Doctor, Doctor Ch. 03

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All – this story might make more sense if you read chapter 2, in particular, first, as this chapter picks up immediately after chapter 2 ends. Hope you enjoy it – and do please share your thoughts and constructive suggestions in comments or direct feedback. Thanks all – and enjoy!


Cece texted later – “On the way. Quiet day. Should have stayed with you and Jess!”

“Great! I’ll get dinner going.”

So I made beef bourguignon in my insta-pot – my cooking was one of the things that had drawn a real sideways look from Cece – not that I was bad at it, but that I did it at all. I enjoyed cooking when there was someone to cook for, but when it was just me – not so much. And she appreciated it – she was so used to doing take-out or just throwing something together it was a real change for her to have someone actually cook for her.

She got home not too long after texting, and raised her eyebrows at the scent. “Wow, that smells GREAT!” she said, hugging and kissing me hard. “Wow did I miss you today… “

I had to laugh a little. “I know exactly how you feel.”

“So tell me everything – what else did you guys do? How many more times did you fuck her?”

I handed her a glass of wine and said, “Come on, sit down – eat! I promise I’ll tell all.”

She laughed. “Oh, I know. It was just a slow day, and I’d assumed we’d be crazy busy. Not even close. Got a lot of paperwork done, which was good. I spent half the day just daydreaming… “

“I was not as productive. I shoveled here, didn’t make it to your house yet. I’ll get it in the morning.”

“Thanks. So how was it?”

I’d made up plates for us and we sat at my kitchen table, and I realized how hungry I was – and her as well. “Oh, it was fun – missed you.” I paused. “Missed you a lot. We had a lot of fun – yeah, we got pictures and some video – but it was even more fun when you were there.”

“Oh, I figured you two would have fun. And I know what you mean.” She paused for a moment, and a flush came over her face. “OK, deets!”

So I relayed my adventures with Jess, handing over my phone so she could see the pictures and watch the video, which had her just about hyperventilating, her eyes shining.

“Ohmygod… If you had ever told me I’d be telling my fiancé-to-be to do that I’d have had you drug tested. And instead it’s like the most turned on I’ve ever been. Well, not quite. Even better with you in person. But fuck… ” Her face was totally flushed with excitement, and her eyes went dreamy for a second. “Was it as much fun for you as it looks?”

“I’d say the same – even better when you were there, but yes – it was great.”

“Wow. Just… wow. That’s almost as sexy as you and me.” She selected some of the pictures and the video, airdropping them to her personal phone. She was one of those people who had two – one for work and her personal one.

“So fair to say I had a more fun day than you did, eh?”

She laughed. “Oh, yeah. It was dead – I’d figured on a lot of car accidents, but snow must have started late enough that most people were home, and it was bad enough that a lot of people stayed home.” She looked down at her plate, which was empty, and she got up to get more. “Thanks for dinner, by the way – it’s terrific!”

“You bet. I figured you’d do your usual ‘no-time-to-eat’ at work thing. And I remember you liked this the first time I made it.”

“One of the many things I love about you – you pay attention without making a big deal of it. Remember I said I wasn’t used to having anyone even try to take care of me?” I nodded. “I’m afraid I’ve gone the other way – you’ve got me used to being taken care of. No, that’s not quite right – you’ve got me used to being cared for. And about. It’s a great feeling.”

“Well, good. And you do the same, whether you realize it or not.”

We both smiled, and finished dinner, me actually getting the dishes done instead of my usual “I’ll get it later” thing.

“We need to leave for the airport about 6?” she asked.

“That should work.” I had to fly to DC for meetings on one of my projects, and the one positive from it would be that I could bill for all my time. And I’d come home recharged – and ready for whatever our next adventure would be.

“Wow, I’m really going to miss you. I’m like totally wound up.” She paused. “And when you get back I want to try anal with you. Jess’s dildo felt so good – she was so slow. Just worried you’re too big – even though I know how slow you can go.”

I chuckled. “Love to try, but don’t want to hurt you… I remember what you said about it with your ex and you not liking it – that’s why I’ve never tried.”

She shook her head. “So thoughtful.”

We were sitting on the couch, snuggled together. It was a great feeling – intimate, warm, sweet, close. We watched the news for a little bit – all about the snow – and I could feel Cece’s head nodding.

I moved to stand, taking her hand, and we moved to ankara bayan escortlar bed, where she literally just dropped her clothes and climbed in bed, where I joined her. We lay facing each other, and she pulled me in to kiss me. “I love you. Thanks for everything tonight and last night.” She smiled at me.

“I love you too… and thank you for everything tonight and last night.” I pulled her on to me so that one of her breasts was on me, one of her legs between mine, her soft hair on my shoulder, and one of my arms around her, lightly caressing her back. I knew we were both exhausted, and I think she drifted off before I did – but not 100% sure.

We both slept hard – we’d moved during the night, but just to where she was on her side, with one of her hands holding one of my mine over her breast, spooned together. We woke to a cold gray dawn, and Cece snuggled into me – I’m a great furnace. I kissed her ear, and murmured, “Morning.”

She turned over, facing me, and smiled. “Morning! What time is it?”

I had to look at my phone. “5:36. What time do you need to be there?”

She grinned. “Whenever I want! I’m chief, remember?” Duh. “Oh, probably 8 or 9.” She reached behind her and got her work phone, scanning the texts she’d gotten, and replied to a couple. And then sent one off to a few different people. “OK. Told everyone I’d be in around 9.”

She then rolled on top of me. “So now I have some time to make love with my soon-to-be fiancé. Even if he’ll have to be gentle… “

“That I can do,” I said, kissing her softly, feeling myself stirring and her responding.

“I know,” she said softly, kissing me back, and starting to move her hips over my groin, feeling me grow under her, smiling as she did.

I loved feeling her on top of me, and loved feeling her mount and ride me, but I felt like I wanted the top this time, rolling her over. I think she wanted the same thing, because she went right with it. We coupled gently and slowly – and it was again indescribably sweet as we whispered to each other and felt our bodies merge. We took our time, and when we came it was hot and intense and sweet all at once. I could feel her reacting as my semen streamed into her, those little pulses of warmth deep in her, and we kissed softly as orgasm washed over us.

It was exactly what we both wanted, and even though it was always a drag getting out of bed with her, we were smiling broadly as she moved to the bathroom to shower and get ready, and as I went downstairs to make breakfast. I got coffee going and pulled out her preferred cereal and fruit for breakfast, making some instant oatmeal for myself with a banana on the side.

She came down dressed and ready, and looking just… breathtaking. She gave me a radiant smile and we ate, the tv on in the background showing the news, still going on about the snow. And fair enough – we’d gotten like 3 feet, and even if it was melting it wasn’t melting very quickly.

I got a soft kiss as she headed out to work, and went upstairs to pack for my quick trip. Cece made it home in plenty of time to get me to the airport, and as we dawdled slightly at the departure area she asked if we could have Jess over to her house on Sunday.

“I think someone might just like her a little bit… ” I kidded as she actually blushed. “You bet. Love you – talk to you later.” I kissed her right as a cop started to walk over to tell us to get moving. Cece gave me her radiant smile, and drove off.

My trip was completely uneventful, even if the team I was working with made some good progress. It was, if you wondered, very strange being in a hotel room by myself, as the last couple of times had been with Dawn and Jess respectively. Cece and I facetimed each night, one night she was out with Mags and some other work friends. I idly wondered if she’d said anything to Mags and decided she hadn’t.

So on Friday, I paid my respects around the building, and was whisked off to the airport in a Army car with a staff sergeant driver. The flight home was boring and uneventful, and it was a treat to see Cece waiting for me at the top of the escalator up from the train, a big smile lighting her up as she saw me.

While it wasn’t the first work trip I’d made since we’d been together, coming back seemed a little more poignant than before – a little deeper. We stopped for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and when we made it home (my house, this time) I was pretty tired. But not so tired we couldn’t make love before drifting off. And not too tired to wake her up in the morning. We’d just gotten going when she froze for a second, and realized she had to work – which I knew too, but had somehow forgotten – probably because I wanted to.

We both laughed a little as she scrambled to get ready, inhaling the breakfast I made for her, exchanged “I love you” and she was out.

Well. I spent Saturday ring shopping, and lucked out. I was in a jewelry store in my town, and they had a ring that looked perfect. Very simple elvankent seksi escortlar – just a solitaire stone set in platinum. And while part of me cringed at the price – it was something like $4500 – it was also less than a lot of others I’d looked at. It just spoke to me. So I bought it. Finally!

I proposed the next day – Sunday. We’d gone out for breakfast after spending the night at her house, and she was actually off Sunday and Monday. We were on a walk around a lake near her house, and the sun was shining with the promise of spring – even if it hadn’t quite arrived. We stopped at one of the boardwalk-like overlooks on the lake, and she gave me a hug, snuggling into me. Oh my god did it feel good holding her.

And so I reached into my pocket, felt the ring, took it out, went to one knee, locked eyes with her, and said, “Cece, I love you. Will you marry me?”

Cece is, if it isn’t obvious, a brilliant woman. And that meant it was hard to really surprise her. But I did. Not with the question itself – we’d already talked about that. But she was definitely not expecting me to ask her on a kinda cold and blustery day in March, overlooking a mostly frozen lake that backed up to the Flatirons, the sun streaming through her hair.

She looked stunned for a second as she processed what I’d just asked. And then she gave me the biggest and most brilliant smile I have ever seen, and tears formed in her eyes, and she struggled to speak for a second.

“I love you… yes. Yes! YES! Ohmygod yes!” I’d never seen her so excited, and my heart jumped.

I was still on a knee, and slid the ring onto her finger, catching the sun and making the diamond looked like it was on fire from within. I had no idea what to say next. So I didn’t, standing back up and pulling her to me, hugging her hard and then feeling her reaching for my face and kissing me softly, then harder, and then softly again.

We stood there for a few minutes, no words needed, just holding each other and moving so my body would block the chilly breeze.

She finally broke the silence. “You make me feel better and happier than I ever have.”

“And you make me feel better and happier than I ever have. Thank you.”

She looked at the ring. “How’d you know?”

“Believe it or not, it spoke to me.”

She smiled. “I can tell. It is perfect.” She kissed me again, softly.

“Finally found it. Yesterday. I couldn’t wait to ask you for real.”

“I couldn’t wait to say yes for real. Ohmygod – there are so many people to tell!”

I smiled. “Want to head home?”

She nodded, smiling, and then reached up to kiss me again.

We both almost floated back to my car, and made it back to her house, where we took off our coats and stood holding each other in the warmth of her house. And we had one of those magic moments where we just stopped and stood in front of each other, eyes locked, eventually both of us leaning in to kiss the other at the same instant, making both of us laugh.

Cece called her parents first. “Dad? Can you get mom and put me on speaker?” I think her dad could tell just from her voice.

“Cece?” her mom’s voice. “Is everything OK?”

Cece was smiling that radiant, megawatt smile of hers. “Oh, Mom and Dad. Everything is wonderful. I wanted you to be the first to know – Bob asked me to marry him. And I of course said yes.”

There was a second of delay as her parents processed, and then both of them burst out, “Oh, honey, that is the best news we’ve had! Congratulations!” I heard her dad in the background – “I knew I liked that young man!” which made me laugh.

So after the usual questions – where, how, etc., they started asking about when and where the wedding might be. “We haven’t even talked about it yet, Mom and Dad. We will. I’ll let you know… ” We talked a little more before her dad said, “Well, honey, we know you have a lot of others to tell – so we’ll let you go. Congrats again!”

My parents were next, with a similar reaction, my mom almost crying, with my siblings following. All were similarly excited and wanting details, with my middle sister, ever the pragmatic one, saying to let them know the details.

And out of our friend group, which had overlapped significantly at this point, I knew she had to tell Mags first. So we called, and Mags let us have our moment although I think she knew as soon as she saw Cece’s number. “Oh, Cece… I am so happy for you two.” And then, “It’s about time, girl! We’ve all known for months! And you have to let me know how I can help.” Not ‘if’ she could help. “That is so wonderful – I’m so happy for you.”

And so it went with our closest friends. None were too surprised. Cece wasted no time, putting together a picture of our hands with her wearing the ring, and posting it on social media, drawing a rapid response. And then Cece looked at me, looked at the clock, and back at me. “You remember we’re supposed to get together with Jess tonight, right?”

I laughed. bayan etimesgut escort I sort of knew, but hadn’t put it together. “You know, I knew that but got a bit distracted with… more important things. Should we ask her to reschedule?”

Cece gave me that “Are you kidding?” look. “Oh, hell no, unless you want to. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. And she’ll be thrilled for us.”

I laughed. “OK, well, let’s run with it. Always want to make sure my fiancé is happy.” A wave came over me as I said it. “And wow does that feel good to say. I can’t wait until I can say ‘wife.” I couldn’t, either.

She laughed back. “I can’t wait either – I think hearing Jess call us husband and wife is part of what turned me on so hard.” She paused. “Everybody at work already calls you my hubby. Like, hey Dr. S, how’s the hubby? Makes me laugh. Oh – you know there will be times I have to take the ring off?”

I nodded. “Oh yeah – I understand. I know it’s always where it matters,” tapping her heart and making her smile.

“So… any thoughts on when or where?”

“Well, if it were up to me I’d say let’s just go marry ourselves tomorrow. But I think our families and closest friends should be there. And I’d say sooner rather than later.”

She smiled. “Yeah, that’s really tempting. But you’re right. Sooner rather later sounds good to me. And probably somewhere close to here.”

I nodded. “Big? Smaller?”

“Smaller. You know Mags is going to insist on having a party at her house, right?”

I laughed again. “Yeah, I guess I’d say I expected that at this point.”

Meanwhile, both of our phones were blowing up with texts of congratulations as people saw the social media post. Cece chuckled as she showed me one. It was from Jess. “Congrats, you guys! Do we need to postpone?”

Cece’s thumbs flew. “No way. Looking forward to you helping us celebrate!”

A minute later, Jess replied with a heart emoji. “Yay! See you about 7!”

The rest of the day was spent like that – responding to texts, calls, media, you name it. Jess was coming to Cece’s house, which is where we were, and so we set up the bedroom for the night – water and gatorade bottles, lube, towels, etc. Cece moved our toy collection to one of her nightstand drawers, while I tried to figure out how to attach the arm and leg restraint set we had to her bed – her headboard did not lend itself to such things, being a piece of wood that curved back toward the wall, rather like a sleigh bed. I wound up attaching them to the frame rails on the side, and being grateful that she had a queen and that the straps were pretty long.

We had dinner delivered as we didn’t have time to cook amongst all our preparations. So we ate and then showered together, Cece opting for one of her sexiest bra and panty sets.

Jess showed up right at 7, and had brought flowers, a congrats card, and a bottle of champagne. She was beaming – “I am SO happy for you guys!” and it occurred to me that she was the first person we’d seen since we’d gotten engaged – all of what, 8 hours earlier?

Anyway, we had a great time chatting – we were all relaxed and comfortable around each other, as you’d hope, and filled Jess in on a lot of details, like how we’d met – the real story, not the sanitized one we’d shared with our folks and siblings – which had Jess chortling. And she told us about her last boyfriend, who had forgotten that just because you played D/s in the bedroom didn’t mean the same thing in real life. She’d broken it off when he couldn’t quite understand that.

“Too bad in some ways – sex was good, and he was a good D. But just because I was his ‘s’ in the bedroom didn’t make me his ‘s’ in real life. I know some people just extend it to real life, but not me.”

“His loss for sure,” was Cece’s comment, with me nodding agreement. “Even if we get the loss.”

Jess smiled. “Yep, that’s what I thought too. I’m apparently not a pure ‘s’ anyway.”

Cece picked up on that. “How do you mean?”

“Oh, when I dildoed your ass I was kinda directing Bob with my eyes – go to my backpack, open it up, no, the smaller one, that kind of thing. A true submissive wouldn’t do any of that unless ordered to. And Bob told me later you guys hadn’t done anal because you didn’t like it when you tried it and you were worried he’d be too big. And you’re right on that – I could barely – and I mean barely – take him. If you want to try, you should get a couple dildos and get used to them – get a small one to start and move up. But slow – one bad experience can ruin everything.”

Cece laughed. “Oh, that’s for sure. My ex wasn’t very patient and we didn’t know enough to go slow. Good advice – thanks. We were talking about it after seeing you and Bob – that was fucking hot. Took a couple of days before I could sit without thinking.”

Jess laughed a little. “That’s about right – I felt the same. Oh, and here’s something I never did with the ex.” And with that, she got up, moved over to me and Cece on the couch, and knelt in front of us. I knew what it meant immediately; it took Cece a minute longer.

I reached down and lifted Jess’s chin, Cece watching intently. “Good girl,” I said, then letting go of her chin. “Let’s start like we did last time, OK? Want to use a safe word to trigger submission?”

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