Dirty Deeds

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She was so looking forward in seeing him again. The aroma of her perfume swept through the room. Her pussy felt warm and ached for his attention. With butterflies in her stomach, she slips on a dress. Nothing underneath. She noticed how sensuous her skin felt against the material. The cool air sent goosebumps over her body.

She was running on time.. she didn’t like to leave him waiting. She arrived at their usual corner with a few minutes to spare. Sitting on the bench seat, with her legs slightly apart.. she waited.

There in the distance, she could see him walking towards her. Her heart beat faster and a smile came upon her face.

When he approached her, he greeted her with a hello and a kiss on her lips. She looked forward in seeing a movie at the cinema, it had been quite sometime since she had seen one. Little did she know that this movie would be one that she would never forget. Hand in hand they walked to the cinema. As they walked up the stairs he laid his hand on the cheek of her arse. His hand searching for the elastic in her knickers. “Mmmm, Good girl, no knickers”. Before long she was sitting on a seat in the foyer. He stood some distance away in front of her, admiring the view. He instructed her to let him view her pussy. As she did so, she undone the last button on the front of her dress, allowing him to see her freshly shaven pussy. A smile of satisfaction came upon his face.

She licked her lips, and brushes her pussy casino siteleri lips with her fingers. Then sensuously she licks her sweet juices from her fingers. She wanted to satisfy his needs in any way she could. She was excited at the thought.

They find a seat at the back of the cinema. Aahh good, just as she was hoping for, only a handful of people. A young gentleman sat two rows down from them, but that never bothered her. In actual fact, it excited her even more. As she snuggled into him, she realised how hot and wet her pussy was. “You look nice” he says as he places his hand on her inner thigh. “Very sexy”, he adds. His hand slowly moves up and down her thigh. Their lips close but not touching, “Kiss me!” he tells her. With pleasure, she thinks as their lips slowly meet, and their tongues entwined. His kiss turned her on every time.

His hand barely touching her inner thigh he kisses her passionately.

He takes a finger and barely touches the moist lips of her pussy. He gasps at how wet she is and this made his cock react in a very nice way. Gently he separates her pussy lips and slowly wipes her juices over and around her clit. Then he tastes her juices from his fingers and shares them with her as he kisses her. The movie starts, but she is lost in his touch. He continues to work on her clit while watching the movie. She tries to concentrate on the movie but was taken away with his magic touch. She longed for his hard güvenilir casino cock penetrating deep inside her. Suddenly he enters a finger in her moist pussy and she gasps with pleasure.

As she approaches her climax, she manages not to moan too loudly to attract any attention. Her pussy muscles clenching deep inside. She thought about how hard his cock was, how much she enjoyed the pleasure of it, and without his permission she slowly and gently places her hand in his lap. She takes his hard, throbbing cock in her hand and squeezes it through the material. She wanted so much to suck that throbbing piece of meat, but she waits for her moment of pleasure. And what a pleasure indeed! He kisses her as she climaxes, tasting her juices from their lips.

They walk to her car which was in a busy undercover car park. He instructs her to get in as he gets into the passenger side. She was keen to wrap her lips around his hard cock. After some caressing and kissing, he gives her permission to take out his cock. She undoes the fly to his jeans and pulls out his cock. She holds it in her hands while she kisses his mouth. She goes down and takes his right ball into her mouth first. Savoring the taste of him. She licked his balls thoroughly wetting it. Hmmm, his cock is so hard. It is so big. She runs her tongue up the shaft, feeling the bursting veins against her stiff, wet tongue. She ensured her tongue was very wet. She stops and rubs her tongue canlı casino hard against the underside of his head. She was so wet. His cock was so delicious. She moves away for a second so that she can take in the beautiful sight. Suddenly he pushes her head down and whispers, “there’s someone coming”.

She didn’t mind at all, all she wanted was this lovely piece of meat. She could just manage to get her lips over the tip. She moves down his cock in one firm, smooth move, until his head bumped against the back of her throat. She also constricted her throat muscles, so she was clamping down onto his penis. She moves slowly up, making sure that her mouth is wet and warm. She moves it down again, but this time, she relaxes the back of her throat, and then swallows him, she has his whole cock inside of her. There, she twirled her tongue around the base and pushed it against the shaft. She continues to do that for a few strokes. With her fingers, she slowly and gently massages his balls. She wanted to lick at his balls again, so she moves downwards, but not before her fingers took over her mouth, and began to stroke his pulsating cock. She concentrated on rubbing just the tip of his head. Once again she rolls her tongue back up to the tip and takes his whole cock once again, deep. She holds it there for a few seconds. And then she hears that all familiar sound. She knew he was about to come . She moves his cock out of her wet mouth and once again deep and holds it there, whilst using her tongue to lick and suck hard on just the tip of the head. Finally, she was rewarded, he came in her mouth. He came hard, and she swallowed it all, every drop.

Today, when she thinks back to this day..it seems almost like a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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