctor Keith.

‘I can’t sir. Please, it’s too hard, you can’t make me choose from those options!’ shouted Robbie.

With that, doctor Keith shoved Robbie’s stinking socks back into the young man’s mouth. He yanked the vibrator out of Robbie’s ass, and then shoved it back in, on its highest setting.

‘You couldn’t choose? Well I chose for you. It’s clear to me, you’ve learnt nothing. You’ll be left like this for two hours instead of one, and when I return, I will lock your cock in a cock cage. You won’t be cumming for a very long time young man,’ said doctor Keith sternly.

Robbie screamed and yelled into his gag as the doctor left the room. He pulled hard against the restraints, but the doctors, restraints were well adapted to holding down muscle studs like Robbie. He writhed on the table in frustration and anger, begging for the doctor to return, begging for the doctor to let him cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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